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  • 1How to choose an electronic posture corrector
  • 2Master of Posture (electronic proofreader): instruction
    • 2.1What is the "Posture Master a general description
    • 2.2Overview of the corrector Posture master (video)
    • 2.3What is included?
    • 2.4Operating principle
    • 2.5Where to buy and how much does it cost?
    • 2.6Why and for whom is it necessary?
    • 2.7How to use?
  • 3Electronic posture corrector: user manual, feedback
    • 3.1What is the correct posture for?
    • 3.2What is an electronic proofreader
    • 3.3What are electronic proof-readers?
    • 3.4Indications for use of the device
    • 3.5What is the effect of
    • 3.6How to properly wear this posture corrector
    • 3.7Instructions for use
    • 3.8Possible problems when using
    • 3.9Electronic posture corrector: reviews
  • 4The description of the electronic proofreader The posture master
    • 4.1Configuration and operating principle of the device
    • 4.2What is included in the corrector set?
    • 4.3How does the posture corrector work?
    • 4.4How to use the device correctly?
    • 4.5Cost of the device and customer reviews
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  • 5Appointment of an electronic posture corrector
    • 5.1How the electronic posture corrector works
    • 5.2Principle of the device
    • 5.3Overview of the main models

How to choose an electronic posture corrector

On sale today, you can find devices that will help to correct the posture is not quite the usual way. You do not have to wear pulling corsets, which, at times, restrict the movement.

The electronic posture corrector relies on your will power and the ability to independently control the correct position of the spine.

How to choose such a device and how to use it correctly? Are there any contraindications for their use? We will get answers to these and many other questions.

The electric corrector is a compact device that is fixed behind the ear, on the body or placed in a pocket. They can not replace classical analogues - bandages, fixators, corsets for the back, after alltheir purpose is more preventive than therapeutic.

Thus, correctors with sensors demonstrate low efficiency in situations where the spine is already Curved, as the sound signal or vibration will be given at any, even the most insignificant movement.

Using it, you can:

  • Fix the correct position of the spine;
  • Straighten the shoulder girdle;
  • reduce pain;
  • prevent deformities of the spine, which lead to serious diseases.

The electronic proof-reader works not how the usual bandage - does not pull together and does not level spine with a thoughtful design consisting of belts, stiffeners, regulating fasteners.

The device simply disciplines you, if you slouch, and your posture ceases to be perfect, giving a sound signal or vibrating.

Align your back with your own, using the abdominal, back and shoulder musculature.

The principle of such influence is based on the formation of reflexes -gradually addictive keep your back straight, and hence the result of using the device will be more durable.

With the help of an electronic assistant, posture can be improved in a few weeks.

The device works as follows:

  • specially placed sensor "remembers" the correct position of the spine;
  • as soon as the vertebral column changes its fixed anatomical position, the device beeps or sends a vibration whose strength is determined by the degree of curvature.The more you stooped, the more piercing the "alarm signal";
  • as soon as you straighten, the sound stops.

In many models, it is possible to individually adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.

The electrocorrector will help not only improve muscle tone, but also contribute to the buildup of muscle mass.

Electronic correctors can be recommended by specialists in the following cases:

  • if a person spends a lot of time in a sitting position, for example, at a computer, a sewing machine, a car's steering wheel, etc .;
  • school children during the preparation of homework.

The corrector can be used by anyone who understands the importance of how equal the spine is to the overall health.

Modern models can be synchronized with your favorite gadget to track your progress.

Contraindications for wearing this device is not revealed. But if you suffer from chronic diseases and use other electrical appliances for medical purposes, consult your doctor before buying.

Depending on the model, the electronic corrector is attached behind the ear or on the body, hangs around the neck in the form of a medallion or worn in a pocket.

The "annoyance" of the electronic proofreader, which will correct your posture every 5 minutes, can at first fairly disgrace yourself. But if you have patience, the result will not take long to wait.

The rules for using the corrector are described in the instruction accompanying the purchased model.

Advantages of electronic devices:

  • light weight and size;
  • not visible under clothing;
  • does not constrain movements and does not violate habitual behavior;
  • works, not only when a person sits, but also when walking;
  • the signal does not come immediately, but with a second delay, allowing the owner to independently align the curved back.

Effectively combine the use of electronic and classical corrector. Since the latter can not be worn permanently, it can be replaced with an electronic "reminder which will help to secure the results achieved in the rigid bandage.

One of the most popular models of a child's corrector of posture is the apparatus "Dolphin".

Salad "fish" is attached behind the child's ear and is used mainly during the preparation of homework.

Its affordable cost (around 500 rubles) and good efficiency expand the circle of those who decided to use the "Dolphin".

The corrector works when the head incline changes.When the child begins to lower his head too much, the unit beeps. So, in addition to the curvature of the spine, the corrector will take care of both vision.

One of the most advertised models for adults is the "Posture Master". According to the manufacturer, it will help restore the posture for a month. Visually, it is a small round plate the size of a five-ruble coin, which is attached to the body with a sticky tape.

One of the drawbacks of this corrector is that it works when you try to tie your shoelaces or lift something off the floor.

He alsooften does not respond to the wrong position of the sacral spine.


With an average cost of 2 thousand rubles, consumers note that they would like to receive more accurate diagnostics from the device.


As you can see, an electronic posture corrector can be a good helper, which will not allow you or your children to spoil the spine. However, as in all other cases of working on one's own health, its use will require perseverance and purposefulness.

A source: https://2orto.ru/ortopedicheskie-aksessuary/kak-vybrat-elektronnyy-korrektor-osanki

Master of Posture (electronic proofreader): instruction

The main purpose of the corrector The posture master is the correction of the pathological posture, which basically follows from the name of the device. It makes sense to use this device for scoliosis, osteochondrosis and pathological kyphosis / lordosis.

Also, the Posture Master can be used to correct posture in cases where her disturbances are caused by a prolonged static incorrect back position. Simply put, this device is suitable for office workers, longshoremen and other professionals who require a "long forced position".

What is the "Posture Master a general description

Electronic apparatus for correction of posture "Master of Posture" is designed to treat the consequences of various diseases of the spinal column. First of all, the device struggles with consequences in the form of curvature of the spine and asymmetry of the shoulder girdle / scapula.

Also, this device has found its application in the prevention of postural disorders. People suffering from scoliotic disease or osteochondrosis can be shown the use of the Posture Master to prevent deviations in the position of the spinal column.

Apprentice Master Posture

A huge advantage of the device can be called the rapid achievement of the result. With uncomplicated curvatures of the spine, a pronounced result can be achievedafter two months of work with the device.

In difficult cases (for example, osteochondrosis of the third stage or scoliotic disease of the third stage), it may take 6-8 months of therapy. At the same time, the higher the efficiency of this device, the more the patient invests in correcting the posture.

It is recommended against the background of treatment by the Posture Master to exercise and monitor the position of his spine in life (for example, when working at a computer).
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Overview of the corrector Posture master (video)

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What is included?

The device itself The posture master is a small round object with dimensions of 37 x 8 millimeters (diameter and thickness). The kit with the main operating device (sensor) also includes stickers-clamps, clip-clamps and a set of spare batteries.

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Stickers (in the standard set of 42 pieces) are designed to attach the device to the skin along the entire height of the spinal column. They are sufficiently tightly attached to it and can be firmly fixed for 24-48 hours (but it is recommended to change the labels daily).

Master Posture Kit

Clamp clips are designed to be attached to clothing. In the standard set there is one clip-retainer (not a one-time clip). According to customers' feedback, it can be argued that the clip-retainer is very short-lived, so be careful not to damage it.

Also in the kit there is one spare round battery (CR2032). With intensive work of the device (every day for 8-12 hours or even more), one battery can last for 10-14 days. On average, three batteries are "wasted" during intensive operation of the device.
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Operating principle

The device resembles a kind of alarm clock. But what does it mean?

You fix the device on the necessary part of the body. For example, if you have an amazed shoulder girdle, then you need to fasten the device under the shoulder (in the upper third of the chest on the front side of the trunk). It's very simple to fasten the device - stick it on the skin like a regular patch.

Next, you need to take the correct position of the body (straighten), and for a couple of minutes gain a foothold in the most convenient for you, and at the same time correct from the point of view of physiology pose. After the most optimal posture is accepted, you need to press the button of the device to turn it on.

Fastening the machine Posture master

Now it works, and the built-in sensor (accelerometer) calculates the angle of inclination of your back and signals the need to change the position of the trunk when you are hunching.

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Where to buy and how much does it cost?

You can buy a posture master on the official website of the manufacturer.

There are models for men, for women and for children. What are the differences? The difference is that each type of device is designed for the anatomical features of each group of patients. After all, it is obvious that the vertebral column and back as a whole in the child, women and men differ among themselves.

The model for adults costs , 00 rubles. Price for the child model The posture master is 3000 rubles. If you run out of stickers to the device, you can buy them at a cost of 550 rubles for 42 stickers (they last about a month).

Female apparatus Posture master

You can also try to find this device in the usual full-time pharmacy chains, but there the Posture Master appears rarely enough, so it's much easier to place an order on the official site company-manufacturer.
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Why and for whom is it necessary?

The apparatus of the Posture Master is designed to prevent or treat existing problems with posture. And the efficiency of the device does not depend on what kind of cause triggered the violation of the position of the spinal column.

That is, the device will work effectively and with a "classic" violation of posture (due to long forced position), and with various diseases that caused such problems (scoliosis, osteochondrosis).

Comparison of the corset and the Masters of Posture

List of diseases that lead to a violation of posture, in which this device can be effective:

  1. Scoliotic disease 1-3 stages.
  2. Osteochondrosis (any localization and any degree).
  3. Stoop, long static position of the body at work / rest (in the office, behind the steering wheel of the car).
  4. Injuries of the spinal column (sports, household).
  5. Permanent overload of the spinal column (when working as a loader, when engaged in professional sports associated with lifting weights).
  6. Small and multiple intervertebral hernias, uncomplicated spondylolisthesis (prolapse or displacement of one or several separate vertebrae).

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How to use?

Step-by-Step Instruction to the Master of Posture:

  • fix the device on the skin or underwear so that it fits comfortably and does not interfere with your daily routine;
  • take the most convenient position for your body, but at the same time, such that the spinal column is level (that is, it was in a physiological-anatomical position);
  • after taking the most optimal pose, turn on the device at the touch of a button in its central part;
  • now the device works and when trying to stay in the wrong position for a long time it will vibrate or make a special sound;
  • in the course of the first 30 days of operation of the device you will see noticeable improvements, and sometimes enough for thirty days for a complete cure.

For more information on how to use the Posture Master, see the information leaflet (instructions) that comes with each machine. Also detailed information on the operation of the device is available on the official website of the manufacturer.

A source: http://osankino.ru/izdeliya/master-osanki-korrektor.html

Electronic posture corrector: user manual, feedback

In modern society, correct posture for many becomes a luxury. A sedentary lifestyle and prolonged sitting at the computer weaken the muscles and lead to a curvature of the spine.

The man gets used to stooping, and the wrong posture is fixed in his subconscious. This is not only ugly, but it can lead to many health problems. Help to correct the situation can an electronic posture corrector.

Unlike orthopedic corsets and proof-readers, he does not fix the spine, but reminds the person that it is necessary to straighten.

What is the correct posture for?

The correct position of the spine is not only beautiful. Perfect posture gives a person confidence in themselves and in their abilities.

Curved same spine leads to a violation of blood circulation, constant fatigue, can cause headaches due to oxygen starvation of the brain.

Effects of stoop may also include irritability, bad mood, memory impairment, sleep disturbance.

What is an electronic proofreader

To correct the posture, many different adaptations are used. These can be recliners in the form of loops restraining the shoulders, or a corset that completely fixes the spine.

Now they are produced by different companies, some of them are the most popular, for example, the corrector of Posture "Trives the corset "Tonus Elast" or "Orto". It is advisable to use them only as directed by a doctor.


Such correctors are recommended to wear no more than a few hours a day, as they can lead to muscle weakness.


Therefore, these devices do not correct posture, but only relieve pain and prevent complications due to incorrect position of the spine.

An electronic proofreader is based entirely on another action. It is a small device, which is attached to the body and gives a signal every time a person stoops.

It turns out that this is the best proofreader of posture. After all, he is a simulator for muscles, accustoming the person to keep the spine exactly.

Usually it is difficult to control yourself, and to correct posture it must be done constantly.

What are electronic proof-readers?

Such devices usually do not differ much from each other. But the most common are two types of electronic posture correctors:

  • The device "Dolphin" is most often used to control the position of the body when sitting at a table. He clings to his ear and sends a signal whenever a person leans very low over the table. Such an electronic posture corrector is good for schoolchildren. But his drawbacks are that he gives a loud sound signal. In addition, this device only tracks the position of the head, not the spine.
  • More effective is the "Master of Posture" - a unique development of Russian scientists. This small device of a round shape the size of a five-ruble coin is attached to the body or to clothing. The device remembers the correct position of the body and sends a vibration signal when the spine is bent.

Indications for use of the device

This device has no contraindications. An electronic posture corrector can be used at any age. Especially it is useful in such cases:

  • for schoolchildren and students during classes;
  • for office workers and all who spend a lot of time at the computer;
  • in scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis at the initial stages as an auxiliary treatment.

To prevent curvature of the spine, as well as in the early stages of its deformations, the device can be used independently. But in severe cases it is recommended to combine its use with a classical posture corrector.

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What is the effect of

This device immediately became popular. It is recommended to wear and with a pronounced curvature of the spine, and for the prevention of stoop. With proper use, the electronic corrector has the following effect:

  • strengthens the muscles of the back;
  • helps maintain the spine in the right position;
  • prevents deformation of the spinal column.

How to properly wear this posture corrector

The electronic reminder from the stoop acts as it should, if it fits tightly to the body. For this purpose, there are special stickers in the device set.

With their help, the device is glued to the upper part of the thorax under the collarbone. The arrow on the instrument must point upwards.

These stickers are disposable, so the next time you need to use a new one. The kit includes a special clip for attaching to clothing.

But you can use it only on the details that are close to the body, for example, on linen. The correct location of the device depends on the effectiveness of its use.

Electronic posture corrector is able to correct stoop in just a month of regular use. You need to wear it according to this pattern:

  • The first couple of days you need to use a corrector for 3 hours;
  • then - 3 days for 4 hours;
  • every next day to increase the wearing time per hour and bring up to 8 hours;
  • wear a corrector so 3 weeks;
  • Last week the device is used every other day.

Instructions for use

"Master of Posture" is a kind of personal trainer for strengthening the muscles of the back. Therefore, as in any training, you need to start from a position closer to the usual.

After all, if you straighten the back as much as possible, the device will give signals constantly, and the muscles will be tired by the end of the day.

Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the device every day, gradually increasing the load.

When setting up the device, you need to stand up straight and press the button. The device will fix the correct position and give a single signal. After that the device is ready for operation. If the position of the spine has changed, it gives a vibrating signal.


But its advantage is that the sound goes with a delay of 60 seconds. This gives the person the opportunity to perform normal work, for example, to put on shoes, raise something from the floor. If you need to temporarily turn off the device, press the button and hold it for more than 5 seconds.


To switch to sleep mode, the device can also be removed and placed on a flat surface.

Possible problems when using

Sometimes the "Master of Posture" can give a signal nevovremya. For example, too frequent vibration is observed due to the fact that the position of the spine chosen for the standard is too perfect, and to be uncomfortable in it.

This can be avoided if you make a smooth back when adjusting, but so that it is convenient. In addition, frequent vibration may indicate an incorrect attachment of the device to clothing. The device must be fixed motionless, arrow up.

And it is worth remembering that when you change the position of the body or the place of the device on clothes, you need to re-program it.

Electronic posture corrector: reviews

This device has earned a lot of good reviews from people who want to correct their posture.

Among the positive qualities are its small size and ease of use, the ability to lead with its use of a normal lifestyle, since the signal is delivered with a minute delay.

It's good that the device helps to remember the correct posture in any position: when a person is standing or walking, he is sitting at a table or on a sofa.

But there are also negative reviews about the device. Some people do not like its price - 3000 rubles. Others are irritated by constant vibration, the third is difficult for a long time to maintain the correct position of the body. But in general, we can say that the device is effective, since it is recommended by orthopedists.

A source: http://.ru/article/289463/elektronnyiy-korrektor-osanki-instruktsiya-po-primeneniyu-otzyivyi

The description of the electronic proofreader The posture master

"Posture Master" is an innovative device that allows adults and children to monitor their backs throughout the day.

This device is designed to help people who have health problems because they often take poses that contribute to the curvature of the spine.

The use of the posture corrector "Master of Posture" is recommended for schoolchildren who, during lessons, often slouch, thereby increasing the risk of scoliosis and other diseases of the back.

In addition, such a device can benefit office workers, who also have to spend a considerable part of the day at the table.

Configuration and operating principle of the device

This electronic posture corrector is a miniature device. It has a round shape, and its dimensions are 37 mm in diameter and 8 mm in thickness.

Such small dimensional characteristics ensure maximum usability of the device.


It easily disappears under clothes and does not cause discomfort when wearing both an adult and a child. At the same time, the buyer should know that the "Posture Master" for children does not differ from an adult.


The manufacturer just released two different versions of packaging, one of which depicts an adult woman, and on the other a school-age girl.

What is included in the corrector set?

The use of the device does not provide for any additional procedures or preparatory phase. After being removed from the package, it is already ready for use. Inside, there is already a battery, designed for a month of continuous use. The kit includes:

  • the corrector itself, having a white color and an arrow on the cover, indicating the correct direction of attachment of the device;
  • 42 double-sided Velcro with which the device is attached directly to the skin;
  • one plastic clip for fastening the device to underwear;
  • one CR2032 battery inside the corrector and one spare (hereinafter they can be bought at any electronics store);
  • special ejector, which is required when replacing the battery.

Such a complete set taking into account the number of stickers is calculated for about a month. Together with the main set or later you can order additional sets of double-sided disposable stickers. 42 stickers cost 550 rubles.

How does the posture corrector work?

The principle of operation of this miniature device is quite simple. After fixing on the body or to the underwear, the device fixes the correct location of the person's back.

While the latter is kept flat, the device does not react and does not send any signals. The internal accelerometer is configured so as to give a signal when the back is tilted incorrectly.

The sensor does not respond immediately, but with a time delay of 1 minute.

This is done so that the signal is not applied to every movement of a person, but only if the wrong position of the back remains for a certain time.

The alarm device is configured in such a way as to create a minimum of inconvenience to the person. The signal sent is an easy vibration. It will be audible and visible only to the immediate bearer.

The surrounding people will not even know that the person is using the "Posture Master" to adjust the position of the back throughout the day. The device can be glued to the body in the morning, and shot in the evening.

Light and miniature it does not create any discomfort.

How to use the device correctly?

The use of a miniature posture corrector does not require any effort and special skills.

However, there are several recommendations, compliance with which will make its use as efficient and convenient as possible.

First of all, you need to read the instruction, which describes 2 ways to wear the corrector. It can be used in the following variants:

  1. Glueing on the body. To do this, the supplied double-sided adhesive tape is first glued to the flat side of the case. Then the device itself is attached to the skin just below the clavicle. The arrow on the outside of the case must point strictly upwards. The device so secured is ready for use.
  2. Fastened to the underwear. This option is suitable only if a person wears suitable clothes (bra, tight top, shirt, T-shirt). The device is attached using a special clip at the level of the clavicle. This is the most convenient place, since the clavicle bone creates a bump on the body. On this ledge, the sensor's vibration will be clearly felt.

Choosing the appropriate way to use the corrector, you should pay the most attention to its configuration. It is from it will determine the level of efficiency and correct application of the device. Here it is important to know about the following functional aspects:

  1. Adjustment of the corrector. After fixing the device on the body or underwear, it is important to turn on the device correctly. This stage is the most responsible. First you need to take the position of the body, which is taken as the standard posture. It is important not to overdo it, do not take your shoulders back too far, do not arch your back. It is necessary, having straightened shoulders, to take an equal, comfortable, relaxed position. After that, click on the top cover of the device. With a light vibrating signal, the device will indicate that it has fixed the reference posture and has started to work.
  2. Reaction to the signal. Now during the day the corrector will vibrate in those cases, if the person stoops for more than 1 minute. If you take the right position of the body, the vibration stops. This is a very convenient and simple way of reminding, allowing you to sit or stand smoothly.
  3. Disconnection, pause, change of the standard posture. To turn off the device completely or temporarily, you only need to press the cap and hold for more than 5 seconds. A double vibration will indicate that the device is turned off. After that, it can be removed or simply worn in the non-activated state. The next time you turn on, it's important not to forget to take the reference position of the body again. Just turn off and turn on the device, when you just need to change the parameters of the correct location of the back.
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Thus, using this miniature posture corrector is as simple as possible and very convenient. It is important only to observe some precautions.

Many people who use such a corrector for the first time take, when turned on, a very even body position. Such a standard posture can not then be maintained throughout the day, because of which the device often vibrates, annoying the wearer. Here it is important to approach the use of the device intelligently.

Cost of the device and customer reviews

When this posture corrector has just entered the market, its manufacturers are faced with an unexpected reaction from buyers.

The fact is that women trusted him, and men considered such a device to be absolutely useless. Many customers, having made the order, canceled it because of the fact that their husbands or guys overthrew them.

Because of this, the official website removed the section "For men leaving only "For women" and "For children." However, the adult and children's corrector are absolutely identical.

In addition, the devices are useful for both women and men, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of people who have been using correctors for a certain time.

The price of one set is 3500 rubles. At this cost it is difficult to find the appropriate analogues or, for example, to acquire a quality corset that supports the correct position of the back. At the same time, the use of the corrector disciplined his carrier.

A source: https://OrtoCure.ru/pozvonochnik/osanka/datchik-master-osanki.html

Appointment of an electronic posture corrector

Electronic posture corrector can not be considered a substitute for orthopedic. Such a corrector is designed for a single purpose - to protect our spine from possible deformations and distortions.

The electronic assistant is useless if the person already has scoliosis or kyphosis. By default, the basis of the device laid the right posture, which respects a healthy posture.


The electronic proof-reader should work and send sound alerts at the moment when the person takes an incorrect pose.


Such sound signals are sent to protect the posture and prevent pathological changes. The mechanism of action is extremely simple, due to what the device works clearly and without failures (provided a healthy posture). The main tasks of the device:

  • maintain the right posture for the spine;
  • not to slouch;
  • reduce the likelihood of pain in violation of posture;
  • minimize the development of diseases of the spine.

How the electronic posture corrector works

The device itself is almost miniature, the size of a little more than a coin of five rubles. In use it is simple, it can be glued to the body with a special tape. The appliance is put on at the moment when a person sits at a table or computer.

Having taken the necessary position, it is necessary "to put the task" to the master of posture. If the position of the body is correct, then when you turn on the device memory will fix it in three variations and remember.

As soon as the process is completed, a short signal will be received.

From now on, the electronic corrector will produce vibro-sound whenever the position of the spine changes in the wrong direction.

Over time, the necessary reflex will appear: align the back with the seat. Usually it takes about a month of regular use of the device to develop this reflex.

Corrector posture reliably fixes a new habit and in the future may no longer be needed.

When buying, be sure to pay attention to what you buy. Electronic posture corrector, if the spine is not curved, it is permissible to wear up to 5 hours.

Orthopedic analogue is intended for use in cases when the spine is already deformed and its wearing is allowed for 8-9 hours. Ordinary and orthopedic correctors are recommended more for people who spend most of their time at the computer.

It was the computer that became the most frequent cause of the development of various distortions and disturbances.

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Principle of the device

Such an electronic proof-reader for posture is shown to schoolchildren and students to control their body position. The device immediately gives a signal as soon as the body takes an incorrect position.

If the spine is already deformed, it is necessary to buy orthopedic drugs that restrict movement and do not allow to change physiological position.

When using such a corrector, the efficiency is low, since the signal will go on constant.


The proof-reader works on simple principles. A special sensor registers the position of the posture and fixes it in the memory. As soon as the position has changed, a sound is produced. And the stronger the curvature, the longer the vibration.


But here the sensitivity of the device can be adjusted independently, choosing the necessary range. The electronic posture corrector will not squeak whenever you deviate from the preset position.

The program contains a delay of half a minute in order for a person to make some kind of movement: raise the handle, bend over.

The convenience of such an assistant is that it can be used in conjunction with conventional orthopedic devices.

It's good to wear a regular corset for several hours, and then change it to an electronic corset and vice versa.

So the spine will be healed with curvature, and a conditioned reflex will be developed to straighten the back.

The corrector has no strict contraindications, it can be worn at any age in the absence of pathological disorders. In contrast to therapeutic analogs, it allows you not to limit movement, but to train the endurance of the muscle layer.

Overview of the main models

Most often choose one of two types: Dolphin and the Master of Posture. Corrector Posture Dolphin - a classic budget option. Its cost is not more than 500-700 rubles, which makes it attractive.

But its inconvenience that it is possible to use the device only at home. It's about fixing the device: behind the ear. Because of this, the device does not always accurately catch changes in the spine.

Also, there are some difficulties when the signal comes in the case of tilt.

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A more expensive and reliable option is the Posture Master. At a cost he surpasses the Dolphin several times: a minimum of , 00 rubles. But for convenience and accuracy is much more reliable.


This corrector can be worn on any part of the body, attached either to the tape, or to a special clip (included). It responds well to body changes, works with maximum accuracy.


Out of the shortcomings: it does not react if the position of the lumbosacral portion changes. At purchase it is necessary to check passing ability of signals and speed of receipt on the device.

When choosing a device, be aware that the corrector can be both harmful and useless.

It is necessary to consult a neurologist before acquiring to accurately determine the health of the spine.

With curvatures, deformations of the spine, the electronic assistant will not be able to heal. If there are violations, it is necessary to treat and prescribe a medical orthopedic corset.

please select a piece of text and press Ctrl + Enter.

A source: https://spinous.ru/for-spine/posture/elektronnyy-korrektor-osanki.html

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