We treat snoring at home in simple ways

At first glance, snoring is a harmless disease, and the apparent negative effect is only in the published sounds that irritate others. But, from a medical point of view, this is one of the signals about problems in the body. It can occur for a number of reasons, but without timely treatment, can lead to death. Snoring can be accompanied by a stop of breathing, and in some cases it does not recover.

  • Causes of Snoring
  • Methods of treating snoring at home
  • Physiotherapy
  • Body position during sleep
  • Intraoral devices
  • Drug for snoring
  • Folk remedies for snoring in women and men
  • Cabbage and honey
  • Calendula and oak bark
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Treatment of sea buckthorn oil
  • Treatment of snoring during pregnancy
  • Simple folk recipes
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Treatment can be done by any available methods, for example, buy a drug from snoring in a pharmacy or use popular methods of treatment. When the disease is in mild form, and there are no complications, it is necessary to do without surgical intervention, using available means, including folk methods at home. If these methods are not effective, then you need to see a doctor to determine the true cause of snoring.

Treatment of snoring at home should start with observing yourself and changing your lifestyle. Methods that are used for primary prevention of snoring:

  • getting rid of excess weight;
  • refusal of alcoholic products, smoking;
  • increased muscle tone due to gymnastics;
  • correct position of the body during sleep;
  • acquisition of special intraoral devices;
  • reception of medicinal broths and tinctures.

Treatment of snoring in men and women proceeds according to a similar pattern. Sometimes women have more cases than men.

Causes of Snoring

The main reasons for snoring are:

  • curvature of the septum in the nose;
  • the presence of excess weight;
  • enlarged tonsils;
  • polyps in the nose.

Also, the cause of snoring in women is stress and the use of soothing drugs. Affect the appearance and development of snoring and funds for insomnia, so they need to be taken only in consultation with the doctor.

Note!The cause of female snoring may be hormonal restructuring, associated with both thyroid dysfunction and menopause. Age influences also influence.

Methods of treating snoring at home

The reasons for snoring may be several, and they require appropriate treatment. Most folk remedies have no side effects and are harmless, but you will have to try several options until you find the final and effective.


In humans, especially with age, the muscles of the pharyngeal walls lose their tone and sag, reducing the lumen of the respiratory tract. In this case, the flow of breath causes the soft tissues to vibrate, touching each other. There are exercises that are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the oral cavity.

Note!All exercises are not designed for an instantaneous effect. Some will have to be repeated within a month. Therefore, it is recommended that they be used not only for curative, but also for preventive purposes.

Exercise 1. Sound "AND"

The most common and recommended exercise. It is necessary to pronounce the sound "and" every day. This should be done with effort, depicting singing. Approaches per day can be done several times, in one approach, repeat the sound "and" 25-30 times.

In the same way, you can work with the sound "Y".

Exercise 2

  1. The tongue is maximally protruding from the mouth and stretches towards the chin.
  2. It is necessary to feel the muscle tension near the root of the tongue.
  3. Hold it in this position for a few seconds and at the same time pronounce the sound "and".

The procedure should be repeated every 2 times, each time with at least 30 approaches.

Exercise 3

Between the teeth, a stick (pencil, pen) is clamped, squeezed and held for 3-4 minutes. Exercise is recommended immediately before bedtime.

Body position during sleep

The way a person falls asleep, how comfortable a mattress, the pillow and the height of its position also affect the appearance of snoring.

  1. It is recommended to fall asleep, especially to women, on one side. In this position, it is impossible to slip the tongue, and hence there is no reason causing snoring.
  2. You can buy an orthopedic pillow that repeats the outline of the body. Then you can sleep on your back without snoring and significantly improve sleep.
  3. A "smart" bed is invented, which changes the position of the headboard, it is worthwhile for a person to start snoring.

Note!This method is good only for solving problems with positional snoring in a dream. For other reasons, it will be ineffective.

Intraoral devices

They use them for easy snoring without complications and in the presence of an incorrect bite. The inconvenience of the means lies in its high price, and also in the time of getting used to the process of falling asleep with the device in the mouth. There are two main categories of devices:

  1. Included devices that protect against swallowing and loss of tongue from the mouth.
  2. Simulated devices designed to move the lower jaw forward, thereby increasing the size of the airways.

It is worth noting!Each model has its own contraindications, so before buying it is necessary to consult a doctor and study the instructions in detail.

Drug for snoring

For effective treatment in conjunction with folk remedies, you can buy a drug from snoring in the pharmacy. Most popular:

  • Asonor - a spray that helps to strengthen the muscles of the palate and moisturize the mucosa;
  • Slipex - the composition includes eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint, thanks to them there is an enveloping effect;
  • Doctor Snoring - spray tones, reduces irritation and swelling.

Folk remedies for snoring in women and men

How to get rid of snoring folk remedies? Very simple! Traditional medicine does not provide immediate cure, but with mild forms of snoring without complications, and without a chronic basis, it successfully copes with the task.

Cabbage and honey

Exotic method of combining products and their useful properties.

For cooking, you need a few fresh leaves of cabbage. They need to be ground to a mushy state and mixed with honey to taste.

The second alternative recipe is a mixture of fresh cabbage juice and honey. Half a glass of cabbage juice is poured in and a teaspoon of honey is added to it. Everything is well mixed and drunk.

Mixtures are recommended to be consumed immediately before going to bed in the amount of a few spoons of mashed potatoes or half a cup of juice.

Calendula and oak bark

A mixture of one tablespoon of dried marigolds and one tablespoon of chopped oak bark is poured with a glass of hot water, and placed on the fire. The liquid is brought to a boil and immediately removed from the fire. It must be brewed for two hours with the lid closed, and rinse the mouth with a tincture before going to bed.

Herbal Remedies

  1. Take 1 large spoon of elderberry berries, one teaspoon of root of saber and horsetail and 2 tablespoons of burdock.
  2. Everything is well mixed up to a mushy state.
  3. In 1 glass of hot water add 1 tablespoon of the mixture and insist for about an hour.
  4. Use several times a day, but not more than 5, until the symptoms of snoring disappear.

Treatment of sea buckthorn oil

One of the natural remedies used in the treatment of many diseases. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or done by yourself.

The course of treatment with sea buckthorn oil lasts about 3 weeks. Before going to bed, about 4 hours before it, one drop of sea buckthorn oil should be poured into each nostril and try to draw it as deep as possible.

The recipe for sea buckthorn oil

  1. The juice is extracted from fresh sea buckthorn berries.
  2. It is placed in a glass jar and placed in the refrigerator for several days.
  3. On the surface of the juice will appear a film, which must be collected and placed in a vessel of dark glass.

This is the natural sea-buckthorn oil, which is the most qualitative and healing.

Note!All folk remedies must be used constantly until full recovery. Passing even once can return the disease to the starting point of treatment.

Treatment of snoring during pregnancy

For future mothers, traditional medicine offers the most effective and safe way to treat snoring during pregnancy. Take 2-3 pcs. carrots and bake in the oven, take half an hour before eating for three weeks.

Simple folk recipes

There are several folk recipes, the execution of which does not require much effort, time and effort, and the necessary ingredients are in every house.

  • to drink before a glass of warm water with the addition of a large spoonful of honey;
  • three times a day for an hour before a meal, use one piece of boiled or baked carrots;
  • Rinse the mouth for 30 seconds with one tablespoon of olive oil.

Among the products used at home, there are drops and sprays from snoring, but their use may not give results or lead to complications. Therefore, the drug should be selected according to the individual characteristics of the patient and the recommendations of the doctor.

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