How to wash your nose at home with genyantritis

Sinusitis is an unpleasant disease that affects the nasal sinuses. Inflammation in a short time can go from acute to chronic form, if no action is taken. A popular method of treatment is the washing of the nose with genyantritis at home. How to conduct the procedure and what, we consider in detail.

  • Whether it is possible to wash out a nose at a genyantritis
  • How to properly wash
  • Flowing method
  • Cuckoo: a method of washing the sinuses of the nose
  • Effective washing solutions
  • ethnoscience
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Whether it is possible to wash out a nose at a genyantritis

Although rinsing the nose is an easy and accessible procedure for everyone, yet it has its own characteristics and contraindications. It will give positive results in the treatment:

  • inflammatory processes in the nasal sinuses;
  • acute form of a viral infection, accompanied by a runny nose;
  • allergic and vasomotor rhinitis;
  • ozni - malodorous rhinitis, which is a progressive atrophic process, with crusts and an unpleasant odor;
  • as a preventive measure in genyantritis and runny nose.

Do not use washing in such cases:

  • inflammation of the inner ear;
  • frequent bleeding from the nose;
  • complete obstruction of the nasal sinuses;
  • presence of tumors;
  • intolerance to preparations for washing.

Such a process allows not only to reduce edema of the mucosa, but also tones the capillaries, helps the epithelium to fight infection. The main task of the procedure is to get rid of accumulated secretions, moisturizing the mucous membrane.

How to properly wash

The washing procedure is approved by otorhinolaryngologists. It is recommended to conduct it 2-3 times a day, the volume of the liquid - 0.5 liters. The course of treatment is selected individually for each person, while taking into account the diagnosis and severity of the disease. How long should I wash? The acute form requires at least 14 days, and chronic treatment can last for months. Washings recommended by a doctor after an intervention in the nasal sinuses should be performed for 6 weeks.

There are many tools that can be used to cleanse the sinuses. When preparing a solution from them, it is necessary to observe exactly all the proportions in order to prevent allergies and burn mucous.

Before starting the process, it is necessary to sterilize the instruments. For this, alcohol is suitable. Basic tools:

  • syringe;
  • syringe;
  • a small kettle;
  • sinus catheter;
  • special nasal showers.

Apply for cleansing is better than the medications that the otolaryngologist advised. The procedure itself should take no more than 15 minutes. In the treatment of sinusitis after a couple of days, an improvement in the condition is felt. If it is not observed, it is necessary to inform the attending physician.

Flowing method

This method uses a syringe or syringe. The solution can be with medicines or broths from herbal dues. The procedure is as follows:

  • a well-prepared solution is shaken well, a syringe is filled;
  • the tip of the syringe is injected into the nasal sinus and, slowly pressing the piston, all the contents are poured;
  • the procedure will be considered to be performed correctly if the liquid after the introduction will leave the second nostril;
  • do the washing better on the sink.

During the procedure, part of the solution can get into the mouth, there is nothing to worry about, it needs to be spit.

Cuckoo: a method of washing the sinuses of the nose

This method is often used in medical institutions. It is recommended to be carried out together with other methods of treatment of sinusitis. A doctor or nurse in a physiotherapy room will effectively relieve the patient's nasal sinuses from pus and mucus.

The procedure consists of the following stages:

  • In the patient's nose, a special device is introduced, called an aspirator-suction;
  • During the introduction of the liquid, a negative pressure is created;
  • the liquid circulates at an accelerated rate;
  • at the time of fluid entering the nose, the patient should repeat the word "ku-ku", which is why this technique is called a cuckoo;
  • the procedure is carried out in the supine position, the head back.

Important! Before the procedure, the patient is injected with funds that help narrow the blood vessels.

With the running form of sinusitis, the second nostril is temporarily closed during fluid injection. This will allow the solution to fill all internal channels and wash mucus and pus even from distant areas.

Effective washing solutions

Washing of the sinuses of the nose can be carried out even with simple boiled water. But it is better to use a remedy that will help to easily remove pus and mucus, and will also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. At home you can carry out the procedure by such means:

  1. Soda. It removes swelling, removes inflammation, has mucolytic effect. Prepare the solution as follows: in a glass of warm water dilute ½ h. l. soda.
  2. Food salt. To wash the nose with saline solution, it is necessary to dissolve 5 g of salt in 1 liter of water (1 h. l.).
  3. Sea salt. She perfectly fights with a genyantritis. You can buy ready-made salt water in the pharmacy - Aqua Maris, Humer or Marimer. The main component in them is sterilized sea salt. Therefore, they are recommended to use even for washing the nose to the child.
  4. Salt and soda with a couple drops of iodine. It is a strong and useful solution. It helps to remove the swelling of the mucous, remove the inflammation. It has antiseptic properties, accelerates the healing of microcracks, relieves stagnant mucus and pus.
  5. Furacil. In any pharmacy you can buy these pills, which are bred in warm water (2 pieces per glass of liquid). This solution helps to improve the patient's condition with purulent inflammation.
  6. Dolphin. This product is sold in special vials intended for convenient cleaning of the nose. It is issued separately for adults and children. The instructions detail how to use.
  7. Dioxydin is a ready-to-use solution for nasal lavage, which is used in its pure form. Insert it into the nose with a syringe or syringe. If the patient has an increased sensitivity to this drug, then it can be diluted with saline solution.
  8. Hydrogen peroxide is also suitable for washing with sinusitis, because it has an antiseptic effect. The solution is prepared as follows: 200 ml of water and 1 tbsp. l. 3% peroxide.
  9. Chlorhexidine is used in its pure form. The concentration of active substances in it can be different. To effectively treat sinusitis, it is better to use a 0.05% solution.

Important! Elena Malysheva in her programs tells that washing the nose can be done for preventive purposes. For example, every morning, do a salt rinse. This will help prevent colds.


Methods of traditional medicine are used in the treatment of many diseases. There are in her the recipes of solutions, which effectively cope with sinusitis. Most often with respiratory diseases, doctors recommend using a decoction of chamomile. But there are other folk remedies:

  1. Well rinsed nasal sinuses decoction of propolis. It is prepared as follows: in a container pour a glass of water, add 1 h. l. edible salt, boil, and after adding 12 drops of propolis tincture. The procedure should be carried out with fresh solution.
  2. Often the grandmothers dry the currant leaves to drink aromatic tea in the winter. But the broth of black currant can also be used for washing the nose. A small bundle of leaves is poured into 300 ml of boiling water, allowed to cool and the procedure is carried out.
  3. A decoction of chamomile and coltsfoot helps remove the inflammation in the sinuses. To make a solution, you need to take 1 part camomile flowers and two - mother-and-stepmother, pour 300 ml of only boiling water. After cooling it can be used to wash the nose.
  4. A solution based on celandine is effective in treating sinusitis. To make it, it is required to dilute in 1 hour in hot water (300 ml). l. salt and celandine juice.

Effective cure for maxillary sinusitis is possible with the help of complex therapy. In addition to washing, you should add the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, nasal drops and other remedies recommended by your doctor. Bacterial sinusitis is treated only with antibiotics, household washing with this form is ineffective and dangerous. When the first symptoms occur, seek qualified help. This is the best prevention of complications.

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