How to treat gastritis with sea buckthorn oil

Gastritis is an inflammatory disease of the gastric mucosa, which can occur with varying severity, with varying acidity. Various methods are used to treat this disease, sometimes even popular recipes are effective enough. It is worth considering in more detail whether it is possible and how to use sea buckthorn oil for gastritis.

  • Treatment of gastritis with sea buckthorn oil
  • Contraindications
  • How to use?
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Sea-buckthorn oil is a common folk medicine, it contains many useful substances and elements that can help in the treatment of many diseases. Because of the large content of various trace elements, sea buckthorn oil is an effective antibacterial, choleretic, healing agent that is used in many diseases.

In addition, the sea-buckthorn extract helps to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes the function of the intestine, promotes the proper process of digestion. Whether it is possible to drink the given agent at a gastritis, an inflammation of a cover of a stomach? Usually it is allowed, it is worth considering how the sea buckthorn oil helps with this disease and how it can be used.

Important!Seabuckthorn can cause allergic reactions, so firstly the means on its basis should be taken with caution.

Treatment of gastritis with sea buckthorn oil

With gastritis, sea buckthorn can be used as an aid; in severe form of the disease, such treatment will not help to significantly improve the condition unless other medications prescribed by the doctor are taken. Let's consider the main medicinal properties of the oil.

  1. Since sea buckthorn has a wound healing, anti-inflammatory property, it will help calm irritation of the gastric mucosa, remove a pronounced inflammatory process, which is often accompanied by strong enough pain.
  2. In addition, the extract based on sea-buckthorn is rich in vitamins and other useful microelements that will help to fill their deficiency in the body.
  3. Also, the sea buckthorn extract improves the state of the gastrointestinal tract as a whole, positively affects the functioning of the intestine. Normalizing the digestive system with gastritis is also important, it will help to avoid the development of many complications.

With gastritis with high acidity, you can use only sea buckthorn oil. Other products based on this berry should not be used, because it can increase the acidity of the stomach. This effect is minimal when taking oil.

In gastritis with a low acidity, juice and other products based on the berry can also be used, but this should be done with caution. In large quantities, fresh berries, juice, can lead to increased acidity. This is undesirable in any form of gastritis.

With gastritis and stomach ulcer, when erosion develops, you can also use oil, but you need to be careful. With any deterioration, you must stop taking oil and consult a doctor for advice.

Extract based on sea buckthorn can also be used in pregnancy. Bearing a child is not a contraindication in this case, the berry does not have spasmodic effects, in reasonable quantities sea buckthorn oil will not cause any harm to the future child.

However, it is worth remembering that in large quantities, butter and other berry-based products can lead to the development of allergies. Therefore, in any case, use the medicine with caution.

Important!Sea-buckthorn oil can be used for gastritis in children, but before this you should always consult with a specialist.


Sea buckthorn oil does not have many contraindications.

  1. Usually, this remedy is not allowed for individual intolerance.
  2. If an allergic reaction occurs during the reception of the oil, for example, urticaria, rashes on the skin, this treatment should be discarded.
  3. Also, it is not necessary to use sea buckthorn for inflammatory processes in the pancreas, for violations of the liver, for inflammation of the gallbladder. Since this berry has a choleretic effect, it can significantly worsen the condition in such diseases.

In addition, you should not take sea buckthorn oil for diarrhea, a tendency to diarrhea, other serious bowel diseases. Berry can cause deterioration in these pathologies. In other cases, it can be safely applied.

How to use?

With gastritis, sea buckthorn oil is taken orally 10 - 15 minutes before meals, 2 -3 times a day. For the night, this product is best not to drink, because it is desirable that the stomach is not empty after using the medication. Usually, one tablespoon of oil is used.

It should be borne in mind that after taking it can cause heartburn due to the properties of sea buckthorn. In this case, it is advised to drink a glass of water with a small amount of soda. After eating and on a completely empty stomach, if there is no food in the near future, you should not take oil, this can lead to side effects and worsening of the condition.

Is it possible to seize butter with honey? Do not do this, do not increase the load on the stomach in this way. It is desirable to take the extract separately from everything, then after a while you can eat. Do not take anything with sea buckthorn oil, especially with severe forms of gastritis.

Also, in addition to the oil extract in its pure form in pharmacies, it is usually possible to take oil in capsules. Capsules usually contain a drug in a soft shell of gelatin.

  1. When gastritis should take one capsule, washing down with water, do it also should be before eating.
  2. Capsules have similar contraindications to use. They should not be taken in case of allergies, intestinal disorders.

Sea buckthorn has several pronounced side effects. One of them is the appearance of diarrhea. In this case, the reception of funds on its basis should be abandoned or simply reduce the dosage, this depends on the severity of the side effect.

Also, when oil is taken, it may cause a bitter taste in the mouth. In a number of cases, it occurs with prolonged medication, in which case it is desirable to take a break in the reception.

It is not necessary to be treated for gastritis solely with the help of sea buckthorn oil, since this remedy can be used only as an auxiliary treatment. If there is severe heartburn, if the condition worsens, you should always consult a doctor. Do not take sea buckthorn with a complicated course of the disease.

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