Hemorrhoids: treatment with folk remedies at home

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Today we'll talk about how to treat hemorrhoids at home in adults and pregnant with medicinal and folk remedies

Official medicine has in its arsenal of many ways to treat hemorrhoids. All treatment options give a positive, stable result, but adults, due to shyness, often take time to consult a doctor or a proctologist. Treatment of hemorrhoids in adults at home is a challenge, because you can treat hemorrhoidal knots and folk remedies without frequent visits to the hospital, of course, if the disease is not in a critical stage.


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Hemorrhoids: what is it?

Hemorrhoids are a disease often observed in men, women, even - children, regardless of age. It is manifested by inflammation of the lymphatic vessels of the rectum( varicose veins of the anal veins) and their progressive increase. When hemorrhoids are started, hemorrhoids appear, dropping from the anus, they are pinched by the anal sphincter( pinched), pain, hemorrhoidal bleeding( how to stop).

Hemorrhoidal nodes - vascular formations in the anal canal in the form of three cushions. Under the influence of unfavorable causes - a sedentary lifestyle, a constant physical load, pregnancy - there are stagnant phenomena of the vessels, their increase.

Treatment of hemorrhoids at home: how to treat?

Than and how to treat hemorrhoids at home? Many hesitate to go to the doctor. Fortunately, treating hemorrhoids at home is acceptable if there is not excessive bleeding, prolapse of the rectum, permanent pain. Folk medicine contains many recipes that will help normalize the operation of the vessels of the anal canal and relieve the symptoms that are expressed in the following:

  1. itching, burning, irritation, anal pain;
  2. discomfort during defecation, sitting, movement;
  3. bleeding from the anus;
  4. sensation of incomplete bowel movement;
  5. severity in pelvic area;
  6. sensations of presence of an extraneous body in the rectum;
  7. mucus from the anus.

Other bowel pathologies may have similar symptoms, so it is strongly recommended to consult at least a proctologist or related specialists to get the correct diagnosis. Treatment of hemorrhoids at home is quite successful with lotions, baths, suppositories, ointments and taking decoctions or tinctures inside to normalize the functioning of the vessels. The patient chooses the specific method based on the characteristics of the organism and the availability of funds.

Than to cure hemorrhoids

In order to cure hemorrhoids, only tablets, ointments and lotions will not suffice. It is necessary to radically change the way of life, which led to the appearance of the disease: severe physical stress, malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle. It is worth noting that during pregnancy, after childbirth the problem goes away on its own, if you do not ignore the symptoms and compensate them with therapy.

Treatment of hemorrhoids at home in adults directly depends on the severity of the manifestations of the disease. In most cases, it reduces to the use of prescribed ointments, suppositories and tablets. Auxiliary folk remedies will not be superfluous if they have been approved by a specialist. Complex agents that are common for treatment are as follows:

  1. suppositories: Proctosedil, Hepatrombin G, Relief Ultra, Anusole, Procto-gliwenol ;
  2. ointment: heparin, troxevasin, Fleming, Vishnevsky, Aurobin, Proctosan .

How to treat hemorrhoids with candles, ointments

The question of how to get rid of hemorrhoids at home, arises in many patients due to the fact that it is morally inconvenient for them to constantly go to procedures. Most diagnostic cases of this disease do not even require: all the necessary manipulations of the patient can produce independently at home. To treat hemorrhoids with suppositories, ointments are necessary at external display of illness.

Any drugs should be selected based on the characteristics of the patient's body. The course of treatment and use of suppositories, ointments, suppositories is limited to a decade, after which you should take a break. An increase in the course can lead to the development of negative side effects. Each form of hemorrhoids and the stage of its development requires a specific approach:

  1. If the disease passes without severe complications at the initial stage, then anticoagulants like of heparin ointment, Nigepana and similar ones are used.
  2. Constant pain in the anus can be compensated with ointments with lidocaine : Emla, Relief Advance .
  3. Inflammatory processes are stopped by NSAIDs: Ibuprofen, Piroxicam, Diclofenac gel .
  4. Skin irritation around the anus is removed with the help of Levomekol ointments and its analogues.
  5. In the event of bleeding, cracks in the nodes, discharge of blood from the anus, hemostatic and tonic vessels are prescribed: Procto-Glivenol, Relief, Adroxon .

Streptocide in hemorrhoids

The use of streptocides for hemorrhoids helps to remove inflammation, reduce hemorrhoids, and restore affected areas. The drug itself proved to be effective as a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. When hemorrhoids use powdered tablets or ointments based on streptocide. It is important to remember that the treatment of hemorrhoids at home does not negate the observation of a doctor: for example, a streptocide can be dangerous for pregnant women or children if the dosage is disturbed.

Folk remedy for hemorrhoids

Treating hemorrhoids at home with folk remedies is quite justified when combined with classical therapy. To be honest, most modern medicines are based on home prescriptions. In addition, folk remedies for hemorrhoids are more accessible and less expensive than pharmacology, but this does not mean that one should ignore the prescriptions of the treating doctor.

The main thing that you need to know and understand - folk remedies are only ancillary for hemorrhoids. Use of decoctions, ointments, trays, lotions helps to remove symptoms, normalize the functioning of blood vessels, remove side irritations and pain symptoms. Soda, potatoes, cabbage, medicinal herbs do not have in most cases side effects and are available for treatment to any patient.

Treatment of hemorrhoids at home potatoes

One of the most accessible ways to fight disease is potato. Its use gives a noticeable effect on the first stage of the disease, and can ease the condition in subsequent stages in conjunction with traditional means. We must remember: the treatment of hemorrhoids in the home quickly potatoes, like any other way, does not happen. There is no miracle cure for any disease.

Candles made from potatoes are made very simply: from the refined tuber you need to cut out a fragment, which in shape will resemble a medical suppository. It is important that it has smooth edges, so as not to injure the mucous membrane. To enter such candles better at night, previously emptying the intestine. To heat it is also not worth it, because the cold will give an additional analgesic effect. In addition, the candle can be oiled with sea buckthorn oil or honey.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with

The method of treating hemorrhoids with soda by the method of Professor Neumyvakin implies the removal of toxins from the body with the help of alkaline solutions. In warm water( in no case hot) in the bathroom dissolve 7-8 st.l.soda, and dive for up to 4 hours( after 2 hours after dipping, add another 2-3 tablespoons of soda).To remove the sharp pain syndrome, use a cold compress of 2% soda solution: apply a moistened swab to the anus.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with cabbage

You can use cabbage for this disease both as an external remedy and as a food. The whole secret lies in cabbage juice, which removes puffiness, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, helps to normalize blood circulation. Treatment of hemorrhoids by cabbage at home is compresses from beaten leaves to the anus, ointment based on gruel from sheets and honey, microclysters from vegetable juice. But, as always, before use, consult a doctor.

Vaseline from hemorrhoids

The use of Vaseline from hemorrhoids remains a reliable tool for the removal of symptoms for many years. Ointment is not an allergen, has no strong contraindications, is available at drugstores and is inexpensive. Patients with a chronic form of the disease use compresses with petroleum jelly to ensure that the protruding hemorrhoidal cones are independently returned to their place, and no correction is required. In this case, cracks in the tissues of the mucosa are eliminated, and pain is relieved.

Baths based on herbs

Natural remedies for the removal of symptoms of hemorrhoids and treatment are recommended by virtually all specialists. If there is an allergy to a plant, you can always pick up an alternative to it, because useful plants have a huge variety. Baths based on herbs are an excellent tool for alleviating the pain symptom, healing the damaged walls of the anal passage, relieving burning and itching, stimulating blood circulation.

Most recipes for hemorrhoids use a warm decoction of a medicinal plant in which the patient sits downside down so that the pelvis is in a natural position and sit out for a prescribed time. Recipes for each particular plant can be found on the Internet. Most herbs can be found in a pharmacy or specialty stores. The most useful baths with hemorrhoids are broths from the following plants and means:

  1. pustochek mountaineer;
  2. common mullein;
  3. aloe;
  4. of sea-buckthorn;
  5. propolis;
  6. birch tar;
  7. Chamomile Pharmacy;
  8. bay leaf.

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Sergey, 54 years

For the treatment of hemorrhoids advised to use garlic. At first I thought that it would be mercilessly burned, but, as it turned out, the effect is completely neutral, and the real benefit. Before you insert the tooth into the rectum( choose the appropriate size), it is better to dip it into any oil or smear with petroleum jelly. To make it is necessary for the night.

Rudolph, 56 years old

Hemorrhoids developed from constant sitting at work. At some point I could not even sit on a chair. The doctor advised me to buy an antihemorrhoic collection, and it's called. Decoction drank about two weeks and always used prescribed by the doctor. The started second stage of hemorrhoids left almost completely, now I just see a doctor.

Svetlana, 35 years old

A long-distance truck driver with hemorrhoids was a tragedy. I spent 24 hours on flights and suffered terribly. Grandmother one recommended what to do with hemorrhoids in the home: just cut out the shape of the candle fragment of a raw peeled potato tubers. Introduced at night( you can lubricate with oil).Fear of surgical intervention, but the potatoes really allowed to do without it.

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