Detoxification of the body at home

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In the process of life, the human body gradually accumulates unnecessary and harmful substances, therefore periodically conducted detoxification of the body at home will help improve health, well-being and mood. Consider issues how to cleanse the body of the house with simple means by the method of Dr. W. Walker.

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How to cleanse the body of the house

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  • How to cleanse the body of the house

    The channels through which toxins and toxins can be excreted are:

    1. intestines,
    2. skin pores,
    3. kidneys,
    4. lungs.

    Sweating through the skin, is based on the physiological effect of the sweat glands, throwing out harmful toxins from the body. The kidneys remove the end product of food and metabolism from the liver. Intestine removes not only food waste, but waste of life - slag.

    The basic condition of every healthy organism is its purity. Any accumulation or delay inside the body of rotting waste makes it difficult for health.

    Why are most of the patients so badly helped by most of the medicines of official medicine and even the treatment with herbs and folk remedies do not always bring healing? The answer is simple. Because we are treating a slagged, toxin-poisoned organism. Therefore, before starting treatment( especially this applies to chronic diseases), you need to cleanse the body, throw out of it everything that interferes with its normal functioning.

    Walker cleansing method

    One of the effective and fastest methods of purification is offered by Dr. W. Walker.

    1. In the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of a solution of English salt( 1 tablespoon per glass of water) in a warm or cold form.
    2. Relieve the intestines.

    The main purpose of this procedure is to extract toxins and wastes from all parts of the body and remove them through the intestine.

    Action of the

    procedure The solution acts on toxic lymph, not waste, just as a magnet attracts nails and metal filings. These garbage gather in the intestines and are expelled from the body by repeated evacuation of the intestine. The amount of sewage coming out can be 3-4 liters and even more.

    Next, we compensate the body for the loss of liquid with two liters of fresh citrus juice, diluted with two liters of water for rapid assimilation. This mixture should give an alkaline reaction.

    Citrus juices are prepared as follows: take 4 large or 6 medium grapefruits, two large or three medium lemons, enough oranges to get two liters of juice. Add two liters of water.

    Drink juice should be started 30 minutes after taking a solution of Epsom salt and continue to drink every 20 minutes until the whole mixture is over. All day there is nothing.

    Before going to bed, make an enema with two liters of warm water( add 1-2 lemons juice).The purpose of the procedure is to remove the remaining garbage from the folds of the large intestine and small intestine.

    Detoxification of the body at home should be carried out for three days in a row. As a result, 12 liters of toxic lymph will be removed and replaced with the same amount of alkalinizing liquid. This will accelerate the restoration of the body's alkaline balance.

    On the 4th day you should start drinking vegetable juices , have vegetables and fruits in raw form .

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    With the interaction of several negative environmental factors( smoking, emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere), their harmful effect can increase.

    For example, smoking increases the likelihood of cancer by 10 times. Exposure to asbestos increases the occurrence of lung cancer by a factor of 5.With the interaction of asbestos and smoking, the occurrence of cancer increases exactly 55 times!

    To solve this problem( elimination of toxins), a colloidal phyto formula, Detox, was created. When it comes to detoxification, it is impossible to do without drugs that regulate metabolism at the cellular level. If we want to remove poisons and toxins from the body, then we need to remove them from the cells( they are contained there).

    According to the theory of Novosibirsk scientists, 80% of toxins are located at the cellular level. To remove toxins in every cell of our body there is a system of detoxification.

    How is the elimination of toxins?

    The first phase involves substances - selenium, bioflavonoids, silymarin. Most toxins are fat-soluble substances, so at the first stage we need to identify them and make them water soluble, preparing for neutralization.

    In the second stage, the components of Detox( clover, dandelion, echinacea, milk thistle and others) neutralize the toxins of the body.

    The main task of Detox is neutralizing toxins and removing them at the cell level by supporting the first and second phases of detoxification. The use of Detox improves the condition of the bile ducts, the gallbladder.

    If you want to cleanse the body of toxins, then use the proven scheme of treatment with colloids - Detox, Bio Klinging Complex, Bia Gel Active Longevity.

    Detoxication of the body in cancer: a secret source of youth

    The project presents you the Russian translation of the next series of the film "The Truth About Cancer. Search for treatment methods ", dedicated to detoxification of the body and consciousness. These measures are a prerequisite for the treatment and prevention of cancer and other diseases.

    Tai Bollinger:

    I'm glad to welcome you again. In the last series, we learned about a variety of toxic substances that can threaten your body, making you sick.

    We learned about the large amount of harmful substances that can be built into your body, such as grafts, GMOs, fluoride, aspartame and others. We found out about all this.

    And now let me ask you a question: what would you do if your toilet got clogged up in the toilet?

    I'm sure you know what to do, right? You call the plumber, he will come and clear the traffic.

    But how many of you know how to cleanse your body of those toxins that have accumulated in it for years? How many of you know how to properly clean the organs to clean all this garbage from your body, and that you can be healthy, as it is conceived by nature? Probably few. That's why I'm glad you watch this video.

    Each oncologist is obliged to tell: the food is able to heal the

    In order to keep the body clean, you must follow certain rules, the main one of which is proper nutrition. But, you still need to cleanse the body from time to time. From this video you will learn how to conduct detoxification of the body to protect yourself from the most dangerous diseases, including cancer.

    Source: Iligov GN Official and traditional medicine. The most detailed encyclopedia.- Moscow: Izd-vo Eksmo, 2012.