Overcoming loneliness

The ways of to overcome the loneliness of in psychology are the ways of a person's personality independently or with the help of a specialist to get out of a whole complex of feelings of abandonment, forgetfulness by others, feelings of inner emptiness, in which are mixed: self-pity, boredom, longing, sense of own uselessness and helplessness andetc.


Aspects of loneliness

The state of loneliness cant be considered in two aspects: the physical and / or psychological. In the physical plan - isolation from people due to: natural disasters, diseases, any other circumstances. In the psychological aspect, one can be lonely, even being among the closest people, with undivided views and opinions, in the absence of the opportunity to negotiate because of the fear of being misunderstood or even derided.

It should be noted that the feeling of loneliness is not peculiar to all people. Much depends on the individual and typological properties of the personality and its development.

Reasons for

How this may not seem strange, but many seemingly different reasons for loneliness have one common root, consisting of a sense of inner emptiness. And, in order to fill this emptiness, it is more accurate to suppress boredom( note - not cure!) Boredom, we throw into it various trinkets, entertainment, we start pets, watch television series and so on. It always seems to us that for the birth of a sense of fullness and happiness within us, we must necessarily do something or have something to have.
The stable opinion that for our inner happiness we need something and lack of any ambitious goals and objectives in life is an alarming indicator of insufficient internal personal growth.

How to overcome the loneliness of

Therefore, in order to cure or relieve the feeling of loneliness, it is absolutely necessary to put in front of YOUR( and not imposed by someone) a clear CREATIVE GOAL.

The technology is simple:

Think more about what you want, and not about what you are afraid of, what bothers you, what you are trying to unsuccessfully avoid.

Final and perpetual motion

A person who has a clear, fertile and creative goal before him does not suffer from loneliness, because he thinks more about what he wants, and not about what he does not want.

When a person constantly thinks about what he wants and has the feeling that he already has it and thereby strengthens in himself and around himself a good one, attracts to himself the energy and ways to realize his dream. Believe me, he does not and will not have any boredom, a sense of inner emptiness and loneliness. For such a person every minute is both a joy and a jewel.


Let's choose good thoughts and enjoy it. Help us in this affirmation. Really working affirmations are verbal and emotional statements created at the moment and not having words with "no" and "no" particles:

I forgive myself for thinking and talking badly about myself and others.

I love solitude and enjoy it.

I'm loved very much, because I enjoy myself.

Every minute of my life prolongs my life, brings me youth, health and happiness.

Work with these phrases, say them out loud and to yourself, come up with your own. Write and read, speak them aloud and to yourself several times a day, develop an image in your head and heart that you are an omnipotent, healthy and happy person.