Regional privilege for medicines for people with disabilities in 2017, list of diseases, list: free soft drugs

Good afternoon, dear readers of the blog! In the continuation of the previous topic( federal benefits to people with disabilities), we will consider regional benefits for medicines for disabled people in Groups 1, 2, and 3 in 2017, a list of indications( diseases) and a list of preferential free medications and drugs for pharmacies for adults with disabilities( regional benefits)prescribe a doctor's prescription free of charge in 2017.

There is a definite reminder to a patient who uses a set of social services that is a regional benefit recipient. This advantage when purchasing medicines is also available to children under 3 years of age and children from large families under the age of six.

On the next page you will learn about preferential and free provision of medicines and preparations of certain categories of citizens, the names of medical institutions, responsible persons for free medicines for regional and federal benefit recipients, contact telephones, where and to whom to apply for the issue of a free or reduced prescription for medicines.


Memo to a patient who is a regional benefit recipient

A reminder to a patient entitled to provide with necessary medications, medical supplies and specialized products of therapeutic nutrition, while providing them with outpatient medical careaccount of the budget of the Volgograd region.

Medicines free of charge: to whom?

Question of : what categories of citizens are regional beneficiaries and are eligible for free and concessional drug assistance?

Answer : Categories of beneficiaries to whom medicines are provided free of charge at the expense of the regional budget are indicated in paragraph 4 of the resolution of the Administration of the Volgograd Region No. 290-p dated 17.06.2011 "On approval of the order of medicines for certain categories of citizens residing on the territory of the Volgograd region,when rendering medical assistance in outpatient conditions "(hereinafter - the Resolution No. 290), namely:

a) to citizens suffering from socially significant diseases, the list of which is determinedelyaetsya the Russian Federation Government;

b) citizens suffering from diseases that are dangerous to others, the list of which is determined by the Government of the Russian Federation;

c) Children of the first three years of life, as well as children from large families under the age of 6;

d) citizens suffering from the following diseases:

  1. children's cerebral palsy;
  2. hepatocerebral dystrophy and phenylketonuria;
  3. cystic fibrosis( sick children);
  4. acute intermittent porphyria;
  5. hematological diseases, hemoblastoses, cytopenia, hereditary hemopathies;
  6. radiation sickness;
  7. leprosy;
  8. severe form of brucellosis;
  9. systemic chronic severe skin diseases;
  10. bronchial asthma;
  11. rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, systemic( acute) lupus erythematosus, Bechterew's disease;
  12. myocardial infarction( first six months);
  13. after cardiac valve prosthesis;
  14. diabetes;
  15. pituitary fascism;
  16. premature sexual development;
  17. Multiple Sclerosis;
  18. myasthenia gravis;
  19. myopathy;
  20. cerebellar ataxia of Marie;
  21. Parkinson's disease;
  22. chronic urological diseases;
  23. glaucoma, cataract;
  24. Addison's disease;
  25. schizophrenia and epilepsy;
  26. syphilis;

e) citizens who have undergone transplantation of organs and tissues;

e) to citizens suffering from life-threatening and chronic progressive rare( orphanic) diseases, leading to a reduction in the life expectancy of citizens or their disability, the list of which is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation

Medicines with 50% discount - half price: to whom?

The categories of beneficiaries to whom medicines are provided with a 50% payment of the cost from the regional budget are specified in clause 5 of Decree No. 290-p, namely:

a) pensioners who receive an old-age or survivor's pension in the minimum amount;

b) persons who worked in the rear during the period from June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945 for at least six months, excluding the period of work in the temporarily occupied territories of the USSR, or who have worked for less than six months and awarded orders or medals of the USSR for selfless laborduring the Great Patriotic War;

c) persons subjected to political reprisals in the form of imprisonment, exile, expulsions, referrals to special settlements, involvement in forced labor in conditions of restriction of freedom, including in the "working columns of the NKVD", other restrictions on rights and freedoms unreasonably placed in psychiatricmedical institutions and subsequently rehabilitated, including citizens from among the repressed peoples who were subjected to repression in the territory of the Russian Federation on the grounds of nationality and other belonging;persons recognized as victims of political repression, including citizens from among the repressed peoples who were subjected to repression in the territory of the Russian Federation on the grounds of nationality and other belonging.

The list of medicines and preparations: where to find out?

Where can I get acquainted with the List of medicines and medical products appointed by a doctor( paramedic) to regional benefits?

The list of medicines, medical products and specialized products of therapeutic nutrition for providing certain categories of citizens residing on the territory of the Volgograd region, when providing them with medical assistance in outpatient settings by prescription free of charge from the budget of the Volgograd region, is indicated in the annex to Decree of the AdministrationVolgograd region from 17.06.2011 № 290-p.

It is also possible to familiarize with the above-mentioned resolution at information stands in outpatient and out-patient health facilities.

How to prescribe medications for free?

If you have the right to receive the necessary medicines free-of-charge and with a 50-percent payment of the cost from the budget of the Volgograd region, you need to contact your clinic if you are in accordance with Resolution No. 290-p.

When you go to the clinic you need to have:

  1. ID document( passport)
  2. compulsory medical insurance( ASI) policy
  3. SNILS( if available)

Drugs are issued according to the international nonproprietary name( INN), and in its absence by groupingname. In the absence of INN and the group name, the drug is issued by trade name.

For the treatment of chronic diseases, citizens who have reached retirement age, prescription medications can be prescribed for a course of treatment up to three months.

Recipes for medicines issued to citizens who have reached retirement age are valid for 90 days from the date of discharge.

The period of validity of a free prescription from the moment it is issued is 30 or 90 days( excluding psychotropic and narcotic drugs, which expire in 15 days, as well as drugs subject to subject-quantitative accounting for a period of 15 days).

Free prescriptions for medicines issued to citizens who reached the retirement age are valid for 90 days.

  1. After expiration, the prescription at the pharmacy is not accepted.
  2. If you can not get to the clinic - call a doctor. He is obliged to arrange a prescription for you at home.
  3. If you lost the prescription - you can get a new one from your doctor.

How to get the medicine?

The medicine can be obtained from pharmacies participating in programs of preferential drug provision.

Your doctor will tell you where the nearest pharmacy is.

If you can not get the - medication, your legal representative can get it for you.

Narcotic and psychotropic substances are dispensed by prescription upon presentation of a document proving their identity.

If the medication is not in the pharmacy, then your prescription will be registered in the ledger and put on deferred maintenance. Within 10 days you will receive the necessary medicine or a similar medication for the newly prescribed prescription.

If you need a specific name for and you refused to get a synonymic replacement, then a note in the accounting journal is made about it. In this case, you can not claim delayed service. You will need to contact your doctor. If you need a drug with a specific trade name for the indications, it will be discharged through a medical commission. According to this prescription, the pharmacy must give you a specific medicine, and not a synonym.

The list is there, and there are no free medicines: how to get preferential medicines

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