Preparations for arthrosis of the knee joint

With arthrosis of the knee joint, a person experiences many unpleasant sensations - the knee swells, the movements become chained. But the main problem is severe pain, which often occurs when exacerbating. In this case, doctors resort to injections that are made directly into the inflamed joint, muscles and nearby tissues. Consider what kind of injection in the knee joint is used for arthrosis - drugs and recommendations.

  • Why do we need nyxes with arthrosis of the knee?
  • Types and names of intramuscular drugs for injection
  • What injections do intraarticular
  • Effective drugs for the treatment of arthrosis
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Why do we need nyxes with arthrosis of the knee?

Intra-articular injections with arthrosis help to instantly eliminate even a strong pain syndrome, as the drug immediately penetrates into the inflamed areas. In addition to injections, the doctor uses a number of other drugs that return mobility to joints, improve blood circulation, restore cartilaginous tissue.

Important!Treatment of arthrosis is a long process, which requires complex therapy with the right selection of medicines. Do not self-diagnose, because the signs of arthrosis are very similar to other diseases.

Correctly selected preparations for injections allow to eliminate not only pain, but also puffiness, improve the condition of the affected cartilaginous tissues, increase the synthesis of intraarticular fluid. The injections are much more effective than ointments and tablets - the process of recovery is much faster.

Pricks in the joint with arthrosis are done every 1.5-2 weeks, the maximum therapeutic effect is observed after 6-8 days. If during this time the patient does not become easier, it is necessary to select another drug. To avoid negative reactions, the treatment course consists of a maximum of 6 injections.

Where can I make an intra-articular injection? Injections should be done only in a hospital, home-based self-treatment is dangerous. If the drug is misapplied, infection can enter the tissue, which will significantly aggravate the course of the disease.

Advantages of injection with arthrosis:

  • slowly dissolve - about 10-12 months;
  • beneficially affect all articular tissues;
  • have a local effect, penetrate into the blood in a minimal amount, do not disrupt the work of internal organs;
  • can be used to treat patients with diseases of the digestive system, liver, heart and blood vessels.

Injections of corticosteroids are contraindicated in diabetes mellitus, increased blood pressure, excessive body weight, ulcers. It is not recommended to give injections if there is a history of kidney disease, tuberculosis, mental disorders, purulent infectious pathologies.

Types and names of intramuscular drugs for injection

With arthrosis of the knee joint therapy is carried out with the help of intramuscular, intraarticular and anesthetic injections.

Types of drugs for intramuscular injections:

  1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - Diclofenac, Piroxicam, Ketanol. Used to eliminate inflammation and pain syndrome, reduce swelling. The main advantage is the instant result.
  2. Analgesics, spasmolytics - Baralgin, Analgin, Midokalm, Baclofen. Minimize the manifestation of negative symptoms of the disease, eliminate muscle spasms.
  3. Preparations of the steroid group - Ambien. Quickly remove pain and inflammation, restore mobility of the joint. The injections are rarely done, as the drugs contain aggressive, potent substances. With prolonged use, cartilaginous tissue loses its ability to synthesize new cells.
  4. Vitamin Complexes - Milgamma, Neurorubin. They contain vitamins of group B, restore the nervous system, help to cope with the pain syndrome.

Important!The most powerful analgesic is Novocaine blockade, which is prescribed for very severe pain. The drug is injected into the inflamed joint, the tissues around it are cut off. Injections are combined with vitamin complexes, the procedure is performed no more than 3 times a month.

What injections do intraarticular

Injections directly into the inflamed joint make it possible to accelerate the synthesis of cartilaginous tissue, which greatly accelerates the process of restoring the cartilage.

Preparations for intra-articular nyxes in the knee:

  1. Chondroprotectors - Synocrome, Fermatron. Protect the cartilaginous tissue, improve its nutrition, moisturize, restore the structure. These drugs are often called liquid prostheses, as they replace a non-working intra-articular fluid. After treatment, the mobility of the joint, its damping properties, and pain disappear. Disadvantages - a full course lasts six months, medicines from this group have a high cost.
  2. Corticosteroids - Diprospan, Kenalog, Celeston. Hormonal drugs that help effectively eliminate the pain of any intensity, greatly accelerate the recovery of cartilage tissue.
  3. Hyaluronic acid - Ostenil, Synocrome. Use as an additional drug to avoid getting used to painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Effective drugs for the treatment of arthrosis

Arthrosis - one of the most common joint diseases, which is rapidly growing younger. The disease does not affect life expectancy, but significantly worsens its quality - a person constantly experiences pain, loses mobility, can become disabled.

Pharmaceutical companies produce many modern drugs that help preserve and restore cartilaginous tissue. The only drawback of such medicines is a high price.

Fermatron - one of the newest drugs for the treatment of arthrosis, belongs to the group of prostheses of synovial fluid. The injection is done once a week, the effect is noticeable after the first procedure. The entire course will require approximately 5 injections. The therapeutic result is preserved up to 12 months. The cost of the drug is 4-7 thousand. rub.

Gilart - chondroprotektor, which includes sodium hyaluronate and chondroitin sulfate. The drug allows you to quickly restore metabolic processes in the cartilaginous tissues, slow the progression of the disease, eliminate pain.

Disadvantages of Gilart:

  • almost impossible to find in pharmacies, you need to order abroad;
  • high price;
  • to achieve a noticeable therapeutic effect of the injection must be done several times.

Hydrocortisone is a hormonal steroid drug that eliminates inflammation, pain and swelling, prevents the accumulation of fluid near the joint, prevents the appearance of osteophytes. The drug has a low cost, but it strongly suppresses immunity. It is used to quickly eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but for long-term therapy it is not suitable.

Alflutop - a medicinal product for injection on the basis of extracts from 4 species of fish. The drug will accelerate the process of restoration of cartilaginous tissue and synthesis of hyaluronic acid, eliminates ulcers and erosion on cartilage, improves damping properties. With regular application, the progression of the disease is suspended, the mobility of the joint returns. The price of the drug is about 2 thousand. rub.

Intra-articular and intramuscular injections are an effective method for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint, it has a minimal amount of contraindications. Select a drug and carry out the procedure can only a doctor, because after injections, the probability of infection is high.

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