Define the symptoms and treat worms in children

Many parents know firsthand what worms are in children. Symptoms and treatment of such a problem are always individual and depend not only on the type of parasite, but on the age of the baby, on the general state of health. Sometimes it happens that helminths are almost not manifested, and in other cases - all the signs are present. Treatment should always be under the supervision of a doctor, you can not take medicinal preparations from worms yourself.

  • Common manifestations of worms in children
  • Diagnostics
  • What worms are there in children?
  • Enterobiosis in children
  • Ascaris in children
  • Tape worms in children
  • Trematodes in children
  • Worms in children under one year old
  • How to get rid of worms?
  • Treatment with folk remedies
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Common manifestations of worms in children

The most vulnerable to parasitic infection are children, especially preschool age, because they do not have a sufficiently mature digestive system. Eggs worms, getting into the stomach, do not collapse from the effects of gastric juice. They penetrate the intestine or are transported with blood to other organs, after which they settle in the body of the baby.

Important!Clear signs of infection with worms can occur only in the third part of children who have helminths.

Parasites feed on vitamins, microelements to ensure their own vital activity. Therefore, most babies have beriberi, anemia. The constant shortage of nutrients adversely affects the child's body, the child may lag behind in physical and psychological development.

The first signs of the presence of helminths:

  • increased or decreased appetite;
  • severe abdominal pain;
  • frequent attacks of nausea;
  • increased salivation;
  • disorders of the intestine.

Important!Elevated temperature with worms is a characteristic symptom that is observed in some children. Usually it does not exceed subfebrile markings.

Many children have severe fatigue, weakness. The kid often feels broken, he has dark circles under his eyes, the skin becomes pale, his head can often hurt.

Parasites release toxic substances that cause an allergic reaction. A rash with worms is a frequent phenomenon. Dermatitis, especially hard to treat, in many cases is caused by parasites.


To identify the most common helminths in children, you need to undergo an analysis of feces and take a scraping for the presence of pinworm eggs. This analysis will give the correct result only when the multiplication of parasites occurs. To increase the accuracy of diagnosis, the baby must give the feces three days in a row.

Scraping is carried out with the help of a cotton swab, which is pre-moistened with warm boiled water. It is carried out near the anus, after which it is placed in a sterile container for urine. Do the procedure in the morning before going to the toilet. Deliver scraping to the laboratory for 2 hours, so as not to distort the results of the analysis.

Important!To take a scraping, you can use a regular scotch, which is glued to the anus. Then put this piece on a laboratory glass and drop it for analysis.

Also an additional blood test is performed, after which the hemoglobin level, ESR and other indicators are analyzed, which indicate the overall health of the child.

If these methods failed to diagnose helminths, and suspicions of the presence of worms persisted, it is necessary to conduct an immunological study. It will allow to identify antibodies to various types of parasites in the child's blood. This is a more accurate diagnosis than the analysis of feces for the presence of helminth eggs.

What worms are there in children?

Children are most susceptible to parasite infestation. This can happen through dirty hands, unwashed vegetables and fruits, when consuming contaminated meat or fish.

Types of worms in children:

  • trematodes;
  • nematodes;
  • cestodes.

Important!Helminths can settle in the intestines, liver, gall bladder, lungs, heart and other organs.

Each of these species has certain symptoms, causes and is treated with different medications.

Enterobiosis in children

Pinworms that cause the disease are enterobiosis, the most common parasite of the nematode group. Worms reach a size of 1 cm and are placed in the intestines.

Will be infected with helminths very easily. It is enough to lick dirty hands, toys, to eat unwashed vegetables and fruits. Eggs of pinworms can be anywhere. The kid himself carries the parasite, when it itches, and then touches his things with his hands.

Important!From the moment the eggs of the pinworms enter the baby's body until the first symptoms appear, 2 weeks pass.

Eggs worms easily fall under the fingernails and are carried around the children's room. Therefore, after treatment often re-infection with helminths.

Typical symptoms of infection with pinworms:

  • severe itching in the anus;
  • the child can not sleep for a long time, will return in a dream;
  • frequent intestinal disorders;
  • change in appetite;
  • fast fatiguability.

Important!To reduce itching in the anus, use zinc-containing ointments.

In girls, worms can cause inflammation of the external genitalia, thrush appears.

In most cases, enterobiosis does not cause dangerous symptoms, it does not severely damage the intestinal mucosa, but treatment must be carried out necessarily. With pinworms, it is enough to take a single dose of antihistamines to get rid of them. To prevent re-infection after 2 weeks, you can drink the medicine from the worm again.

Ascaris in children

These are very dangerous parasites that affect almost all the human organs: intestines, lungs, liver, brain and others.

How can you get infected with ascarids:

  • after contact with the soil, where there are eggs of parasites;
  • if you drink contaminated water;
  • when eating poorly washed vegetables, fruits, herbs;
  • if the rules of personal hygiene are not respected;
  • when there are a lot of flies in the house.

Eggs of helminths are very viable and can live in the soil for several years. They get there with the feces of a sick person.

When the child swallows the eggs of the roundworm, they move into the intestines, after which the matured larvae enter the bloodstream. Thus, through the blood, parasites can affect any organ.

Once in the lungs, the larvae separate with phlegm, the baby swallows them, after which they pass into the small intestine. An adult specimen ripens there, which lays eggs. From infection with ascarids to the formation of full-grown worms is 3 months.

Important!Worms and cough are frequent, especially in ascariasis, when the larvae migrate.

Without treatment, an adult can live in the intestine for not more than a year, after which it dies. Repeated self-infection does not occur, because for full maturation eggs must be in the soil.

In the first three months after the ascaris gets into the body of the child, the following symptoms are observed:

  • increase in temperature to 37-38 ° C;
  • separation of sputum with blood veins;
  • the appearance of wheezing in the lungs;
  • the appearance of urticaria and dermatitis;
  • enlargement of lymph nodes.

After ripening in the intestine of an adult, disorders of the digestive system appear - diarrhea, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. Sometimes there is redness in the anus.

If you do not treat ascariasis, often there are stomatitis, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the skin, neuro-psychological disorders appear, and immunity is suppressed. Worms can block the biliary tract, cause intestinal obstruction, peritonitis, appendicitis.

Tape worms in children

Infect this type of parasites can be, using insufficiently thermally processed meat of animals, fish. Before consuming vegetables, fruits, it is necessary to thoroughly wash them with water. Also, non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene can lead to the ingress of helminths into the body.

What cestodes affect children:

  • wide ribbons;
  • bovine tapeworm;
  • tapeworm;
  • echinococcus;
  • pork thistle.

Important!Tape worms can live in the human body for about 20 years. They reach a gigantic size - 10-30 m.

Cestodes can be populated in different organs, with the least danger they present when they are in the intestine. In this case, there is a digestive disorder, dysbiosis, nausea. Sometimes the disease can flow, without any symptoms.

Long-term damage to helminths leads to the exhaustion of the body, a decrease in immunity, beriberi. The child feels broken, quickly gets tired. Such children may lag behind in school, academic performance drops sharply.

If helminths have affected other organs, it is more dangerous and causes such symptoms:

  • temperature increase;
  • convulsions;
  • neurological disorders;
  • allergic reactions.

When tapeworms penetrate organs, they can damage tissues, rather than cause serious disturbances in the body.

Trematodes in children

Trematodes, flatworms or flukes are not so common among children. These worms have suckers, by means of which they are attached to internal organs. Basically, parasites affect the intestines, liver, pancreas and gallbladder.

The main representatives of flatworms:

  • hepatic fluke;
  • schistosome;
  • a paragon;
  • cat's fluke;
  • clonorh.

These parasites are very dangerous for humans, because they can cause cirrhosis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, stimulate the formation of tumors and cysts of various organs.

Important!If flukes are present, when a general blood test is done, a lowered hemoglobin is always observed.

Symptoms of trematodes in the body:

  • occurrence of allergy;
  • temperature increase;
  • increased lymph nodes;
  • joint pain;
  • indigestion;
  • enlargement of the liver and spleen.

Infect flatworms can be through improperly cooked meat or fish, drinking water. Being inside the intestine or other organs, they feed on their contents, epithelium and mucus.

Worms in children under one year old

The appearance of parasites in young children is very dangerous for the life and health of the baby. Uneven body, imperfect immune system, immature digestive system can not cope with this load.

A child can get helminths in the womb. When a pregnant woman is a carrier of worms, eggs of parasites easily penetrate the placental barrier and infect the fetus. Then the baby is born with parasites that worsen his condition every day.

Also, children can pick up worms when they begin to crawl and stuff everything into their mouth. If on their way there are eggs of worms - infection can not be avoided.

Symptoms of presence of helminths in the body of crumbs are tearfulness, poor weight gain, strong allergy, restless sleep and others that are inherent in older children.

How to get rid of worms?

Suspected the child's presence of worms, to conduct treatment at home, you need to know what kind of helminth hit your baby. The best medicine that will save the body from the worms should be directed at a particular parasite. With pinworms or roundworms, one remedy for worms for children is used, and in the presence of a chain or fluke it is another.

Most drugs from parasites are toxic, so you can not take them alone. There are also harmless means of a wide spectrum of action. But all exactly before their reception you need to consult a doctor, so as not to harm the baby and not worsen his condition.

Important!Often in the instructions for the use of funds from worms, a dosage is indicated, which may differ from the dose recommended by the doctor.

The scheme of treatment for the defeat of the child's body by worms implies several stages:

  1. First, antihistamines are taken - pills, suspensions, drops. Depending on the preparation, the type of helminth, the degree of defeat by worms, the course of treatment is 1-5 days.
  2. The next 5-6 days you need to drink sorbents (Smekta, Rekitsen), to remove toxic substances from the body.
  3. To restore normal work of the gastrointestinal tract, better digestion of food for 2-3 weeks, you need to take enzyme preparations (Festal, Pansinorm).
  4. To improve the intestinal microflora - probiotics Lactobacterin, Subalin course 1-3 weeks.
  5. Multivitamin complexes (Multi-Tables, Pikovit) - for 1-3 months.

Important!Before taking drugs from the worms, prepare the baby's body. Before this, for 1-2 days, let him eat only digestible vegetarian food or cereal.

Tablets from worms for children, which are used in the treatment of roundworms:

  • Nemazol;
  • Decaris;
  • Pirkon;
  • Medamin.

After the course of treatment, which is 1-3 days, you need to repeat taking the pills in 2 weeks, to exclude the re-infection of parasites.

Important!If there are worms in other organs, Iwomek, Baymek, should be taken.

If the baby's body was struck by tapeworms, treatment with drugs - Fenasal, Akrikhin, Nemazol.

To get rid of helminthiosis, which is caused by flatworms or flukes, you need to take Bithionol, Perchlorethylene. Treatment is dependent on the localization of the worms.

Important!If the organism is severely affected by helminths of any species, especially cestodes and trematodes, treatment should be performed in a hospital. In this case, drugs that have toxic effects are prescribed.

If the worms are localized only in the intestine, there are no serious symptoms in the child that can indicate complications, drugs of a wide spectrum of action are applied:

  • Pyrantel suspension;
  • Vermox tablets;
  • GelmaVitol suppositories;
  • suspension Helmintox.

Prevention of helminthiosis is the best way to avoid infection. It is best to use safe products without toxic effects.

Tablets for the prevention of parasite damage:

  • Zentel;
  • Medamin;
  • Levamisole;
  • Decaris.

In any case, if you suspect a worm, do not take anything yourself. It is better to consult a doctor who will prescribe an effective remedy for your child.

Treatment with folk remedies

Folk remedies will help the child get rid of worms, without resorting to harmful and toxic medication.

Enema of worms

Very effective remedy, which is used in the presence of intestinal parasites. Do it every day for a week.

Recipe enema with the addition of garlic:

  1. Clean and grind a small head of garlic.
  2. Boil and cool a glass of water.
  3. Stir garlic in water.
  4. Strain the enema fluid and use as directed.

Herbs from worms

Many anti-histamine properties have many medicinal plants - wormwood, chamomile, tansy, buckthorn, St. John's Wort. For the treatment use decoctions of herbs, which you need to eat before eating 150-200 ml three times a day. To make a healing liquid, pour a tablespoon of dried herb with a glass of boiling water. Insist 20-30 minutes.

Pumpkin seeds

In the morning before breakfast, eat 3 tbsp. l. raw pumpkin seeds, while you need to thoroughly and slowly chew. After 2-3 hours, drink a tablespoon of olive oil. The course of treatment is 2-3 weeks.

All methods of getting rid of worms are effective only when they are appointed by an experienced doctor after the necessary tests have been submitted. Folk methods of treatment are better combined with medication or use them for prevention (for example, every day there are pumpkin seeds). Only then can you achieve a positive result without harm to health. Also remember that the appearance of worms in your child is not a disaster, if you correctly approach this problem, you will forget about everything in the near future.