How to treat calluses on the legs: how to treat correctly?

What is the calluses on the legs, how to treat blisters, what means to use better - everyone should know. This problem has nothing to do with age, gender, social status of a person. It arises because of the strong, prolonged mechanical pressure on the skin, proceeds in different forms. Blisters on the sides of the legs, heels, fingers - a problem that sets a certain discomfort, does not harm the health, brings considerable discomfort. With different types of blisters, it is worth fighting in different ways, it is necessary to do it correctly.

  • Types of calluses on the legs
  • Dry calluses
  • Wet blisters
  • Blood Corns
  • Treatment of calluses on the legs - medicines, traditional medicine
  • The use of traditional medicine for getting rid of blisters
  • Medication for calluses on the legs
  • Preventive measures
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Types of calluses on the legs

Blister or callus is a thickening of the area of ​​the skin, often accompanied by the appearance of a bubble with a liquid, arises from the prolonged mechanical action of external factors. Formed as a protective reaction, it takes several days. There are 3 types of blisters:

  1. Wet Corn.
  2. Dry calluses.
  3. Bloody corns.

Each type is characterized by features that distinguish it from a different kind of problem. All three cases require treatment. It is necessary to quickly get rid of discomfort.

Note!It is impossible to open blisters independently. If a person makes access to the wound open, he risks infecting, which is very serious.

Dry calluses

The cause of blisters of this type is uncomfortable shoes. Dry calluses on the feet appear if:

  • a man wears too narrow shoes;
  • incorrectly chosen the size of shoes, boots;
  • in the lives of girls there are always high heels;
  • man is constantly in motion, standing position.

Dry callus is a small skin tightening, which is lighter than other integuments, when palpable it is hard.

Wet blisters

Wet calluses on the feet appear frequently. They are formed due to the fact that at the time of rubbing the foot against the shoes it is wet. Bubbles with liquid are small, but achieving large sizes is not uncommon. Such calluses bring most of all uncomfortable feelings, for their disappearance it will take several days.

Blood Corns

On human legs this type of calluses is rarely present. Its appearance occurs during the impact on the foot of the force of friction, due to the destruction of the blood vessel. Bloody calluses on the legs are a dangerous kind of blisters. If the bubble envelope ruptures, its wrong, self-opening, a person gets a huge risk of infection in the blood. Wet calluses on the legs, which have a shade of blood, should be treated very carefully so as not to damage.

Note!You can not glue any calluses with an ordinary, bactericidal plaster. It is worth using special patches, so that during removal they do not damage the corn. Conventional patches are not suitable for use for such purposes.

Treatment of calluses on the legs - medicines, traditional medicine

People who often face the problem of blistering do not always know how to treat calluses on their feet from shoes, so that this process will bring the desired effect. For this purpose, victims can use preparations prepared at home, drugs. In both cases, the desired result will be achieved, but do not forget about the clarity, consistency of the product of those actions that will help solve the problem. Each of the ways of treatment has its own peculiarities. Their implementation will get rid of calluses quickly, without problems.

The use of traditional medicine for getting rid of blisters

Folk remedies are something that will help get rid of blisters without spending almost a penny. There are several good tools that help to solve the problem quickly.

Potato-onion compress

To mitigate dry calluses, their effective removal, use a tool that is prepared and used as follows:

  • potato and onion grate on a fine grater or grind with a blender;
  • Mix the ingredients until a uniform mush;
  • place the mixture between two layers of gauze;
  • attach to the affected area, fix with a bandage or band-aid, leave for the night.

Note!After using the product at home, the person who applied it should treat the wound with any antiseptic. It is necessary to disinfect the wound, to give it a faster delay.

Aloe leaves to get rid of calluses of all types

Aloe - a home plant that helps, cope with dry, moist blisters, will remove the callus on the little finger of the feet, the sole, between the fingers as quickly as possible. To use, a person needs to make a cut along the leaf of the plant, attach to the sore spot, fix it. It is good to do such a procedure at night.

Compress of fish oil and aloe juice

Preparation of a compress intended for use at home, treatment of callus on the toes, in other areas, is as follows:

  • squeeze aloe juice, take fish oil;
  • mix the ingredients in equal amounts;
  • stir until uniform;
  • leave for a while.

When the product becomes completely homogeneous, the person should pat soaked a cotton pad, attach it to the place where the blister appears, fix it, leave it to the morning for absorption. The compress is a great help if a person has a dry callus on her toe.

Attention!In the morning remove the remnants of the product. This is done with the help of decoction of chamomile. The product has an additional antiseptic effect, accelerates the wound healing process.

Infusion of garlic and onion husks

All kinds of calluses on your feet will help to remove the vinegar infusion of garlic and onion husks. Prepare a remedy at home easily, doing this as follows:

  1. Several heads of garlic, without conducting a preliminary cleaning, put in a clean jar.
  2. To garlic put the hull of several large bulbs.
  3. Pour vinegar just enough so that it completely covers the rest of the ingredients.
  4. Infuse in a dark place for two weeks.

After the expiration of this period, a person should take shells from the jar, attach it to blisters, fasten, leave for the night. Use the tool is a few evenings in a row, until the problem disappears completely.

Proposed folk recipes are the best solution for a person who does not know how to get rid of calluses on his feet quickly and completely. In addition to these funds, patches, ointments, sprays will help get rid of blisters.

Medication for calluses on the legs

For example, a woman rubbed her corn on her legs, what she does not know. In this case, you should go to the pharmacy or ask someone to do it, there are tools to help remove the callus between the toes, on the fingers, the sole. The following are considered to be productive medicinal products that help to solve such a delicate problem:

  1. Special plaster from callouses Compeed.
  2. Ointment from calluses on legs Super Antimozolin.
  3. Salicylic ointment and cream with urea.
  4. Preparations Stopmozol, Samipod.

It is important!If there are corns on the soles of the feet - treatment is best done without leaving a few days from home. Such precautionary measures will help to avoid the rupture of the blister of the blister and the infection in the wound. If you can not stay at home, a person should wear soft, seamless socks.

If a person does not know how to treat water calluses on his feet at home - the precautionary measures that will protect him from a possible rupture of the blister will be his only right decision. Pharmacy, home-prepared products will help get rid of the problem quickly.

Preventive measures

In order to avoid the occurrence of blisters on the legs, not to face the unpleasant moments that arise due to their appearance, each person should adhere to the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to wear only shoes of its size, because too narrow shoes can provoke a corn between the toes and on the heels.
  2. Try to avoid long and constant wearing of shoes with heels, so that there are no dry calluses.
  3. Ensure that the skin of the legs before going out of the house was dry.
  4. Try not to spend too much time on your feet.

Adhering to such simple rules, everyone will forget about the question of how to quickly get rid of calluses on their feet forever. If such a situation does arise, everyone can solve it by themselves.

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