First aid kit: a list of necessary for a newborn baby

When a new person is born in a family, it is always joy and happiness. But you need to always be alert, because a small child brings his mom and dad constant surprises, of which not all are pleasant. Troubles are added, because the disease and trauma can overtake the baby at any time, to insure against them, there is no possibility.

Therefore, in each house there should be a home nursery first aid kit with the most necessary set of medicines and bandages that allow first aid to the baby in the first minutes of illness or in case of an accident.

Let's talk and watch a video about the list of everything that is needed for a newborn child and older children in order to be ready to provide them with timely assistance.


Home first-aid kit for newborn, baby and baby

Hydrogen Peroxide, Green and Manganese

In the early days you will need a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and a 1% solution of diamond green forprocessing umbilical cord, crystals of potassium permanganate ( manganese) for the preparation of a strong solution for the treatment of the navel and weak rosesNew solution for bathing a baby.

Dry permanganate should be stored in an inaccessible place, because the consumption of it by the kids inside leads to severe burns of the mouth, pharynx and esophagus, and sometimes to suffocation due to the development of the laryngeal edema. Take the rule from the first days to remove away from the child any medications. You do not have time to look back, as he begins to move around the apartment and climb into the most inaccessible, in your opinion, corners.

Adding potassium permanganate to the bath for bathing the baby, use not a dry powder, but a concentrated solution that will protect you from getting into the water of crystals, which can cause a burn of delicate skin.

Cotton sticks, discs, sterile cotton wool

For baby care, you will need cotton buds, cotton wool which are sold in pharmacies, or sterile wool , from which you make tampons yourself. Vata should be natural, cotton.


In the medicine cabinet there should be pipettes .One is required for the treatment of the navel. If there is a need to instill drops in the eyes, then the pipette should be with a rounded end.

Ointment with zinc oxide

Ointment "Desitin" , containing zinc oxide, is useful when the first signs of diaper rash appear.

Thermometer, or thermometer

Which one should I choose thermometer ?That's your business. It can be our old kind friend - a mercury thermometer or a relatively new electronic thermometer, which will give an audible signal at the end of the measuring process. In recent years there have been easy-to-use dummy thermometers, which greatly facilitate the measurement of temperature in the baby, and strips, which when applied to the forehead skin immediately produce a result.

The best place for setting the thermometer is the axillary region or inguinal fold, where it should be held for 5-7 minutes. This procedure is completely painless and does not cause trouble for the child. Before the introduction of the thermometer, the axillary or inguinal area should be wiped dry and ventilated for a few seconds. The presence of moisture or a warm wrap can give incorrect readings. In the place where the thermometer is placed, there should be no inflammatory process( reddening of the skin, presence of diaper rash, swelling), as it causes local temperature increase.

Some moms like to measure the temperature in the mouth or rectum. These methods also have a right to exist. Just remember that the rectal temperature will be higher by a full degree, and measured in the oral cavity almost coincides with skin indicators. Be careful when measuring rectal temperature with a mercury thermometer. If the child is restless, the glass tip may break. And in general, without special need not to climb into the rectum.

Pear and enema

Now about your favorite new mummies items - a rubber pear for setting a cleansing enema and a gas pipe. In the finished first-aid kit for the newborn there is a pear with a volume of 20-25 ml , absolutely not suitable for the cleansing enema.

"Why does she then lie here?" - they constantly ask mothers. It is useful for the introduction of drugs into the rectum. For a cleansing enema, take a 75-100 ml pear so that the required amount of water can be injected simultaneously, rather than 4-5 forced injections that injure the tender mucous membrane when using a small pear.

We have already spoken about futility of the gas pipe, but we will repeat it again due to its wide application in practice.

  • "How deep do you enter the tube?" The doctor asks.
  • "One centimeter", - replies Mom.

And where do most of the gases accumulate? Where there is intensive digestion, that is, in the small intestine.

How long should a gas pipe be to reach a thin or at least a large intestine? And what's the point of putting the tube 1 cm into the rectum? The people already descended into the rectum will come out on their own. Frequent introduction of foreign objects( enema, tube, thermometer) only injures the rectum, not benefiting.

Cosmetic products

We will not talk about cosmetic products for the care of newborns: creams, oils, lotions, shampoos of various companies are widely represented in pharmacies and shops - choose according to your taste.

Medical preparations

In the home medicine cabinet you need to have medicines, and this is antipyretic, analgesic and antihistamines( antiallergic) drugs.

When the temperature rises above 38 ° C, the child can be given paracetamol at an age-appropriate dose. Once again, let me remind you that panadol , kalpol , Tylenol , efferlangan contain basically the same drug - paracetamol, and the frequent messy application of these medicinal syrups can lead to overdose or even poisoning.

Nurofen in suspension and suppositories is used with increasing temperature and with various pains. The exception is the pain in the abdomen, in which any painkillers are categorically contraindicated.

Analgin has a very pronounced analgesic and antipyretic effect. It is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and has a rapid effect. In combination with antihistamines, its effectiveness increases. Take no more than 3 times a day.

For insertion into the rectum there are suppositories with analgin, which are preferably used at a high temperature accompanied by vomiting.

Tavegil - up to 1 year - one-fourth part of the tablet;up to 6 years - one second of the tablet;up to 12 years and older - 1 tablet.

Suprastin - doses as in Tavegil.

Pipolphen - single dose to a child under 2 years of age - 2.5 mg;up to 4 years - 5 mg;up to 6 years - 7-10 mg. You can take 2-3 times a day.

Pipolphene has a soothing, hypnotic effect, which helps to eliminate convulsive readiness.

Fenistil in drops - used in children from 1 month of age, you can drop on the tongue, you can add to milk or milk formula.

No-spindle - removes spasm from smooth muscles, dilates vessels, is widely used for pain of various origins. In combination with antipyretic drugs fights with a high temperature, especially with a pronounced spasm of peripheral vessels. In such cases, mothers say: "It's hot, and the hands and feet are ice."

It is always necessary to have adsorbents ( enterosorbents), which remove microbes, allergens and toxic substances from the body. Reception of these drugs in the first hours of the disease helps to cope with the pathological process( food and drug allergy, intestinal infection, food poisoning).

The most famous adsorbents are activated carbon, smectite, polyphepan, polysorbent, enterosgel.

With repeated vomiting and frequent fluid stools, immediately begin to evaporate the baby with glucose-saline solutions of , which prevents the development of dehydration. In the medicine cabinet must be one of the following drugs: "Regidron", "Glucosolan", "Citroglukosolan", "Oralite".One powder is bred in boiled water and the medicine is ready.

Drops in the ear

Be sure to have ear drops ( Otypax, Otofa, Anauran, Sofraks) in the medicine cabinet .Young children often suffer from ear pain developing against a cold. According to the already mentioned law of meanness, this problem most often occurs at night, when pharmacies are closed, and the nearest duty person will not reach you quickly. And to help the child is necessary immediately, because shooting pain in the ear of the baby is able to put on the head of the whole family, including a deaf grandmother.

In the case of injuries to

Babies often receive injuries of varying severity, so the means for first aid in case of injury should be in every family.

Cooling bag "Snowball" is used for bruises, overheating, insect bites, bleeding. Cooling damaged tissue in the first hour after injury contributes to reducing inflammatory reactions and stopping bleeding.

In your bins there should be a place for dressings : cotton wool, cotton swabs, a couple of sterile bandages and napkins, a hemostatic( hemostatic) sponge, a bactericidal adhesive plaster.

For the treatment of wounds and abrasions, you must have 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, iodine,

grease. For wound dressing, try using antiseptic atraumatic dressings "Coletex", "Inadine".Their main advantage is that they do not stick to the wound, that is, they do not bring additional suffering to the child when dressing.

Well proven for the treatment of wounds and abrasions in children, especially with broken knees and elbows, liquid patches in the form of a spray .It is enough to spray the damaged area with this product, as soon as a transparent protective film is formed, which does not require the application of a bandage. But we must remember that the liquid patch can not be applied to the wounded wounds.

Furacilin tablets will help if necessary to rinse the wound or rinse the throat with an antiseptic solution. One tablet is dissolved in 100 ml of boiled water or two tablets per glass of water. Before preparing the solution, spread the tablets into a powder, then they will dissolve faster. It is even better to have antiseptic solutions for these purposes, industrial production: chlorhexidine or miramistin. They are ready for use without prior dilution and boiling.

In the refrigerator, keep antibacterial ointment "Levomekol" , which is useful in any inflammatory process on the skin: infected wound, boil, "festering finger," "rubbed the leg," etc.

All these funds can be safely applied before the medicalinspection.

The first aid kit should be kept out of the reach of the child and periodically subject to revision in order to withdraw from it expired drugs and tablets without identification marks.

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