Alcoholism in Russia

Alcoholism in Russia is ubiquitous. Traditions all the festivities and events marked by sadness, celebrating with the acceptance of alcoholic drinks inside.

The history of alcoholism in Russia is old and the cases of domestic drunkenness among Russian people were not something special. Now it is difficult to say when the beginning of the conquest was "potion", or "green serpent" of Rus.

Do not open America, if we say that every second Russian is familiar with the problem of alcoholism on their own experience. Even children's alcoholism is no longer a news for us. Among teenagers and, even, children there is an acquaintance with new alcoholic cocktails, including carbonated ones.

In the already distant Soviet era, the fight against alcoholism was more serious. Yes, and upbringing, and the perception of people was different. The bad influence on the part of television and radio broadcasting was minimized.

Causes of alcoholism in Russia

Our ancestors lived in continuous hard labor, participated in wars. Free time was not enough. If they drank vodka, then only on special holidays and in very limited quantities. Dependence on alcohol did not have time to develop. Currently, a lot of daily activities to meet their own needs are automated. There was more free time. There were a variety of alcoholic drinks of different varieties, species and fortress. And interest, and as a way of pastime, a way of stress relief began to motivate people to use alcohol as an everyday necessity. Inconspicuously this is part of a bad habit.

The social reasons of alcoholism include alcohol availability, advertising. Well, the desire to be like everyone else! People can also start drinking from despair, the inability to go through a difficult life span. There are many reasons, but the disease is one.

The problem of alcoholism in the Russian Federation

The Russian Federation does not pay much attention to the problem of alcoholism. And if the government does something and thinks it up, it does not mean that everything will be fulfilled as planned. And officials do not really understand the real causes of alcoholism. Because sometimes we are cluttered with all unnecessary and useless work, for real solutions there is no time left. And the real reasons for the difficult condition in society require too much investment: to rebuild the Russian economy, to give people jobs at their place of residence, to give them a decent salary( not just to themselves at the top), to give them time and opportunity for recreation, work, life. Most of these, to which I belong, the author of this site, do not live, but try to survive, give themselves to children, arrange them. .. Sometimes we watch TV in the village, everyone at home. .. Is it funny? We see how in the programs show fantastically rich people - officials, oligarchs, businessmen - men and women. How they arrange their homes, go to the resorts. And we even can hardly collect our children in school: uniform, clothes, books and so on. We can not afford to buy anything from clothes and food.

What do you think, what emotions did the TV show personally cause when the mansions of a woman businessman were shown there and especially. .. when she is stressed, she spills diamonds and tramples on them barefoot. I'm forced not to use obscene expressions and foul language on the pages of my personal site! But I think you understand me, I was ready for it. .. sorry. Do not be offended by the TV hosts and the main characters of the television programs. You have something to think about. Remember - the modesty of a person colors.

Statistics of alcoholism in Russia suggests that every 100,000 people include 2269.7 alcoholics.

Of all the daily alcohol consumers, they drink alcoholic beverages, including beer, every third youth and every fifth girl. Three quarters of the population in Russia regularly drink beer. Per capita in the Russian Federation, the annual consumption of alcohol is more than 10 liters. And the World Health Organization estimated the level of consumption of pure alcohol as hazardous to health - 8 liters per person per year. That is, exceeding the permissible parameter leads to the degradation of society.

The death rate in 2010 from ethanol poisoning was 13.4.It can be compared by analogy with the index of mortality in transport injuries. In the Public Chamber of Russia, experts noted the fact that death from alcohol is not only the death from accidental poisoning. Alcohol causes two thirds of deaths from violence and accidents and one-fourth of deaths from diseases of the cardiovascular system arising from the abuse of alcoholic beverages.

Currently, alcohol is the main reason for the rapid population loss in Russia, somewhere half a million lives per year. Every fourth death in the Russian Federation is associated with alcoholism. This is about 30% of the deaths of men and 15% of women. Chief Sanitary Doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko believes that alcoholics in Russia are about three million people and therefore alcoholism must be treated compulsorily.

Female alcoholism in Russia increased its share in relation to male alcoholism. The reasons are considered to increase the status of independence for women in moral and economic aspects. More independence - more problems, stress, physical and nervous stress, internal problems. This is beginning to push the woman to "reduce stress" and "solve problems" by drinking alcohol.

Modern studies show that the population in Russia at the genetic level has a predisposition to alcohol abuse. Female alcoholism differs from the male somewhat later, about 6.5 years. But it is more progressive. In men, the alcohol dependence formed appears after 15 years of drinking, and in women it is 7.5 years. That is, it turns out, a woman later begins to actively drink alcohol for 6 - 7 years, and the dependence of it develops earlier for the same period.

Russian women begin to abuse alcohol when there is already not enough strength to solve problems. Here everything: family, career, work. A lot of problems not only their own, but also children, her husband. Without support, hands drop. A bad habit of stress-relieving alcohol is an even road to illness. First, the psychological dependence is formed, then at the physical level. Biochemistry and metabolism in the body is disturbed and the woman can not stop drinking alone.

Most often, in Russia, the peculiarity of the appearance of female alcoholism is in family conflicts, disintegration, failure in personal life. Particularly affected by the loss of a loved one, resentment of her husband, disappointment in everything.

The fight against alcoholism in Russia was launched in 2009, when the Government approved the Concept for the prevention and reduction of alcoholism in the country. It says that in 2013 alcohol consumption per capita should not exceed 15 liters, and by 2020 it should drop to 8 liters. The most important tools for this purpose are:

  • promotion of healthy lifestyle,
  • attraction of public organizations,
  • legislative restriction of alcohol sales at retail,
  • prohibition of hidden alcohol advertising,
  • ban on holding beer and wine festivals.

In 2010, in September, the State Duma began to consider a bill to increase the minimum age for the purchase of alcoholic beverages under 21 years. Fines have been imposed for drinking alcoholic beverages containing more than 12% in public places( exceptions are officially authorized retail points for the sale of alcohol).

The fine or arrest until 15 days is set for the appearance in a public place in a state of intoxication. In 2011, the State Duma of the Russian Federation tightened the amendments to the law "On state regulation of the production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcohol and alcohol-containing products."Now beer and similar drinks with a strength of more than 0.5% are considered to be alcohol and they are prohibited for night sale from 23.00 to 8.00.In 2013, from its inception, the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in non-stationary outlets - markets, stations, kiosks, stalls, came into effect.

Well, time will tell whether these measures and methods will become effective in solving the problem of alcoholism in Russia.

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