Tablets from a smoker's cough are inexpensive but effective

How to deal with "smoker's cough"

How to deal with

Smoking negatively affects the work of the entire body. With regular use of cigarettes, a characteristic cough appears, which can lead to quite severe attacks.

How to recognize a "smoker's cough"

Cough itself causes a lot of problems, as it is accompanied by painful sensations in the throat and lack of air. The most obvious signs of a "smoker's cough" are:

hoarse cough;

- exacerbation in the morning;

- coughing attacks if you want to yawn;

- a large amount of sputum accumulation;

- headache;

- Fast fatigue and lethargy of the body;

- the appearance of dyspnea.

If you do not start treating such a cough in time, irritation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract increases, the inflammatory process begins, and pains appear in the ribs. Running cough can lead even to fracture of the ribs.

Effective cough remedies

Of course, to eliminate the "smoker's cough" it is necessary to quit smoking or reduce the daily rate of cigarettes, after which the body will gradually begin to recover independently. But what about those who can not get rid of cravings for nicotine? In this case, various means can help cough.

With regular use help special tablets, designed to treat a cough and bronchitis smoker. As a rule, the average course of admission is a month, after which unpleasant symptoms gradually disappear. The most famous is the drug "Bronchogen". It is recommended to use drugs for liquefaction and sputum production. These can be tablets or syrups. With a strong cough, the doctor prescribes antibiotics.

The most simple method for stopping a coughing attack in a smoker is milk. Milk not only enriches the body with useful trace elements, but also cleanses the respiratory tract, removing inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Good results are given by treatment with milk whey. To do this, it is necessary to warm the glass of serum on a fire and take it twice a day. The effect is achieved quickly enough. Cough becomes less intense, dyspnea disappears, the general condition of a person improves.

Herbal medicinal herbs are effective. These include St. John's wort, chamomile, eucalyptus, Ledum and others. Pour 1 tbsp. mix dry herbs with a glass of boiling water and drink as a tea several times a day. After 7-10 days a person begins to cough less, and then cough completely passes.

With a chronic cough, it helps to harvest the roots of althaea, thyme, anise, licorice, pine buds and sage. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions, pour 1 tbsp. collecting a glass of hot water, insist for an hour. After this, drain the decoction and add a spoonful of honey to taste. Drink a glass in small portions, repeat the procedure for 10 days.

To restore the liver and lungs, it is recommended to take a decoction of rose hips or chamomile flowers. The drink contains a large amount of calcium, which results in a quick cleansing from nicotine. It is also necessary to eat properly, so that the body receives all the necessary trace elements and vitamins.

List of inexpensive but effective cough medicines

cough dry and wet

Cough is a symptom of catarrhal disease, which causes a lot of trouble. Most people with the onset of colds suffer from coughing, working, resting, sleeping normally and eating becomes harder. Discomfort is not only delivered to the sick person, but to everyone around him. When choosing a remedy for coughing, you do not need to self-medicate, it is worthwhile to see a doctor for help and prescribing the drug. But, if you decide to choose a remedy on your own, remember that the medicine should be bought first depending on the type of cough: dry or wet. Here is a list of not only the most effective tools, but also affordable. Cough medicine is inexpensive and effective.

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From dry

In the absence of phlegm withdrawal cough is called dry. For its treatment, drugs are used:

  1. The Falimint.By properties similar to menthol. Causes a feeling of coolness and freshness in the mouth. Do not dry the mucous membranes, the effect and cessation of reflex cough is seen after the first application. It is available in the form of dragees for resorption, it can be given to a child, suitable for children from 5 years of age, contraindications, except for minor allergic reactions, does not. Price: 150 rubles.Falimint
  2. Libexin.Has a triple action, reducing the sensitivity of nerve endings, relaxing the bronchi and reducing the reaction to irritation. It is used for the treatment of severe dry cough, the effect is observed within four hours after administration. Produced in the form of tablets and syrup, not contraindicated to children, there are side effects (dizziness, allergy, fatigue). Price: 300 rubles.Libexin for coughing
  3. Kodelak.An antitussive agent of plant origin. Produced in various forms: tablets, syrups, elixirs. Has a combined effect, reduces excitability, increases the viscosity of phlegm with a damp cough, does not cause respiratory depression. It is not recommended to use a long term - the drug causes dependence. Children are appointed from 6 years. The price: 140 rubles.Codel Codel
  4. Herbion with plantain. Syrup has antitussive and antibacterial effect. Increases the amount of sputum, reduces its viscosity. Due to vitamin C increases immunity. The drug forms a protective film on the mucous membrane, reduces irritation, reduces inflammation. Suitable for children from 2 years. Has almost no contraindications. Price: 250 rubles.cough medicines are inexpensive and effective
  5. Haliksol.One of the most effective drugs, the effect comes after half an hour after use, dilutes sputum, reduces its viscosity, soothes the mucous membrane. Produced in the form of syrup, has a number of contraindications. It is forbidden in pregnancy and with gastrointestinal diseases. Children are appointed from 5 years. The price of the drug: 100 rubles.Haliksol
  6. Lazolvan.It is prescribed for acute pneumonia, chronic sinusitis, acute bronchitis. The effect is observed after half an hour after administration, the effect lasts up to 10 hours. Cough is eased, sputum is diluted, respiratory tract irritation decreases. Produced in the form of tablets, syrup and solution for inhalation. Suitable for children over 6 years. Price: 150 rubles.Phlegm of dry cough
  7. Ambroghexal.The remedy is used for chronic and acute bronchial diseases, asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis. Used in the treatment of complications after surgery, as well as to stimulate the fetus during pregnancy. It has well-pronounced properties, well-established in the market. The price: 70 rubles.Ambrohexal when dry cough
  8. Omnitus.Produced in the form of tablets and syrup. Reduces the inflammatory process, fights infections, relieves dry cough, positively affects the general condition of the body. Has a number of side effects, including. drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting, stool disruption. Contraindicated in pregnant women and children under 6 years. The price of the drug: 90 rubles.Omnitus from dry cough
  9. Stoptussin.It is a combined remedy, has antitussive and mucolytic effect. It is used in the treatment of dry and unproductive cough, is made in the Czech Republic. Produced in the form of tablets, drops and syrup of vegetable origin. Price: 150 rubles.Stoptussin when worried about dry cough
  10. Lorraine.The product is suitable for combating dry cough, it is available in various forms: powder, capsules, tablets, suspension and solution. Eliminates the symptoms of ARI and colds, has antipyretic properties, suitable for children from 6 years. Side effects include increased blood pressure, dizziness, mild irritability. The price: 200 rubles.

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From wet

Cough with sputum is called wet or productive. For its treatment, preparations with an expectorant effect are used:

  1. ATSTS.Liquefies phlegm, promotes the productivity of cough, relief comes in the first days of admission. Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It does not combine with paracetamol and other cough drugs. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. Price: 130 rubles.ATSTS with a damp cavern
  2. Doctor Mom.Means of plant origin fights with diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract, relieves of the common cold, colds and bronchitis. Available in the form of lozenges, lozenges, syrups, tablets, ointments, roller pencils. Suitable for children from 2 years. The cost in pharmacies: 140 rubles.Doctor Mom from a wet cough
  3. Broncholitin.It is very popular as a trustworthy tool. Suppresses the center of a cough, does not depress breathing, treats acute respiratory illnesses, displays phlegm, relieves the mucous membrane from swelling. Effective in childhood. Has only a few side effects: allergies, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate. The price: 55 rubles.Broncholitin from a wet cough
  4. Bromhexine.The agent is used for acute and chronic bronchial diseases with sputum of increased viscosity. The drug is well tolerated, prescribed from the age of 6, combined with antibiotics, contributing to their penetration into the bronchial secret. When treating, you need to consume more fluid, exclude driving and performing hazardous work. Price: 30 rubles.Bromhexine from a wet cough
  5. Ambroxol.Bulgarian preparation of expectorant anti-inflammatory effect. It is also used for the prevention of respiratory tract infections, it is available in the form of a syrup with a pleasant smell and raspberry taste. Helps in a short time cure cough, tracheitis, pneumonia, whooping cough and bronchitis. The price: 25 rubles.Ambroxol from a wet cough
  6. Mukaltin.A natural remedy fights with a wet cough, relieves viscous sputum, which prevents normal breathing. The effect of taking tablets is observed a couple of days after the start of the course. Contraindications: gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, diabetes mellitus. It is not addictive, children can be taken from the age of 12. Cost: 15 rubles.Mucaltin from a wet cough
  7. Ambrogen.The chemical preparation expectorant and diluting effect, facilitates the outflow of sputum from the bronchi, neutralizes the damaged molecules. The action is seen after only half an hour after taking, lasts about 10 hours. Produced in the form of capsules, syrups, tablets, solutions for inhalation and injection. Children are appointed from 2 years. The packing price: 105 rubles.Ambrogen from a wet cough
  8. Fluidite.It is used for acute diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract, accompanied by viscous sputum. Poorly combined with other drugs, weakening their effect. Struggles with infections without clarifying their form and localization. Available for adults and children in the form of syrup, as well as in the form of granules for suspension. Price: 250 rubles.Fluditik from a wet cough
  9. Herbion with primrose.The drug is made using plant material. A syrup is prescribed not only with a moist but also senile cough, when the lungs are not adequately supplied with blood. Improves the work of the adrenal glands, is a diaphoretic, expectorant, diuretic, strengthening agent. It facilitates breathing, removes inflammation of the mucous membrane. Children are appointed from 2 years. The price: 200 rubles.Herbion with primrose when tormented by a wet cough
  10. Gedelix.I have recommended myself as a means to combat productive cough in children. Has spasmolytic properties, removes sputum from the bronchi, relieves inflammation of the respiratory tract. Form release: syrup with mint extract, eucalyptus, menthol. Side effects usually do not appear, does not contain sugars and alcohol. Price: 150 rubles.Gedelix
  11. Pertussin.One of the most inexpensive, but very effective tools in the fight against wet cough. Has an expectorant property, dilutes sputum, promotes its excretion. In the preparation of a substance of chemical and vegetable origin, incl. thyme. Children are appointed from the age of 3, during the reception it is necessary to dilute with water. The price: 15 rubles.Pertussin
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Among the most effective drugs for dry and wet cough in the Russian market you can find inexpensive means. Before using it is necessary to consult with specialists, since cough is just a symptom of other diseases, it is necessary to fight first of all with the cause of coughing. Remember that timely diagnosis can save a person's life.

How to treat a smoker's cough?

how to treat a smoker's cough

Every smoker with a decent experience knows that sooner or later he begins to cough even in the summer, when there can not be a cold. In cold weather, the situation is repeatedly exacerbated - due to dampness, the disease can develop into chronic bronchitis. How to treat a smoker's cough, and what if you quit smoking, but did not stop coughing? There are several options.

Methods for treating a smoker's cough

Even those who abandoned this bad habit will continue to cough for the next few months. The process of purifying the lungs and bronchi is not going so far as we would like. There are several ways to speed up the recovery process of ex-smokers, and also help stop coughing up those who are not yet ready to give up tobacco addiction.

Cough among those who smoke, appears because of the need for bronchuses to cleanse of the mucus and tar, which they accumulate as a result of this harmful habit. Therefore, especially the disease manifests itself in the morning - during the night a lot of sputum goes away. If you cough constantly, besides the cough is dry, then it's the body's reaction to the smoke. Alveoli are in constant irritation from toxic substances, and the cilia of the epithelium are stuck together from the resins and can no longer contribute to excretion of sputum. If you do not take action, the consequences will be very serious.

Coughing a smoker involves treatment with folk remedies and medications. In both cases, the main task is to cure the dry cough of the smoker, making it normal, wet. That is, to establish a system for the withdrawal of pathogens, resins and excess moisture from the body. Completely from a cough you can get rid, only having stopped to smoke.

How to treat a smoker's cough - pills or folk remedies?

The treatment of the chronic cough of a smoker is aimed at making it easier to expectorate and you coughed, for example, only in the morning, and not throughout the day. For this, mucolytics can be used, which are commonly used for bronchitis. This is primarily Mukaltin and preparations based on it. In severe cases, Flucmicil will be more effective, it can cope even with bronchial blockage. This medicine is sold in the form of tablets, or powder, which should be diluted in water.

But pills are not the best way to treat a smoker's cough. With the help of potions and teas, the process will be much more natural. Pay attention to the following drugs:

  • Gedelix;
  • Bronchogen;
  • Bronchosp;
  • Biocaliptol.

These funds are based on the medicinal properties of medicinal herbs, natural essential oils. If you want to prepare the medicine yourself, you can use one of the folk recipes. The most popular of them is based on black radish and honey:

  1. Wash and clean the large root of black radish.
  2. Rub it on a fine grater.
  3. Scrub the juice, squeeze the pulp and remove.cough smoker treatment
  4. Mix the juice with 4 tbsp. spoons of fresh honey.
  5. The resulting mixture should be 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day. In a week you will feel a significant relief.

Treatment of a smoker's cough by inhalation

How to cure a smoker's cough, everyone decides for himself, but pills, mishusters and cough syrup will not equal the effect of inhalation. You can in the old fashion breathe over a potato, or add a few drops of essential oil of menthol, eucalyptus, soda to the kettle with boiling water. But a much more effective effect in ready-made inhalers, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. First of all it is a nebulizer. It will help to carry out steam inhalations in any place and at any time, and you will forget about what a dry cough!

Expectorant against coughing

expectorant against coughing

Cough, as a rule, indicates a complication of the disease. In this case, every effort should be made to get rid of the unpleasant symptom - to use both pharmaceuticals and to try the recipes of traditional medicine.

Cough can also be a consequence of a bad habit - smoking, and in this case, its treatment requires completely different approaches than in the treatment of bacterial or viral cough.

Best expectorant for cough

The most universal and effective expectorant against cough, caused either by smoking or a catarrhal disease, is the root of licorice.

Licorice root is an indispensable remedy for the lungs, as it irritates the receptors and helps to sputum. Also, licorice root has a powerful anti-inflammatory property - it calms irritation and helps immunity with new forces to resist the disease.

Licorice root can be used in three forms - in the form of tea (it is desirable at the same time to add to it oregano, thyme and root of the althea), in the form of inhalation (preferably carried out with a decoction of chamomile), and also chewing the dried roots.

Expectorant drugs for wet cough

Expectorants pharmaceutics with a wet cough are numerous. The most effective among them are syrups - they are more quickly absorbed into the blood, and therefore the effect can be felt already within half an hour. They are convenient because before going to bed, doctors advise not to take mucolytics due to provocation of cough, and so drugs in the form of tablets have to be taken long before sleep, and syrups, therefore, save time.

At the same time, during long-term treatment, medicines in the form of tablets are convenient - they can be taken with you and taken in any conditions.

Expectorant against cough in the form of syrup

Inexpensive, but effective cough syrup isPertusin. It has a plant composition, and therefore has practically no contraindications. Analog Pertusin - syrup of licorice root.

Antibacterial medication with expectorant action -Fluditik. This is an effective medicine that alleviates the symptoms of cough and quickly relieves it if bacteria are the cause.

LazolvanIs one of the most popular cough remedies. It exists in several forms, among which are tablets and syrup. This drug has a pronounced mucolytic effect, and therefore recommends its use if there is a pronounced wet cough. In the opposite case, it provokes attacks of suffocating cough.

Проспан- Another means of plant origin, which effectively cleanses the bronchi. Propane contains extracts of ivy, as well as ethanol, and is presented in two forms - soluble tablets and syrup.

Expectorant against cough in tablets

Ambroxol and Bromhexine- the most famous tablets from cough. Many modern products contain these substances, but have a different name, which is why their price is somewhat higher than that of Bromhexine and Ambroxol.

For example,Flavamed and Ambrobene- tablets that contain 30 mg of ambroxol hydrochloride.

the best expectorant for cough

Expectorants for coughing a smoker

To treat a cough that is caused by smoking, plant-based tablets are used. Their goal is to calm irritated mucous membranes, promote tissue regeneration, and improve immunity so that vulnerable organs (lungs) are not primarily affected during the cold.

For these purposes, suited and the root of licorice, and mint, and eucalyptus.

Plantain syrup can also restore the condition of the smoker - this plant promotes the regeneration of mucous membranes, which is why it is appreciated with dry cough. Plantain has not only anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, but also antimicrobial and expectorant.

How to get rid of a smoker's cough: medicines and folk remedies

About the dangers of smoking so much is said, written and even drawn, that once again to repeat the truism does not make sense. The fact that a smoker voluntarily drives himself to the grave is his own business. After all, to force a person to quit smoking, until he decides to do it himself, is a futile business.

How to get rid of a smoker's cough

But when every morning begins with a loud, nauseating cough, accompanied by attempts to cough up the accumulated in respiratory tract mucus, and these nasty, irritating sounds are listened to by close and even neighbors, this is already becoming a problem for surrounding. And a person who smokes must remember this.

Causes of a cough in smokers

200 poisonous substances with each cigarette irritate the bronchi on which the soot of tobacco smoke settles. Cilia, with which they are covered, cease to function normally. The function of air filtration, before it enters the lungs, practically fades away. The vast majority of poisons remain in the bronchi, resulting in inflammation, which is non-infectious bronchitis. Over time, the disease flows into a chronic form.

kodelak tablets instructions for use

Due to the fact that the natural air filter stops working, the way to penetrate into the body of all kinds of bacteria opens. A consequence of this can become infectious bronchitis, which, together with chronic it will be very difficult to treat.

Cough of the smoker - the beginning of non-infectious bronchitis

Morning cough smoker in people who can not live a day without a cigarette, is observed in nine people out of ten. He begins with an ordinary cough, which the person does not even pay attention to. Next comes the episodic, dry cough. A smoker, as a rule, also does not associate with his bad habit, but in vain, such symptoms indicate the primary stage of non-infectious bronchitis.

Further - worse, every morning begins with a deep, protracted cough. The man tries to clear his throat, but it's bad. Air is not enough, the airways are filled with phlegm, there may be pain in the chest. A morning cigarette can cause nausea and vomiting.

Cough smoker: what to do?

This question is relevant both for the "sick" and for people close to him. After all, if you do not think about how to get rid of a smoker's cough on time, the situation will be aggravated and can lead to the development of severe and in some cases incurable diseases.

libexine price

Cough is worse every day, can be accompanied by blood. This is a serious symptom, requiring immediate medical attention. Treatment of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract is handled by a pulmonologist.

If the disease is not started before the critical stage, the smoker's cough is treated with both traditional medicinal methods and folk remedies.

Treatment of a smoker's cough by traditional methods

The main problem is in the smoker himself, if he does not give up cigarettes, any treatment will be a senseless waste of time and money. Only a strong-willed person can quit smoking, because this process is connected with overcoming certain difficulties and not only with a psychological plan. The body also begins to react to the refusal to inhale the poisonous smoke. The recovery mode is activated. Accumulated over the years of smoking harmful tar is actively withdrawn from the body. In this regard, there is an intensification of cough. This unpleasant but regular process will help to overcome the drug "Endoclin".

What is Endoklin?

We can say that "Endoklin" is a specialized drug for people with bad habits. He performs a whole complex of functions that help the body to recover quickly and painlessly:

  • pains in the chest;
  • facilitates chronic and morning cough;
  • stimulates the work of immunity;
  • facilitates the escape of sputum from the lungs;
  • relieves of nausea;
  • contributes to the recovery of liver cells and gastrointestinal tract;
  • reduces shortness of breath during physical exertion;
  • helps to remove heavy metals from the body.
cough smoker what to do

In addition, "Endoklin" improves blood supply, acting on the walls of blood vessels, normalizes the composition of blood in the affected organs.

The drug consists entirely of components of plant origin, which allows you to use it in combination with other tools that help to get rid of smoking.

The drug "Endoklin reviews which indicate that it really minimizes the consequences of quitting tobacco dependence and facilitates the process of cleansing the body, craving for smoking does not suppress. Therefore to apply "Endoklin" it is necessary in a complex with other means which purpose is in suppression of the craving to smoke a cigarette.

If this problem with smoking cessation is resolved, you need to contact a pulmonologist, who, after conducting the examination, will prescribe a course of treatment and will consult how to get rid of the smoker's cough.

Traditional treatment begins with mucolytics and expectorants. One such medication is the "Kodelak" pill.

"Kodelak" (tablets): instructions for use

Preparations "Kodelak" are divided into two types: "Kodelak broncho" and "Kodelak neo." The first species, which will be discussed below, is intended primarily for the production of sputum. "Kodelak Neo" is designed to combat dry cough.

Instructions for use on tablets indicate that this drug is also mucolytic (dilutes sputum and facilitates its removal from the respiratory tract) and expectorant. In addition, "Kodelak" has an anti-inflammatory effect.

endoklin reviews

The tablet of the drug contains:

  • ambroksol - has an effect on sputum, reduces viscosity and accelerates its elimination;
  • glycyrate - the purpose of the component is to reduce the inflammatory processes in the airways;
  • extract of thermopsis - has an expectorant effect;
  • sodium bicarbonate - affects the sputum, liquefying it.

Thus, with diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by problems of sputum discharge, a doctor can be appointed "Kodelak" (pills). Instruction for use warns that the drug should not be taken together with antitussive drugs, as this will make it more difficult for sputum to go away from the cough reduction.

Another equally effective and popular drug is "Fluimucil, which liquefies phlegm and facilitates its separation.

As an antitussive drug, "Libexin" is used. Tablets "Libexin" block the cough reflex, while breathing is not depressed. In addition, the drug has bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory activity.

cough syrupAfter taking the pill, the duration of its action lasts for 3-4 hours. Due to the fact that "Libexin" is not addictive, the effectiveness of tablets from the duration of admission does not depend.

In solving the problem of how to get rid of the smoker's cough, drugs made in the form of syrups were widely used.

Syrups prescribed for a smoker's cough

One of such preparations is "Plantain syrup". This tasteful remedy transforms dry cough into wet, in addition, the syrup from a smoker's cough removes inflammation in the respiratory tract.

As a very good expectorant, the cough for smokers showed itself a bronchodilator syrup "Doctor Mom." In addition, the drug contributes to expectoration, it reduces inflammation and relieves swelling of the respiratory tract.

expectorant for smokersIn the early stages of the disease, syrup "Gedelix" can help in removing the cough of a smoker and restoring breathing.

Syrup "Eucabal" removes irritation of the upper respiratory tract, facilitates the removal of sputum. Effective with convulsive cough.

"Biocaliptol syrup" is a combined preparation. Has antitussive, mucolytic effect. It also has expectorant properties and an antiseptic effect.

Prices of cough preparations

It should be noted that a lot of drugs capable of effectively fighting a smoker's cough, and the prices for them can be different. Suppose, for the same "Libexin" price, as for other drugs, depends on both the manufacturer and the region where this drug was purchased. The difference can be hundreds of rubles.

Many expensive drugs have cheaper analogs. At the same "Libexin" the price is approximately 400 rubles (produced in Hungary), its domestic analogue "Rengalin" costs about 200 rubles, that is, twice cheaper. "Kodelak Neo" has the same value.

Therefore, before buying a drug, it is worth asking the pharmacist for a cheaper analogue.

Along with the medicinal methods of treatment, the people's means of getting rid of the smoker's cough are also quite popular.

How to get rid of a smoker's cough by folk methods

Treatment with folk remedies, as well as with medicamental treatment, should begin with the complete abandonment of the bad habit.

The algorithm of procedures is similar to the course of treatment with traditional drugs. Used herbs or collection of them that will clear the airways, will help to remove the accumulated sputum.

morning smoker's cough

Thyme, licorice root, calendula, oregano, elecampane, plantain, mother-and-stepmother - from these herbs are made tinctures and decoctions. In addition, steam inhalations based on herbal remedies are quite effective.

Visiting the steam room in the bath has a good effect on both cleansing the respiratory tract and removing harmful substances through the skin.

Doctors-homeopaths can also recommend how to get rid of a smoker's cough, with the help of their medications - "Acidum phosphoricum" Carbo vegetalis "Antimonium tartarikum".

Do not forget about milk. It is not in vain in harmful industries that this product is used to remove poisons and toxins from the organisms of employees. Smoking is no better, and maybe even worse than the most harmful production. After all, the smoker inhales all the crap of tobacco smoke full of chest.

But harmful work is a forced step for a person, and smoking is a logically inexplicable poisoning of one's body, which is all addictive and addictive.

While a person smokes, the use of various drugs will bring only temporary relief. Therefore, there is only one way out - to quit smoking.

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