Benefits and contra-indications of berries and bilberry leaves for human health

Blueberry is a shrub that grows in the northern regions. Fruits differ bluish-black or pure black color.

The flesh of the berries is purple. Blueberries are a useful product. Berry has useful properties and pleasant taste.

The various vitamins and trace elements contained in it( both fresh and dry) are indispensable helpers for maintaining health at the furious pace of today's life.

Composition: elements and useful properties
  • Traditional medicine
  • Application in cosmetology
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Possible harm
  • Composition: elements and useful properties

    Blueberry is a treasure of nutrients and vitamins.
    The composition of the berries are useful acids, which are important for human life.

    These include, for example:

    • lemon,
    • milk,
    • quinine,
    • apple and succinic acid.

    Quinic acid can easily cope with the flu( about the national means of treatment written here) and other diseases that are accompanied by elevated temperatures. She:

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    • improves appetite,
    • helps with headaches, etc.

    Amber acid normalizes the metabolism of and blood circulation, helps with varicose veins, positively affects human immunity.

    Thus, the acids that make up blueberries have useful properties.

    In addition, the berry is rich in trace elements and macro-elements.

    And what do you know about the beneficial properties and contraindications of blueberries? How it differs from blueberries and what medicinal properties it possesses is written in a useful article.

    The instruction on the use of the Manchu aralia tincture is available on this page.

    It contains:
    1) Iron is an element that plays one of the primary roles in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood( useful properties of the grenade).

    In order for the B vitamins to work at full strength, it's important that the iron is activated to activate them. Iron, which is contained in the berry, fully absorbed by the human body.

    2) Manganese is an element that is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Helps with memory problems.

    Participates in the development of cells, maintains the level of glucose. Bilberry is one of the leaders among berries containing manganese.

    3) Potassium is an element that normalizes the heart rhythm.

    Participates in supplying the brain with oxygen, which contributes to the improvement of its activity. Potassium is useful for soft tissues( muscles, capillaries, etc.).

    4) Phosphorus is a useful microelement that participates in the normalization of energy metabolism, improves metabolism.

    Eating food that is rich in phosphorus favors human growth.

    5) Copper is an element necessary for growth and reproduction.

    Copper is involved in the conversion of iron into hemoglobin. The microelement maintains normal blood composition, does not allow the appearance of anemia( how to brew the dog-rose correctly).

    6) Zinc is an important element that is necessary for the rapid healing of wounds on the human body.

    Zinc is an antioxidant. Prevents the appearance of diabetes and epilepsy. Participates in the metabolism and participates in protein synthesis.

    7) Chromium is an element whose task is to regulate blood glucose and carbohydrate metabolism.

    The microelement normalizes the pressure, stimulates the regeneration of tissues.

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    On the page: http: // narodnye-sredstva /lekarstva/napitki/ ajran.html written about the use of tana and ayran.

    Traditional medicine

    Blueberries, in addition to useful elements, contain a huge amount of vitamins.

    Vitamin A is found in blueberries, the main properties of which are:

    • prevention of visual impairment( see exercise video for eyes on Zhdanov),
    • acceleration of wound healing on the skin,
    • collagen production for skin elasticity, etc.

    In the bilberry contains the whole complex of vitamins of group B .They:

    • are useful for the human nervous system,
    • promote cell division,
    • are involved in metabolism and in other processes that are so necessary for the normal functioning of the human body.

    Berries have vitamin C , it is necessary for the nervous system and hematopoiesis. Without this vitamin it is impossible to fully absorb iron.

    Ascorbic acid removes free radicals from the a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin has a positive effect on human immunity, prevents the appearance of diseases.

    In the bilberry contains and vitamin PP , without which the oxidation-reduction processes in the body can not proceed normally.

    It favorably affects:

    • digestion,
    • human nervous system,
    • is involved in the formation of the most important hormones( insulin, testosterone, etc.).

    Thanks to this internal component, the blueberry contributes to the improvement of the vision.

    However, it is worth noting that various eye diseases are not treated with berries. With the help of vitamins and elements contained in them, only the improvement of vision occurs.

    Drinking blueberries for food reduces the risk of cataracts and glaucoma. A substance that promotes this is called a glycoside.

    Blueberries are treated with the stomach .In the case of constipation or diarrhea, it is necessary to eat berries, respectively, in dried or fresh form. She can:

    • easily restore normal stool,
    • to remove pain and sensations of heaviness in the abdomen.

    Drinking berries will reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases , contains a huge variety of antioxidants.

    Reduces blood clotting if eaten blueberries.

    Note that this berry is low-calorie, so the application it found in dietetics.

    This method for losing weight is popular, because together with ease, it carries a rich set of useful vitamins and elements.

    The use of blueberries in food will make the body work more actively( use of the tea fungus for the body), which, in the long run, will lead to the burning of excess weight.

    Application in cosmetology

    In cosmetology fruits are used with the same success, becausethey are rich in antioxidants.

    They are added to preparations for improvement of skin characteristics:

    • elasticity,
    • for combating inflammation and eruptions.

    Berry rejuvenates the body and removes toxins. Blueberries vitaminizes the skin and protects from the negative impact of the environment.

    Used in the manufacture of masks for the smoothing of complexion and the fight against skin diseases.

    Useful properties of bilberry are also manifested when used by people with diabetes mellitus.

    Taking fruit-berries, sugar in the blood decreases, the normal functioning of the glands stabilizes.

    This is due to the content of tannins in the berry and glycosides.

    Prevention of diseases

    Blueberries are also used for preventive purposes.

    • supports immunity,
    • does not allow the appearance and development of diseases.

    If you consume blueberry fruit and jelly, , you can avoid myocardial infarction .Decoctions based on blueberries will help get rid of chronic diarrhea.

    Useful substances are also found in leaves that are beneficial to humans with useful properties. They are:

    • flavonoids( useful for blood),
    • vitamin C,
    • essential oil( from which saffron is made),
    • carotenoids.

    leaves blueberries - a tool that provides:

    • inflammatory,
    • tonic,
    • antiseptic action.

    Thus, the leaves are used in diseases and skin lesions.

    Dried or fresh leaves of blueberry brewed tea and make extracts that help in diabetes( about the benefits and harms of apricots written here).

    Possible harm

    This berry is distinguished by a complex of useful substances that one can not even believe that it has harmful properties.

    Note that they are, but can only appear because of the negligent behavior of the person.

    1) Overeating - if a person eats during the day half of 1 kg of berries, then it will happen indigestion.

    Blueberries have a fixing effect that leads to constipation. Do not forget about the combination of products, so as not to cause an unexpected reaction of the body to eating berries.

    2) Allergy - if human idiosyncrasy, then in any case it is impossible to eat blueberries.

    Side effects from berries occur during overeating, in the form of rashes, carding, etc.
    To avoid unpleasant situations, stick to a few rules:

    • by eating Do not mix blueberries with other berries:
      • raspberries,
      • strawberries,
      • currants( useful properties and contraindications leaves black),
      • cloudberries( the useful berry, read this article);
    • collect berries better in places with clean ecology, t.blueberries are capable of accumulating substances in themselves.

      Therefore, the composition, along with useful elements, are harmful.

      This is manifested if there are nearby radioactive sources or chemical treated land plots;

    • You can not consume blueberries to people who have urolithiasis, pancreatic diseases or a predisposition to them.

    All the above items can be avoided. For this, do not forget that the use of berries should be in moderation.

    Thus, let us sum up that blueberries are an amazing berry that has a huge complex of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the health of every person.

    We offer you to watch a video of the program dedicated to the beneficial properties of blueberries.

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