Finger fingers: causes


  • 1The fingers do not know what to do. For what reason are the fingers of the left and right hands numb and what treatment is the most effective
    • 1.1Why do your fingers grow numb
    • 1.2Why do not the fingertips grow dumb at the hands
    • 1.3Why the fingers on the left arm grow numb
    • 1.4Why fingers on the right arm grow dumb
    • 1.5Why does the thumb grow dumb on the arm
    • 1.6Why fingers are numb: little finger
    • 1.7Why are the fingers numb in the hands
    • 1.8Why fingers on the arm grow numb: little finger and anonymous
    • 1.9Why do the index fingers become numb
    • 1.10Fingers fingers: what to do
  • 2Fingers of the fingers of a cause cause, methods of treatment and prevention, video
    • 2.1Why fingers grow numb
    • 2.2Numbness of the index, large and middle finger
    • 2.3Nemyut fingers at night
    • 2.4Little finger and ring finger
    • 2.5Do not fingertips fingertips
    • 2.6What to do and how to eliminate discomfort
    • 2.7Possible consequences of numbness of fingers
    • 2.8Prevention of disease
    • 2.9: causes and methods of treating numbness in fingers
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  • 3Fingers fingers: causes. What should I do if my fingers become numb?
    • 3.1What to do if your fingers grow numb
    • 3.2: "3 causes of numbness in the hands. Diagnosis "on the fingers"
    • 3.3Why are the fingers on the left arm numb?
    • 3.4Why are the fingers on the right arm numb?
    • 3.5Why are the fingers of both hands numb all the time?
    • 3.6Why do your fingers become numb in a dream?
    • 3.7Why do my fingers get numb after sleeping?
    • 3.8: "The Tunnel Syndrome"
    • 3.9: "Your fingers and hands are gone. Causes and consequences »
    • 3.10: "Nemyut fingers"
  • 4Nemyut fingers: what to do, the reasons and treatment
    • 4.1External causes
    • 4.2Internal causes
    • 4.3Osteochondrosis
    • 4.4Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • 4.5Polyneuropathy
    • 4.6Raynaud's disease
    • 4.7Thrombosis
    • 4.8Corking of cerebral vessels
    • 4.9Other reasons
    • 4.10What should I do if my fingers become numb?
    • 4.11Prevention of numbness in the fingers
    • 4.12on how to treat numbness of the limbs

The fingers do not know what to do. For what reason are the fingers of the left and right hands numb and what treatment is the most effective

When the fingers of the patient grow dumb, the doctor may refer to the term "paresthesia". This sensitivity disorder of the extremities is characterized by numbness, which gradually gives way to tingling, followed by a sensation of the so-called goosebumps.

Such a frightening effect often causes panic in women who are confronted with it for the first time during sleep or with a sufficiently high muscle tension. When the fingers become numb, the causes of the pathology must be determined by the doctor, so as not to allow errors in the diagnosis.

Visiting in such cases of a medical institution is necessary, because it is essentially not about an independent disease, but rather a serious symptom, in a number of cases saying that in the body there is some deviation from the norm that requires professional advice.

Why do your fingers grow numb

Most often, a similar feeling occurs in a sleepy state - waking up, a person feels how numb fingers in his hands. Usually this is due to uncomfortable posture and impaired blood circulation. It is enough simply to stretch the muscles, to restore circulation in the vessels, so that everything has passed without a trace.

But if a disorder like paresthesia occurs frequently, it means that the reasons lie not only in this. As doctors say, there are a lot of provoking factors and they are very diverse.

1. Inconvenient clothes. If the sleeves are tight elastic bands or tight cuffs, then there is a squeezing of the blood vessels, causing a violation of the normal current through them.

To the fingertips come certain types of substances that cause irritation of nerve endings. Hence, the very tingling sensations that cause a certain inconvenience arise.

2. Carpal tunnel syndrome. The middle nerve passes through the wrist.

If a person spends a long time in the same pose (for example, sits at a computer, the mouse is located next to the table, the palm lies on it and practically does not move), then the nerve can be jammed, as a result of which, after the first stage of numbness, a rather tangible pain.

3. With osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, fingers often become numb in the hands. The peculiarity of this case - unpleasant sensations are characteristic only for one of the upper extremities.

4. Polyneuropathy. There are a lot of sensitive nerve endings on the fingers of the hands. If there is an organic lesion placed on the hands and fingers of the nerve plexus, then gradually numbness turns into tingling.


The more nerves are affected, the less time is required for the attack to recur. The reason for the development of polyneuropathy lurks in infection with infection or existing functional ailments.


Such a defeat can cause even a banal lack of vitamins with iron deficiency anemia.

5. Deep vein thrombosis on the hands. It is also capable of causing numbness in the limbs. The occlusion of the blood vessel should gradually pass itself. If the unpleasant effect lasts more than an hour, then, no longer postponing until later, you need to urgently consult a doctor.

6. Corking of the cerebral vessel. Because of this problem, a stroke can occur. Previously, a person feels that his fingers are numb in his arms.

This is accompanied by a steady increase in blood pressure, sudden headaches.

As soon as the first signs of this condition are detected, you should contact your doctor or consult an ambulance.

Here the most common causes of numbness of fingers are listed, but in fact there are many more. Unpleasant sensations can be caused by various traumas that disrupt the circulatory process.

In the same group should include and diseases of the endocrine system, inflammation of the joints on the hands, etc. In any case, an appeal to a doctor is inevitable, especially to a specialist neurologist.

It is he who will establish the diagnosis and prescribe urgent treatment.

Why do not the fingertips grow dumb at the hands

The main reason for the dumbness of the fingertips on their hands is an acute shortage (deficiency) in the body of vitamins such as A or B.

The neurologist conceived considers also such variants of the reasons, at which fingertips on hands do not grow dumb:

- old injuries;

- problems from the cardiovascular system;

- diseases associated with the endocrine system;

- Inflammation of the joints.

If the doctor still confirms the diagnosis associated with avitaminosis, then it is necessary in the root to revise their diet, adding to it a number of foods rich in vitamin content named groups A and B. These can be fish oil, liver, seafood and sea fish, yolk eggs, butter, nuts, dairy products.

Such measures are necessary, because with time simple numbness can lead to quite serious consequences, one of which is the gradually increasing atherosclerosis of blood vessels.

Why the fingers on the left arm grow numb

The most safe in terms of possible consequences is the overstrain of the muscles of the left arm, when it comes to the left-hander.

Here for the removal of symptoms it is reasonable to combine the periods of active work with rest and massage.

Worse, if it is a case of heart disease, also capable of causing a condition in which the fingers on the left arm often numb.


Depending on which finger (or combination of fingers) is numb, an experienced doctor is capable of Determine where the spinal nerve was pinched, because the fingers are literally permeated with nervous endings. Characteristic signs of pinching are weakness of muscles on the fingers, unpleasant or even painful sensations in the forearm and / or shoulder.


The neurologist can name as the reasons of a malaise and infringement of work of internal bodies. It is hardly worth joking with pneumonia, kidney disease, liver.

Naturally, the doctor should be contacted immediately, as soon as the first numbness of the fingers begins.

Especially if a change in the position of the hand or massage can hardly help, because in such cases it will be a case of any disease, the symptom of which is paresthesia.

Why fingers on the right arm grow dumb

The right hand is for most people a worker (we are talking about right-handers), so during the day the main physical load falls on it.

Hence the main reason that the fingers on the right hand grow dumb becomes understandable. It's about overexertion of the muscles associated with fine motor skills.

Thin movements of a seamstress needle, constant work with a computer keyboard, writing large handwritten texts cause numbness of the fingers until the appearance of seizures.

To avoid this, you can often take breaks and stretch your hands, do gymnastics for your fingers, thereby stimulating blood circulation. In cold weather, frost should always protect your palms with warm, comfortable mittens or gloves.

Slightly numb fingers on the right hand due to problems in the work of the cardiovascular system. A specific conclusion can be made only by the doctor after the examination of the patient.

Why does the thumb grow dumb on the arm

The most common cause of numbness of the thumb is the uncomfortable position of the hand during sleep and rest. An incorrect posture interferes with normal blood circulation, even can completely transfer the nervous end of the hand.

Disturbances in the spine can lead to the fact that you will have to be treated at the hospital. Usually an actual and effective measure is professional massage.

If your thumb is numb, then you can perform a small check - ask the patient to squeeze his hand into a fist.

If this primitive action is impossible, the doctor can diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome.


Such a disease is our payment for the convenience of working with a computer.


Particular caution should cause the causes associated with the cardiovascular system.

Why fingers are numb: little finger

When the little finger grows numb, the pain senses rise from the palm to the elbow on the inside of the forearm of the arm. Doctors associate such symptoms with different reasons:

- diseases of the cardiovascular system (namely, the heart);

Osteochondrosis of the spine (in the region of scapulae).

After receiving recommendations from a doctor, they should be fully and scrupulously carried out to avoid real problems and further complications.

Why are the fingers numb in the hands

Unnamed: The fingers on the arm grow numb after the injuries of the forearm, hand. Or after excessive loads on the palm, for example, when carrying bulk baggage at the train station. But this is not the only reason for the development of such symptoms.

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To more serious relate the problems associated with heart disease. As one of the options - the consequences of a spasm of ischemic, elbow nephritis.

Why fingers on the arm grow numb: little finger and anonymous

The little finger and ring finger are most often numb on the right hand. This can be due to the abuse of computer games, heavy loads of typing.

If the attempt to eliminate such symptoms did not yield results, then perhaps the reason lies in another.

In the case of frequently recurring or unnecessarily prolonged bouts of numbness, the doctor will most likely recommend passing a magnetic resonance imaging of the cervical spine.

Why do the index fingers become numb

The index fingers are missing for the following reasons:

- problems with the cervical spine;

- neuropathy of the radial nerve;

- Syndrome of the interosseous nerve;

- initial symptoms of polyneuropathy;

- tunnel syndrome and others.

Fingers fingers: what to do

Knowing the reasons why your fingers are numb, it's enough just to get rid of these prerequisites, and good health will be restored.

1. If the cause of the inconvenience is clothing, then it must be replaced, so that the body and hands, in a particular case, feel the utmost comfort.

2. To avoid trouble, you often need to change the pose if you need a sedentary job. Also, regularly, with a break of 20-30 minutes, you need to knead the hands, the spine. This is important to do so as not to pinch the middle nerve and prevent the blood from stagnating in the vessels of the hands.

3. If there is a suspicion that the fingers are numb due to the osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, then a doctor's consultation is required with the subsequent appointment of a complex of treatment for the disease. The doctor will prescribe an individual treatment consisting of procedures and medication.

4. Elimination of such causes of numbness, such as thrombosis of the upper limbs, can be carried out only under the supervision of an experienced doctor.

5. When vitamin deficiency should be reviewed their daily and weekly diet, adding to it useful, enriched with the right elements of the products.

If the cause of the trouble is a disease, the doctor directs the patient for examination (delivery of urine and blood tests, RKT and MRI of the head and neck, radiography of the joints of the hand and hand).

The medication pathway includes: taking anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and chondroprotectors.

Then funds are allocated to improve blood circulation, restore innervation (nerve supply).


Physiotherapeutic procedures (electrophoresis, paraffin, laser) with exercises of physiotherapy exercises will also be useful.


Naturally, any appointments must be made by a professional, for self-medication is dangerous and irresponsible in relation to one's health.

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Fingers of the fingers of a cause cause, methods of treatment and prevention, video

Regardless of age, people may experience a symptom such as numbness of the limbs. With the permanent appearance of this sensation, it is necessary to undergo a survey to establish the pathology that caused it.

Many people are faced with the fact that fingers are numb, the reasons for this may be different. Either with a serious illness that begins to develop in the body, or a long-term wrong position of the body. If the seizures become more frequent, a person should see the therapist.

The causes of this unpleasant disease, symptoms and methods of dealing with it read below.

Why fingers grow numb

Numbness of the entire finger area or some areas may be accompanied by a feeling that the skin is shivering (paresthesia). In addition, this symptom often appears together with burning, light tingling.

Short-term loss of sensitivity, if a person was in the wrong position, leaves after a short exercise. But if it is observed without an obvious reason, for example, during sleep or after waking up, you need to think about going to the doctor.

If the seizures become more frequent, you need to turn to a professional immediately.

Loss of sensitivity of the upper limbs as a consequence of a serious illness is mainly observed in the elderly - this can be caused by problems of nerves, vessels, lack of vitamins. In children, adolescents, women and middle-aged men, it can serve as an improper position of the body. What positions can lead to loss of sensitivity:

  • Sitting pose "foot on foot." This position, which many people use, can not only cause numbness in the fingers and toes, but in the future leads to varicose veins, serious problems with the vessels.
  • The seat with the head thrown back. In this case, the vertebrae can squeeze the blood vessels and not allow the blood to fully supply the brain, which, in turn, leads to a loss of sensitivity.
  • Crossing of the upper limbs. If you hold your hands in this position for a long time, blood will not flow to the fingertips badly - this will promote numbness.
  • Incorrect posture when walking or sitting. The position with the bent back provokes spine diseases, which can subsequently cause numbness of the fingers.
  • Lying or sleeping with the hands placed under the head. This can cause clamping of the arteries and provoke numbness of not only the fingers, but also the entire surface of the skin of the hand.

It's important to remember when your fingers become numb, it does not happen without a reason.

As a rule, such a symptom has the character of a cardiovascular, neurological disease or a disease associated with metabolism.

Depending on the type of pathology, the localization of numbness changes, in addition, it is accompanied by additional symptoms. What diseases can cause loss of sensitivity:

1. Diseases of the heart and circulatory system.

If a person has something wrong with the heart muscle or blood vessels, numbness will be accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms - pain in the chest area on the left, under the scapula, in the shoulder. It is important to be able to differentiate heart pain from neuralgia.

With heart disease, lips and fingers become numb at the same time, coldness of the limbs, severe shortness of breath occurs. Numbness in this case, as a rule, happens at night or early in the morning after awakening.

If you feel that fingers are numb at night on the hands and this starts to happen more often, consult a doctor for examination and diagnosis, in time to detect heart disease or exclude it development.

2. Problems with the nervous system. In the case of neurological diseases, there are several causes of numbness in the fingers:

  • Osteochondrosis. If a person has a pinched nerve in the region of the fifth or sixth vertebra in the initial stage diseases of the spine, the patient begins to feel a slight numbness of the fingers, which manifests itself at night. In the case when the disease begins to develop further, loss of sensitivity occurs at any time of the day. Osteochondrosis of the neck requires timely and qualitative treatment, otherwise there is a risk of intervertebral hernia, which will provoke further numbness of the fingers.
  • Pinching of the median nerve. This pathology in modern people is often met and expressed by the so-called carpal tunnel syndrome. The nerve is pinched by the forearm, the person begins to experience pain in the hand, feels a loss of sensitivity with the fingers - as a rule, it concerns the middle, ring finger and little finger. This syndrome manifests itself in people who spend a lot of time monotonous manual work: writers, programmers, seamstresses. To mitigate an unpleasant symptom, it is important to do gymnastic exercises for the working hand.

3. Pathological processes in the metabolism. The first cause of numbness in the fingers is the lack of certain vitamins, which often appears in the spring. It is accompanied by dry skin, peeling.

Especially the human body suffers from the microelements of groups A, B, E. To avoid unpleasant sensations in the body, you need to include in the diet more fruits, vegetables.

In addition, the cause of loss of sensitivity may be a lack of potassium with calcium - then numbness is accompanied by swelling.

4. Another possible cause of an unpleasant symptom is the appearance of atherosclerosis and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the fingers, which leads to a loss of their sensitivity.

Above are named diseases, which most often become the causes of numbness of the limbs, but other diseases can lead to this.

For example, often the loss of sensitivity occurs during pregnancy, when blood circulation worsens, or because of the severe stage of diabetes mellitus.


In addition, numbness can provoke constant stress, anxiety, fear, the consequences of heart attacks and strokes, mental abnormalities. It is also caused by problems with the respiratory system, for example, pneumonia or tuberculosis.


If numbness of the fingers is symmetrically manifested on both hands, the cause in most cases will be Neurological disease or neuropathy (a disease associated with negative changes in small blood vessels vessels with diabetes). In addition, loss of sensitivity of the left and right upper limbs can provoke diseases of metabolic processes, lack of vitamins, minerals.

Numbness of the index, large and middle finger

In the case when the index-thumb-middle finger dies or all together, the cause may be hidden in the ulnar joint disease - for example, with its inflammation.

Another loss of sensitivity of the limbs can provoke a pinched nerve.

In addition to this combination of numb fingers leads cervical osteochondrosis in the middle and severe stages.

Nemyut fingers at night

Numbness of the extremities at night can serve as an alarming symptom of developing heart diseases - as a rule, fingers lose sensitivity during sleep and immediately after awakening. Disease of the spine, too, can lead to night numbness, if nerves are entangled vertebrae. To determine the disease, it is desirable to make a computer tomography.

Little finger and ring finger

If the little finger starts to ring with the ring finger of the left hand, this indicates a cardiovascular disease.

As a rule, heart pathology is accompanied by blue lips, cold extremities, pains in the chest, in the solar plexus, under the scapula.

If the little finger or the ring finger of the right hand grows numb, this indicates a carpal tunnel syndrome.

Do not fingertips fingertips

Numbness of the fingertips of both hands indicates that there is a shortage of vitamins and trace elements in the body.

It is necessary to revise the diet and include in it vegetables, fruits containing groups of vitamins A, B, E.

Often this unpleasant symptom appears during pregnancy in the last months or in the spring, when most people suffer from beriberi.

The choice of a specialist for prescribing treatment depends on what caused the numbness of the fingers.

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For a start, a person can turn to a therapist who hears symptoms and directs the patient to a profile doctor.

If the cause of numbness is heart disease, then you need to go to a cardiologist and conduct appropriate examinations, with neurological pathologies, you will have to visit a neurologist.

What to do and how to eliminate discomfort

The chosen treatment, in the first place, should influence the cause of the disease. People can remove unpleasant sensations with folk remedies.

For example, it helps with numbness massage with massage oil and sugar in equal parts, and after - putting a sick hand for forty minutes in a warm saline solution (two tablespoons of salt on a liter).

Do not self-medicate without first consulting a doctor. If a serious illness has led to a loss of sensitivity, ignoring it will lead to unpleasant consequences.

Possible consequences of numbness of fingers

The severity of the consequences of limb numbness depends on what caused this symptom.

In some cases, a person may completely lose the sensitivity of some fingers, but this happens only in the absence of proper treatment.

If you contact the therapist, cardiologist or neurologist in time, who will prescribe a set of medical measures, the problem of numbness in your fingers will disappear.

Prevention of disease

prevention of numbness - a moving lifestyle, attention to your body, doing gymnastic exercises, conducting a daily morning exercise.

In tunnel syndrome it is necessary to do exercises for hands as often as possible. In addition, you need to eat right, saturating the diet with the necessary amount of vitamins and trace elements.

A healthy lifestyle, exercise and lack of bad habits will not give rise to diseases and their unpleasant symptom.

: causes and methods of treating numbness in fingers

To better understand the causes of the loss of finger sensitivity, watch interesting videos.

On them, the presenter examines in detail the diseases that can serve to start a dumbness extremities, talk about the methods of treatment, about which doctor should be consulted at the first signs pathology.

This information will be useful not only to those who have already felt the numbness of the limbs, but also to people whose friends, friends or relatives suffer from a similar syndrome. Look at the rollers, which provokes a loss of sensitivity of the hands and feet:

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Fingers fingers: causes. What should I do if my fingers become numb?

The causes of numbness of the fingers are very diverse: from injuries, to hormonal bursts. If a regular puffiness is found, you should consult a neurologist.

What to do if your fingers grow numb

Such unpleasant sensations as numbness of fingers are familiar to many. They can begin with the usual tingling and result in a loss of full sensitivity. Various diseases can serve as the reasons for this, as well as some circumstances.

kneading hands will help get rid of numbness

If in a dream you do not purposely squeeze the nerve, the hand or fingers may become numb.

In order to get rid of the numbness associated with the "uncomfortable" sleep, you just need to perform the gymnastics.

If it does not help you, then you need to look for a reason in your state of health.

Since everything in the human body is interconnected, numbness of the fingers is not a disease, but a consequence of a problem. Most often, it is associated with problems of the cardiovascular system and diseases of the spine.

But it's worth taking a careful look at exactly which finger or fingers are numb. It is this feature that can tell you about where to look for the disease.

: "3 causes of numbness in the hands. Diagnosis "on the fingers"

If the index finger is numb, this is a clear "bell talking about the problems or overload of the neuromuscular apparatus. This happens if a person performs a monotonous work based on the same movements for a long time.

An example of such work can be knitting, embroidery or any other needlework. Not infrequently the numbness of the index and middle finger can deteriorate and at times appear as convulsions and fetter movements.

As for the middle finger, very often one can feel a numbness in the middle of the night. At this time, the muscles are relaxed after active physical activity. Edema of the middle finger on the hand symbolizes the problems:

  • cardiovascular system
  • of the nervous system
  • bone and articular system

spreading numbness

Why are the fingers on the left arm numb?

If you periodically notice numbness of the fingers on your left arm, do not ignore it. A rare and not long numbness can be a cause of pinching of the nerve, this happens when an uncomfortable dream or heavy load occurs. It can be eliminated, in comparison with lingering, especially on the left hand.

If a symptom is found, it is necessary to contact the neurologist in time to find out:

  • pathological causes of circulatory disorders
  • pathologies of the nervous system
  • osteochondrosis of parts of the spine: thoracic and cervical
  • jamming of the neurovascular bundles in the hands
  • salt deposits
  • intervertebral hernia
  • scoliosis

pinching of the nerve

Why are the fingers on the right arm numb?

Such a phenomenon as the numbness of the right hand and fingers on it appears most often due to poor blood circulation of the hand, as well as causing problems with the spine.

Moreover, it is safe to say that this symptom can constitute a complete clinical picture of many diseases.

Some diseases lead to serious complications.

The neurologist will be able to determine the cause of the numbness of the fingers of the right hand and identify:

  • hand injury or spinal cord injury
  • inflamed joints
  • disorders of the nervous system
  • diseases of the spine
  • circulatory failure
  • endocrine diseases

Depending on which finger is numb, you can determine the cause of the problem and correctly prescribe the treatment. Not a rare cause of numbness of the fingers on the right hand is inflammation of the elbow joint. A neuropathologist will accurately determine the cause of your unpleasant sensations.

pinching of the nerve of the cervical collar zone

Why are the fingers of both hands numb all the time?

The fingers of both hands can dumb at any age and absolutely any person. The reasons for this can be the most common diseases:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome - the consequences of monotonous brush work in seamstresses, office workers, secretaries or accountants
  • Osteochondrosis - jamming of vascular-neural bunches in the cervical spine
  • Intervertebral hernia
  • Scoliosis
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Whatever the reason for the numbness of the fingers in your case, you should address this problem even to the therapist. Only then you can do the course of getting rid of the disease.

Why do your fingers become numb in a dream?

Each person during sleep can have an uncomfortable position, which he does not control. This position helps to "flow" limbs of the phalanxes of the hands. The most common causes of swelling of the fingers in a dream:

  • Inconvenient posture, compressive nerve endings
  • Osteochondrosis of nerve vertebrae
  • Professional activity: the same type of muscle load
  • Disruption of the endocrine system: overweight
  • Diabetes
  • Changes in the hormonal background: pregnancy, menopause, feeding period
  • Shortage in the body of vitamin B2 and iron
  • Injuries to the spine
  • Arthritis
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system

not comfortable and comfortable position in a dream

Why do my fingers get numb after sleeping?

The causes of swelling in the sleep and after sleep are the same.

If the body was in an uncomfortable position all night, it is possible to feel tingling at the fingertips, loss of sensitivity of the brush.

If such feelings do not catch you often, use exercises and warm-up. Such exercises will help restore normal blood circulation and quickly eliminate swelling.

If you observe a constant swelling after sleep, then this is a symptom of a disease such as tunnel syndrome.

This is a neuropathic condition that requires treatment.

Treatment passes by stimulating the nerve endings with small discharges of current, puffiness goes away and sensitivity returns to the fingers.

: "The Tunnel Syndrome"

  • During pregnancy, the female body works in an "enhanced mode". That's why very often some systems get out of harmony
  • Numbness of limbs and fingers is a common phenomenon. Often pregnant women of the second and third trimester complain that they feel tingling, pain, burning and complete lack of sensitivity
  • Tunnel syndrome - nerve compression, is typical of pregnant women, as well as those who have a monotonous job. Basically, the working hand is numb because it often suffers tension. Fight with numbness during pregnancy - you need to
  • If you run the problem, it is realistic to get complications. With pain edema that is not removed by physical exercises, it is worthwhile to seek help from a doctor

First of all, if you have not previously treated your health problems with a doctor, you need to go to the therapist's appointment.

It is this doctor that gives direction to a specialist. If the nature of your disease is neurological, the neurologist is engaged in it.

Depending on which fingers are numb and on which arm, the doctor prescribes due examination: a blood test for hormones, a spine and extremities x-ray, a cardiogram. Depending on your clinical card, specialists prescribe effective treatment and relieve you of the problem.

: "Your fingers and hands are gone. Causes and consequences »

If you feel numbness in the fingers and hands, try to do exercises aimed at restoring blood circulation:

  1. Execute the "Tree" exercise 10 times in a row: sit up straight, raise your hands up and shake them over your head several times, lower your arms relaxed along the trunk and shake them
  2. Practice the Castle several times: clasp your fingers in the lock, pull it out in front of you and make several circular movements
  3. Pull your hands forward and squeeze them several times into fists. Repeat with arms outstretched
  4. Make several turns of the head to the right and left, as well as circular movements of the head clockwise and counterclockwise

These exercises will allow you to develop joints and increase blood flow to the extremities, eliminating puffiness and numbness.

: "Nemyut fingers"

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Nemyut fingers: what to do, the reasons and treatment

External causes

Not always numb fingers indicates the development of pathologies.

If this symptom is observed only in the morning hours and passes independently a couple of minutes after awakening, then the reason for this may be the transmission of arteries.

Most often, this happens with an uncomfortable position of the body during sleep or in those cases when a person forgets to remove all the compressive objects from the fingers and wrists (rings, bracelets).

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To discomfort quickly passed, you just have to perform in the morning, without getting out of bed, simple exercises. Raise your hands up and begin actively bending and unbending your fingers until the discomfort at your fingertips disappears.

It is also worth noting that an unpleasant tingling in the fingers of the upper limbs can arise as a result of wearing tight clothes. It squeezes the arteries, thereby violating the blood circulation, which causes the appearance of this symptom.

Pay attention to the clothes that you wear during the day and at night. If it has elastic bands or it has a close cut, then it is better to abandon it.

In addition, you need to carefully examine your sleeper.


If it has dents or knobs, it can also lead to numbness of the upper limbs.


Worry is when the fingertips are numb at all times. This symptom does not disappear throughout the day, even if you wear loose clothing. This already indicates serious disorders in the body that require immediate treatment.

Internal causes

Pathologies, for which there is a numbness in the fingers, are many. The most common of these are:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • polyneuropathy;
  • Raynaud's disease;
  • thrombosis;
  • occlusion of cerebral vessels.


Osteochondrosis is a disease in which dystrophic disorders occur in articular cartilages. When this disease affects the cervical region, nerve endings that lead to the upper limbs are damaged.

The main sign of osteochondrosis development is the periodic numbness of the fingertips. And it is observed only on one hand - either on the left, or on the right.

With osteochondrosis, all upper limbs do not go numb at once, and discomfort does not spread to all hands (only fingertips).

To make the correct diagnosis, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This condition is characterized by pinching of the middle nerve in the wrist. When developing such a disease, a person not only notes swelling of the fingers, but also their soreness. Often the pain is so severe that it prevents him from engaging in daily activities.

In most cases, people suffer from this pathology, which often have to stay in one position for a long time (for example, when working on a PC). At this moment they have very strained hands and blood circulation is disturbed in them.

Therefore, if you due to your professional activities have a long time to sit at the computer, remember that you need rest. Every 50-60 minutes, do a warm-up.

This will avoid stagnant phenomena and jamming of nerve endings.


Polyneuropathy is characterized by damage to the nerve plexuses of the hands and fingers. Such violations in the body often lead to the appearance of such an unpleasant symptom as numbness of the right arm or left.

The frequency of manifestation of this symptom is different. It depends on the degree of damage to the nerve plexuses. A tingling sensation can be observed several times a day or a week. Polyneuropathy develops on the background of infectious diseases, iron deficiency anemia or vitamin deficiency.

Raynaud's disease

Raynaud's disease leads to a violation of blood circulation in the small vessels of the circulatory system of the fingers. It is characterized by the simultaneous numbness of the left and right hands. In this case, people who are ill with Raynaud's disease, going out into the cold immediately begin to freeze and often suffer from infectious diseases.

This disease requires special treatment, so it is not worthwhile to delay the approach to the doctor, as this is fraught with the development of serious complications.

In addition, people with such a disease is not recommended for a long time to keep hands in the cold, and also in contact with water and household products should always be worn on the hands of household gloves.


Thrombosis of the upper limbs is a disease in which the blood vessels clog the blood clot, resulting in a circulatory disorder. The fingertips cease to receive the necessary amount of blood and nutrients, and therefore begin to grow numb.

At the initial stages of the development of the disease, only numbness of the fingertips is observed, after which an unpleasant symptom spreads to the entire hand, and becomes even more intense.

Important! If numbness of fingers does not occur after 1-2 hours, then immediately consult a doctor! Otherwise, against the background of this disease, tissue necrosis may develop and if untimely medical care can be simply lost limb.

Corking of cerebral vessels

This condition can also lead to numbness of fingertips. However, in this case, this symptom indicates the approach of a stroke.

With such a disease a person experiences discomfort in only one hand, but at the same time he is also concerned with headaches and high blood pressure.

If such symptoms occur, it is also important to seek help from a doctor in time. After all, this disease can lead to death.

There is another state that we did not specify in the list. This is the "lover's syndrome". It is not a pathology, but it can cause numbness in fingertips. This syndrome occurs when a woman sleeps on the man's arm throughout the night.

His hand is stationary for a long time, and the head of a woman leads to a strong squeezing of blood vessels. As a result, the numbness of the fingertips may not last a long time.

Other reasons

It is important to note the fact that if you have numb fingers of a cause, you can hide in other systemic disorders in the body. For example:

  • upper limb injuries;
  • diseases of the endocrine system;
  • arthritis or arthrosis.

In such conditions, in addition to numbness of the fingers, other symptoms are noted. With rheumatism, joints and muscles are affected, as well as the cardiovascular system. Such a disease is often accompanied by severe pain in the fingers and an ache.

In the presence of endocrine diseases, people can have rapid weight gain, inflammation of the lymph nodes, as well as general deterioration of well-being.

With arthrosis and arthritis, pain is felt when the fingers move. It is also possible the appearance of swelling of the fingers and a change in their shape.

We have not accidentally included in this list injuries of the upper limbs, since they too can cause numbness in the fingers.

They can be obtained not only with a bruise or fracture, but also during surgical intervention. This syndrome occurs as a result of circulatory disorders.

And even if the trauma was received long ago, she still can remind a person about herself and after a few years.


To establish the exact reason why fingers are numb in the hands, only an experienced doctor will be able to. After all, in this case, an important role is played by the hand on which this symptom is observed.


Numbness of the fingers of the left hand most often speaks of cardiac pathologies or dystrophic changes in the spinal column.

But dumb fingers of the right limb can testify to diseases of the upper respiratory tract or hypercholesterolemia.

In any case, you can not do without a special examination and help from a doctor.

What should I do if my fingers become numb?

Do you wonder what to do if the finger tips go numb? Immediately make an appointment with a doctor! Only he can determine the cause of this unpleasant symptom and prescribe the appropriate treatment for you.

Do not self-medicate for one simple reason that you can not independently establish a factor that causes numb fingers. And if you tighten with treatment, then there may be serious complications.

Before going to the doctor, you can ease your condition by performing simple procedures. First, start to rub the fingertips until the skin on them blushes, and the unpleasant symptom does not disappear.

If this did not work, you can use a contrast shower.

The change in water temperature will improve blood circulation and relieve discomfort.

However, remember that prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can exacerbate the disease if it comes to arthritis or arthrosis.

Do not use any external medicinal creams or ointments unless they have been prescribed by a doctor. And do not need to look for information on the Internet, why there is numbness in the hands. You can get exact information about this from your doctor only.

Prevention of numbness in the fingers

To conduct preventive measures to numb fingers is recommended to everyone, especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and work for a long time at the computer.
Prevention includes simple exercises for which you will have to leave for 5-10 minutes a day. So, let's begin.

Immediately after awakening, without getting out of bed, raise your hands up, clench your fists and begin to unclench and compress them about 40-50 times.

Then get out of bed, turn your face to the wall, go up on your toes and raise your hands up.

In this position, you must stay at least 2 minutes.


Then, press your hands to each other, cross your fingers, squeeze them hard, and then unfasten. Do this exercise 10-15 times. For the effectiveness of preventive measures, it is recommended to perform such exercises 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening just before bedtime.


And lastly I would like to note that the numbness of the fingertips often occurs due to disorders of the brain and central nervous system. Inactivity in this case can lead to either a disability or a fatal outcome.

on how to treat numbness of the limbs

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