Cheesecakes from cottage cheese are classic, with a manga, magnificent, in an oven: the best recipes, how correctly to prepare cheese cakes from cottage cheese


Cheesecakes from cottage cheese: principles of preparation

The most popular dishin Russia - syrniki! They are prepared for breakfast or for dinner thousands of Russian families. In fact, cheese cakes are the same as pancakes, only they are made from cottage cheese.

What products are needed to prepare a tasty dish? Cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, a small amount of flour! Remember that flour should not be much, because it is used to give the desired consistency to the product.

In some recipes flour is used instead of flour. To give the delicacy delicacy and tenderness, you can add a little soda and a baking powder into the dough. To improve the taste, add a pinch of salt to the cheesecake.

Today there are a lot of non-standard approaches and recipes in the preparation of cheese cakes - it's a fruit and vegetable variant of cheese cottage cheese. Along with the standard ingredients in the dough, add persimmon, grated apple or carrots, and banana puree. With such dried fruits as steamed raisins, cheese cakes are very delicious.

If in the family the children also like chocolate curd cottage cheese, then the mothers add cocoa powder to the home prescription. As the dough is ready, the hostesses form small balls, then cakes.

As a rule, cheese cakes are fried in a frying pan, there are more original options - cooking the product in steaming or in the oven. Of course, the fastest option is baking cheese curds from cottage cheese in a microwave oven.

When the cheese cakes are ready, they are served on a table with sour cream, jam, honey, condensed milk or powdered sugar.

Cheesecakes from cottage cheese: preparation of dishes and products

In order to prepare cheese cakes from curds you need a deep bowl and frying pan. When the syrniki are cooked in the oven, you need a baking tray and baking paper.

Of course, you can mix the cottage cheese with a fork or spoon, but it's much better to use a mixer. In some recipes of fruit croissants( for example, banana), a blender is also used.

No special preparations are needed. Just do not forget, if the recipe uses fruits or vegetables, they need to be washed and cleaned, as well as grated. Bananas can be simply mashed with a fork or propuried in a blender. Raisins are always sorted, washed and steamed for a few minutes in boiling water. Raisins should be pitted! If the cheese curd is too moist, it can be put in cheesecloth and left on a pair of decant.

Recipes of cheese cottage cheese from steppe

Recipe # 1: Cheesecakes from cottage cheese

This is the best option for a quick and tasty breakfast and the simplest recipe for curd cheese cakes. To prepare the dish you need only a few ingredients: cottage cheese, sugar, flour and eggs.

Necessary ingredients:

  1. Cottage cheese - 180-200 g;
  2. Two eggs;
  3. Flour - 40-55 g;
  4. Sugar - to taste;
  5. Vegetable oil.

How to cook:

Cottage cheese mash with a fork, add sugar to it, grind the mass with a fork. Then drive the eggs and mix thoroughly. Pour in the flour and mix the mass until smooth.

The dough should not be too dense or, conversely, liquid. We heat the pan in oil pan, after which we take out the fire. We form balls from cottage cheese and squeeze a little. Sprinkle the curds with flour. Fry from both sides until golden brown. Serve with sour cream or condensed milk.

Recipe No. 2: Cheesecakes from classic cottage cheese

In this recipe, all the ingredients of the dish are selected so that the curds are very lavish and do not fall apart during cooking. In order to achieve the desired consistency of curd mass, you should add a little flour, and vanillin is also used for the aroma. Sugar can be poured to taste, but it is better not to re-sweeten anyway.

Required Ingredients:

  1. Curd;
  2. Flour - a pair of spoons;
  3. Egg;
  4. Vanillin;
  5. Sugar - to taste;
  6. 3-4 g of salt( half teaspoonful);
  7. Vegetable oil.


Cottage cheese is mixed with sugar and egg. Add vanillin, salt, flour and mix well. We make small balls from the dough and lightly press them to make cakes. Each syrnik is slightly rolled in flour. We heat the oil in a frying pan and spread the cheese cakes. Fry from each side until cooked. We serve for breakfast with sour cream.

Recipe # 3: Cheesecakes from cottage cheese with a poppy seed

Manna cheese croissants are often cooked for children, although adults, too, are not averse to enjoying such a delicious breakfast. Such cheese cakes are not more complex than any other cottage cheese. Thanks to the manga, the structure of the curd is soft and soft.

How to prepare:

  1. Egg;
  2. Curd;
  3. Sugar - 45-65 g;
  4. 2,5-3 spoons of mango;
  5. Salt;
  6. Two spoons of sour cream;
  7. A little flour.

How to cook:

First mix cottage cheese with sour cream, then add sugar to taste, salt and one egg. Then add the manga, mix all the ingredients, leave the mass for a few minutes, so that the groats can swell. After that, you can already pour in the flour.

Mix all ingredients with a spoon or a mixer. Heat the frying pan with butter. Spread the curd mixture with a tablespoon.

Fry the curds on each side to a ruddy crust.

Recipe № 4: Cheesecakes from cottage cheese in oven

Cheesecakes from cottage cheese in the oven will be an indispensable recipe for those who adhere to dietary nutrition. Such cheese cakes are prepared without oil, so they are less caloric. Ingredients are used basically the same as in conventional recipes.

Required Ingredients:

  1. 420 g cottage cheese;
  2. A glass of flour;
  3. Sugar - 5 spoons;
  4. Baking Powder;
  5. Egg;
  6. Vanillin;
  7. Salt.


Mix cottage cheese with flour, sugar and egg. Add vanillin and baking powder, slightly add salt. We form their test small balls-cakes. Grease the baking tray with butter and cover with baking paper. We bake syrniki until ready( about 25-35 minutes).

Recipe # 5: Curd cheese curd cakes

The softness and splendor of the curd cheese depends not so much on the ingredients as on the roasting temperature. Even if you take the same number of products, each time will be different syrniki. This recipe tells you how to make luscious curd cakes from cottage cheese. Required Products:

  1. Egg;
  2. Curd;
  3. Sugar;
  4. Baking Powder;
  5. Some salt;
  6. Flour - on the eye;
  7. Vegetable oil.

How to cook:

Mix part of flour with cottage cheese, egg and sugar. Add a little salt and do not forget about the baking powder. A little flour is poured on the table or cutting board. We scoop up the dough and spread the balls directly onto the flour. We drop curd from all sides. Frying pan with oil is heated on high heat. Fry the syrniki until ready on both sides. We serve a dish with sour cream.

Recipe № 6: Cheesecakes from cottage cheese "Banana"

Fans of new and unusual tastes will definitely like cheese curds from cottage cheese with a banana. An excellent dish for breakfasts or dinners, very well such syrniki are combined with honey or powdered sugar. From the banana syrnikov will be delighted and children.

Required Ingredients:

  1. Curd;
  2. Egg;
  3. Ripe banana;
  4. Two spoons of flour;
  5. A packet of vanillin;
  6. Salt;
  7. Sugar - as you like;
  8. Vegetable oil.


Banana cut into small pieces. We rub in the blender until it is uniform. Mix banana puree with cottage cheese, sugar, egg and vanilla, throw a pinch of salt. Stir the mass blender again.

Now gradually pour in the flour, continuously stirring the mass. The dough should be mildly viscous. From a too dense test, the syrups will turn out to be tough. We heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan. Spread a little spoon with a spoon.

Fry until golden crust on each side. We serve cheese cakes from cottage cheese and a banana with honey or sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Recipe № 7: Cheesecakes from cottage cheese and raisins

Many people eat cottage cheese with raisins - quite a familiar combination. And try to make delicious cheese cakes from cottage cheese and raisins! Cheesecake on this recipe are very lush, juicy and incredibly tasty. From the products, both mango and flour are used. You will also need eggs with sugar.

Products needed for cooking:

  1. Two eggs;
  2. For 30 g of light and dark raisins without pits;
  3. 70 ml of vegetable oil;
  4. Half a cup of sugar and flour;
  5. Some salt;
  6. Cottage cheese kilogram;
  7. 2 teaspoons of vanillin;
  8. 4 tablespoons of manga.


Whisk eggs with sugar, salt and vanilla. Rinse raisins for a few minutes, pour boiling water, then drain the water, dry the raisins. In the cottage cheese we add whipped eggs with sugar, flour and mango. Curd we mix thoroughly. We discuss the raisins to cottage cheese.

The surface of the table or the cutting board is sprinkled with flour and we put small lumps on it. Slightly we fix them and fry them on a frying pan heated with oil. Fry each side for 3-4 minutes. We serve cheese cakes from cottage cheese with raisins and sour cream.

Recipe № 8: Cheesecakes from cottage cheese "Chocolate"

Cheesecakes from cottage cheese with cocoa - an excellent treat for children and adults. They turn out to be sweet and fragrant, and what else is needed for a hearty breakfast and raising your spirits? Cocoa buttermakers make it very easy, try it!

Required Ingredients:

  1. Curd - 200-250 g;
  2. A couple of spoons of flour;
  3. Sugar - to taste;
  4. One egg;
  5. Cocoa powder;
  6. Vegetable oil.


Cottage cheese mash with sugar, add egg, stir. Pour in the flour and cocoa. Mass thoroughly mixed. We form curds of the desired shape and size from the dough. We warm up the skillet in oil. Sour croissants in flour, fry until cooked on each side. The fire should be moderate. We serve chocolate cheese cakes with sour cream.

Recipe No. 9: Cheesecakes from cottage cheese with apples

Another option for preparing curd and fruit cheese cakes is syrniki with an apple. The dish has a pleasant fresh taste, in addition, such syrniki stay longer succulent. Such a recipe should be included in the cookbook of any hostess.

Required Ingredients:

  1. Cottage cheese kilogram;
  2. 2.3-2.5 cups of flour;
  3. Two eggs;
  4. Four apples;
  5. Half-glass
  6. sugar;
  7. Soda - 4-5 g;
  8. Some salt;
  9. Vanillin;
  10. Vegetable oil.

How to cook:

Whisk eggs with sugar, vanillin, salt and soda. Mix the mixture with cottage cheese. Apples are cleaned, cut out the seeds. We rub apples on a large grater, squeeze it from the juice and spread it to the cottage cheese, stir everything with a mixer.

Gradually pour in the curd mass flour. Warm up the frying pan with butter. Fire diminishes and we begin to spread a spoon mass. Fry the curd until golden brown. We serve apple syrup with sour cream and sugar.

Recipe № 10: Cheesecakes from cottage cheese with carrots

Bright syrniki with carrots will cheer up even in the most gloomy morning! The dish is not only delicious, but also very useful. Carrots perfectly combined with cottage cheese, creating an appetizing and juicy treat.

Required products:

  1. Curd;
  2. Carrots - 1-2 small pieces;
  3. Two eggs;
  4. Sugar;
  5. A bit of vanillin;
  6. Flour;
  7. Vegetable oil.


Mix sugar with vanillin and eggs, then combine with cottage cheese. We spread grated carrots to cottage cheese, we add a little flour. Mix the mixture with a spoon or blender, leave for 10 minutes. We spread the dough on the table with flour.

We make cheese cakes and a bit of flour in flour. We warm up the oil in the frying pan and spread the curds. Fry the curd cake on each side until cooked. Lubricate hot curds with butter and sour cream.

Cheese cottage cheese: useful tips and secrets and the best cooks

The success of making cheese cakes depends on the quality of the cottage cheese used. Cottage cheese should not be too dry or, on the contrary, juicy. From friable dry curd cheese cakes will come out tough and nasty, and from too "wet" they generally fall apart. However, there is a way out: juicy cottage cheese can be left for a couple of hours to drain, and mix it dry with a small amount of sour cream or dilute with a spoonful of milk. Also, the product should not be too acidic. It is better to use fresh, fat cottage cheese.

Some more useful tips to help you make delicious, delicate curd cakes:

  1. You never need to pour all the flour into the cottage at once. It is better to do this gradually, because of too tight a dough, the syringes will come out hard and dry, and the liquid will simply flow out of the pan in a frying pan. The dough should be moderately dense, yet elastic and easily lagging behind the hands;
  2. You can roll up each curd before frying in flour or semolina. Only then the curd will have a mouth-watering crusty crust. If you do not do this, the cheesecakes will also turn out delicious, but less fried and crispy;
  3. Do not put sugar in the dough for cheese cakes. Better then sprinkle them with a ready-made dish or sprinkle with condensed milk or jam;
  4. To make curd cheese cakes golden, fry them better on a mixture of vegetable and butter;
  5. The most delicious and delicate curd cakes come out of a homogeneous curd mass. Therefore, if time permits, it is desirable to grind the curd first through a sieve;
  6. Eggs need to be beaten with sugar as carefully as possible - the sour cream from this will become lush and softer. In some recipes, only egg yolks are used. Cheesecake on yolks are more vivid and rich. In dietary recipes, some proteins are sometimes used;
  7. For a pleasant aroma in the dough, you can add vanillin or cinnamon. It is best to combine cinnamon with cheese curds from cottage cheese and apples. Also in the dough sometimes add dried apricots, cranberries or cherries. All these ingredients perfectly complement the cottage cheese;
  8. Cheesecakes from cottage cheese need not be sweet. Such recipes use fragrant spicy herbs, garlic, a little black ground pepper, dried vegetables, etc. The most important thing is to observe the proportions and not overdo it;
  9. To make the syrups evenly baked, and that it is convenient to turn them over, it is necessary to make curd cakes of small sizes. From a dough test, you can form balls a little more in size walnuts. However, the best way is to lay out the dough for a frying pan with a tablespoon. Fry the curd cakes should be on low heat, the frying pan can be covered with a lid.

Recipe for curd cheese cakes from Svetlana Chernova

You will get a cheese with raisins with excellent taste. Reviews of the recipe:

Nina Alexandrovna : "Great job, you, Svetlana, a real professional, recipes you have all wonderful, all you good, will be your regular guest.

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