Hangover: folk remedies at home

This article contains the best and most effective folk remedies for hangovers for home use. Any medicine or ingredient from the following suggested recipes can be quickly bought at a pharmacy, so that at home cooking a home remedy against a hangover is much easier.

After reading this article, you will learn in detail how and what you can remove and cure a hangover, at the bottom of the page - a video where people offer their advice, recommendations and ways in treating and getting rid of a heavy hangover syndrome. Along the way, we will tell you what to do in order not to get drunk heavily and how to bring to life (sober) yourself or your neighbor.


A bit of history

In the books of Heinrich Nikolaevich Evengov, a well-known Russian physician and writer, it is said that the state of withdrawal is the same poisoning. In the old days healers treated such poisonings with walking and work. There is a case when two people came to the healer, poisoned with mushrooms. He said to them: "Walk around the house until you fall." One patient from the last forces walked and walked around the house, then, when the forces completely left him, he continued to crawl. Another, complaining of unbearable pain and weakness, remained lying. The first patient survived, the second died. This remedy is also applicable for alcohol poisoning. Walk or work until sweat. Then the products of decomposition of ethyl alcohol come out, and the patient becomes much better.

How to quickly become sober from alcohol at home

Several ways to bring into the "feeling" of yourself or your "friend":

  1. Lying dead to a drunk manrub your earsbefore sharp reddening. The rush of blood to the head will lead the patient to a sense, after 1 minute he will be able to say his address or surname.
  2. Pour 5 10 dropsammoniain a glass of water and drink. If a person is drunk before losing consciousness, unclench his teeth and pour into his mouth such a mixture. WATER SHOULD BE COLD.
  3. A glass of cold water with 20 dropsmint tincture(drink immediately). Intoxication quickly passes, the heaviness in the head and headache are removed.
  4. To induce vomiting of an overly drunk person and bring him to himself, it is necessary to give him a cup of hotstrong coffee with saltinstead of sugar.

How not to get drunk on alcohol strongly

In any case, in order not to get drunk too much, you can follow such recommendations:

  1. If during a strong binge for 5 - 10 minutes to go to the frosty air, then you can veryget very drunk(down to loss of consciousness).
  2. Neverdo not interfereat the table a few varieties of wine, mix vodka with wine, cognac or beer. From such mixtures, the state of health on the next day is disgusting, and at the table you very quickly become intoxicated.
  3. Before you have a drink, drink a cup of stronggreenorblacktea orcoffeewith mint or lemon. After drinking, repeat the procedure. Mild intoxication passes quickly.

Well and the most simple advice: more than three glasses do not drink !!!

The best folk remedies for a hangover at home: a recipe

Read the most effective home remedies against hangover syndrome

  1. In a glass of cold water, pour 20 dropsmint alcoholand immediately drink. In 1-2 minutes you will feel a significant improvement or complete disposal of the consequences of yesterday's binge.
  2. Shake and swallow 1-2 seedscardamom.This can be done 2-3 times a day.
  3. Shake and swallow one-fourth of a teaspoon of seedscumin.
  4. The next day after a strong libation it is useful to go tobathhouseor a sauna and steam well.
  5. With a severe headache it is useful to drink a glasscucumber brine.
  6. When the condition is very heavy and nothing helps, drink a glassbeerand well rubicechest, back and face.
  7. Drink as much juice, mineral water and fluids as possible.
  8. If a drinking person sets a goal to never get drunk in the morning (even beer) and will be able to withstand until dinner, he will never become an alcoholic.

Effective home remedies against hangover

Recommendations of doctors for the treatment of hangover syndrome:

To drink broth."Broth from bouillon cubes will help restore the salt and potassium that your body loses when you drink," says Dr. Diamond.

Drink two cups of coffee."Coffee narrows the blood vessels, that is, reduces swollen blood vessels that cause headache, "explains Dr. Diamond. "A couple of cups can help a lot in alleviating the headache that accompanies a hangover." But do not drink too much coffee, otherwise to the excitement caused by alcohol, add excitement from caffeine.

Drink more waterbefore going to bed - the morning symptoms will be somewhat easier.

There is honey.Dr. Diamond explains: "Honey is a concentrated solution of fructose, and if you eat it a little the next morning after drinking, it will also help remove all the remains of alcohol from your body." In addition, honey contains a large number of potassium salts, which are always lacking in the body of a person who drinks.

Chew the willow bark.Dr. Blum explains: "It contains the natural form of salicylate, an active ingredient in aspirin that is released when you chew it."

Drink to a full stomach."Perhaps this is the only thing that can be done, except, of course, reducing the consumption of alcohol to reduce the severity of the hangover," said Dr. Mitchell. "Food slows the absorption of alcohol, and the slower it is absorbed, the less it reaches the brain." What you eat does not matter.

To drink juices.Any juice contributes to the removal of toxins in the blood. A large glass of orange or tomato juice will bring you great relief.

Take 2-3 tablets of multivitamins.B vitamins help to reduce the duration of a hangover. Alcohol destroys any vitamins and amino acids, so if in the morning (and in the evening after drinking) take multivitamins, then the state will be better in the morning.

Take painkiller.Drink two aspirin tablets in the evening, and it will become much easier for you. In the morning do the same (unless of course there is an allergy to acetylsalicylic acid).

According to American experts, vodka is the least dangerous, and cognac, brandy, whiskey and especially sparkling wines and champagne are very poorly tolerated.


The best remedy for a hangover!

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