Kefir in the morning on an empty stomach: benefit or harm on days off

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Kefir is a drink that we have known since childhood.

Many people love and drink it. Nutritionists are advised to consume kefir to people who are overweight.

Some drink it at night in order to get rid of insomnia.

content of the article:
  • story of
  • secrets of centenarians
  • chemical composition
  • Useful properties
  • possible harm
  • How to determine the quality of

The story of the North Caucasus, this drink compose odes. It was Ossetians who first invented kefir.

And for a long time this nation was a monopoly of a miracle - a drink.

They stored their original cooking recipe in the strictest secrecy.

How did kefir become an affordable product for a wide range of consumers?

There is a beautiful legend, which reads as follows:
«A powerful and well-known mountaineer fell in love with a Russian girl, who did not respond to him in return. The prince kidnapped her.

After a time in love was planted in the Russian prison. As a ransom, treasured kefir fungi was required for him. Since then, we have an excellent opportunity to taste this drink of the gods. "

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On the territory of Rossi kefir began to be manufactured only at the beginning of the last century. Our country also owns the rights to manufacture. Only two countries - Canada and Japan have a license to produce kefir.

Secrets of centenarians

This drink is considered to be legendary. Its healing properties can not be overemphasized. For preparation, a special starter is used, the composition of which is a successful combination of many microorganisms.

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How to deduce in adults and children lice and nits in the hair on the head folk remedies written on this page. The composition of the leaven

includes 22 species of bacteria, including:

  • lactic streptococci,
  • yeast,
  • acetic acid,
  • lactic acid bacillus.

There is a close relationship between all these components, and this is the reason for the beneficial effect on the human body.

Scientists with a world-wide name tried to recreate the starter by an artificial method. But, all their attempts were futile. They never managed to create the necessary balance of bacteria, and kefir, as such, did not work.

Kefir is a fermented milk product that is produced by double-fermenting milk.

During fermentation of milk, another ferment process takes place in parallel, in which fungi and microorganisms participate.

After kefir fungi is poured with fresh milk, the process of alcoholic fermentation begins.

As a result of this, a small amount of alcohol is formed in the kefir.

It is this detail, gives the drink an unusual freshness, taste acuity and frothy, creamy consistency.

Sour-milk products should occupy the a worthy place in the diet of each person.

Chemical Composition

  1. The drink contains the following vitamins:
    • C, B1, B2, PP, B and provitamin A( carotene).
    • These components increase the resistance of a person to various diseases.
      Have a beneficial effect on the endocrine system and hematopoiesis.
      And also cleanse the body of harmful substances.

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  3. Macro and microelements.
    Calcium, which is needed to keep the cutters and bones in good condition.
    He also regulates the cholesterol in the blood, thanks to him, blood is better drained.
    He plays a significant role in the work of the adrenal glands, thyroid( treatment of goiter of the thyroid gland folk remedies) and pancreas.
    Beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels.
    List of other useful elements:
    • fluorine,
    • iron,
    • sulfur,
    • chlorine,
    • sodium,
    • phosphorus.
  4. For 100 grams of the product:
    • proteins - 86 grams, water - 3 grams.
    • Just kefir contains carbohydrates and a small amount of fat.

  5. Ethyl alcohol .
    In 100 grams of its product contains less than 0.05%.
    This amount can not be the cause of alcoholic intoxication.
    Therefore, the judgment that to abuse yogurt because of the content of ethyl alcohol in it is deeply mistaken.
    What is its role in kefir?
    Advice to those who are frightened even by these minor indicators:
    • drink only fresh kefir.
    • As the alcohol content increases with the product storage time.

Useful properties

After analyzing the composition of this sour-milk product, scientists put it on the first position on useful qualities. Drink fruitfully affects:

  • Functionality of the gastrointestinal tract .
    In case of stomach upset, kefir helps to cope with putrefactive bacteria, it removes toxins from the human body.
    The most useful is homemade yogurt( the number of living bacteria in it is much higher).
    Doctors recommend taking yogurt with gastritis.
    With increased acidity, it is not recommended to drink kefir .
    Lactic acid and fermentation processes have a harmful effect on the walls of the stomach.
    This wonderful drink quickly digests "heavy" food.
    Gastroenterologists claim that kefir is a good prevention of digestive tract ailments.
  • Liver and blood vessels .
    Kefir has a positive effect on liver function.
    It is prescribed for cholecystitis.
    As with the help of kefir you can normalize your cholesterol.
    People with high blood pressure( treatment of tachycardia with folk remedies at high blood pressure) can stabilize the indices, taking kefir with cinnamon.
    In this composition the drink is used as a sedative.
    Drink it better at night.
    As, at this time of the day, all the beneficial substances of kefir are better absorbed, especially calcium.
  • Pancreas .
    With increased blood glucose and pancreatic diseases( the benefits of fennel seeds are written here), the treatment with kefir has a good effect.
    1 cup of yogurt at night normalizes blood sugar.
  • CNS( central nervous system) .
    The soothing properties of the drink have been known for a long time.
    It helps to cope with a depressed state.
    In stressful situations, nerves can be brought back to normal with a glass of kefir.
  • In the case of impaired metabolism .
    Nutritionists recommend a drink with metabolism.
    With kefir you can effectively fight overweight.
    If you have a goal - to lose weight( about the buckthorn bark read in this article), then in this case you need to eat only fat-free kefir or low-fat.
    Yogurt or ryazhenka for these purposes will not work.
  • Immunity .
    With regular use of kefir, the defenses of the body increase, the signs of vitamin deficiency are not so obvious: lethargy, fast fatigue.
    With seasonal complications of allergic diseases, the drink is used as a protective agent.
Kefir is endowed with the easy diuretic action of , therefore it is recommended to drink it to people who have problems with swelling.

This product is able to regulate the rate of digestion. A fresh drink acts on the body as an easy laxative.

Then, as yogurt, which is more than 3 days able to staple the chair. This must be taken into account.

People with constipation, should only drink fresh kefir .The drink is not bad "gets along" with bakery products( about the use of amaranth bread is written on this page).

Kefir is good for people who are weakened after a long illness.

It helps to restore the defenses of the body.

The product is indicated to the elderly and infants from the age of 8 months.

Before this term, babies can not be given kefir.

A wide application of the drink found in cosmetology:

  • is part of facial masks( about the use of amaranth oil is written here),
  • improves the condition of hair( use of tar soap) and skin.

The scientists managed to prove. That people who regularly drank curdled milk are less prone to oncological diseases( read the article about this wax moth tincture).

Kefir does not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, people who are diagnosed with allergic diseases can drink it.

Which kefir brings more benefit: fat or fat-free ?There is no single answer to this question.

If you set a goal - to lose weight( oatmeal for breakfast, benefit and harm), buy kefir with a low percentage of fat.

Do you want to extract from the drink a maximum of useful substances - drink fatty kefir.

Possible harm to

Some people should stop using yogurt and replace it with yoghurt, ryazhenka or sour cream.

This sour-milk product should not be used with:

  • digestive process disorder,
  • peptic ulcer,
  • duodenal diseases,
  • in case of milk protein intolerance.

In cosmetology this product is contraindicated to people with dry skin.

There are circumstances where the use of kefir is permissible only if certain rules are observed.

For example, with ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, you can drink low-fat and non-acid kefir while weakening the exacerbation of the disease and do it between meals.

If after you have drunk kefir and you have a stomach ache, it means that you should pay attention to the existing problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

You should not take kefir with pancreatitis and gastritis with high acidity.

You can not abuse a drink for people prone to diarrhea.

How to determine the quality of

If you want kefir to become really a health and longevity drink, you need to be able to choose it without errors.

On the shelves of our stores there are dozens of varieties and brands of these products.

Kefir is a daily , designed for two days and a multi-day. The longer it is stored, the higher the content of carbon dioxide and alcohol in its composition.

If the yogurt has a storage time of 10 days, and at the outlet it has been lying for 4 days or more, then it should not be taken.

Before buying kefir, make sure that there are no "E" additives in it. This will not be a natural, but a synthetic product.

Do not forget to look at the date of manufacture and the end date of implementation. The manufacturer must specify the amount of lactic acid bacteria on the package.

If you find that the whey has peeled off kefir, put it aside. It can not be drunk, since during its manufacture the technological process was disrupted.

Drinking yogurt is best for a comfortable temperature, while making small throats.

In order to maintain your health, it is normal to drink 1 to 2 cups of an invigorating drink a day.

What is kefir and how useful it is to the body - answers are voiced in the video.