We treat depression in the home by proven methods

Constant bad mood, depression, unwillingness to do anything. A similar state can be observed even with the unaided eye. Others may think that this is only the whims of a person or just a day did not ask. But, perhaps, before you a serious psychological depression! In this case, the "victim" needs to help or tell him how to treat depression at home on his own. And for this you need to know the methods of treatment yourself, suddenly and you will have a similar problem.

  • Symptoms of Depression
  • Types of depression and their treatment
  • Who is more likely to experience depression
  • Treatment of depression alone
  • Medication for depression
  • Treating depression with folk remedies
  • Folk recipes
  • Nutrition During Depression
  • These products are better not to eat!
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Symptoms of Depression

Obviously, it is not advisable to cope with advice to someone who simply has a bad mood, it is worth knowing the main symptoms of depression, and to whom it is most intrinsic.

  • long-term oppressed state, reluctance to work;
  • absentminded movements, poor concentration of attention;
  • life ceases to be interesting;
  • a person does not get pleasure from anything;
  • a sharp manifestation of bad memory in one to whom it is not peculiar;
  • poor appetite.

The very same person can catch himself on a constant return to the same topic of conversation or thinking, a kind of obsession. A sick person is pursued by unconscious fear and apathy, an internal causeless anxiety.

Types of depression and their treatment

One type of depression is endogenous depression. Her symptoms are somewhat different from the standards, since the main reason for the occurrence of this kind is inside the person. Doctors believe that the lack of hormones in the body (serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine) can provoke this condition. Treatment of endogenous depression is carried out only in a hospital setting under the supervision of a doctor and with the use of antidepressant medicines. Timely recourse to help, help quickly recover and return to a healthy lifestyle.

Hidden depression can manifest itself not normally. It is expressed in the pain of the head, abdomen, heart, teeth; a person may have nausea, dizziness, a rash on the body, hair loss and much more. When treating hidden depression alone, you should consult a psychiatrist about the necessary prescription of antidepressants and strict dosage compliance. As an aid, you can use traditional medicine with a sedative effect, which we'll talk about further.

Treatment of postpartum depression at home is possible, only in rare cases it is necessary to see a doctor. As a rule, women who have become mothers not so long ago, quickly cope with this kind of illness, and some even do not even suspect the problem. There is postpartum depression in the mother's unwillingness to approach her child, a dull look, disgust for feeding the baby. To treat postpartum depression can be at home with the help of infusions of herbs: valerians, lemon balm (1 hour. l. herbs for a glass of boiling water, add honey to taste).

Who is more likely to experience depression

It's not a secret that any person, even a child, can have a depressive condition, but this is a rare case. More often it is noticed in women from 30 to 45 years old, in elderly men and old people. The causes of the appearance of the disease are always different: permanent failures, health problems, problems in family relationships, etc.

Attention!Depression is unreasonable only in the case of chronic depression, but such a diagnosis can only be made by a psychiatrist.

Treatment of depression alone

You can get rid of depression on your own, but there are two ways of treatment: medication and home remedies. It is not possible to say exactly which method is best, different organisms can respond in different ways. We will talk about both ways, and how to treat depression at home.

We recommend to learn more about the treatment of depression at home, the video will help you.

Medication for depression

Use of many medications is possible only according to the prescription of the attending physician. It is better not to engage in spontaneous medication. The same type of antidepressant can affect two people in a completely different way or even harm one of them.

Without fear, you can take SSRI - modern antidepressants with a minimum of side effects. Their task is to restore the presence of serotonin in the body, which is responsible for irritation of the nervous system. The lack of serotonin is fraught with poor control of one's own emotions, in particular, a constant bad mood. Side effects in SSRI are rare, but they are worth knowing: diarrhea, sleep disturbance, anxiety, nausea, shivering and sexual dysfunction.

Attention!Elderly people are best to take only the latest antidepressants.


An anticonvulsant that works well for manic depression phases, if taken regularly. Doses should be raised very slowly to avoid the possibility of skin diseases.

Valproic acid

A vital medicinal product and a known antiepileptic agent. How it works in the body to the end is not clear, but with melancholy and despondency prescribed by the doctors quite often.

Lithium salts in the form of tablets are taken regularly, but every three months the patient is obliged to take a blood test for lithium content. The limits of the permissible value of this element in the blood are very narrow and even an easy overdose entails poisoning. Also, the patient should drink as much pure water as possible daily.

Be careful!Any medication should be better coordinated with the doctor and, if necessary, to take the necessary tests.

Treating depression with folk remedies

Treatment with folk remedies is an option suitable for those who doubt the reaction of their body to medicines or simply do not want to constantly visit polyclinics and take tests.

  1. An excellent folk therapy and a preventive tool is a foot massage. You can ask someone from home or use wooden massagers.
  2. Yoga and meditation perfectly soothe the nerves and lead a person to tone. The patient should do this every day, along with a massage.
  3. Quiet nerves and unstable mood will be helped by medicinal plants in the form of tea: medicinal valerian, orange, peppermint. In sedentary baths it is recommended to add field horsetail, blueberry juice or St. John's Wort.
  4. Dilute a teaspoon of table salt in a liter of boiled water, soak the mixture with a towel and thoroughly rub the entire body.

Folk recipes

Depression is a problem that existed at all times. And even before the appearance of medicine, people tried to deal with such mental disorders, noticing the medicinal properties of herbs, fruits and infusions. Up to now, many recipes have been reached, recommended even by doctors.

To prevent and treat mild depression, a mixture of honey and perga will help, drink it 2-4 times a day.

A teaspoon of roots and rhizomes of Angelica pour a large glass of boiling water, leave for an hour and eat 3-4 times a day before eating half the glass.

In the pharmacy you can buy ginseng infusion and drink it on 20 drops three times a day.

Mix in equal proportions leaves of St. John's wort, blueberries, lemon balm and medicinal rosemary, pour a tablespoon of herbs with a glass of hot clean water, leave for half an hour, strain and drink once or twice a day as tea.

Cucumber grass helps to get rid of spleen and bad mood. Pour a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of this plant, close the container with a lid and let it brew for 2 hours. Drink at any convenient time.

Sweets always cheer up when used in moderation. Boil half a liter of milk, add a tablespoon of cream and heat the mixture, adding 2-3 tiles of black chocolate. When the latter melt, pour the drink into a glass, sprinkle with cinnamon.

Do you suffer from stress and fatigue at work? If so, this recipe will help you avoid a depressive condition.

  1. In the same proportions, mix the inflorescence of hawthorn, valerian root, lover and angelica, lavender flowers, chamomile and heather, hop cones, melissa leaves and St. John's wort. You can add honey to taste.
  2. Ingredients fill in with a liter of pure water and cook for 15 minutes over medium heat. After, leave the infusion under the lid for another 15 minutes.
  3. Strain the mixture and take four times a day at any time.

Orange and lemon balm

Excellent anti-stress duo. Stir the juice of four large oranges with finely chopped lemon balm leaves. In hot weather, drink with ice cubes.

Note!Folk medicines, for the most part, can be drunk at any time and do not be afraid of an overdose.

Nutrition During Depression

In any disease, it is very important to observe the correct diet, even when psychological. Drink more juices with vitamins B and E, eat fresh vegetables and fruits. They are best for: peas, green apples, onions and garlic, feathers, dill, sweet peppers, cucumbers, celery. All this responds favorably to the nervous system.

During treatment of depression at home, it is recommended to eat 1-2 bananas, oranges or tangerines every day. They contain an alkaloid harman or, as it is known in the people - "a drug of happiness."

Carrots in salads or in pure form are useful to a healthy person. In a day, enough to eat 1-2 carrots - this is 100-200 g.

These products are better not to eat!

During a depressive state, you should not encourage yourself with sweets and fatty foods, do not drink alcohol in order to shield yourself from dependence. Too sharp or acidic foods will never lift the mood! Lemons, unripe apples or oranges should be avoided. Do not lean on sharp broths, gravies, sausages and semi-finished products. This food heavily loads the stomach and can cause pain, which is better than no one will.

Do not drink alcohol in case of depressionDo not eat up with fermentation products - it's not only alcoholic beverages, but also sauerkraut, cheeses, and soaked apples.

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