Gedelix cough syrup for children reviews

Features of application of Gedelix syrup for children: instruction

gedelix syrup for children

Today the pharmacy has a huge number of drugs, the positive effect of which allows you to eliminate unpleasant symptoms of SARS, acute respiratory infections, colds, rhinitis and other infectious diseases. All drugs prescribed for such diseases can be divided into 3 types: natural, semi-synthetic, synthetic. Gedelix is ​​in great demand today. The reason for this popularity is the presence of natural components that are perfectly absorbed by the baby's body and very rarely can cause an allergic reaction.

What to do when the throat hurts, but no temperature, is indicated in this article.

Influenced influence

The composition of the presented medicament offers natural elements, among which are:

  • extract from ivy leaves;
  • aniseed oil;
  • macrogol glyceryl hydroxy stearate;
  • propylene glycol;
  • hydroxyethyl cellulose;
  • glycerol;
  • solution of sorbidol;
  • pure water.

How to do inhalation with a wet cough in children, it becomes clear after reading the article.

gadelix syrup instruction manual for children

Use Gedelix can not only adults, but also children in the treatment of cough. The reason is that its composition does not have alcohol.

The child cough and runny nose, but there is no temperature, what to do about it. can be understood from the content of this article.

Also, he is actively involved in the treatment of colds of children suffering from diabetes. As a rule, the main component here is an extract of ivy. It is important that Gedelix syrup instructions for use for children are always available on the packaging

gedelix syrup for children

For this reason, Gedelix is ​​highly effective. The second name for this plant is a decorative liana. In addition, that it is used for medical purposes, it serves as an excellent decoration for arbours and houses.

What to do, when a child has a strong cough with teething, you can find out from the article.

Its leaves contain a huge amount of vitamins E and A, as well as pectin and tan elements, resins and organic acids.

The most valuable in the treatment of colds are the following components - iodine and saponins. It is these elements that contribute to the fact that the fact that ivy has an antibacterial effect, inhibits reproduction and growth of bacteria, acting as a provoking factor for the onset of the disease in children.

When the natural components of Gedelix penetrate the body, but from the stomach they are sent to the blood, where they exert their active influence. Initially, the drug activates the movement of bronchioles. The result of this process is the promotion of sputum from them to the large bronchi. After this, bronchial dilatation, dilution of mucus and its active excretion are observed. The maximum dosage of the drug in the blood occurs an hour after application. In other words, Gedelix makes it possible to dilute thick phlegm and quickly remove it from the lungs.

Gedelix is ​​actively used in the treatment of colds in children, as well as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, bronchospasm. This drug has virtually no contraindications.

In adults, a whistling cough, what to do about it, is indicated in the description for this article.

The only thing that can arise is an allergy to a certain Gedelix drug.

In rare cases, the patient develops side effects such as a disorder of the stool, pain in the abdomen and vomiting. But all these unpleasant symptoms leave the body of the child after the drug is withdrawn.

Use in children

the child uses gedelix syrup

The administration of the drug and its dosage can be determined only by the attending physician. Otherwise, you can not only not get the desired effect, but also observe side effects from your baby. How to use? The instructions contain the following dosage:

  1. Patients older than 10 years - 5 ml of medication 3 times a day.
  2. Children from 4 to 10 years - 2.5 ml 4 times a day.
  3. Children older than a year (up to a year can not) - 2, 5 ml 2 times a day.

How is treatment of asthmatic cough in adults and children, you can understand from the article.

In the complete set with a preparation there is a special spoon on which divisions are put. Thanks to them, each mother will be able to determine the fastest necessary dosage of the drug. The duration of therapy is 10 days. PIn the severe course of the disease, treatment can be extended up to 2-3 days.


You can buy the medicine in the pharmacy at a price of 160 rubles.


  • Илона, 28 years old: "The doctor appointed Sire Gedelix to my son to eliminate a cough caused by bronchitis. The course of therapy lasted 10 days. During this time we managed to liquefy the accumulated mucus and quickly withdraw it. "
  • Svetlana, 34 years old: "Not long ago my niece had a cold, the main symptom of which is a strong cough. Sometimes she woke up at night, as strong attacks caused her even a symptom of suffocation. For 2 weeks of taking Gedelix, she completely eliminated catarrhal disease and such an unpleasant symptom as a cough. "
  • Veronica, 19 years old: "My younger brother had a severe dry cough. Immediately began to treat him with the help of Gedelix, as he still helped me when I was tormented by these unpleasant symptoms of a cold. During the treatment with this drug, it was possible to thin the mucus and withdraw it from the bronchi. In addition, the child's well-being improved noticeably, and there were no side effects. "

What to do, when the cough was tortured, what folk remedies should be used, is indicated here in the article.


There are situations when Gedelix may be absent from the pharmacy and then it becomes necessary to use drugs that can replace the effective effect of the prescribed medication. In this case, you need to know the analogs, through which you can also overcome all the symptoms of colds.

What can replace Gedelix? The most effective and popular analogue isPropane.

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The reason is that this drug has almost the same composition as Gedelix. He is also actively involved in infectious and inflammatory ailments of the upper tracts. So what's better: Gedelix or Prospan?

What causes dry cough at night in an adult, will help understand the description of this article.

When choosing a drug, it is necessary to take into account the difference in the auxiliary ingredients. Only in this way you will be able to prevent allergies and other side effects. Also many people are guided by the cost.

Price is Span- 187 rubles, but Gedelix costs 160 rubles. As you can see, the cost of these drugs is almost the same. Therefore, the most effective medication can only be determined from personal experience.

In addition to Prospan, Gedelix can be replaced by the following medications:

  • Lazolvan;Lazolvan as a substitute for gedelix
  • Erespal.Erespal as a substitute for gedelix

On the mechanism of influence, all of them are in the group of mucolytic drugs that exert an expectorant, spasmolytic effect.

The infants have a barking cough without fever, which you can learn from this after reading the article.

As for the choice of the best, it all depends on the course of the disease.For example, Lazolvan is very convenient to use, and also add to food. As for Erespal, he best relieves inflammation.

Treatment of a child's cough is a very important matter. But a positive effect has a drug such as Gedelix. It can be used even for young children, because it contains natural ingredients that do not have harmful effects on the body.

"Gedelix" for children - reviews. Gedelix to children under one year old

Little children are more likely to have colds than adults. When babies are ill, parents are faced with the choice of cough medicine for their crumbs. After all, there are a lot of drugs now, some are created on the basis of chemical substances, others only include natural components. One of these natural remedies is the Gedelix remedy for children. The testimonies of those who have already treated their children for coughing with this medicine will help to learn this drug a little from the other side. Therefore, in this article, attention will be paid not only to the description, but also to words of gratitude or, on the contrary, to displeasure with the Gedelix drug for children.

Composition and description of the medicine "Gedelix" for children

The drug "Gedelix" exists in two forms: drops and syrup. A bottle with drops is issued in 50 ml, and a bottle with a syrup - 100 ml each. On the types of the drug "Gedelix" for children, reviews are different. Someone considers drops to be more effective, and someone, on the contrary, prefers syrup for their kids.

Cough Gedelix

Gedelix is ​​a medicine that contains an extract made from ivy leaves (2 g. leaves per 100 ml of syrup) and aniseed oil. And the drops are: menthol, anise oil, peppermint, eucalyptus. Alcohol and sugar for the preparation of this drug are not applied. As a sweetener, sorbitol is used. It is dietary, which is important for babies.

The drug "Gedelix" is an expectorant. It well dilutes sputum and helps it to move faster and easier from the bronchi. Also this drug has a mucolytic and spasmolytic effect on the body, due to which the child noticeably improves breathing and reduces cough.

Up to a year, kids can not use Gedelix drops. It is allowed only for children, whose age reaches more than 2 years. But the syrup can be used even in infants. For the convenience of dispensing the drug, a measuring spoon with a volume of 5 ml is placed in the package. It marks the division of ¾, ¼ and ½. They show the following measures: 3.75 ml, 1.25 ml, 2.50 ml.

Indications for the use of the drug "Gedelix" for children

The medicine "Gedelix" is prescribed for diseases of respiratory organs, bronchuses, which are of an infectious and inflammatory nature with the presence of sputum, which is hard to leave the body. Such diseases include:

  • bronchitis;
  • bronchospasm;
  • bronchiectatic disease;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • increase in viscosity of sputum.
Gedelix up to a year

Treatment with the drug "Gedelix" for children can be done for acute and chronic diseases. In addition to all the aforementioned diseases, this medicine can also be used with a dry cough.

Contraindications to the use of the drug "Gedelix" for children

Contraindication to the reception of syrup "Gedelix" is the individual intolerance of at least one of the components that make up this medication, as well as intolerance to fructose. But drops can not be taken to children under the age of two. Also, they can not be used by those who have a predisposition to laryngospasm and bronchial asthma. And this and another form of the drug "Gedelix" is forbidden to take if the child has a deficiency of arginine succinate synthase. Children who have these contraindications should choose another medication.

How to apply Gedelix to children

The medicine "Gedelix" in the form of syrup should be used 3 times a day, or before meals, or after. Before using this product, the vial should be shaken thoroughly. For small children, the medicine can be diluted in a small amount of tea, boiled water or juice. Different for different ages, the recommended dose of the drug "Gedelix" (syrup) for children. The instruction for its use is as follows:

  • Children under the age of 1 year should take the drug once a day for 2.5 ml.
  • Children aged 1 year and up to 4 years - 2.5 ml.
  • Children between the ages of 4 and 10 years - 2.5 ml.
  • Children from 10 years and older - 5 ml each.
Gedelix syrup for children instruction

Drops "Gedelix" can also be consumed regardless of food intake - both before and after meals, 3 times a day. For young children, they can be diluted in juice, tea or water. The recommended dose of drops also differs, depending on the age of the child:

  • Children who are not 2 years old are not allowed to take drops.
  • Children from 2 years and up to 4 should take 16 drops.
  • Children from 4 years and up to 10 - 21 drops.
  • Children from 10 years and older - 31 drops each.

The drug "Gedelix" should be washed down with a lot of liquid. It can not be drunk with other medicines that try to suppress cough. As a result of such a comprehensive treatment, sputum will be removed with great difficulty.

The duration of treatment of children with the drug "Gedelix"

The course of treatment with Gedelix for children up to one year should last 7 days, regardless of its type (syrup, drops). Even if the symptoms of the disease disappeared before, take the remedy a few more days to achieve a full recovery. And if after 7-day treatment there is no improvement, then you can continue taking this medication only after consulting your doctor. Also, if there is a worsening of the child's condition, you need to urgently go to the pediatrician. In this case, the doctor will prescribe another medication.

Gedelix application

Possible side effects when using the drug "Gedelix"

Cases in which there are side effects when using the drug "Gedelix" is very small. And most often they manifest in the form of an allergic reaction (urticaria, rash, itching, Quincke's edema) or digestive disorders (vomiting, diarrhea, nausea). In very rare situations, epigastric pain was noted.

If the child has any side effects, and even more so if they progress, this will need to be reported to the doctor without delay.

Symptoms of an overdose of the drug "Gedelix"

In case of an overdose with Gedelix, the following symptoms are observed:

  • Diarrhea.
  • Nausea.
  • Gastroenteritis.
  • Vomiting.
Gedelix to children under one year old

If an overdose of the medicine "Gedelix" is noticed, its application in the future should be canceled and symptomatic therapy should be carried out.

The price of the drug "Gedelix"

On the drug "Gedelix" for children the price is low, the medicine is available to everyone. The cost of a 100 ml syrup varies from 190 to 210 rubles. And the price of drops of 50 ml varies from 140 to 230 rubles.

The terms and conditions of storage of the drug "Gedelix"

The drug "Gedelix" in the form of drops and syrup can be stored for 4 years. But for this it is necessary to observe the following conditions:

  • The bottle must not be opened.
  • The bottle should be in its original carton.
  • The ambient temperature should not be below 15 degrees and above 25. The medicine should not be frozen.
  • The place where this medication is located should be dry and dark.
Gedelix for children price

If the vial was opened, then it can be stored no more than six months from this day. During storage, the medicine "Gedelix" may slightly change in taste and color, but, despite this, it can be used. Particular care must be taken to ensure that children do not have access to this drug for the safety of their health.

Conditions for the release of Gedelix from pharmacies

The medicine for cough "Gedelix" can be purchased at the pharmacy without giving a prescription to the pharmacist from the attending physician.

Reviews of people taking the drug "Gedelix"

About the drug "Gedelix" for children reviews are various. Negative is very small, and those that are, are mainly related to side effects, namely, the manifestation of an allergic reaction or vomiting in the child.

Gedelix for children reviews

But there are a lot of positive reviews, almost everyone is happy with the result. Literally 3 days after the application of the medicine, "Gedelix" cough passes. Therefore, it is considered one of the most effective means. Also, everyone is very pleased with its vegetable origin. In this regard, their children are given it to drink without fear.

The majority is satisfied with the cost of the Gedelix, but there are people who would like to see the price for it a little less than it is now. And there is a little disagreement about the taste of the medicine. For someone, it is pleasant to the taste, and for someone - it is nasty. But, in spite of some shortcomings, the benefits of this drug are still more. And most people recommend it to adults and children as the most effective expectorant.

Before using any medicine it is useful to find out as much information about it as possible. Despite the information provided on the drug "Gedelix" for children: customer feedback, instructions for use, you can not assign it to your child yourself. Be sure to consult a pediatrician. With the wrong approach to taking the medicine, the child can only get worse. After all, the health of a little man is the most expensive for every loving parent.

Gedelix - extensive instruction

Gedelix from a cough

Gedelix - extensive instructionEveryone likes to feel healthy and full of energy. But when there is a cough that breaks our measured life, we need to get rid of it. Many people in our time simply do not pay attention to cough, but then a small ailment can develop into a serious illness with vomiting reflexes. Therefore, one's health should be taken seriously, it is easier to cure the initial stage of the disease, than to suffer later, to spend money and energy to get rid of a cough. Now in our time new technologies, a lot of a wide variety of syrups and pills that help get rid of cough. All doctors prescribe antitussive drugs that need to be taken to the patient. Cough itself is not an unhealthy reaction of the body, so our body creates a protective block and with the help of a cough it is completely cleared of sputum, germs and other foreign substances. Most often, cough occurs due to colds, bronchitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and many other diseases. Also, coughing may occur if a person has stomach problems, heart problems, neurotic disorders, or when taking drugs from pressure. Cough in its variety is - dry, wet, coughing with blood or vomiting, coughing in smokers or coughing which is accompanied by pain in the chest area. Of course, whichever cough it is - it itself causes a lot of inconvenience, both the patient and his relatives suffer a lot of grief and money embezzlement. Therefore, initially you need to dress warmly, watch your health and exercise, then health problems will be extremely unsettling. When cough, dry antitussive drugs are taken for several days, depressing at this cough center. But you need to know the extent of use, such medicines can not be carried away and drink them too long or often. When the cough stops and the disease remains in the body, we block the exit of sputum and all bad substances, so you need to treat the cough and the disease in parallel. The goal of all syrups and tablets is to alleviate cough by reducing the viscosity of phlegm and improving its expectoration. Often in medicine, people prefer not chemical preparations, but folk remedies. For such purposes, you can use a variety of infusions and decoctions. Of course, you need to prepare all these broths yourself and most importantly, do it correctly, carefully read the instructions. The easiest way to buy a good antitussive drug, which will help quickly and effectively get rid of such an unpleasant illness. For example, Gedelix, you can buy at any pharmacy in the city, it is sold without a doctor's prescription. This active agent is made on different herbs, and ivy sheets. Such syrup will help the patient get rid of cough, improve and tone up breathing, and also normalize and facilitate expectoration. The cough syrup is pleasant to taste, it can be consumed by both adults and small children, you just need to carefully study the instructions. When the cough begins, the most important thing is to drink plenty of liquid, tea with lemon or raspberries, milk with honey. And in parallel all these drinks take syrup from Gedelix cough. Such a drug is popular in many countries of Europe, a large number of people give their preference to Gedelix syrup.

Of course, the most important thing in any treatment is a complex exercise, all the ailments in the body should be treated immediately. So that later there would not be one that treats one and cripples another.

Gedelix syrup

Many people often get sick, especially when the cold starts. Then in the drugstores queues for different medicines are created. Most people buy different antitussive syrups, spend money, and these drugs do not help. Then we all go back to the pharmacy and buy some other cough syrup, in the hope that he will help us get rid of the disease. But in order not to waste your energy and finances, you first need to ask your friends what they are treating, then look on the Internet or magazines, reviews about different medicines, and then go to the pharmacy. So will keep your nerves, and money will not be spent too much. For example, many people buy syrup from Gedelix cough. This drug is made on the basis of ivy leaves, that is, it is a natural syrup. As part of its components there are no chemical additives, or some other impurities, Gedelix syrup is a completely natural preparation. This syrup can be taken by adults, children and pregnant women. It is absolutely not harmful and effectively helps to cope with the disease. Also, such a syrup can be used as a complex treatment. It helps to cope with different types of cough, speeds up the process of recovery of the body and strengthens the human immunity. Gedelix syrup is pleasant to the taste, and it can be stored for a long time at room temperature.

When taking this antitussive, you should carefully read the instructions, because side effects are possible. When Gedelix syrup is taken, manifestations of allergic reactions are possible, it is necessary to establish what exactly a person who is going to take a syrup has allergies. In some cases, after taking this drug, there were vomitive reflexes, or pain in the epigastric region. Pain in the stomach can occur most often in people who suffer from gastritis or ulcers. Therefore, with the intake of syrup Gedelix should be careful not to take, too large doses and not drink it, for too long. When a person is overdosed with syrup Gedelix, he may have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. So, the nuances of the instructions should be paid special attention, especially if the syrup is taken by a small child.

Gedelix drops

gedelix eucaseCough is an unpleasant ailment that breaks our calm and measured life. Therefore, all people, when they begin to get sick, are trying to quickly recover and return during life. Now in pharmacies a large selection of various drugs that can help cure cough. But to choose the right and effective medicine you need to take into account all the characteristics of a particular person. All drugs have their own composition, which includes different components, so you need to read the composition and instructions so as not to waste money. Now there is a popular cough syrup Gedelix, which quickly helps get rid of cough. Also, manufacturers made Gedelix drops, which are also used to get rid of cough. Gedelix drops are taken orally, and they have a pleasant aftertaste. This drug is made on the basis of natural components, it also includes an extract of ivy leaves. Such a cough remedy can be taken absolutely by everyone - adults, children, pregnant women or the elderly. Drops are made from natural ingredients and there is no harmful chemistry in them. Many people refuse to take medicines and are treated with folk remedies, in such cases, Gedelix drops fit perfectly. The medicine can be bought in any pharmacy in your city, drops are sold without a doctor's prescription. Gedelix drops are considered a herbal remedy, which helps to regain expectoration of sputum. Also, when taking these drops, breathing is normalized and normalized, and cough is toned. Drops can help get rid of any kind of cough. Very small children can not take drops, they can be used for children over 2 years and adults. Such a drug is not endowed with sugar, it is without preservatives, without dyes and without alcohol. With the normal administration of drops, Gedelix facilitates expectoration, dissolves viscous bronchial mucus. People with chronic diseases of the respiratory tract suffer from such drops very well. Drops have the taste of peppermint and menthol, so you can cure yourself of a cough and get a pleasant smell from your mouth.

Gedelix for children

Many doctors believe that the best treatment is the prevention and strengthening of the body. Therefore, all parents should from childhood to instill in their children the habits of exercising and taking care of their health. It is best to run a little and jump, than to lie in bed with a cold, fever and cough. When the child began to cough, you must first determine the causes of coughing. All children have different types of cough - dry, wet, barking or expectorant. All these varieties of coughing talk about various diseases that a child may have. Even if the cough is productive and the sputum goes away, it will be prolonged and painful for any child. It is necessary at such symptoms to address at once to the pediatrist that he has appointed or nominated treatment to your child.

All treatment requires special control, but before buying something, it is better to consult with friends. Even if the drug is prescribed by a doctor, it can not help, because each child has its own characteristics in the body, and each needs an individual approach. Do not need to stuff your baby, than horrible, it is worth taking seriously and responsibly to the choice of antitussive. Gedelix cough syrup is made from natural ingredients such as ivy leaves. Also it is pleasant to the taste and every child will take it with pleasure. Many manufacturers produce a variety of medications in various forms, such as drops, syrups or potions. Gedelix can also be found in different external forms and forms, you can choose for each child what it will take. Syrup or Gedelix drops quickly and effectively help get rid of cough, and your child will not suffer unpleasant pain. Both medicinal forms of Gedelix antitussive medicines are made on the basis of natural and natural components. In such a preparation there is no alcohol, dyes or preservatives. Most often Gedelix is ​​sold in syrup, it can be taken even to newborn babies. To find the right syrup you just need to carefully read the instructions, and determine which particular preparation you need. Also in each package of syrup is a special measuring spoon, with which you can drink a child.

Gedelix in Pregnancy

The faster we come to autumn or winter, the more often all people begin to get sick. Of course, illness has never been liked by anyone, they bring discomfort and inconvenience to our lives. Therefore, it is best to learn how to strengthen your immunity and how you can less often get sick. But if you are already sick, then you should not postpone the treatment for later, it is necessary to be cured immediately. After all, it is easier to get rid of the disease when it has an initial stage than when it is full of progress in the body. When a pregnant woman starts to get sick, immediately the question arises what you can take. All pregnant women are compared to young children, and not in vain - in fact in their stomach the future small baby is hatched. Therefore, when choosing antibiotics, you should carefully read the instructions, consult a doctor and consult with relatives. The drug Gedelix is ​​made on the basis of natural and natural components, so it can easily take pregnant women. When a pregnant woman has a cough, you need to start inhaling, put on warming and, of course, drink syrup from a cough. Such ways to cure, are considered a full-fledged complex treatment, and therefore a pregnant woman can quickly bring her body back to normal. Such a cough syrup is pleasantly drunk. And from it there is no toxicosis, so that women can be calm. You can also take from the cough drops Gedelix, which, like the syrup is made based on natural ingredients. In this preparation there are no dyes, chemical additives or alcohol. Syrup Gedelix is ​​made on the basis of ivy leaves, in addition to the fact that it coughs, it can also strengthen immunity. Taking Gedelix in any form can help quickly to get rid of a cough without affecting either the pregnant woman or her future child. Manufacturers of such syrup know all the components and constituent elements that have been invested in antitussive. Therefore, their instructions say that pregnant women can use syrup, only of course in reasonable doses.

Gedelix instructions

Gedelix instructionsAntitussive syrup and Gedelix drops are sold in any pharmacy and you can buy it without a doctor's prescription. As well as in all other medications, Gedelix has its own instruction, which outlines all the nuances of admission. Gedelix syrup looks like a transparent liquid of brown color with the smell of mint and menthol. If the syrup is stored too long in the room, sediment may form on the bottom of the jar. Before taking the syrup, it should be shaken, if the sediment has made the liquid cloudy and dirty, then the drug can not be taken. Gedelix antitussive syrup is a herbal preparation that has several functions. This syrup weakens expectoration, also has antispasmodic and mucolytic effect, which reduces the gusts of cough. The syrup is sold as an effective expectorant, which is taken with inflammatory-infectious diseases. When the upper parts of the respiratory tract begin to inflame or the irritations appear on the bronchi, one should take Gedelix syrup. If a person has an increased sensitivity to the elements that contains the drug, including mint oil, then the syrup can not be used. Also, if the patient suffers from bronchial asthma or is predisposed to laryngospasm, do not use Gedelix syrup. Do not give this medicine to children under the age of, and if the baby is a newborn, you can buy a special Gedelix syrup, which is made for infants. When a person was carried away and took too much of a dose, there could be an overdose of gedelix. In such cases, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, or gastroenteritis occurs. To get rid of all these ailments you need to undergo symptomatic treatment. Do not also take Gedelix syrup, with some other cough medicine. If you began to drink in parallel two antitussive drugs, it is difficult to leave the sputum from the body. If after receiving the drug there is no improvement, and the patient feels all the same is bad, you need to see a doctor. Do not take the drug for too long, because the temperature may rise or come choking attacks. People who suffer from diabetes mellitus can take Gedelix cough syrup because it does not contain sugar and ethanol. You can store Gedelix syrup for 4 years, if it is at room temperature, not more than 25 degrees. After the expiration of the life of the syrup from coughing can not be taken, there can be poisoning.

Gedelix application

Many people, when they start to hurt, try to buy the most effective remedy and quickly recover. But you come to the pharmacy, give medicine, you drink it, and it does not help and so endlessly. It is necessary before buying and going to the pharmacy, determine which particular drug to buy. Gedelix excellently helps to cure a cough, and it tastes good. Also it is pleasant to drink to both adults and children, so Gedelix has become very popular in many countries of Europe. Most people trust a proven drug and they will not buy anything new and do the right thing. In the pharmacy, all sellers offer something that is more expensive, and not something that helps more effectively. You need to pay attention to the composition of the drug and decide for yourself, the better to be treated. Many people prefer antibiotics, while others simply take natural-based syrups. When Gedelix syrup is taken, sputum discharge improves, breathing and cough normalize. Also Gedelix strengthens the human immunity and then it is possible to hurt very rarely. Before using syrup or drops of Gedelix, you should carefully read the instructions in which everything is described in detail. Adults and children older than 10 years can take, 3 times a day, one teaspoon or 5 ml. Children who are between 1 year and 4 years of age should drink syrup from a cough for half a teaspoon 4 times a day, or 2.5 ml each. Quite small babies who were only born and can take antitussive syrup once a day for half a teaspoon or 2.5 ml each for up to 1 year. Also, Gedelix syrup should be drunk with a glass of warm water or tea. There is another form of gedelix - it's a drop, they can also be taken from a cough. Such drops are made from natural components that do not harm health. Take the drops you need inside and also like syrup after eating. Adults and children older than 10 years can take on 31 drops, per day, this produces 93 drops of gedelix. Children who from 4 to 10 years of age should give 21 drops of gedelix 3 times a day, together, 63 drops are obtained. Quite small children who fell ill and their age from 2 to 4 years should drink drops of 16 drops 3 times a day. Gedelix drops can not be thinned or mixed. After taking such drops, you can drink a glass of warm and boiled water.

Reviews about Gedelix

When a cough begins, many people go to the pharmacy, in the hope of buying something effective. But in order to get a good drug you need to consult with friends and relatives, consult your doctor, and then buy an antitussive drug. Gedelix has gained popularity in many cities and countries, this medicine quickly and effectively helps to cope with a cough. There are many people who write their reviews about this drug. There are positive, negative or neutral reviews and we can present them to you. For example, one guy writes that he often gets sick and always coughs drag on for a long time. He has a strong cough and gives pain in the chest area. He tried many syrups and not one normally could not help. Friends advised to buy Gedelix, and he began to take it. The result was quick, and this medicine helped the guy, the effect was palpable even after the first reception. Another girl also tried to cure Gedelix's cough syrup and left a response after herself. The drug is very good, this girl writes, they are treated by the whole family. She recently had acute bronchitis, antibiotics can not be drunk, because the allergy, the doctor advised him to buy Gedelix syrup. She began to take the woman 3 times a day before meals and a few days later the cough decreased, but the state of health was normalized. Syrup Gedelix is ​​really nice and soft to the taste of syrup, the girl also gave this medicine to her daughter. She is also allergic, but the syrup acted positively, and after 3 days the baby was healthy. Another woman wrote that after taking gedelix, her body began to erupt, which were horribly scratched. She took the syrup as directed, and followed all the rules. But something went wrong and there was an allergic reaction. Perhaps this woman is allergic to some of the components of the drug and therefore she developed rashes on her body.

Gedelix price

Now people are increasingly sick, many are sick even when it's warm outside. All these diseases have appeared, because in the world there are a lot of factories, stations, buses and cars that spoil the atmosphere. Then all people breathe these "dirty air" and there are various diseases. Many manufacturers began to produce a variety of medications that help cope with the disease. If the disease is serious and rapidly progresses in the body, then the medicine will also be expensive. In our world, this is how it works - the harder the disease, the more expensive the medicine for it. Many people can not afford such drugs and are trying to be cured by folk remedies. But it's best to watch your health and rarely get sick. People who do not spoil their bodies with bad habits and who play sports rarely get sick. But if you still get sick, then you need to immediately heal and do not delay your illness. When the disease at the initial stage it is easier to cure and do not need to buy many drugs. But if you have not been treated for a long time, you have a strong cough, and even some symptoms immediately need more drugs and carry out complex treatment of the whole organism. Gedelix cough syrup is made on the basis of natural and natural ingredients. In this syrup there are no dyes, alcohol or any chemical additives. Syrup can be taken by both adults and children. Gedelix syrup has several functions that it regularly performs. This medicine improves expectoration of sputum, normalizes human breathing, tones and calms cough, and also strengthens immunity. Many after taking syrup Gedelix feel much better and more vigorously, which is why this drug gained such high popularity. Gedelix can be bought in any pharmacy, it is sold without a doctor's prescription. Such a medicine is available to many people, you can buy it for about 50griven. Gedelix drops cost 44, 98 hryvnia, and Gedelix syrup can be purchased for 49 hryvnia. Considering how much of the hedelix syrup has positive aspects and functions, this is quite an acceptable and affordable price.

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