The better or how quickly and effectively cure the toe nail fungus: iodine or salt

Modern man nail fungus can deliver a lot of inconvenience.

Itching, stratification of the nail plate, an unpleasant odor from the feet is not a complete list of the symptoms of this disease.

Anyone who has encountered mycosis sooner or later starts to wonder: "How quickly and effectively to get rid of the fungus?"

Methods of treatment

If you contact a doctor, he will most likely prescribe you a course of treatment that includes two components:

  • use of ointments and creams for external use;
  • reception of antifungal medications.

Qualitative ointment can be very effective in combating fungus.

However, at the expense of antifungal medicines intended for oral administration, the opinions of doctors differ.

Many doctors are sure:

  • such preparations negatively affect the work of the human body, and, most of all, usually suffers from this liver .

If you want to treat the fungus for your health without any consequences, pay attention to all available folk remedies.

Folk remedies

Iodine possesses the strongest disinfecting properties of , which allows it to effectively fight with nail fungus.

Unfortunately, it can provoke the appearance of an allergic reaction.

Therefore, 24 hours before the treatment of nails, apply a drop of iodine to the elbow. If the skin does not show irritation or redness during the day, feel free to use it to treat the fungus in one of the following ways:

  1. Apply twice a day to the affected nails with a 5% alcohol solution, based on 1 drop of iodine per 1 nail.
    For convenience, use a cotton swab.
  2. Collect the basin of hot water, add a small amount of iodine to it.
    Place the legs there for 10 minutes.
    Then cut with scissors the affected areas of the nails, treat the skin under them with 3% hydrogen peroxide, apply a bandage with antibacterial ointment on your feet.

For the treatment of damaged nails, take a two-month infusion of mushroom, boil it for 60 minutes, strain and bring to room temperature.

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After that, choose for yourself one of the following treatment options:

  1. soak a piece of tissue in the solution and attach it to the sick nail.
    Repeat the procedure until the nail becomes soft, after which, gently cut the damaged part with a pair of manicure scissors;
  2. cut a piece of a tea mushroom, remove the film from it and carefully mash it.
    The resulting gruel, three times a day, rub into sore spots;
  3. in the evening, before going to bed, rip your feet in the water, make compresses from the infusion of a tea mushroom and use bandages to fix them.
    In the morning, take off.
    In water for steaming, it is desirable to add potassium permanganate or iodine.

Using soda
The properties of conventional baking soda allow to use it in the treatment of nail fungus.

We suggest using the following methods:

  1. Put water in the basin( make sure that the water temperature is not lower than 40 degrees).
    Dissolve soda in water from a proportion of 1 tbsp.soda for 2 liters of water.
    Add a small amount of liquid or dry, pre-grinded soap( 1 tablespoon soap to 20 liters of liquid).Lower your legs for 30 minutes.
    At the end of the procedure, thoroughly wipe the limbs and treat the nails with hydrogen peroxide or a special antifungal agent.
  2. Treat the nail with a nail file, paying special attention to the damaged part of the nail plate.
    Prepare soda paste by mixing water and soda.
    Apply it to the surface of the nail and drip lemon juice on it.
    After 5 minutes, rinse the paste with the nails, thoroughly rinse the nails using soap and wipe them dry.

Propolis bee
It promotes the removal of the affected nail and the growth of a healthy nail plate.

Daily lotions using extract or tincture of propolis can quickly get rid of fungal diseases.

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Cookery and sea salt
Marine - has antiseptic properties and effectively softens the nail, and cookery - destroys the pathogenic microflora.

Use the following methods to remove the fungus:

  1. Dissolve in cool water 3 tsp.soda and 3 tsp.salt.
    Lower the limbs into the pelvis and hold them in it for 10 minutes.
    After the procedure, rinse your feet with cold water and wipe dry.
  2. Daily make baths of salt and vinegar.
    For the preparation of a bath, dissolve in 4 liters of water 100 g of salt and 4 tablespoons.vinegar.

There are many other folk remedies that can save a person from fungus nails.

All of the above methods are effective only at the initial stages of the disease. In more severe cases, folk recipes are recommended to be used as an addition to traditional methods of treatment.

Learn a few more folk recipes for the treatment of nail fungus on the legs at home.