Actovegin nyxes: instructions for use, reviews, price of ampoules of 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and analogues of injections of Actovegin


What is this medicine?

Actovegin is a popular drug that speeds up metabolic and regenerative processes, improves cell nutrition. It is hemoderovate, obtained by means of ultrafiltration and dialysis.

The therapy with Actovegin helps to improve blood supply and ensure the full flow of vital substances( oxygen and glucose) to damaged tissue sites.

The drug has found application in many diseases and pathological conditions. It is well tolerated by patients.

Actovegin refers to the pharmacological group of antihypoxants and antioxidants.

Today, we will discuss the form of release and the composition of the drug, indications and contraindications to its use, methods of application and dosage. It will be interesting to learn about the analogues of the means, terms and conditions of storage, as well as prices and reviews of doctors and patients.

All components of the solution of Actovegin are physiological, therefore it is not possible to study their pharmacokinetics after ingestion. Actovegin realizes its effect by enhancing energy metabolism. It accelerates the utilization of oxygen and thus increases the resistance to oxygen starvation in the tissues of the human body.

Actovegin: formulation and composition of

The active ingredient of the drug is deproteinized hemoderivat from calf blood at a dosage of 40 mg per milliliter of solution. Injectable form of the solution of Actovegin is produced in ampoules of different volume and dosage:

  1. 400 mg, in the package 5 ampoules of 10ml each;
  2. 200 mg, in the package 5 ampoules of 5 ml each;
  3. 80 mg, in the package 25 ampoules of 2ml.

Ampoules are in a plastic container. Secondary packaging is made of cardboard. On it there is information about the production series and the term of validity. Inside the carton, in addition to the container with ampoules, there is also a detailed instruction.

The color of the solution is yellowish with different shades depending on the release series. The intensity of coloring does not affect the sensitivity to the drug and its effectiveness.

Indications for the use of a solution of Actovegin

Actovegin may be prescribed for many pathological conditions. Its use is justified on such a list of diseases:

  1. angiopathy, especially of diabetic origin;
  2. emerging bedsores;
  3. ischemic stroke;
  4. radiation, thermal, solar, chemical burns up to 3 degrees;
  5. radiation neuropathies;
  6. damage to the mucous membranes and skin, triggered by radiation damage;
  7. polyneuropathies are diabetic peripheral;
  8. various craniocerebral injuries;
  9. wounds of different genesis, which are difficult to treat;
  10. malfunctions observed in the work of venous, peripheral or arterial blood;
  11. therapy for hemorrhagic stroke and residual events after it;
  12. trophic damage;
  13. encephalopathies of different origins;
  14. ulcerative skin lesions.

When is the drug contraindicated?

Actovegin is a physiological preparation, the only possible contraindication is the reaction of hypersensitivity to it.

Actovegin: route of administration and dosage of

For the intravenous route of administration, Actovegin may be administered by drip or jetting. Before entering the vein, you must dissolve the drug in a solution of sodium chloride 0.9% physiological or in a glucose solution of 5%.The resolved final dose of Actovegin is up to 2000 mg of dry matter per 250 ml of solution.

For the administration of / a Actovegin should be used in a dosage of 5 to 20 ml per day.

The dose when administered intramuscularly can not exceed 5 ml in 24 hours. In this case, the administration is slow.

After evaluation of the patient's condition, the required dose is selected. The recommended dosage at the beginning of therapy is 5 to 10 ml of IV or IV.In the following days, intravenously, 5 ml or intramuscularly daily or several times during the 7 day period. Intramuscular injections are slow.

In case of a severe condition of the patient, the administration of Actovegin is recommended by intravenous drip in a dose of 20 to 50 ml per day for several days until the condition improves.

In cases of exacerbations of various chronic conditions and in diseases characterized by moderate severity, it is necessary to inject Actovegin in / m or IV in 5-20 ml for 14 to 17 days. Selection of dosage is carried out only by a doctor!

If a planned course of therapy is required, the drug can be administered in a dosage of 2 to 5 ml per 24 hours by the way of insertion into a muscle or vein course lasting 4 to 6 weeks.

Multiplicity of administration should be from 1 to 3 times. This number varies depending on the patient's initial condition.

When treating patients with diabetic polyneuropathy, it is better to start using Actovegin from intravenous administration. Dosage in this case is 2 g per day, the course of treatment is 21 days. In the future, the transition to a tablet form with a daily dose of 2 to 3 tablets over a period of 24 hours is desirable. The course of reception in this way about 4 months.

Side effects of the drug

According to numerous studies, injections of Actovegin are well tolerated by patients. Anaphylactic reactions, allergic manifestations and anaphylactic shock are rare. Sometimes such side effects may appear:

  1. acrocyanosis;
  2. tenderness at the injection site or redness of the skin;
  3. tenderness in the lumbar region;
  4. sore throat;
  5. pain in the head, which can sometimes be accompanied by a feeling of dizziness, general weakness in the body, the appearance of a tremor;
  6. pain in the heart;
  7. joint pain or muscle pain;
  8. sudden blanching of the skin;
  9. excited state;
  10. dyspeptic manifestations: vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea;
  11. difficulty in swallowing;
  12. sensation of compression in the chest;
  13. paresthesia;
  14. increase in temperature;
  15. loss of consciousness;
  16. breathing problems;
  17. decrease or, conversely, increase in blood pressure indicators;
  18. rash on the body( urticaria), itching of the skin, flushing of blood, angioedema angioedema;
  19. tachycardia;
  20. asphyxiation;
  21. increased sweating.

Special instructions for use

The solution of Actovegin is considered to be hypertensive, therefore intramuscular injection should not exceed a dosage of 5 ml.

There is a risk of anaphylactic shock. For its minimization, it is recommended to pre-test the perception of Actovegin by the body of each individual patient. For this, a sample of 2 ml of the solution is administered intramuscularly, with further monitoring of general and local reactions.

Injectable form of Actovegin is compatible with isotonic solutions of glucose or sodium chloride. In addition to the above combinations, Actovegin should not be mixed with other medicaments in the form of a solution.

When bearing pregnancy and in the lactation period, the solution of Actovegin can be used only for vital indications.

In pediatric practice, injections of Actovegin are not prescribed.

The effect of the drug Actovegin on the reaction rate has not been studied. It is necessary to consider the possibility of occurrence of the above-mentioned side effects, especially from the nervous system.

Acupuncture injections, analogues

A solution of Actovegin has one analog - Solcoseryl solution for injection.

Storage terms and conditions

Storage of the solution should take place in a place protected from the light source, with a temperature regime not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.

What is the price of a solution of Actovegin for injection?

  1. Actovegin solution for injection 2ml, 5 ampoules - 530-570 rub.
  2. Actovegin solution for injection 2ml, 10 ampoules - 750-850 rub.
  3. Actovegin solution for injection 5ml, 5 ampoules - 530-650 rub.
  4. Actovegin solution for injection 5ml, 10 ampoules - 1050-1250 rub.
  5. Actovegin solution for injection 10ml, 5 ampoules - 1040-1200 rub.

Preparations of a similar pharmacological group:

  1. Actovegin gel.
  2. Actovegin cream.
  3. Actovegin ointment.
  4. Actovegin tablets.
  5. Angiosyl retard.
  6. Antistene MB.
  7. Dimephosphone.
  8. Qudesan.
  9. Mexidol.
  10. Cerekard.

Reviews about injections of Actovegin

Svetlana : "The neurologist prescribed Actovegin, because of bad veins I inject in / m at 4 ml per day. For the head effect I feel, but swelling appeared on my legs-it worries me. Can I continue or stop it? "

Natali : "How often can actovigin be pricked?".

Svetlana : "If you are well tolerated, you can pierce twice a year."

Jamila : "Actovegin need to be injected drip very slowly, I do not advise intramuscularly!".

Lisa : "Everything depends on the individual reaction of the body. If your body tolerates Actovegin, then it's just an excellent drug. Very effective. "

Galina : "I was treated with actovegin intramuscularly - 5 ml - once a day, 20 injections. It was not bad, but there was no relief in treatment either. Emission of money. "

Rimma : "5 months he suffered from noise in his head only he helped!".

Svetlana : "I do injections iv / once a year, I fly a mixed type MVD.The effect and noticeable improvement of the condition occurs after 2 weeks of treatment. It is transferred perfectly. I advise you. "

Marina : "After the third injection, intracranial pressure increased, vomiting. I cure veins and swelling on my legs. Why did the surgeon give me these injections? After all, they detain the fluid in the body! ".

Arina : "To get any noticeable result, you need to use the drug in large doses, by drip. Normally prescribed ampoules of 2 and 5 ml personally did not have any effect in the treatment of gastritis. For that price, you expect more. "

Maxim : "Excellent results in the treatment of spine and musculoskeletal injuries, a positive effect on the vessels. The effect is only with intravenous application of 2ml.within 10 days( dosage and duration - minimum for the result).Before use - pass the test for anaphylaxis. "

Tamara : "The neurologist has appointed. After the 4th injection, my head began to spin. After the 5th, my head was so dizzy that I was afraid to get out of bed. I will never again be treated with Actovegin. "

Svetlana : "I have bronchial asthma. Actovegin pricked in different ways. Saw the pills. It works very well. I have problems with blood vessels. Do not be afraid, colitis. It is only desirable to inject a couple of times in the hospital. "

Be that as it may, any medicinal product should be used as directed by the doctor in charge.

Successes to you and health!

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