Myocardial infarction: symptoms and the first signs in different sexual groups

The structure and characteristics of the male and female body differ significantly. Accordingly, the symptoms and causes of the same disease may also have their differences.

This also applies to cardiovascular diseases, in particular myocardial infarction. If we talk about the sex of this disease, until recently, most of the male patients were exposed to a heart attack.

In the modern world, the percentage of women among the number of people diagnosed with a heart attack is growing rapidly every year.

Statistics state that the most common cause of this disease among women is arterial hypertension, and their disease is much more complicated than those of the opposite sex, whose source of the disease is ischemic disease.


  • 1 Clinic, notable symptoms and complaints
    • 1.1 For men
    • 1.2 For women
  • 2 Provision of first aid: what to do
  • 3 Algorithm for urgent action by doctors
  • 4 What can not be done with acute attack
  • 5 Prevention

Clinic, notable symptomatology and complaints

The effectiveness of treatment directly depends on the timely detection of the disease. In order to diagnose myocardial infarction in time, it is necessary to know what are its characteristic symptoms and the first signs.

Experts have found that a male and female heart attack can have different symptoms, because the causes of the attack are also different.

In men

The onset of myocardial infarction necessarily is accompanied by pain, in which it is possible to give sensations throughout the chest of the .Pain syndrome occurs with increasing strength, gradually intensifying and pulsating. Rarely, patients can complain of a burning sensation in the heart.

In case of a heart attack, you can observe external changes in the patient:

  • Increased sweating;
  • Pale;
  • Cold extremities;
  • Weakness.


Women's body is so arranged that it has its own protective mechanisms that ensure stable operation of the cardiovascular system. But during the menopause , this function of the body goes on a decline, and in some cases disappears altogether.

The main danger is the fact that the disease in women is difficult to recognize, as well-known symptoms are characteristic only for men.

Infarction in women does not develop as rapidly as in men. Its approach can be recognized long before the attack, if you know what changes in the body can indicate a disease.

To early harbingers include:

  • Chronic fatigue, which does not pass even after a good and quality rest;
  • Appearance of dyspnea, indicating problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • Increased anxiety, restlessness, irritability;
  • Attacks of asphyxia during sleep and snoring;
  • Appearance of edema in the extremities;
  • Frequent trips to the toilet for urination;
  • Severe headache, fever, migraine;
  • GI disorder;Dull aching pain in the region of the heart.

The first signs of the onset of the disease in women are nausea, in rare cases, vomiting, severe dizziness , which causes malaise and weakness.

Often, the beautiful half of humanity does not take such changes seriously in its health and continues to lead a habitual way of life. But the infarction does not just recede so easily.

It takes a little time and the woman starts to dumb fingers on her left arm. Then in the same place, the pain syndrome manifests itself, which can be transmitted throughout the body of the .More often it is the organs of the digestive tract, back, neck. There is nothing that would indicate pain in the heart. Symptoms of a female heart attack are deceptive enough to be able to see them at the initial stage and promptly seek help from a specialist.

Women by their nature are more hardy and patient, so they delay the call of the ambulance .And this in turn is the main cause of high mortality after a heart attack among the female individuals.

There are more unusual symptoms described in the video:

Provision of first aid: what to do

Immediately after they suspected something wrong, found several symptoms indicating a heart attack, you need to call an ambulance and drink a brigadetablet nitroglycerin .It is important to remember that a contraindication to taking nitroglycerin is low blood pressure.

The sooner you call an ambulance, the more likely it is to prevent an attack and to cure the disease. Timely response to symptoms can save a person's life.

While ambulance rides, it is necessary to put under the tongue a 500-milligram tablet of aspirin , which will dilute the blood in case of myocardial infarction. Instead of aspirin, you can also use nitroglycerin. Only before using nitroglycerin should you measure blood pressure. It should not be low.

Algorithm for urgent action by

physicians Immediately after the arrival of ambulance doctors, they should take the following measures:

  • Get the patient to adopt the position, which improves blood circulation, and the heart load is significantly reduced( lying with bent legs is considered optimalin the knees and raised with his back);
  • Restore breathing to supply enough oxygen to the blood( remove all possible parts and clothing elements that are in the neck area);
  • If the patient does not accept nitroglycerin prior to the arrival of the emergency team, for some reason, the doctor must give the pill to the patient( otherwise the patient should inform about the preliminary taking of the drug in order to avoid an overdose);
  • Another effective emergency drug for infarction is aspirin , which perfectly dilutes the blood, renewing its circulation and oxygen supply to all organs;
  • After receiving the necessary medications the patient is transported in a specialized ambulance to the hospital , but if the ambulance can not arrive on time, you can take the person with an attack and yourself, avoiding sudden movements and heavy loads;
  • If the attack is so severe that medications can not restore normal circulation, then in such cases, the doctors of the emergency team must conduct a cardiopulmonary resuscitation , which involves an indirect cardiac massage and artificial pulmonary ventilation( known as "artificial respiration of the mouthin the mouth. "
In particularly severe cases, when assistance was not provided in time or with a severe seizure( cardiac arrest), a defibrillator is used, a device thatThe use of electric current can restore the heart to life again. It is used exclusively in conjunction with heart massage and artificial respiration, and does not replace them

What can not be done in case of acute attack

When first aid is given to a patient with a heart attack, it should be ensured that he is not in any wayThe case did not immediately take more than two tablets of the nitroglycerin preparation , which can rapidly lower blood pressure, which will aggravate the situation significantly, and may end in a lethal outcome.

The same goes for acetylsalicylic acid and other drugs, which in principle a patient should not use without medical examination.

In case of an attack of a heart attack, the patient is forbidden to make sudden movements, take liquor and delay time with the emergency call.

What is CHD, the symptoms and treatment of this disease, the main causes and diagnostics - everything is detailed in our article.

The list of IHD drugs is listed in our next detailed review.

What drugs are prescribed after myocardial infarction? We'll talk about it here.


To prevent the risk of myocardial infarction, a person needs to lead a healthy healthy lifestyle, strengthen their body with all possible methods and monitor their health.

The main measures for the prevention of the disease: One of the most effective ways to prevent the development of a heart attack is training of cardiac muscles ( for this purpose, exercise therapy exercises, daily cardiovascular exercises, begin to strengthen the heart muscle gradually, slowly increasing the load every day);

  • Balanced diet and day regimen of ( the products and their amount should correspond to the needs of the body and in no case contribute to obesity of the body, which is one of the main causes of heart disease.

    The diet should consist exclusively of healthy and fortified foods, should not include many fatty, fried, flour and alcohol products);

  • Replacement of bad habits with useful ( very effective for the cardiovascular system, smoking cessation of cigarettes, cigars and hookahs, as well as from drinking alcoholic beverages, vodka, low-alcohol drinks and energy specialists);
  • Occupation, favorite hobby, hobby and hobby search ( positive emotions and optimistic mood always contribute to strengthening the immune system and the general defenses of the body, and prolong life);
  • Regular medical examination of ( visit to the cardiologist and ECG will help to detect problems and irregularities in the cardiovascular system in a timely manner and prevent the risk of heart attack).
  • No one is immune from myocardial infarction. Everyone can become a victim of this disease and there are many reasons for that.

    But each person can reduce the likelihood of developing an attack several times if he leads a healthy lifestyle and rejoice at every moment. Do not forget that prevention and timely response to the characteristic signs of a heart attack are on guard of your life. Take care of her!

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