We treat cataract quickly at home

An eye disease called cataract is considered a fairly common disease. Occurs in different categories of a person's age, even from birth. The main symptoms of cataracts are, first of all, the deterioration of vision, there is a distortion of objects and their contours, colors are badly perceived, various spots appear, and objects that a person looks at are bifurcated.

  • Eye drops with cataract
  • Recipes for the treatment of cataract folk remedies at home
  • Honey treatment
  • Treatment of cataract eyes with a chicken egg
  • Honey drops with apple
  • Honey drops with onions
  • We stop the development of cataracts
  • The help of calendula and aira in the treatment of cataracts
  • Help of blueberries and marigold in the treatment of senile cataracts
  • Help thyme in the treatment of cataracts and glaucoma
  • Nut butter for cataract treatment
  • Useful fees for treatment
  • Roots of valerian and marigold flowers
  • Cataract treatment with folk remedies
  • Treatment with burdock, chamomile and dog rose
  • Peony leaves
  • Mocrita in the treatment of cataract in the home
  • Dill seeds
  • Grass Grass
  • Phytotea with cataract
  • Prevention at home.
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If the disease manifests itself as an initial stage, the vision can be improved by treating folk remedies at home and without surgery. When the first symptoms of cataracts appear, certain medications should be used.

ATTENTION:Before you start to treat cataracts at home, you must always show yourself to an ophthalmologist and listen to reviews.

Eye drops with cataract

The most effective eye drops, which are used both for the treatment of cataract and glaucoma at the initial stage, and for the treatment of senile glaucoma, are:

  • Quinax;
  • Taufon;
  • Vicine;
  • Taurin et al.

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Recipes for the treatment of cataract folk remedies at home

These methods will significantly reduce the unpleasant symptoms of the disease. To achieve the best healing effect, you can combine with the medicamental effect. The main condition, in this case, will be the approval of the attending physician.

Important!What medicines are used to treat cataracts without surgery, you can find out here.

Honey treatment

Consider the method of cataract treatment with honey:

  • you need to take a dessert spoonful of honey and three tablespoons of warm water. Mix everything. Water must be boiled;
  • the resulting solution to bury your eyes three times a day, a drop in each eye.

Honey is considered a product from natural substances and the treatment is accordingly effective. Especially it helps at an initial stage of a cataract of an eye.

Attention!Treatment of cataracts with honey is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus!

ATTENTION:honey can cause allergies. Before using this remedy, you will receive the approval of an allergist.

Treatment of cataract eyes with a chicken egg

Take the egg from the home chicken, throw it into boiling water and cook until cool. Cut the top of the boiled egg, remove the yolk. Protein turn over and bake in the oven for half an hour at a temperature of 120 degrees. Before you put the protein in the oven, inside you need to add sugar (1 h. spoon). The medicine is sugar, which has melted inside the egg. They need to dig in their eyes five times a day. If sugar becomes thick, dilute it with boiled water, preferably warm. Such a drug will cause tearing of the eyes, due to which the eyes are cleared from the collected mucus, calcium and salt.

ATTENTION:It is worth remembering that almost all the broths are made from dried herbs and fruits of various berries.

Honey drops with apple

To prepare such drops, you need:

  1. Thoroughly wash the apple, clean the flesh, cutting off the tip.
  2. Pour honey into the middle of the apple and close with the top, which was cut.
  3. Insist two days.

Then open the tip, the resulting medicine pour into the prepared jar. It is necessary to drip eyes with this remedy 5 to 6 times a day.

Honey drops with onions

Honey is very good for cataract treatment. Especially if you add a little onions to it. To prepare such a drop, you need to squeeze out a juice from one bulb, dilute a honey spoon in water. Water must be necessarily filtered. Juice of onion is added to honey water - the medicine is ready! Bury the eyes with honey drops no more than three times a day for one month.

ATTENTION:The banks in which the prepared drops are stored must be sterilized.

We stop the development of cataracts

To prevent the progressive development of cataracts, one should turn to natural assistants:

The help of calendula and aira in the treatment of cataracts

These two ingredients can be bought in pharmacy departments or collected independently.

  1. Mix two kinds of herbs for a handful, pour them with vodka in the amount of half a liter.
  2. Insist cooked medicine for two weeks, put in a dark place. Every day you need to shake this mixture.
  3. After the medicine is absorbed, drain through gauze.

Drink every day a teaspoon of broth in the morning, at lunch and in the evening for half an hour before eating. Before using a spoon, stir the tea mixture with water (50 ml). Treatment is conducted four months a year, with interruptions of two months. Month drink the medicine, two months break.

Help of blueberries and marigold in the treatment of senile cataracts

Everyone knows that blueberries favorably affect human vision. It is useful to eat one tablespoon of dried bilberry berries for half a year. Dried calendula flowers soak with steep boiling water and insist 20 minutes, drink four times a day for 0.5 cup.

Help thyme in the treatment of cataracts and glaucoma

With only the beginning of the process of cataract development, it is best to drink an infusion of thyme.

  • dry thyme leaves with boiling water;
  • let it brew;
  • add honey 0.5 liters per hundred gram of grass.

Use in the morning, at lunch and in the evening for half a glass.

Nut butter for cataract treatment

To make a nut oil, you need to take chopped nuts (100 g) and vegetable oil (1 liter). Mix and insist the resulting mixture for two weeks, placing it in a dark and cool place. Do not forget to shake at least once every two days. Bury your eyes with a real medicine, and also wipe your eyelids.

ATTENTION:It is very useful for cataract treatment to drink every day a mixture of carrot juice, beets, celery and parsley.

Useful fees for treatment

Roots of valerian and marigold flowers

You can buy a ready-made dosage form in a pharmacy or make it yourself:

  • roots of the plant to insist in 100 ml of alcohol. The percentage of alcohol should be within 75%;
  • insist for 10 days.

Inhale fumes of cooked tincture from valerian through the nose before going to bed every day.

Flowers of calendula (2 h. l.) to insist in boiling water for half an hour. Prepared broth wash eyes.

Will help dispel the turbidity in the lens of the juice of the field color, adding honey to it. It is necessary to instill this medicine in the morning and evening in two drops.

ATTENTION:During the treatment of cataracts, it is necessary to exclude meat dishes from the diet.

Cataract treatment with folk remedies

You can put silver (a spoon, a fork, a twist) in a liter of water, leave for a week. Then, in this water, brew the leaves of aloe, finely chopped, add a spoonful of honey. The liquid that got to dig in one and the second eye every day is not more than one drop.
For the treatment of cataracts, sprouts of sprouted potatoes can be used. They need to be washed, dried, cut, pour vodka (2 tablespoons) and insist 2 weeks. After filter and use in the morning, at lunch and in the evening for 1 tbsp. spoon.

Treatment with burdock, chamomile and dog rose

In boiling water put one tablespoon leaves of burdock, flowers of chamomile and dogrose. Boil over low heat for 5 minutes, cool and bury with this decoction of the eye. And in the spring, when the pruning of grapes begins, you can use vine juice for the medicine. Bury not more than one drop.

Peony leaves

Pour boiling water on these parts of the plant, insist 2-3 hours, then boil as much time, cool and drink before each meal. From milk and honey, you can make a soothing broth for the eyes. Boil the milk (120 ml) and honey (0.5 h. l.), cool and apply compresses to the eyes at night.

Mocrita in the treatment of cataract in the home

Cure a cataract at home with the help of a woodworm. The main thing is to carefully follow the recipe:

  1. Take a glass of water and the same juice of the grass of the lice, mix, insist 15 minutes and bury their eyes in the morning, lunch and evening.
  2. Still need to squeeze the juice of the lice with boiling water and insist, then this broth should be wiped eyes 5-6 times a day.

You should also eat as many berries as possible. Boil a silky fruit compote. Mulberry is very useful and gives the effect of improving eyesight during catarrhal illness. Also, the fruits of sea-buckthorn should be consumed as much as possible for food in case of illness.

Dill seeds

They are used as a compress for the eyes, with cataracts. To do this, you need to sew special small bags (preferably from the canvas) for each eye separately, in them to pour the seeds, tie up and put them over the dishes with boiling water. Hold for three minutes for a couple, let it cool down to a warm state and attach the eyelids pouches. Top cover the wrap with polyethylene film, then with a towel: so the compress will cool down more slowly.

Leave the compress for 15 minutes, then remove. Carry out this treatment preferably at bedtime, every day. Sacks with seeds can be kept on a couple of times, then make new ones.

ATTENTION:A cataract patient necessarily needs a certain mode of eating. The meal should be 5 times a day. The time for eating should be respected. You need to eat at the same time every day. It is desirable to reduce fried foods in the diet. Food should be prepared only on vegetable oil.

Grass Grass

This plant is remarkably struggling with cataracts. You need to pour a little glass of boiling water and insist. With this broth, rinse the eyes and apply a compress. Repeat this procedure for a month every day.

To use the broth from the eye as an internal remedy, you need to fill it with vodka (100 g of herb per 1 liter of vodka). Insist for three weeks and drink on an empty stomach for 10-15 drops.

Phytotea with cataract

The first two weeks of treatment you need to drink tea, brewed with leaves of bearberry, then - with pear leaves. Alternate the tea until the disease passes.

Herbal condensation is considered an effective medicine. Take flowers of chamomile and hips of dogrose, pour boiling water, add a burdock leaf, close the lid. The drops of condensate formed on the lid are a medicine. They need to drip their eyes twice a week.

Prevention at home.

In order to detect this disease in time, you should regularly perform eye diagnostics at the time of detection of cataracts at home. To do this, cut pieces of black paper are needed, in the center, pierce the hole with a needle. Something happened in the form of homemade glasses with a diaphragm. You need to bring your glasses to the eyes and look through the hole on a sheet of white paper. If after that the sheet does not change the color, it remains white, there is no need to worry. The lens is clean. In the event that the sheet shows dark spots, similar to grains of sand - there is turbidity in the eyes, and this is the first sign of a beginning cataract.