Inflammation of lymph nodes on the neck in an adult: causes, symptoms, treatment at home

Lymph nodes are the organs of the immune defense system, serving as a barrier when trying to spread the pathogenic microbial flora within the body. In the lymph nodes, lymph is filtered, separating the infection, destroying viruses and bacteria.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes - swelling and the appearance of soreness in them when palpating, indicates a heavy load on the organs of immune defense, the body is difficult to have, the pathological processes are quite firmly seated, there are chronic untreated foci of infection.

Today we will consider the symptoms and treatment of lymphadenitis, the causes of inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck in adults.


Inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck in adults: causes of lymphadenitis

The inflammatory process, which takes place in the lymph nodes, is called in medicine - "lymphadenitis".The causes of cervical lymphadenitis are very diverse. You can identify the most frequent: angina( acute and chronic tonsillitis), acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory infections, influenza, caries, gingivitis, periodontitis.

There are a lot of reasons, and most of them characterize the presence of a chronic pathological foci of infection in the body.

What is the risk of inflammation of the lymph nodes around the neck? If the treatment problem is postponed for later, serious complications can arise. After all, the cervical lymph nodes are close to the head, respectively, the infection next to the brain, can begin its inflammation - meningitis.

The presence of pus, which accumulates in inflamed lymph nodes, can contribute to the common infection of blood - sepsis. Infection through the blood is transmitted to all organs and systems, and this is extremely dangerous.

Inflammation of lymph nodes in the neck: symptoms of diseases

When pressing on inflamed cervical lymph nodes:

  1. a feeling of soreness arises;
  2. has a general malaise;
  3. increases body temperature;
  4. there is a headache;
  5. is sometimes difficult and painful to swallow;
  6. in severe cases, suppuration occurs in the area of ​​the nodes and the neck becomes very swollen.

What to do, where to go?

It is necessary to consult a doctor-therapist or family doctor. He will conduct a visual examination, find out the presence of chronic diseases and diseases that were transferred earlier. Further, blood and urine tests for infection are prescribed. Infection is present in any case, once the lymph nodes reacted.

Enlarged and painful lymph nodes near the ears, jaws, neck indicate infection in the mouth, upper respiratory tract, ears, nasal cavity. In such cases, an additional consultation of a specialist in otolaryngology is needed.

It can direct you to sow planting from the throat and nasal cavity for the presence of pathogenic microflora. Probably, it will be necessary to pass or take place US-diagnostics.

If the abovementioned organs are OK, the enlargement of the nodes may be a symptom of other diseases, such as tuberculosis, syphilis, thyroid-related diseases, for example.

Then send in addition to: the endocrinologist;immunologist;infectionist;the surgeon;the oncologist.

To exclude the possibility of the appearance of cancer cells, X-rays or computed tomography can be prescribed.

If tests and studies designated by the doctor did not help determine the cause of enlarged lymph nodes, then a biopsy should be performed. The tissue is taken from the inflamed node, which is then examined in the laboratory. This method of research is done in the most extreme case, but its result is the most accurate.

In each case, the doctor may prescribe a number of additional tests.

Treatment of inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck in an adult: how to treat at home

Please take this pathology seriously. We understand, it's scary to go to the doctor( suddenly find something else), but enlarged and painful lymph nodes - this is a serious problem in the body!

Folk methods and medications serve as an auxiliary component to the basic treatment that helps relieve pain and swelling. Consult a doctor!

Before you start using home remedies for traditional medicine, make sure that the component is individually tolerated so that there is no allergy.

To remove toxins from the body, it is important to drink plenty of fluids. For the preparation of healthful broths:

  1. Combine asparagus , yarrow and dried hop cones .Take 1 tablespoon of herbal mixture and two teaspoons of horsetail , pour 300 ml.boiling water, wrap, infuse for 2 hours. Strain, take 100 ml.before meals three times a day.
  2. Similar tool with only one horsetail field. Take 1.5 tbsp.spoons of the medication for the same amount of water. To accept also. The course lasts 7-14 days.
  3. Instead of the usual tea, brew in the kettle a dry raw material of medicinal plants to choose from or in a mixture: the color of lavender, wormwood, elderberry, mint leaves, dried fruits of black currant. For collection, take an equal number of these plants. Count this: 1.5 tablespoons of raw materials per 300 ml.water. Keep in mind that wormwood is very bitter. There are special recipes for treating it.

As restorative means for increasing immunity and working capacity, pharmacy alcoholic tinctures can be used, according to the instructions attached to the preparation: ginseng;propolis;echinacea.

Take these medications to boost immunity according to the instructions, diluting the right amount of drops in the water.

Rinses will help if the focus of infection has arisen in the mouth, use solutions with the following ingredients:

  1. Table salt;
  2. Baking soda;
  3. Chamomile Pharmacy;
  4. Calendula flowers;
  5. Aloe juice.

Remember that warming or applying warm compresses to inflamed lymph nodes can not be, this will only exacerbate the situation.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes on the neck: for how many days passes?

If inflamed lymph nodes are an indirect symptom of any not very serious disease, then their swelling passes by itself in a few days or weeks. As soon as the inflammation in the "affected" area is removed, the enlarged lymph nodes will also return to normal.

Only a doctor can detect the severity of the disease, which resulted in increased lymph nodes.

In the presence of pus in the inflamed lymph nodes they are opened and drainage is put.

If the site has increased with oncology in the patient, surgical intervention, chemotherapy or radiotherapy may be required.

It happens that the increase in lymph nodes affects the allergen. Then you need to exclude the stimulus and take a course of anti-allergic therapy. In such cases, the degree and speed of recovery depends on the quality of treatment and the protective forces of the human body.

Localization of lymph node inflammation: recommendations for treatment of

If the lymph node with on the right side of the neck is enlarged and worried, then this may indicate:

  1. Infections of the mouth, throat;
  2. Violation of the right side of the thyroid gland;
  3. Increased right tonsil.

Other diseases that occur with infections of the tongue, teeth, mouth, face. But they are usually diagnosed less often than the above.

Pain in the lymph nodes on the left is usually caused by the same factors as the cervical lymph nodes on the right. But in addition, it can be assumed that the left-sided inflammation of the lymph nodes is due to inflammation in the peritoneum and the organs of the abdominal cavity.

In connection with this, the following diseases are diagnosed:

  1. infectious mononucleosis;
  2. cytomegalovirus;
  3. toxoplasmosis.

According to statistics, every fourth case of inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes is accompanied by a general inflammation of the entire lymphatic system. This in turn manifests a number of unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, in any case, you need to see a doctor, in time to identify the disease and not run it.

Very often, the lymph node enlargement on the neck behind is due to manifestations of infectious mononucleosis. This disease is also accompanied by swelling of the face and pain in the neck. Such symptoms are more likely to affect children than adults.

The development of mononucleosis is provoked by Epstein-Barr infection, so when suspected of a disease, a study is made for its presence.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes on the neck behind the ear. Parotid lymph nodes are located along the line of the posterior ear vein. In the presence of inflammation, they harden, swell and increase in volume.

The reason for this is often such diseases:

  1. otitis media;
  2. furuncle of external auditory canal;
  3. eustachiitis;
  4. is an inflammation of the auditory nerve;
  5. mumps;
  6. rubella.

This inflammatory process can also cause diseases that develop in the oral cavity.

If the lymph node does not have pain and there is no suppuration in it, the inflammation will go away by itself due to the elimination of the underlying disease. If the lymph node is affected by cells of pathogenic microorganisms, lymphadenitis begins to develop.

Temperature at inflammation of the lymph nodes on the neck .Among the general symptoms, which manifests itself in the inflammation of the lymph nodes, the temperature increase is also indicated. As usual, if it exceeds 38 degrees, you need to take antipyretic. When anti-inflammatory therapy of the underlying disease is performed, the accompanying symptoms disappear, and lymphadenitis gradually passes.

If the inflammation of the lymph nodes has acquired a chronic form, then with a decrease in immunity or supercooling, it is repeated again and again. Then the temperature can increase slightly. It is necessary to thoroughly examine and carry out a complete disinfection of the focus of infection.

Inflammation of lymph nodes in the neck with angina .If it enters the oral cavity, the pathogenic microflora first contacts the palatine tonsils. If they can not cope with microbes, a person develops angina or chronic tonsillitis, for example.

Palatine tonsils in the same way as lymph nodes enter the lymphatic system of the human body and perform the same drainage function. Therefore, their relationship is very tight. When the tonsils are affected, the infection spreads further, embracing the nearby lymph nodes. In this case, cervical.

It hurts to swallow. One of the symptoms of inflamed lymph nodes is pain when swallowing. The reason for this can be infections of the ENT organs. Or else the parts of the oral cavity are affected by various pathogens, perhaps there are caries of teeth.

With , chronic inflammation of the lymph nodes increases, but all other symptoms characteristic of inflammation may be absent. The pain may not bother. Most often, the cause of chronic lymphadenitis is a decrease in the body's defenses. Therefore, the patient's therapy will be aimed at increasing immunity in general.

This is facilitated by the reception of immunomodulators. But only to identify the cause of the disease and prescribe an effective and safe treatment can only be done by a specialist.

In this case, it is worth to conduct a survey and exclude the presence of tumors.

If severe purulent inflammation. If the inflammation of the lymph nodes is acute and accompanied by suppuration, then all the doctor's advice should be followed:

  1. To undergo antibiotic therapy. Dosage and duration of administration should be clearly observed.
  2. Adhere to bed rest, drink plenty of fluids, immunostimulants and vitamins.

It is possible to undergo physiotherapy if there is full confidence in the absence of tumors: currents, laser radiation, phonophoresis with anti-inflammatory drugs.

How to relieve inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck?

If the inflammation was caused by viruses, then general restorative therapy is prescribed for the body with an immunomodelling effect, helping to cope with this virus.

In some cases, a doctor is prescribed drugs similar to hormones of the adrenal glands, they are very effective in fighting inflammation, this is:

For effective complex treatment for inflamed lymph nodes use both internal and external methods of treatment, for example ointments.

To enlarged lymph nodes it is possible to apply oiled bandages, for example:

  1. Heparin ointment improves the outflow of blood, reduces inflammation, removes stagnation.
  2. Ichthyol ointment and Vishnevsky ointment have antibacterial properties and well draw out purulent masses, relieving inflammation.
  3. Anesthetic ointments for external use: Diclofenac, Ketoprofen also removes puffiness.

In case of damage to the cervical lymph nodes by microorganisms, and not viruses, the patient is prescribed antibiotics. To determine which microbes are affected by the body, it will take a lot of research and tests. In the meantime, the disease will progress, so antibiotics of a wide spectrum are prescribed.

The dosage of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor should be strictly observed. If you yourself reduce the amount of medication used, the weak units of the pathogen will die, and the strong ones will become even stronger. They will receive the so-called immunity to the drug.

Antibiotics in injections are considered the most acceptable option for taking medications. Intramuscular administration of the active substance does not affect the stomach and liver. Therefore, patients who have problems with these organs are recommended to use intramuscular injections. In addition, this way the drug begins to act instantly, when you need to wait some time for oral intake.

But in each rule there are exceptions: the intramuscular antibiotic injected is excreted by the kidneys, and if you have serious problems with the genitourinary system and kidneys, this option is contraindicated to you.

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If you have enlarged lymph nodes on your neck - do not panic. It is just necessary to urgently address to the doctor, to reveal the reason of an inflammation and to receive competent consultation about the further treatment.

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