How to get rid of snoring in a dream

If a woman snores during sleep, she needs to think about the state of health. According to statistics, this phenomenon is found mainly in men. If it is seen in the fair sex, it is important to recognize the cause. How to get rid of snoring in a dream to a woman and why you need to act quickly? A person spends a lot of time in a dream - a third of all life. This means that the problems during the holiday should be taken seriously.

  • Snoring in women is the main reason
  • Than dangerous
  • Which doctor heals
  • Treatment of female snoring at night
  • Exercises for tongue and palate
  • Treatment with medications
  • Treatment by surgery
  • Snoring devices
  • Folk remedies
  • Prophylaxis of apnea
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Snoring in women is the main reason

The factors that cause snoring in women can be either independent of age, or specific for a certain life period. The common causes of snoring at a young age are:

  • anomalies in the development of the oral cavity, nasal cavity, as well as the upper respiratory tract: malocclusion and others;
  • rhinitis, sinusitis, other inflammatory diseases;
  • obesity of any degree: fat tissue deposited in the walls of the oropharynx and nasopharynx narrows the lumen of the airways, causing snoring;
  • body position - most often a strong snoring in women occurs due to the habit of sleeping on the back, while sleeping on the side is less common.

It is interesting that although the sound produced during snoring reaches 100 or more decibels, comparable to the sound of the jet engine of an airplane, the person himself does not hear anything. Usually he learns about "night concerts" from relatives who live with him. And lonely people can stay in the dark for a long time. In this case, applications for smartphones that can monitor sleep and enable sound recording at the right moment can help, so that you can listen to the resulting recordings and understand if there is snoring and stopping breathing in your sleep. Soas has a characteristic picture - a loud snoring gives way to complete silence, a person does not breathe, oxygen starvation of the brain grows to a critical level, the brain awakens and the snoring continues. And such episodes per night occurs up to several hundred!

There are other reasons why snoring and apnea (respiratory arrest) occur in women. They depend on age and other factors:

  1. Menopause. Women after 50 often develop snoring. It is provoked by hormonal changes in the body during menopause, which affect the work of absolutely all internal organs. It can also be caused by age-related changes: over the years, the cause of snoring is the flabbiness of the muscles of the nasopharynx.
  2. Pregnancy. Snoring in pregnant women can be caused by hormonal changes in the body, a significant weight gain, the appearance of puffiness. Future mothers should be more attentive to any sleep disorders, they can negatively affect the health of the newborn.
  3. Snoring after childbirth. If night snoring appeared during pregnancy and remained after the appearance of the child, you need to pay attention to the reasons for this phenomenon. If the kilograms you have saved are almost in full, it is usually enough to just get rid of them. If the puffiness has passed and the weight has returned to normal, and the problem has remained, you need to turn to specialists to eliminate snoring.

Than dangerous

Snoring in girls and women is not a harmless phenomenon. First of all, it affects the emotional state of a person during the day, any disturbance in sleep leads to rapid fatigue. The brain does not have the opportunity to fully relax, which affects the performance, concentration and concentration.

Also, if you do not get rid of snoring in time, apnea may occur - stopping breathing during sleep. This is a very serious disease, because when it occurs, the functionality of vital organs is impaired:

  • the rhythm of contractions of the heart muscle is disturbed, arrythmia arises;
  • there is a deterioration in the supply of oxygen to the brain;
  • blood pressure rises sharply.

Night multiple episodes of apnea are a strong stress for the body. The brain suffers from hypoxia (lack of oxygen), because of the increase in pressure, the risk of stroke also increases.

Important! Especially the fight against snoring is important in pregnancy, because women are prone to lack of oxygen in their blood! As a result, hypoxia of the fetus may occur.

Which doctor heals

Few people think about what kind of doctor heals snoring, yet will not face this problem. Given that the most common causes are pathological or acquired diseases of the ENT organs, first of all you need to turn to the otorhinolaryngologist. Another related specialist whose help may be needed is a dentist.

For example, there are cases when snoring is provoked by an incorrect bite. This problem is directly related to the teeth and gums, so even if you need a surgical intervention of an otolaryngologist, you can not do without a dentist.

More narrow specialists who work exclusively with problems of sleep disturbance are somnologists. Unfortunately, in our country this branch of medicine is not developed so far that every doctor would receive such a doctor. Still, some centers take somnologists, help to find the causes of the disease, even if they are not explicit.

Treatment of female snoring at night

The answer to the question: is it possible to get rid of snoring to a young girl, a future mother or an elderly woman? First of all, you need to turn to specialists to exclude the presence of serious diseases. Only after this it will be clear whether snoring can be removed in a dream independently, for example, with the help of gymnastics or medication is required.

Exercises for tongue and palate

Gymnastics for the tongue and palate helps to eliminate snoring only if the two rules are met:

  • regularity of exercises;
  • correctness of their implementation.

Many have been helped by such simple exercises:

  1. Strengthening of the muscles of the tongue. Pushing it forward as far as possible, we stay in this position for 10 seconds. The number of repetitions is 30 times.
  2. Strengthening the jaw. Pressing the chin with your hand and smoothly moving the lower jaw forward and back, and then on the sides. The number of repetitions is 20 times.
  3. Strengthening of teeth. To do this, we take a wooden stick with a small volume so that it can be easily grasped by the teeth, tightly clamped and held for several minutes. The number of repetitions is 3.
  4. Exercise for the sky. Press the language with all the force into the sky and hold it for a minute. The number of repetitions is 3. This exercise is important to perform in a row with a break of no more than 30 seconds.
  5. Neck muscles training. We pronounce all the vowels in a row, 20 times each. The mouth opens wide, the neck is in constant tension. The number of repetitions is 3.

Treatment with medications

If you can eliminate snoring only with the help of medication, then it is recommended to begin therapy as early as possible. The action of medications is usually aimed at removing respiratory system diseases, improving the tone of the throat and palate muscles, and also eliminating the discomfort that causes snoring. It includes a feeling of dryness in the mouth, a sore throat, etc.

Usually, to cure snoring, vasoconstrictive drops are prescribed for the nose. Most of them are used for colds, such as Naphthysine, Sanorin and others. In addition to drops, sprays for the nose and throat, rinsing agents can be used. Usually they have a natural composition, the vegetable base makes their application effective and, at the same time, safe.

Often, to cure snoring, nose pills are prescribed for resorption, which must be taken shortly before sleep. Their action is aimed at relaxing the muscles of the nasopharynx and toning the muscles of the sky. Tablets are popular.

Important! Any tablets for resorption can be used only as part of complex therapy, otherwise they will have a one-time effect, and after the completion of their reception the problem will return!

Treatment by surgery

If the problem has been ignored for a long time and a woman has started to struggle with snoring, when the apnea is already beginning, doctors can offer surgery. The advanced method is laser treatment. The procedure is expensive, but patients are satisfied with the result.

Laser therapy of snoring takes place in several stages:

  1. Preparation - putting on special glasses, familiarizing the patient with safety rules.
  2. Irradiation of internal tissues of the pharynx with a laser beam in different directions: vertically, horizontally.
  3. Nasopharyngeal tissue that has lost its tone and is the cause of snoring is treated.

After the procedure, there may be discomfort in the throat, manifested in perspiration, dryness, other unpleasant sensations, but it goes away in a few days. Approximately in a week it is required to pass or take place survey of the otolaryngologist.

Snoring devices

Some women, in order not to snore in a dream, use modern devices for home use. The following are common:

  1. Clip in the nose. The device is placed in the nasal cavity. It is made of antiallergenic materials, therefore it is absolutely safe to apply it. The advantage of the clip is that it does not need to be left overnight, it's enough to hold it for 1-2 hours. This time is enough to normalize breathing.
  2. Mouth guard. It is made of silicone, so its use does not cause discomfort. The principle of the kapa is that it expands the lower jaw slightly forward and, due to this, the circulation of the air flow is normalized.
  3. Patch. The device is glued to the wings of the nose, there is an increase in the lumen of the nostrils, as a result of which the air flow is normalized. Such a plaster is an affordable, effective remedy for snoring, is sold at an affordable price, and due to the availability of different sizes, it is suitable for everyone.

Folk remedies

Some people decide to treat snoring with folk remedies and they manage to overcome the problem. Doctors advise to consult the otolaryngologist beforehand in order to exclude serious diseases. Popular popular recipes, many of which were told by Elena Malysheva, are:

  • Bury your nose with sea buckthorn oil before bed;
  • drink before a glass of freshly squeezed cabbage juice, adding a teaspoon of honey;
  • gargle before going to bed with infusion of 2 tbsp. l. calendula flowers and oak bark, boiled in 0.5 liters of boiling water;
  • eat baked carrots three times a day before meals;
  • wash the nasal passages with a weak solution of sea salt with water.

Advice! In any case, before using folk remedies, you need to eliminate the need for medication!

Prophylaxis of apnea

What should I do to prevent apnea? Doctors advise to adhere to such rules:

    • refusal to smoke, alcohol abuse;
    • if apnea is caused by an airway disease, then therapy for the disease will be the main preventive measure;
    • taking hormonal drugs (for women from 50 years old) to prevent complications due to age-related changes in the body;
    • adherence to the diet for the prevention of apnea in pregnant women;
    • getting rid of extra pounds;
  • gymnastics for the throat and palate, preferably daily.

Considering the fact that snoring is not a harmless phenomenon, when it constantly develops, it is necessary to seek advice from an otolaryngologist, and then follow its recommendations. His appointment will be either medical treatment, or doing gymnastics, or surgery, or treatment at home. Observing his recommendations, he will be able to cope with snoring quickly.