Mandarins: the benefits and harm of "sunny" fruits for health

This "sunny" fruit came to us from China, where only the local nobility - tangerines - were available. Having received a "aristocratic" name for useful natural properties and surprising taste, the mandarin began its triumphal procession around the world. And the number of his admirers is growing every day. What is the use of tangerines for the body?

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    Mandarins may well claim the title of the most useful citrus. In bright orange fruits, a large number of vitamins, minerals and organic acids are present. In this case, 100 g of the product contains only 38 kcal, which allows it to be classified as a low-calorie fruit. But everything in order. ..

    In the treasury of health

    The high content of vitamin C effectively strengthens the immune system, improves the metabolic processes in the body and restores strength after the disease, so mandarins are indispensable in the health and fortifying menu, especially in the autumn-winter period.

    The mandarin flesh is rich in organic acids. For example, citric and malic acids have an antimicrobial effect, and also effectively cope with fungal diseases of various etiologies.

    Mandarin slices are recommended for eating together with white films, in which glycosides and P-active compounds are present. This helps prevent the development of atherosclerosis and lower blood cholesterol levels, and is also a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

    The presence of folic acid is especially useful for pregnant women. It is she who cares about strengthening the nervous system of the future baby. However, mandarins can cause an increase in the tone of the uterus, so during pregnancy they should be taken with caution.

    To people suffering from hypertension, tangerines help get rid of excess fluid and optimize the activity of the physiological systems of the body. This is due to potassium, which actively fights with edema in the heart and kidneys.

    Diabetics are also recommended dosed use of mandarins. It should be exclusively fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juice from 1-2 fruits or a decoction of peel, which should be taken no more often than once in 2 days.

    On the taste and color of

    Along with the useful properties of tangerines have excellent taste qualities, for which they received a well-deserved recognition of the culinary specialists. It's not just about dessert fruits, compotes or juices.

    These citrus fruits are used as the main ingredients for sauces for meat and game, for fish dishes, as spices for confectionery products, as well as for making various sweets. In addition, tangerines can be added to salads - their taste adds a touch of piquancy and makes the dishes more vivid.

    This is important! Glossy peel shine is often achieved as a result of chemical treatment. It should be remembered before starting the culinary process.

    Since citrus is a real storehouse of vitamin C, called the elixir of youth, mandarins are actively used in the field of cosmetology. Mandarin oil, produced from the skin of the fruit by the cold-pressed method, is used in the production of essential oils, massage creams and toning shower gels, which give cheerfulness and energy.

    French doctors advise young mothers to get rid of stretch marks on the skin with the help of mandarin oil. And if you gently rub it into the baby's skin, massaging the tummy, the baby will get rid of colic and will sleep peacefully.

    Baths with mandarin oil not only increase the tone of the body and improve mood, but also have a beneficial effect on the skin, making it tender and velvety. However, do not be diligent with the dosage - a large amount of oil can cause dizziness and even migraine. Everything is good in moderation.

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    Nutritional and caloric value of

    Low calorie content( 38 kcal per 100 g of product) allows to name mandarin low-calorie and non-nitrate fruit. Citric acid, located in the skin, prevents the penetration of harmful components, so the flesh of citrus is protected from negative impact from the outside.

    The nutritional value can be judged by the degree of ripening of the fruit. Mature mandarin contains:

    • proteins - 0.8 g;
    • fats - 0.2 g;
    • carbohydrates - 7.5 g;
    • dietary fiber - 1.9 g;
    • organic acids - 1 g;
    • saccharides - 7.5 g;
    • L-ascorbic acid( vitamin C) - 38 mg;
    • retinol( A) - 10 mcg;
    • thiamine( B1) - 0.06 mg;
    • pyridoxine( B6) - 0.07 mg;
    • riboflavin( B2) - 0.03 mg;
    • beta-carotene - 0.06 mg;
    • Vitamin PP - 0.2 mg
    • Potassium - 155 mg;
    • calcium - 35 mg;
    • magnesium - 11 mg;
    • sodium - 12 mg;
    • phosphorus - 17 mg;
    • Iron - 0.1 mg

    However, the high content of vitamins, micro- and macro elements can provoke the inverse effect of .Instead of the desired recovery and supply of the body with a supply of nutrients, hypervitaminosis can occur - glut of vitamins, which leads to diarrhea, skin rashes and even a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood.

    Are there any harm and contraindications?

    In addition to hypervitaminosis, mandarin orange can provoke the strongest allergic reactions of .This should be remembered for people prone to allergies, and with caution to use mandarins in their pure form or cosmetics that contain citrus ingredients.

    Children's body reacts particularly sharply to various allergens. Therefore, parents need to carefully monitor how many fruits the baby eats at one time. Even if the child does not suffer from allergies, the amount of citrus should not exceed 2 pieces of medium size.

    Exclude mandarins from the diet should people with inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as those suffering from hepatitis, nephritis and cholecystitis .Diabetics can eat citrus fruits, but it is better to do this after consulting a doctor.

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    Methods of application in folk medicine

    Traditional medicine knows many medications based on mandarins. For example, citrus peel in fresh or dried form is suitable for brewing tea .

    This drink not only has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, but also promotes the excretion of sputum from the lungs, eliminates cough, helps to get rid of colds and bronchitis.

    And if in the mornings on an empty stomach to drink a glass of freshly squeezed mandarin juice, it facilitates the course of pulmonary diseases and is an effective tool in the fight against asthma.

    Japanese healers recommend using water extract from mandarin peel to activate metabolism, with blood diseases and blockage of blood vessels. And the external application of mandarin juice allows women to successfully combat thrush.

    In general, for women's health and beauty, mandarin is an indispensable product. Even in the Middle Ages, representatives of the aristocracy bleached the face and body of with succulent mandarin slices. Modern methods of weight loss recommend eating an average of 500 g of citrus fruits in conjunction with the appropriate physical activity.

    This is important! Mandarins can cause attacks of hunger, so the "beauty menu" must be supplemented with protein food: dishes from meat and fish, as well as sour-milk products.

    The fight against cellulite will be more active if a few drops of mandarin oil are added to the massage device. This will not only get rid of the manifestations of the "orange peel", but it will also be an excellent prevention of stretch marks. And if you put oil in the aroma lamp, a good mood will be provided for the whole day!

    No less effective means of mandarin will be with copious monthly .The use of fruit in fresh form normalizes menopausal bleeding and eliminates unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen.

    Decoction of peel can be used as an antipyretic and anti-emetic remedy .With diarrhea, this drink will have an astringent effect. However, one should not forget about individual intolerance - when allergic reactions occur, the reception of the broth should be discontinued.

    Weighing all the pros and cons, each person will be able to determine for himself the optimal portion of tangerines. If nature itself handles such a tasty and useful remedy for the body and soul, why not use it?

    The list of contraindications is not so great, but they must be taken into account in order to enjoy "sunny" citrus fruits without any harm. Draw conclusions and be healthy!