Recipe tincture of a golden mustache on vodka, how to take, reviews

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Calligraphy fragrant, or golden mustache - a plant from the family of Comelin, known for its unique properties for many years. The height of the golden mustache is from 70cm to 2m.

Useful components that make up the golden mustache, treat various diseases, including oncological pathologies.

Contents of the article:
  • Contents of the article:
  • Composition
  • Composition and properties
  • Tincture of golden mustache on vodka
    • Dosage of
  • folk prescription
  • Nutrition for treatment of
  • Contraindications


For propagation of the plant, cuttings forming on the whiskers are needed.

They are carefully trimmed and placed in water.

After appearing on the root cuttings, you can plant the plant in the ground.

Important! Golden mustache must be protected from direct sunlight, because under the influence of the sun, the leaves of the fragrant calligraphy darken and crumble due to burns.

When grown, the plant requires periodic fertilizing, timely watering and regular cutting to prevent excessive growth of the golden mustache around the apartment.

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In summer, the plant can be taken to a suburban area and planted in the ground.

With the onset of autumn, the golden mustache can be used for making traditional recipes.

Composition and properties of

The curative effect of the plant is due to a combination of nutrients in whiskers, leaves and stems:

Biphenols , providing antiseptic properties of the golden mustache.

Beta-sitosterol , has a hormone-like activity, which allows using fragrant fragrances to fight cancer.

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Chromium , necessary for the human body to normalize carbohydrate metabolism, regulate blood sugar, prevent thyroid disorders and cardiovascular system.

Sulfur , which slows the aging process in the body, contributing to the purification of blood and protection of a person from radiation exposure and infections.

Phytosterols , which have a positive effect on endocrine disorders, prostate diseases and oncological diseases.

Flavonoids , which have anti-inflammatory, antitumor and anti-inflammatory effect.

Copper , which takes an active part in metabolic processes, normalizes the level of hemoglobin in the blood and participates in equipping cells with oxygen.

Thanks to the unique properties of the golden mustache, plants are recommended to use to eliminate the following diseases:

  • pathology of the hematopoiesis;
  • diseases of the intestines and stomach;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • disease of the joints and spine;
  • disturbances in the physical exchange in the
  • organism;decreased immunity;
  • obesity.

Before using folk medicine recipes with a gold mustache for maximum safety, you should consult your doctor.

Important! Mustaches have useful properties only from an adult plant.

In this case, the joints must be purple. With a young plant, you can take leaves for folk recipes.

Vodka tincture

To prepare a healing agent, we need 15 pieces of mustache plants, which should be cut into pieces and poured into vodka in a volume of 0.5 liters.

It is recommended to insist the received mass in a container of glass, with a tightly closed lid, in a place inaccessible to sunlight.

Once a day tincture must be shaken thoroughly. After 2 weeks, the product is carefully filtered and stored in a dark place with a cool temperature.

Day Number drops Day Number drops Day Number drops Day Number Drop
1 10 16 25 31 38 46 23
2 11 17 26 32 37 47 22
3 12 18 27 33 36 48 21
4 13 19 28 34 35 49 20
5 14 20 29 35 34 50 19
6 15 21 30 36 33 51 18
7 16 22 31 37 32 52 17
8 17 23 32 38 31 53 16
9 18 24 33 39 30 54 15
10 19 25 34 40 29 55 14
11 20 26 35 41 28 56 13
12 21 27 36 42 27 57 12
13 22 28 37 43 26 58 11
14 23 29 38 44 25 59 10
15 24 30 39 45 24 60 9

Tincture is taken 2-3 times during the day, 30 minutes before meals, squeezed with a small amount of water.

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Dosage of

If necessary, a two-month course of treatment with a tincture of a golden mustache can be repeated after a break of 1 month.

Another way to take the drug is to take 30 drops of tincture from the first day of treatment, diluting ½ cup of boiled water.

For a day, the tincture is applied 2 times.

The course of treatment is 10 days, with a break between the next course of 10 days.

tincture based kallizii fragrant used to control:

  • with atherosclerosis,
  • osteochondrosis,
  • cardiovascular disease,
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • bruises,
  • fractures,
  • blood diseases,
  • lung diseases.

Folk recipes

Other effective traditional medicine based on golden hair include the following:

To get rid of skin diseases, including eczema and trophic ulcers, ointment from the plant will help.

For its preparation, it is necessary to crush the stems and leaves thoroughly, squeeze the juice and mix it with the base in the form of a baby cream in the proportion 1: 3.

For the treatment of pain in joints, tincture is prepared from 25 plant joints and 1.5 liters of vodka.

The product is thawed for 2 weeks, filtered and used for rubbing the affected joints, performing lotions and compresses.

To fight a strong cold, liver, bowel and stomach diseases will help decoction of the components of the golden mustache.

For its manufacture it follows:

  • add 1 sheet of large-sized plant to cold water,
  • bring to a boil,
  • cook for 5 minutes on low heat,
  • insist for about 30 minutes,
  • is well filtered out.

Means in a cooled form apply for half an hour before a meal of 1 tablespoon. Store the broth recommended in the refrigerator.

To calm the nervous system, you can use a decoction from the collection of medicinal plants.

  1. Hop drums,
  2. crushed roots of valerian officinalis,
  3. peppermint grass,
  4. all in amounts of 1 teaspoon mixed with a quarter of the chopped leaf of a golden mustache.

The curative mass is poured in 2 cups of boiled water and is infused, filtered and used 1-2 times a day for ¼ of the glass before eating.

For the prevention of beriberi it is useful to use vitamin teas based on a golden mustache.

To prepare a medicine drink, you should:

  • grind 1 tablespoon of red ashberry,
  • 1 tablespoon of rose hips,
  • ½ part of a leaf of a golden mustache.

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and poured into 3 cups of boiled water.

The drink should be infused for 1-2 hours, then tea is filtered and drunk up to 4 times a day for 20 minutes before eating a quarter cup.

The course of admission for the prevention of exacerbations of chronic pathologies is 10 days.

Important! During the treatment with a golden mustache, you must stop smoking.

Nutrition in the treatment of

During the period of reception of funds from the golden must for maximum benefit, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules in the diet.

From the daily ration, it is desirable to completely exclude the following products:

  • fats of animal origin;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • fresh bread;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • canned foods;
  • cakes, cakes;
  • bun;
  • dairy products.

Important! It is necessary to minimize the amount of salt and sugar added to food, as well as the consumption of potatoes.

The ration must necessarily be present:

  • fruits and vegetables in raw form,
  • greens,
  • cheeses,
  • almonds and walnuts,
  • fish.

Instead of creamy, it is recommended to add olive oil to dishes.


Like any medicinal plant, the golden mustache has its own contraindications in use.

If the healing plant is not properly taken, the vocal cords may be damaged, accompanied by a voice subsidence, which requires a difficult and long recovery.

It is undesirable to use funds based on fragrant calligraphy in the following cases:

  • age to 18 years.
  • adenoma of the prostate.
  • pregnancy and the period of breast-feeding.
  • individual intolerance.
  • kidney disease.

Important! Golden mustache refers to poisonous plants, so when treating, it is necessary to observe exactly and do not exceed the dosage.

In case of overdoses, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor and begin taking the enterosorbent.

Golden mustache is a unique plant , possessing a whole range of useful properties, which allows to effectively use medicinal plant based products to preserve the health and longevity of a person.

For maximum benefit and safety it is important to adhere to the exact dosages, rules of preparation and use of traditional medicine recipes for the prevention and treatment of various diseases and pathologies.

How to properly prepare the tincture of a golden mustache on vodka you will recognize while watching the proposed video.

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