All the facts about heart extrasystole: what it is and how to treat it

The heart is considered not only one of the most important organs of the human body, but also one of the most vulnerable to various diseases. That's why his health should be monitored.

But it happens that a person is overtaken by various heart diseases. In order to know how to deal with them, it is necessary to know what they are and what they are caused by.

Today we will consider such a pathology as heart extrasystole - what is it, how dangerous and how to cure it?


  • 1 General
  • 2 Prevalence and characteristics
  • 3 Severity Ratings and similarities
  • 4 disease Localization
  • 5 Causes
  • 6 Distribution by age and sex
  • 7 Symptoms of the disease
  • 8 Diagnostics
  • 9 Therapies
  • 10 Need Is
  • 11 rehabilitation Possible consequences and complications
  • 12 Prevention


One of the most common heart diseases is extrasystole. This term refers to irregularities in the rhythm of the heart muscle, in which it is shortened prematurely by the .

To detect this disease is very simple with the help of ECG, which gives an accelerated or premature extrasystolic complex.

In general, the premature complex can be both extrasystolic and parasystolic .The fact is that extrasystoles and parasystoles are inherent attributes of the work of the main muscle in the body, and the treatment of the violation of their rhythm passes in exactly the same way.

Extrasystolia can be localized in the ventricles of the heart, as well as in the supraventricular, atrial and atrioventricular.

Prevalence and characteristics of

Extrasystolia can be documented in absolutely any person, even healthy, so a similar disruption to the does not necessarily require medical intervention by the .

Most people encounter this cardiac rhythm disturbance, but they do not even know about it, because there is no significant symptomatology, except for minor violations when passing a cardiogram.

There is a certain rate at which the number of extrasystoles per day is not considered dangerous: up to 200 .

If they are registered less, then the person is most likely absolutely healthy. After all, the human heart, like any other organ, can not work with standard stability.

If an hour is recorded less than 300 extrasystoles, then according to the classification of medical researchers Wolf and Lone extrasystole is considered rare, if more, then frequent.

In this case, in no case should not be confused with its tachycardia. To distinguish these diseases with the presence of an apparatus for ECG can be without problems.

As a rule, extrasystoles are either single or double( paired).If the extrasystoles are 3 or more in succession, then such a disease is already called a tachycardia, it requires more drastic therapy. With tachycardia, there is a significant malfunction of the heart muscle , in which it works unevenly and unstable.

Danger level and general features of

It should be noted that none of researchers treats extrasystoles as dangerous diseases of the heart muscle.

Campbell and other famous world cardiologists consider it primarily as a "cosmetic" heart failure, which does not affect the quality of this work.

However, if the extrasystole is frequent, as well as the symptoms of tachycardia, the "jogging" of the rhythm, then this must be the reason for the examination so that physicians can clearly understand the cause of such a violation.

After all, the symptoms of this disease can hide much more significant and dangerous, so the survey should be appointed and passed without fail.

Symptoms that can lead to extrasystole therapy are:

  • Hemodynamic disorders that are caused by the uneven rhythm of the heart muscle.
  • The person's own feelings when he feels instability of the heart rhythm, which brings discomfort.
  • At examination: structural changes, as well as worsening of myocardial parameters, which can lead to very serious consequences without medical intervention.

Localization of the disease

Extrasystoles as a disease are divided into several types of localization, which have already been listed previously.

  • Ventricular extrasystole occurs due to the appearance in the cardiac ventricles of an independent focus of contraction impulses, which interferes with the normal functioning of the heart muscle.

    A similar disorder is most often observed in men, especially in the age group. Symptoms, this disruption of the heart muscle has practically no effect. As with other arrhythmic disorders, patients note that "fading" is the increase in the rhythm of the work of the heart.

    It is not a threat to the life of the patient, however, with high rates of rhythm disturbance, it requires deep examination and subsequent therapy. It should be said that the symptoms and medical indications are the same for any localization.

  • Nadzheludochkovaya appears due to arrhythmia caused by independent hearth pulses of the heart muscle, which occurs in the supraventricular region, atrioventricular septum.
  • Atrial is caused by the appearance of foci of electrical impulses of the heart in the atria.
  • Atrial-ventricular occurs due to a foci in the region of the ventricular-atrial septum.

Learn more about what to do with heart extrasystole and what it is all from video:

Causes of

The causes of extrasystole are similar to the causes of many other heart diseases:

  • Cigarette smoking
  • Ischemic heart problems
  • Abuse of caffeinated beverages:coffee, energy, etc.
  • Myocardium malfunction
  • Heart disease( congenital or acquired)
  • Potassium shortage
  • Various disruptions in the arterial system

Age and sex distribution

It should be noted that in men this heart disease often occurs .This is due to the fact that men smoke cigarettes more often, and are also exposed to various other negative factors. The frequency of this disease increases with age. In women, too, this disease is quite common, but usually in uncritical forms.

Extrasystolia is common among adolescents, as the age-related changes affect the work of the whole organism, including the heart muscle. In addition, the body in children is weak enough, so the heart does not always work correctly and extrasystole is possible.

Symptoms of

The following are common symptoms of extrasystole:

  • Feeling of anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness and weakness
  • Sensible arrhythmia felt by the patient himself: "fading", frequent
  • Increased sweating

It should be noted that these symptoms are common to many heart diseases, therefore, it is easiest to identify them on the ECG.


Diagnosing the extrasystole is easiest with the ECG .An electrocardiogram allows you to easily and accurately calculate any type of malfunction of the heart muscle. After all, the ECG tape clearly shows normal and abnormal, frequent contractions.

But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to detect extrasystoles with the help of an electrocardiogram. The fact is that this procedure does not last long, as a result of which the disruption of the heart muscle may not be fixed .

In addition, during the ECG the patient lies, that is, shows no activity. In life, a person rarely does not move.

In this case, the best solution is to diagnose this disease with Holter mount .

The advantage of this type of diagnosis is that the is monitored throughout the day by the , which he conducts in his usual rhythm.

Thus, the doctor will be able to accurately determine the presence of failures in the rhythm of the main muscle in the body.

Diagnostics is described in more detail in the video:

Methods of treatment

Sometimes such a disease requires only psychological treatment of .It happens that you just need to take a person out of an anxious or depressed state so that this illness goes away. For this you can contact psychiatrists and psychologists.

can be treated and medicamentally. What kind of medication should I take with the extrasystole of the heart from unpleasant symptoms? In this case, the following drugs are used:

  • Allapinin, etatsizin, which are used for arrhythmia
  • Metoprolol, Sotalol, which are adrenaline blockers
  • Verapamil - calcium antagonist drug

Some do not want to resort to medical methods of treatment, giving advantages to folk remedies for cardiac arrhythmiaa kind of an extrasystole. Here are some recipes for treating heart extrasystoles:

  • Hawthorn tincture 10 drops 3 times a day. For her preparation, hawthorn pour vodka and insist for 10 days.
  • A mixture of valerian in the same manner. To make it, several teaspoons of this plant are poured into 100 ml of boiling water and boiled for 15 minutes. Then the mixture must be filtered.
When these remedies prove ineffective, you should consult a surgical procedure.

The most common treatment for is a special catheter , which is delivered to the desired heart department via the arteries and pulses are sent from the radiofrequency with the help of radio frequencies.

Do rehabilitation

As a rule, treatment of this disease does not require special rehabilitation.

Possible consequences and complications

If you are not struggling with the problem, this "cosmetic" disease can go to the tachycardia , which is much more serious.

In addition, may increase the likelihood of myocardial infarction , so it is necessary to deal with this disease, if it has already arisen and what the doctor says about it. Otherwise, the consequences can be much more detrimental to the main muscle that accelerates the blood. Extrasystoles can be regarded as the first "bell", which can signal problems.

If you proceed to therapy( if it is needed) promptly, then there can be no consequences and complications.


For prevention, you must adhere to certain rules that will help not only avoid the recurrence of the disease, but also strengthen the body in general:

  • Try to adhere to a healthy lifestyle: do not eat fatty foods, within reasonable limits, exercise, give up bad habits.
  • Get enough sleep
  • Take all kinds of vitamins
  • Spend a lot of time outdoors
  • Reduce emotional tension
  • Avoid caffeine and energy
Follow these rules so that the extrasystole does not threaten you in the future.

After all, heart health should be a priority for every person!