Treatment of colds with vodka

Is it possible to cure a cold with vodka?



Can. If the kidneys are healthy at 100%. 75 grams of vodka plus a pinch of black ground pepper to drink at night, wrapped in a blanket and sleep. In the morning you'll be like a cucumber.

Holy Witch

it can be stretched out


You can only soften a little, but you will not be completely cured.

^ _ ^ murr meow ^ _ ^

aha... a degree will rise and everything will be oko)))) good luck, the eye does not get drunk))))

Yatsina Pavel

YES, if you are a snowman who sits in a bath, who told you such nonsense, be treated with tea and honey!


A simple cold always passes by itself. Symptoms of a cold can be drowned out by vodka, but no more.


Yes, but only with pepper 50gr of vodka pod of red pepper, peel off to let it brew with an hour or add red pepper ground. All this for the night to drink and under a blanket tol'ko interchangeable clothes beside to put and bed-clothes.

Olya Gu

You can brandy by rubbing your legs!

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A glass, vodka, black pepper (pobole), and salt on the end of the knife. We stir, we drink, under a blanket for the night) we are heated)) It is perfect.

Anton Pisarev

Yes, if you drink it with your nose!


only put the liver ...

rustem kajumov

Vodka with pepper and honey with garlic, it helped me

Just Marishka

I know and people's remedies for vodka, but it's separately, personally, if you want.
The cause of the common cold is a virus - and there are more than 200 known viruses. Contrary to popular belief, simple cooling of the body does not cause the disease, but only increases the sensitivity of the body to a viral infection.
Do not have a particular effect on the predisposition to colds nor general condition health, or nutrition, although the connection of the common cold with immune function is quite pronounced system. So, for example, increase the risk of infection fatigue or depressive state.
The cold is transmitted by airborne droplets, but the more frequent cause of infection is through mucous discharge, hand-borne. Because it is caused by various viruses, and the immunity to them is a variable variable and decreases with time, most people continue to catch cold throughout their lives. For the same reason, no effective vaccines have ever been established against colds.
Does not exert the expected protective effect and vitamin C. Neither the impressive doses of this vitamin can prevent or cure a cold, but it found in several studies, greatly alleviates the symptoms and speeds up the process recovery.
In addition, the disease can be prevented if you enter interferon into the nose and upper respiratory tracts in advance.
At the very first signs of a cold - a fever of body aches, headaches, runny nose, coughing, rising temperatures, etc. it is necessary to take measures to prevent it.
First of all, you should drink half a glass of water in which to stir 5 drops of iodine. Then, if your feet are soaked, rub them with vodka and put on dry stockings. Put on the chest and back a few dry jars. Drink 2-3 cups of very hot tea with a mixture of ginger and honey. If there is no ginger, then drink in the form of infusion, like tea, something diaphoretic, for example, lime blossom, elderberry, raspberry and the like. Then get a good night's sleep and try to sleep.
Treating a cold is a simple and complex business. From a viral infection you can not get rid of immediately, but it is possible to accelerate the process of recovery. The main task during a cold is to help the immune system cope with the disease, for which it is necessary to give the body more rest.
In addition, it is desirable to take a large amount of warm drink, which helps to wash out viruses from the body and improves the functioning of leukocytes. It is best to drink diluted fruit juice, decoctions or tinctures of herbs and chicken broth.
A common remedy for colds has always been hot tea with lemon and honey. Hot tea at the same time liquefies secretions, and in lemon and honey, and in the tea itself, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and healing mucous substances are also contained. To enhance the healing properties of hot tea, you can add red pepper instead of lemon, which reduces the pain in the throat and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
It is also necessary to stop drinking milk and dairy products. Milk is a product that gives the body the greatest amount of mucus.
Drugs for colds are very diverse and only mask the symptoms of the disease. They are widely available, but they should be used with caution. Aspirin can even increase the spread of the virus throughout the body and its release, so acetoninophen (tylenol) or ibuprofen (advil) is preferred.
The fight against colds also increases the need for B-complex vitamins. You should take 50 to 100 mg of B-complex vitamins a day before the symptoms of a cold disappear.


It is possible, but only at an early stage, when you felt that you had caught a cold. To do this, in 150 grams of vodka, dilute red (hot) pepper (preferably fresh). Vodka will take a little reddish color and become disgustingly bitter. After it is better not to have a snack.
By the way, if you dilute one tablespoon of salt in 100 grams of vodka, it will relieve the pain in the stomach caused by poisoning.

Dmitry Zhukov

Of course, she can cure everything Miracle water!

Lena Ivanova

they say - you can

Treatment of colds with vodka with pepper

One of the most effective and time-tested folk remedies for getting rid of colds is vodka with pepper. Often, people who are caught unawares by ARVI, do not rush to the doctor, but use the most accessible improvised methods of rapid combat with the disease. Very good vodka helps with pepper from cold in the initial stages, when there is still no high temperature. In the heat it is better to refrain from alcohol, so as not to harm your health. It is used in the form of compresses, grindings, and also in the form of tinctures with the addition of burning seasonings or honey.

Does vodka help with pepper for colds?

Strong alcoholic beverage in a glass

Many people are skeptical about drinking alcohol for colds. However, when there were no tablets and the established science of pharmacology, this alcoholic beverage proved itself as an assistant in the fight against ARI. Modern scientists have found that the hot one acts as an anesthetic, and pepper promotes vasodilation and blood flow, which enhances the healing effect. Also in the burning season contains a considerable amount of vitamin C, necessary for a weakened immune system.

Folk recipes for colds based on vodka and pepper

There are many recipes based on vodka and pepper with the addition of various useful ingredients. The methods of use can be different - from ingestion to rubbing at high temperature. The main thing is not to forget that the treatment is effective at the beginning of the cold, that is, when the first symptoms appear. Indication - a stuffy nose, heaviness of the head, aching limbs or watery eyes. A reliable way to get rid of the beginning of the disease will be cooking one of the recipes tincture of vodka and hot pepper.

Pepper tincture for oral administration

Stuffed glasses in tincture

Treatment of the common cold by a folk remedy, such as vodka with pepper, is more effective when ingested as a medicine. This is the fastest way to deliver all the necessary substances through the internal processing organs into the blood. It will distribute useful substances throughout the body, warm the body. Ingredients can vary, but at the heart of all lie the most useful products - pepper, honey.

A recipe with red pepper. Especially "hot" option. Using red hot pepper, you can prepare such medicinal mixtures:

  1. With a radish. In a glass of vodka (50 grams) add a little juice of radish or mustard. Squeeze a quarter of a pod of red chili pepper and mix well all the infusion. Use no more than 40 grams 2-3 times a day before meals.
  2. With a carnation. Before you make a cocktail, rastolkite three buds of a carnation, one pod of red chili pepper. Leave to infuse in boiled water (200 ml) for an hour. After - pour ingredients 500 ml of vodka, close the lid tightly. Let the cocktail stand for several hours. Strain the resulting beverage through gauze. Use three times a day for 30 grams during meals. This infusion easily relieve the first signs of a cold.
  3. With dry paprika. To get medical infusion, before cooking, apply a couple of chili pods several longitudinal incisions, put in a jar. Pour in, liter of vodka. Periodically stir the mixture for three hours. As soon as the infusion acquires a brownish hue, add two tablespoons of ground paprika. In an hour, strain the cocktail. After that, the drink can already be drunk (twice / day not more than 50 grams) - it helps well from sore throat.

A recipe with black pepper. Such treatment of cold by folk remedies is effective. Vodka and black pepper are used as follows:

  1. Cinnamon. Spices have always helped in the struggle for health. Such a recipe will help quickly overcome the beginning cold. Combine 100 grams of vodka, a quarter tablespoon of black pepper and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Stir well, then strain. Drink twice a day for 50 grams, but not more than 3 days.
  2. Mixture of peppers. The most effective therapeutic cocktail is obtained by mixing red and black pepper. To do this, take a 200-gram glass, place there a teaspoonful of black, half a pod of red peppers and pour vodka. Let it brew for a couple of hours, strain, use 50 grams twice a day.
Ingredients for medicinal drink

Recipe with the addition of honey from vodka with pepper for cold. Long since it was considered a good healing product and was often used to treat diseases by our ancestors. Several variations:

  1. With ginger and cumin. Mix honey and vodka (60 grams each). Add a slice of lemon, a spoonful of cumin and a pinch of ginger. Stirring, heat the mixture in a water bath, but do not bring to a boil. Use a few sips, not exceeding the dose of 50 grams several times a day.
  2. With aloe. The recipe helps to get rid of a cough. Twist 200 grams of aloe leaves in a meat grinder, add 4 tbsp to the porridge. honey and 3 tbsp. of vodka. Stir thoroughly. Way of consumption: one tablespoon three times a day before meals.

The recipe for a warming compress

With a sore throat, a vodka compress helps:

  1. Stir vodka and water in proportions one to two.
  2. Dampen the resulting solution with a small towel. Fold it in half.
  3. Apply a compress to the sore throat.
  4. Make a cotton stratum. Apply on top of the compress.
  5. Gently tighten your throat with a bandage.
  6. Leave the compress for a couple of hours. You will definitely feel the positive effect.
The woman has a fever

Vodka pepper grindings at elevated temperature

Proper grinding with vodka:

  1. Prepare a solution for grinding: dilute vodka with water and vinegar (in equal parts).
  2. Lay down on your back, taking off your outer clothing.
  3. Apply the solution on a soft napkin, lightly wipe the body.
  4. Blow the body with a hair dryer with warm, but not hot air, minutes.
  5. Lay down under the blanket and put a cool compress on your head, periodically changing the water so that the towel remains cool.
  6. Check the temperature every half hour. If it remains high, it is advisable to repeat the trituration again. This is the only method that will be effective for both the adult and the child. Children are treated with such rubbing from the age of three.

Are there any contraindications

The remedy on the basis of Russian vodka with pepper for natural reasons is contraindicated for children and pregnant women. A cocktail of vodka with pepper does not suit those adults who have problems with the stomach, intestines, liver or heart. Diabetics should not use alcohol tinctures with honey. Hypertension is prohibited from adding vodka to decoctions of raspberries. In any chronic diseases it is not recommended to engage in self-medication. As soon as the first signs of a cold appear, immediately consult a doctor.

Video: proportions of home-made peppers for colds

Feedback on results after application

Anton, 32: I learned about such a remedy for colds, like vodka with pepper, from my grandfather. This method is good in the early stages of the disease and helps no worse than garlic. I take the basic recipe: I mix 50 grams of vodka and half a teaspoon of ground red pepper - the best remedy for a cold is obtained. Helps to quickly cure the flu and get on your feet!

Eugenia, 25 years old: The best medicine for a cold is vodka with pepper or honey. Repeatedly on myself checked. It is better not to buy such a tool in the store, but make it yourself - crush a little hot pepper and mix it with 40 grams of vodka. Very helps pepper in the home, with a cold and stuffy throat.

Alexander, 40: I recently tried to drink vodka with cold pepper, but it did not help me at all, but only aggravated the situation. The doctors said that I started using the folk method too late - the temperature rose. Alcohol in such cases is better not to take. I'll try the next time, maybe this is an effective remedy for colds.

Does vodka help with pepper and honey for colds? What proportions? And can you use moonshine?


Irina Chetveruhina

About vodka with all the other components I do not know, but the hot red wine before going to bed just helps. I've experienced it myself more than once. You sweat well, and in the morning as a cucumber.
But you can and without alcohol try
I do this: Before going to sleep in a large mug of very hot tea I add 1 tablespoon of honey and juice of half a lemon (this is Svetlana Svetlichnaya's recipe) + 1 tablet of soluble Antigrippin. I drink immediately before going to bed, I dress warm something on myself and wrap myself up more. Just cook in what can be changed at night, sweat properly, that's for sure!

Andrey PAV

It helps. Can. Gram 150 + 2 teaspoons of honey + pepper gram 2 - 3. It would be nice to warm up to 50 degrees. Use volley, eat, and go to bed under the blanket!!! In the morning - as if nothing had happened !!!

Lypkataya Yana

helped me. I tried only once, because the procedure is not a pleasant one. My husband made a glass of vodka (we took honey with pepper) and added a spoonful of tea without a slide of honey and pepper a little, so that the stomach can not be burned at all. I drank cold, because it would not press the warm one. And sometimes, with strong menstrual pains, when to tears, I drink vodka (a glass) with salt (1 h. l.). Very disgusting, but effective. By the way this is my gynecologist advised. Although I do not advocate vodka treatment at all. I think that the properties of moonshine to many do not differ, or else they can give more time to warm up. By the way for colds, vodka can be drunk and cold, because it still heats inside, regardless of the initial temperature.

Natalia Isaeva

The main thing, have a snack.

Evgeny Sklyarov

And if you replace vodka with moonshine?

Can I cure a cold with vodka or cognac?

Can I cure a cold with vodka or cognac?

Treatment with alcoholic beverages at the first sign of a cold is sometimes a very effective method. However, overdoing here is not necessary. If a person is often sick, then it is better to be treated by medical products, having visited the therapist beforehand.

Suddenly getting sick, people often begin to be treated quickly, drinking a large dose of various anti-cold medications, which only temporarily eliminate the symptoms. An alternative method of treatment is the intake of alcohol.

Therapists believe that the very popular method of mixing alcohol with coffee is in fact in no way useful, because it is able to improve only the physical condition. After the drink is drunk, you will acquire a feeling of imaginary comfort and warmth. At the same time, the vessels expand, which is really necessary for such a weakened organism. A full recovery in this treatment will not follow.

How to get cognac?

If you have a cold and a low temperature, then you should drink 50-70 grams of cognac and sit in a warm bath. Cognac is drunk in small sips and necessarily seizes it with lemon, because it is very useful for colds, as it is a source of vitamin C. After taking a bath you need to immediately go to bed and wrap yourself well, try to fall asleep. If you can not take a warm bath, you need to warm your feet and hands in warm water for a few minutes. Note that this method is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure and a sick heart.

If you take care of preventing colds that can be picked up at any time of the year, then try to use mulled wine periodically. Cognac, added in small amounts to this drink, will contribute to the complete absorption of vitamin C, introduced by the lemon. A clove and cinnamon strengthen the immune system. In a warm form, cognac helps the body fight against sore throats, as well as reduce the temperature when used in conjunction with honey and lemon.

Vodka is an excellent assistant for colds

With a cold, vodka is good as a means for external use, and for preparing various infusions and even teas.

Vodka can rub the chest, make compresses on the throat, on the lungs, feet and back. In no case should you compress the heart, but otherwise there is no contraindication to this method of treatment.

Healing tea with vodka: 10-15 table spoons of vodka are poured into a container, put on a weak fire. When the boiling process begins, you need to add a teaspoon of black tea. Remove from heat, close with a dense lid.

After cooling, take 1-2 drops of medicine a night. To enhance the effect, you can seize the drink with honey. This combination cures colds in the early stages in most cases.

Another popular way of treatment is gargling with strong drinks: brandy, cognac or vodka.

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