How to remove irritation after epilation on face and legs: quick methods to remove skin irritation

Discomfort and skin irritation after epilation on the face, on the skin of the legs - a common phenomenon. Usually many girls bravely endure these unpleasant sensations. But this situation is easy to fix, just do not have to spoil the skin with improper means for epilation and shaving machines and blades.

Do not bring yourself to the development of allergic reactions and thinning of the skin. Learn how to remove irritation of the skin after epilation on the face, legs or other surfaces of the body!


How can I remove the irritation after depilation quickly and effectively?

Consider the procedure for hair removal on the legs. First, in order to avoid an unpleasant situation, it is necessary to approach the process meaningfully. When you perform the procedure of removing hair with a razor, you need to know the important points.

Yes, shaving your legs, armpits or bikini zones is always accompanied by the use of various scrubs, lotions, gels and other products that do not always protect against irritation and rash.

How to remove irritation after depilation machine quickly and efficiently? Cosmetologists have identified several principles, compliance with which can minimize this undesirable effect:

  1. The machine used should be, if not new, necessarily clean, as long use of disposable machines leads to the appearance of irritation and inflammation. In addition, the machine should always be your own.
  2. Means before and after shaving should be precisely on type of a skin
  3. Dry shaving is most likely to cause acne, inflammation and ingrown hairs.
  4. Daily hair removal is the most direct way to skin trauma.

Keep in mind that compliance with all these measures does not insure the purity of the skin, so sometimes there are abscesses.

How to treat inflammation after depilation on the skin?

Treat pustules bestjuice of aloeorchamomile infusion. These drugs are the most frequent in the application of expensive cosmetics.

You can also dobrothsofjuniper, chamomile, yarrow, usecumin oil.

With ingrown hairs, you can also fight. They are removed after a short time after shaving, but with the condition that they were usedcompress. With dry shaving, the skin first cools, and after shaving the affected area of ​​the skin is smeared with specialcream.

If there was an itchy sensation, then the most commonchamomile. Decoction of its leaves is applied to the skin with a sponge. In addition to decoction of chamomile often usehydrogen peroxide(only 3%).

The inflamed area is smeared with a cotton pad.

Another way, however, is quite painful, but, nevertheless, very effective -alcohol. It not only disinfects the epidermis, but also stimulates the wound healing process, but does not cope with redness.

Lemon juicealso removes the processes of inflammation, thanks to the antioxidants contained in it. The only condition is that all means should not contain alcohol, so as not to worsen the condition.

How quickly to remove the irritation after epilation in the intimate area of ​​a bikini?

Another important problem is irritation in the bikini zone. According to statistics, this area is the most problematic. The main ways to remove redness after epilation include:

  1. panthenol ointment, which soothes the skin, kills microbes, heals microenvironments, stops the inflammatory process;
  2. infusion of chamomileorcalendula, dilute with water and use regularly until full recovery;
  3. flesh of aloe, take a leaf of the plant, wash it, clean it and wipe the problem areas.

With irritation and redness, ointments that include hormones are cope, but they are not suitable for everyone, because as a result of their use there is a risk of purulent wounds.

In the distant years, the most used remedy for redness waszinc ointment. She cope with irritation not only in the bikini zone, but also throughout the body.

What to remove the irritation after epilation on the face?

To remove redness after epilation, it is necessary to applytea tree oilwith other vegetable oils in a ratio of 1: 4, apply on a cotton swab and treat the damaged area.

After soaking in the skin, remove the remnants of the product with a dry cloth, do not remove. The main thing in this case is not to use mineral oil, it does not penetrate the skin and will not give the desired result.

After removing the facial hair, you must immediately perform a purification procedure with juice andpulp of aloe, you can wipe the depilated areas with juice or apply a gruel from the plant, and after 5 minutes rinse with warm water.

Effectively wipe damaged skinice cubes, it is desirable that this was a frozen broth of herbs. A strong reddening after depilation will remove the remedy for burns, it must be applied immediately after the procedure to remove unnecessary hairs, in order to be effective.

How to remove irritation after epilation on hands?

To quickly remove irritation after epilation, you can use cosmetic and pharmaceutical products that are used after sunburn.

A faithful assistant in this matterointment«Rescuer",Eucalyptus oil, lemon juice.

You can use folk remedies, have proven yourself at a high levelpotato juice, it has healing properties,St. John's Wort oil, broth of celandine, infusion of parsley.

Before removing the irritation after epilation, it is necessary to inspect the damaged areas, so that there are no serious injuries, wounds, wounds and cracks to cure the diseased skin can be usedvitamins AandEin ampoules, they should be mixed withalmondandpeach oil, abundantly applied to the skin.

In the same way, you can remove the irritation after epilationwaxing, the main thing is that the product should be suitable for skin type, do not cause allergies and effectively act on damaged areas.

Now you know how to remove reddening after depilation quickly and accurately! Take care of your health and be always in a good mood!

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I want to warn that I am not a doctor, everything said is based on my personal experience, however, all the products shown are sold in the pharmacy in a free access and are not toxic. If you have any skin diseases / allergic predisposition / too sensitive skin, you should carefully read the instructions and consult with a specialist.

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Julia. I do not have inflammations after depilation bikini, if before depilation to buy, then wipe the depilated zone with alcohol or tincture of calendula alcohol, after depilation, a synthomycin ointment and after depilation for 12 hours not to wet this zone.

Thanks for your tips on hair removal with a depilator, you helped tune in to this terrible thing. Before that, I only made wax in the cabin, and I was bored to constantly write down in advance, a lot of time wasted, and at any time I would do at home.

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