Herbs, reducing appetite and weight, for weight loss

How to lose weight simply and easily, without spending a lot of effort, but also to restore the supply of nutrients in the body?

Take decoctions of herbs! Tasty, natural, useful - the dream of all those who lose weight.

Do not underestimate the importance of herbs in human life.

The long-forgotten
  • Which lowers the appetite
  • Which plants help
  • Popular weight loss packages
  • Traditional medicine recipes
  • Long-forgotten

    For centuries, they have replaced medicines, been consumed and important in witchcraft rituals.

    Not always the action of plants was positive, because in their composition, both useful minerals and toxic ones coexist.

    But modern science has learned to extract from plants only healing elements, separating harmful compounds and getting rid of them.

    Herbs have also been used in dietetics, taming the flaky appetites of slimming. Most diets place rigid limits on the amount of food allowed to eat.

    In a desperate attempt to lose weight of extra pounds, people start to go crazy, torn between a strong hunger and a desire to change.

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    Problems surround the person from all sides - it is psychologically difficult for him to completely abandon the usual food, and the body does not physically have enough calories!

    To use herbs for weight loss comes to mind is not all.

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    And in vain! After all, they will be an excellent addition to the diet, feeding the depleted body with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

    The action of herbs varied - you can find blockers of appetite, or you can simply disperse the metabolism.

    How does the appetite of

    decrease? How do the herbs that reduce appetite affect the body?

    Sounds like a fairy tale, but will not there be harm to health?

    Mankind is used to believing in artificially created medicines, but with skepticism refers to natural assistants.

    Healing plants have been used since the earliest stages of history. If at first they served as regular food, then later people began to notice their medicinal properties and this experience was transmitted among many generations.

    They were used to treat diseases, to get rid of parasites.

    Herbal collections were used for weight loss long before the first compressed tablet was released.

    Herbs work on the body in several ways.

    Some of them envelop the stomach from the inside, thus inhibiting the production of gastric juice.

    The human body does not suffer from this, but the feeling of saturation comes much faster and persists for a long time.

    Some seeds increase in size after hitting the stomach. Accordingly, the amount of food consumed will decrease, as will the portion size.

    The body will switch to another mode and will burn fat to get the energy necessary for active life.

    Prolonged intake of herbs will reduce the size of the stomach, so the weight lost will not return.

    Which plants help

    Hawthorn ( for the benefit and harm of berries written on this page) - stimulates the work of the adrenal and thyroid gland, and also accelerates metabolism. It can be brewed as a separate tincture or added to tea.

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    Nettle - contains a rich range of vitamins and nutrients, nourishing the body at the cellular level. Dulls the feeling of hunger. Before use, it is poured with boiling water.

    Laminaria ( dried seaweed) - reduces the desire to eat, promotes proper functioning of the thyroid gland, restores the body's reserves at the cellular level. It is often used as salt, in tablets and in dried form.

    Flax - has a laxative effect, also relieves the feeling of hunger.
    Is a source of a variety of vitamins, strengthens the immune system, normalizes the sugar in the circulatory system to an acceptable level.

    Flax seeds ( useful properties) is applied as a decoction for an hour and a half before meals.

    Burdock , dandelion and wheatgrass( about the properties read here) - reduce hunger, accelerate the burning of fats, are diuretics, have an enviable amount of minerals in the composition.

    Burdock roots ( what is being treated here) is dried, then chopped and poured with boiling water( 2 teaspoons fall into one glass).
    During a severe famine take a tablespoon of infusion.

    Lucerne - accelerates the digestive processes, triggers the processing of fats, beneficially affects the functioning of the circulatory system.

    Sold in pharmacies, brewed as a decoction or tea.

    Fennel - diuretic, reduces the feeling of hunger, leads the body to tone. Used seeds of plants, which should be brewed in the form of tea.

    Popular weight loss packages

    Nutritionists believe that eating grasses will bring better results than using a single plant. You can cook them yourself.

    A greater effect will give fresh herbs grown in clean air and do not have time to dry out. Very useful and pharmacy charges.

    Many plants are pleasant to the taste, so creating your own herbal collection can be very interesting.

    There are also mixtures tested by time and by many consumers, combinations of which are perfectly matched.

    Traditional medicine recipes

    Herbal packs to reduce appetite:

    1. Heather, sage - 100 grams each.
    Herbs mixed, pour boiling water and leave alone for half an hour.
    Further strain and 3 times a day to take strictly before meals.

    2. Fennel fruits, dandelion root ( medicinal properties and contraindications) - 50 gr. Each.
    Bark buckthorn( useful properties and contraindications), peppermint leaves - 100 gr. Mix, 1 tablespoon of collected collection from plants, pour about 200 ml.hot water.
    Allow to cool for about 30 minutes, clean, use before bedtime.

    3. Cystosed bearded - 100 gr.
    Licorice root crushed and anise fruit - 50 gr. Each.
    Soak in boiling water and leave for 30 minutes.
    Take 200 ml each.three times a day before meals.
    Cystoseira bearded is part of many drugs for weight loss - its help in the fight against obesity is beyond doubt.

    4. Birch leaves ( medicinal properties) and forest strawberries, mender, St. John's wort( about its medicinal properties written here), lemon balm, rose hips and blossom of thorn.
    Boil 2 tablespoons of the mixture with boiling water( 300 ml.), Soak in a water bath for 5 minutes, pour into a thermos bottle and leave for several hours.
    A strained broth should be taken several times a day in the amount of one glass before eating for 30 minutes.

    5. Chamomile flowers , yarrow( medicinal properties), cranberry leaves( instructions for use), peppermint and blackcurrant, bilberry shoots and rowan berries.
    2 tablespoons to fill in the thermos, then pour in it 0.3 liters of boiling water and put in 3 hours.
    For medicinal purposes, drink a glass depending on the state of health: 3-4 times a day, maintaining an interval of 15 minutes before eating.

    6. Yarrow herb , flowers of immortelle( as apply read here), bark of buckthorn, shoots of kidney tea, dogrose fruits, corn stigmas, dill seeds - measure 3 tablespoons of mixed herbs, pour into a liter container and pour in 0.5 literscold water.
    Leave to brew for 4 hours, after boiling and holding it for 3-5 minutes.
    Leave for an hour in the heat.
    A strained infusion of drink before each meal.

    Accepted fees are better to alternate among themselves, it is useful sometimes to try something new. Herbs that have a laxative effect should not be consumed longer than 5-7 days, even if this property is not very pronounced.

    The average duration of the course of taking herbs for weight loss is 1.5 months. Over these weeks, the body will reorganize, get used to less food and gradually get rid of excess fat accumulation.

    See the final results of the experiment on weight loss with the help of different herbs.