Omission of the uterus after childbirth - causes and treatment

The omission of the reproductive organs of a woman after pregnancy is not such a rare problem, especially in women who did not prepare for the birth process at all, the gestation process itself was difficult, the mass of the fetus was great. Often there is a drop in the uterus after childbirth, it is worth considering the main causes of this condition after pregnancy, how to recognize this phenomenon on your own, how to avoid such complications after childbirth.

  • Can there be an omission after the delivery?
  • Causes
  • Symptoms
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  • What to do when the uterus descends
  • Is it possible to give birth when the uterus descends?
  • How to treat
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During pregnancy the body of a woman undergoes high loads, because of hormonal changes, fetal pressure on the organs and muscles of the pelvis, various changes can occur in the organs of the reproductive system, often negative. Omission of the uterus is a common problem that arises from the weakness of the muscular pelvic framework.

During pregnancy, the weight of the fetus starts to press on the pelvic muscles, sometimes the muscles are damaged due to the load, especially if they have not been strengthened before. Muscles located in the pelvic area, keep the female organs in anatomically correct position. Disorders in their work that arise during pregnancy and the process of birth can lead to the fact that the organs of the reproductive system are no longer able to stay in the right position, they literally "fall" down.

Depending on the severity and extent of the omission, the pathology may be noticeable for the woman or not, sometimes its effects become noticeable only after some time after the onset. Also, this condition is sometimes called the omission of the walls of the uterus after childbirth. It is believed that older women are more susceptible to this complication, however, depending on many factors, it may occur at an early age.

There are several degrees of disease depending on the severity. On the initial this disease remains almost imperceptible for a woman, the more severe one needs urgent medical intervention:

  • partial loss, in which when straining from the genital slit may appear part of the cervix, the uterus itself usually does not protrude;
  • incomplete fallout, in which when straining shows not only the cervix, but the uterus;
  • complete fallout, in which the organ can be completely outside the sexual gap, and straining is not necessary.

Important!To avoid the unpleasant consequences of this complication of pregnancy, after birth, it is necessary to have some time to observe the gynecologist.

Can there be an omission after the delivery?

Childbirth is one of the most common causes of omission, most often this pathology occurs precisely after the child is born. Such violations in the functioning of the muscles and the position of the internal organs are the most frequent consequences of bearing a child. It is worth remembering that pregnancy is always a stress for the body, especially not prepared for heavy loads.

However, it is worth noting that childbirth is not the only possible reason for omission. This disease can arise for a number of reasons, mainly it develops against the background of incorrectly distributed, sharp loads, to which the body is not prepared. For example, the constant weighting and other serious physical work that does not correspond to the preparation of the musculoskeletal system and the body as a whole can provoke the omission.


The main reason for the omission of the uterus after childbirth is a trauma to the pelvic floor muscles. There are several factors that can affect its occurrence. First of all, this muscle weakness, which developed even before the birth, it is for this reason that we should not underestimate the importance of preparing for gestation and the birth process with the help of strengthening exercises.

Also, the strength of muscles depends on heredity, if omission occurs in close relatives, it is worth paying more attention to the prevention of this pathology. It is worth noting that the likelihood of this complication is also affected by the weight of the fetus and the process of delivery.

If the child is quite large, during the birth process, various instruments are used, for example, forceps, the delivery itself is extremely difficult and unnatural, the probability of developing the uterus and other organs of the reproductive system increases.

It should be noted that omission may not develop immediately after the birth of the child. Sometimes it can occur after a while, for example, if immediately after childbirth begin to lift weights. You should consult a doctor, a specialist may even prohibit taking a newborn in the hands, if there is a probability of a pathology.

Important!The appearance of omission or fallout can be seen not immediately.


The severity of the signs of this pathology depends on the degree of the disease. With partial loss of symptoms may be almost completely absent. Externally, for an unprepared person, usually more severe degrees of the disease can be seen, the photo helps determine how the uterine ovulation looks after delivery. In general, if there is a suspicion that this complication has arisen, it is worth paying attention to the following symptoms:

  • the appearance of aching pain in the lower abdomen, while it is not associated with the approach of the monthly, there are no inflammatory processes;
  • sharp pain in the vaginal area, giving back to the lower back, which increases during walking;
  • the emergence of severe discomfort during sexual intercourse, in the more severe stages of it becomes simply impossible to realize;
  • the occurrence of urinary incontinence, pain and discomfort during urination.

However, it is worth noting that these symptoms are not obvious. They can also indicate the development of the inflammatory process in the organs of the reproductive system. It is necessary to turn to the gynecologist and determine the exact cause of the unpleasant sensations.

A photo

What to do when the uterus descends

First of all, you need to see a doctor and assess the condition of the organs of the reproductive system, identify the accompanying pathologies, if they are present. In the early stages of omission, treatment at home is usually acceptable, with severe degrees of illness often requiring surgical intervention.

Is it possible to give birth when the uterus descends?

It all depends on the degree of omission and the treatment options that are chosen to get rid of this complication. Sometimes the treatment is selected depending on whether the woman is planning to have more children. If childbirth is planned, select exercises and a minimum of surgical intervention, it is important to completely restore muscle tone and elasticity. If the uterus and other organs are fully restored, return to the correct position, you can give birth, but you should monitor the entire process of bearing in the attending physician.

If the birth is no longer planned, the treatment can be selected more radically. If a woman is no longer going to bear, the uterus may be advised to completely remove or apply such a plastic muscle, in which they will practically lose the elasticity necessary for the process of pregnancy.

How to treat

Usually, depending on the severity of the disease and the patient's plans, the following treatment methods are used. They can be combined, it is worth remembering that the most radical method is the complete removal of the uterus, in some cases it is the only possible option:

  1. Exercises. Usually, such exercises are chosen that allow to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and the abdominal press. In some cases, Kegel's gymnastics may be particularly effective, especially if the omission is accompanied by incontinence.
  2. Ointments with estrogen. They are used, introducing into the vagina, ointments on a hormonal basis allow you to quickly restore the elasticity and tone of the internal organs themselves.
  3. Surgical intervention. It is usually necessary in the late stages of omission, when the exercises are useless. There are many different methods, artificial recovery of muscle tone and others. Sometimes, when omitted, complete removal of the uterus is used.

Also, given this condition, it is advised to restore immunity, eat right. During and after recovery, you must completely abandon the lifting of weights, while constantly doing the exercises and monitor the tone of the pelvic muscles.

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