Valgus feet in children - what is it and how to treat it?

Valgus feet - so doctors call the bending of the bones near the joints of the foot or the curvature of the joints themselves. Such a defect is a kind of flatfoot.

The limbs are curved inward, and the heel and fingers on the pedicel, on the contrary, are turned outward.

This orthopedic deviation occurs in children quite often.


  • 1Whether a valgus of foot is dangerous?
  • 2Causes
  • 3Symptoms of a valgus rupture of the foot
  • 4Treatment of flat-valgus feet in children
  • 5Physiotherapy
  • 6Massage
  • 7Hardening
  • 8Swimming and gypsum dressings
  • 9Preventive measures

Whether a valgus of foot is dangerous?

Valgus feet can gradually develop into a curvature of ankle joints.

If the pathology is not detected in time and the proper treatment is not started, the disease can provoke a curvature of the spine.

On the advanced stage of the disease, such ailments as osteochondrosis and arthrosis can begin.


The main causes of the disease are:

  • problems in the formation of connective tissue, which is the basis for joints and ligaments;
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  • ARVI;
  • pneumonia;
  • rickets;
  • the desire of some parents who are in a hurry to teach the baby to walk (a weak leg can simply not withstand the load);
  • In rare cases, this ailment can be congenital (it is called a "vertical ram");
  • lack of physical activity;
  • various trauma to the foot;
  • shoes, picked up incorrectly;
  • genetic disorders;
  • problems with the endocrine system.

There are also additional factors that are not the direct cause of the curvature of the foot in a child, but can provoke its occurrence. These include:

  • osteoporosis, which gradually destroys bone tissue;
  • overweight, because of which the joints simply can not stand and are deformed;
  • Diabetes mellitus, which changes the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the body.

Symptoms of a valgus rupture of the foot

The external manifestations of this ailment depend on how much the process of rupture of the valgus of the foot is started.

Deformation of fingers with valgus

Initially, the disease manifests itself only in the crooked position of the legs when walking.Sometimes this defect is barely visible to the naked eye.

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With the development of the disease, the symptoms are becoming more pronounced. In the evenings, the toddler may complain of pain in the legs. In the future, problems arise when buying shoes. The sole of the foot gradually begins to thicken, and the first two fingers are deformed. Where the sole is compacted, corns are quickly rubbed and corns are formed. Soon inflection in the knee joints becomes more noticeable.

When you can see from the back how the baby is walking, deflecting the heels outwards, then a flat-valgus foot is formed.

Valgus of the foot always accompanies flat feet, which can not be overlooked when walking. The pain in the lower limbs is increasing, and by the evening the child begins to feel fatigue and heaviness in the legs.

These signs are an alarming signal that the valgus deformity of the big toe developed and treatment is required immediately.

However, at the first signs of the development of this disease, one does not always need to immediately switch to treatment. In children, the foot is fully formed only to 10-12 years. By this age, the situation can radically change, and the foot will take the right position.

Treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor! Do not self-medicate your child.

Treatment of flat-valgus feet in children

You can treat the curvature of the joints of the foot in various ways. The earlier you take care of the treatment of this illness, the faster and easier you will get rid of it.

If the time is not taken, the consequences of this disease can be sad. Over time, the spine will start to curve and an "adult" sore will appear - osteochondrosis.

The effectiveness of any treatment of the curvature of the foot in a child is explained by the fact that the children's ligaments and bones differ in elasticity and are restored more quickly.


Physicians have developed a number of special exercises that allow you to correct the deformation of the feet. They increase the tone of the foot muscles.

The main exercises are:

  • movement on the sides of the feet;
  • movement on the socks;
  • sitting in a pose "Turk
  • walking on stones or grass;
  • rolling a small ball with your feet.
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Ideally, these exercises need to be done outdoors. It is desirable to combine therapeutic physical culture with massage.


Healing valgus of the foot can be done with a special orthopedic massage. It must be done by the course for 20 days without breaks. You can achieve the desired effect if this is done by a professional masseur.

If the process of deformation of the foot was started, you can repeat the massage courses before the cure.

You can buy a special massage mat. Walking along it will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the children's legs.


Quenching procedures improve blood circulation in the lower limbs. For these purposes, you can use a contrast shower. Begin the tempering with a little cool water, which should be alternated with warm. Over time, the duration of the procedure should be increased, and the water temperature - reduced.

Swimming and gypsum dressings

Write the child into the pool. Swimming will help restore the normal position of the feet when deformed.

Plaster casts and langets are used for congenital valgus of the foot.

Preventive measures

The following preventive measures can help prevent the development of valgus deformities of the foot in a child:

  • Regularly show your baby to a pediatric orthopedist. The first visit to the doctor should be a month, then - at three and six months, a year and three years.
  • Do not put the baby on the legs. A valgus deformity of the foot in children can develop due to the fact that impatient parents began to put the child on their feet too early.
  • The future mother is able to prevent the development of valgus in the baby. To do this, you must follow all the prescriptions of the doctor in the women's consultation, eat right and pass all the exams on time.
  • If possible, avoid infecting the child with various infections.
  • Encourage physical activity of the baby. In favor of children's legs will go mobile games, gymnastics.
  • Choose shoes correctly. Sandalaks should have a hard back, supporting the heel, and a folding sole.
  • Buy shoes for your child not to "grow but exactly in size.

Diagnosis of foot valgus in children

Valgus feet in children - a frequent phenomenon. If you do not cure it in time, you may experience other problems with the locomotor system. Carefully watch how the child puts his foot on walking, listen to his complaints and, if necessary, contact a pediatric orthopedist.

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