Video: Fighting Corruption in Russia

The essence of corruption consists in extracting the official's profit from the use of power and rights given to him for personal gain. This abuse of their capabilities, connections, status and authority. Of course, this is contrary to the law. Bribing a bribe, getting it, mediating in it is all illegal.

There is a huge mass of videos on the Internet devoted to the fight against corruption in Russia.


Video about holding off effective bills

Officials do not want to advertise their illegal incomes and against their confiscation, in their opinion, this program "infringes on their rights".Watch and download a video!

Anti-Corruption Fund - video

This video was published on December 1, 2015. The Anti-Corruption Foundation is presenting a new investigation into the business and criminal connections of the sons of Russia's Prosecutor General Artem and Igor Chaek. Briefly, the chronology of events is as follows:

  • Part 1. Greece. About the hotel Artem Chaika in Greece, a villa overlooking the Mount Athos and connections of the Prosecutor General's Office with the Tsapkovsky OPG.
  • Part 2. Switzerland. About the resident visa, home and accounts of the son of the Attorney General in Switzerland.
  • Part 3. Irkutsk. About how Artem Chaika and his people participated in the raider capture of the Verkhnelensky Shipping Company and abducted 12 river-sea vessels from the state.
  • Part 4. Artem. Artem Chaika was the beneficiary of the Tiretsky saltpoth, a mining company for rubble, and a builder of a shopping complex in Mytishchi.
  • Part 5. Igor. As companies associated with the 27-year-old son of the Prosecutor General, they were able to receive state orders for 300 billion rubles.

Video against corruption

This video about the fight against corruption reveals all the difficulties of combating it. Yes, a special body has been set up to combat corruption, which includes a number of methods successfully applied in some countries. And what will end the most high-profile case of corruption in Russia, which is gaining new momentum.

Social videos about corruption

Stop corruption!

This video took the first place among the contest of social videos against corruption.

Say Corruption "No!"

Life without corruption!

The future without corruption!

This social video on corruption was prepared by the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan in cooperation with the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Corruption is our common misfortune

The video was created by the Financial Police of the Kyrgyz Republic with the support of the OSCE.

Corruption in China video

In China, the billionaire Liu Khan was executed. The Chinese authorities executed the famous billionaire Liu Han, the former head of one of the country's largest mining corporations. Last year he was found guilty of deliberate murder and the creation of a mafia group.

Together with him, his younger brother Liu Wei was executed, as well as three more defendants in the case.

In the past, Liu held 230th place in the ranking of the richest people in China. Local media associate his name with the former head of the security forces of the country, Zhou Yongkang. As expected, Liu was doing business with the son of an official Zhou Binh.

This is the loudest execution of a businessman in recent years in China since the time when the power in the country has changed, and Xi Jinping came to the post of general secretary of the Communist Party.

It should be noted that the former head of the security forces, Zhou Yongkang, is also under investigation. In December 2014, he was expelled from the party and arrested on charges of corruption and disclosure of state secrets.

As the analysts note, the arrests of high-ranking politicians and businessmen reveal the fierce inner-party struggle conducted by various informal groups within the Chinese Communist Party.

Sam Zhou Yongkang is a member of the faction of the former general secretary of the Communist Party Jiang Zemin, who is accused in China and abroad of human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

Ways to combat corruption

Well, in Russia there is no such thing. Therefore, the fight against corruption is very difficult for us. The tendency to this crime is permeated almost all spheres of life. If we eliminate corrupt authorities, then this can create other problems in other candy wrappers.

Methods of combating corruption include several approaches to

  • Adoption of laws toughening penalties.
  • Increase in incomes of officials( what if they do not take bribes or give in an even larger amount?).
  • Creating competition( which will reduce the potential profit from this crime).

Combat mechanisms

The fight against corruption is divided into internal and external oversight mechanisms:

  1. Internal mechanisms work by encouraging a clear delineation of the duties performed by officials. Supervision of authorized bodies is carried out for officials who work autonomously.
  2. The external mechanism works independently of the executive authorities. For example, such monitoring means can be the media, the judiciary.

Preventative Measures to Combat Corruption

The Federal Anti-Corruption Law includes preventive measures designed to prevent the corruption offense in Russia. These methods of influence include:

  1. The formation in the world view of the negative attitude of the Russian society to corruption behavior.
  2. Clear control over the observance of Russian legislation by public and parliamentary institutions.
  3. Quarterly analysis of practice the right to use to identify violations, implement measures that prevent and eliminate corruption violations.
  4. Definition and establishment of responsibility in the form of dismissal, release from the post or application of other measures of legal responsibility. Punishment is given for failure to provide or give knowingly false information about personal income, personal property, expenses and other obligations on the part of the official, his spouse and children under the age of majority.
  5. Verification of information provided by citizens who are applying for any high office or for the replacement of a municipal or civil servant.
  6. Introduction to cadre work of municipal and state structures of the practice of impeccable and effective performance of official duties by an official.

Fighting Corruption: The Experience of China, Italy, USA

Democracy means fighting corruption. The entire Ukrainian ruling elite had assets abroad, the whole top jumped and refused to fulfill its direct responsibilities to protect its people from bandits, not to mention the development of the country. At us the top is the same - and it should understand, that with them will be the same, as with Yanukovych or Gaddafi. In Russia, there will be something like this, if everything is done for the sake of theft, not for development. The method of self-cleaning corrupt structures is, it is quite simple - but the corrupt officials do not want to be cleansed even on pain of death. Old movie, but, alas, relevant.

Principles of combating corruption

The fight against corruption has principles based on the following norms:

  1. Legality.
  2. Protection, recognition and provision of freedom and rights of a citizen and a person.
  3. Openness and publicity of the activities of executive and legislative authorities.
  4. Obligatory responsibility of officials who committed a corruption offense.
  5. Application in the fight against corruption measures: information and advocacy, political, legal, organizational, socio-economic and others.
  6. State cooperation with international organizations, civil society institutions and individuals.
  7. Application of measures to prevent corruption.

In the Russian Federation, special commissions, committees, anti-corruption departments have been established to eliminate corruption.


The Anti-Corruption Law provides an opportunity to prosecute: disciplinary, administrative and criminal. The type of prosecution for violation of the law is determined depending on the type of offense in relation to legal entities and individuals, Russian citizens, foreign residents and stateless people who have committed corruption offenses.

Commission for Combating Corruption Offenses

The Anti-Corruption Commission is an organization set up to prevent and combat corruption.

The commission includes a list of persons approved by the President of the Russian Federation.

The objectives of the commission

Its main objectives in the fight against corruption are:

  1. Assistance to law enforcement agencies.
  2. Realization of legitimate interests of citizens and their rights.
  3. Legal assistance to citizens to protect their rights from corruption infringements.
  4. Attracting public and media attention to assistance in combating corruption.

The tasks of the

Commission The fight against corruption in Russia includes in such major tasks:

  1. Support from the public of state structures, associations and law enforcement bodies to ensure order, legality and fight against corruption.
  2. Assistance in raising the legal level of enlightenment among the population.
  3. Participation in development of methodical and scientific-practical recommendations, in federal, regional, international actions and anti-corruption programs.
  4. Annual report on major problems and obstacles related to solving this problem.
  5. Assistance to Russian citizens in protecting fundamental freedoms and rights, which are infringed upon by actions or inaction by corrupt structures.
  6. Provision of information to the public, state authorities through the mass media about the revealed cases of corruption offenses.
  7. Publishing.
  8. Protection of the rights and interests of the participants and members of the commission.
  9. Development of cooperation at the international level.
  10. Carrying out of the analysis of public opinion, carrying out of sociological interrogations.
  11. Carrying out expertise in the activities of local governments and state bodies.
  12. Analysis of federal and regional legislation.
  13. Preparation of anti-corruption proposals, development of appropriate measures.

The Commission shows that the fight against corrupt officials can be conducted without attracting budgetary funds, based on the desire and initiative of citizens.

Fool's day or beautiful tales of oil companies

"Gazprom: what we lose through the reduction of world prices, we compensate for the overvaluation of prices in the domestic market."About why, in the world, oil prices are falling, while in Russia they are growing in gasoline.

The Committee for Combating Corruption

The Federal Committee is a public body that provides legal, social and other forms of protection for the prevention, prevention and assistance in the fight against corruption offenses for citizens and their employees.

Purpose of the

Committee The Committee's objectives are:

  1. Protecting the well-being, freedom, social security and safety of citizens.
  2. Improvement of the legal and socio-economic situation in Russia.
  3. Protection of legitimate interests and rights of citizens, small and medium enterprises.
  4. Control of the people for the objectivity of prices in the social sphere.
  5. Providing protection to citizens, businesses, institutions, organizations, entrepreneurs from corruption arbitrariness.
  6. Creating a social and business partnership between society and power.
  7. Educating citizens in an active position in order to create a fair and legal balance between power and society.
  8. Creation of a progressive, creative, highly moral, intellectual, influential force by combining social forces into a single system with the aim of counteracting corruption, overseeing and controlling the observance by the officials of the laws of the Russian Federation.
  9. Restoration of social justice, democracy and legality in the fight against bureaucratic arbitrariness and corruption.
  10. Creation of a system of youth associations for influence and creation behind ongoing processes in the fight against corruption.
  11. Provision of social protection and guarantees to pensioners, veterans, disabled persons, law enforcement officers and servicemen;taking part in the formation of civil society.
  12. Assistance in the struggle for the development of local self-government and federalism, upholding the integrity and unity of the country, directed against separatism and nationalism.
  13. Ensuring the possibility of participation in the management of the state of youth.

International Corruption Fighting

There are no national borders for the phenomenon of corruption. Therefore, international cooperation in combating corruption unites the states in a common goal. International treaties, agreements, anti-corruption conventions are accepted.

The cooperating states exchange information, issue persons who have committed corruption crimes. Introduce social measures aimed at preventing violations. This is how the fight against corruption is conducted.


Your attention is a few comments on this problem


You come to a government office and a specialist requires a bribe-present from you, for his work, which the state pays him. Unpleasant. There is nobody to complain about, because you still have to go here and use it actively.

Oleg Kharchenko

And where should we go with the materials on corruption offenses?

Anatoly Kopot

It is difficult to understand the hatred of the country and the people by government officials who behave like occupiers towards their own people.

Vyacheslav Zhuravlyov

If the legislative and executive authorities really wanted victory over corruption, then with the identification of the monetary component would have managed for a much smaller amount than the damage it caused the state, simply by keeping electronic registers of all transfers of electronic money, and all movements of paper bills,modern technology has long allowed to make devices that read the numbers of notes with entry into these registers. Information technology allows you to integrate electronic registries, and represent a comprehensive picture of the movement of all money.

Aidar Sarvartdinov

The fight against corruption in Russia is similar to the battle of Don Quixote against windmills. It is necessary to introduce the death penalty for embezzlement by officials in an especially large amount. Now the theft of officials is even welcomed. I tell you this as a 15-year employee of the OECD.In Russia, much is stolen and much is exported abroad. If you fight corruption, Russia will heal better than the UAE.

Viewing video data is recommended for corrupt people themselves, who suffered from them - citizens, adults, children, schoolchildren, youth.


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