Does potato juice help with gastritis with high acidity?

People have long been in love with potatoes for the variety of various dishes that are easily prepared. But in addition to taste, the vegetable has a unique healing effect: potato juice can prevent stomach diseases and return functionality to the digestive system.

Adults often suffer from gastritis with high acidity, experiencing strong pain in the abdomen, constant heartburn and belching. Constantly acting on the mucous membrane, the acid leads to the formation of ulcers in the esophagus and stomach.

Crude potato juice is recommended as a powerful tool for the treatment of gastritis.

Article Content:
  • Useful Properties
  • Is there any harm or contraindication?
  • How to make and take juice?
  • Reviews about folk remedy

Useful properties

The raw potato contains substances that can positively affect the mucous membranes of the digestive system, restoring their efficiency.

The effectiveness of the treatment of the inflammatory process that occurs on the gastric mucosa caused the doctors to study the properties of the potato in more detail. They found out that

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in the potato juice contains:

  • proteins,
  • carbohydrates,
  • fats,
  • essential amino acids,
  • organic acids,
  • minerals,
  • vitamins, including rare,
  • vegetable fiber.

A unique combination of natural substances in potato juice:

  • restores the motor-evacuation function of the stomach,
  • has antimicrobial properties,
  • relieves pain,
  • eliminates heartburn,
  • stops the development of inflammation,
  • tightens ulcers and accelerates tissue repair,
  • restores appetite,
  • increases hemoglobin level,
  • strengthens immunity,
  • restores water balance,
  • reduces pressure,
  • eliminates headaches,
  • onpossesses diuretic action.

From the point of view of the therapeutic effect, red and pink potato varieties contain the greatest amount of substances useful for the digestive system.

If the patient correctly uses the remedy, after 2 days of admission, his general condition improves, the flatulence disappears, heartburn and belching disappear, the acidity of the gastric juice decreases, the unpleasant sensations in the epigastric region disappear and the stool normalizes.

Is there any harm or contraindication?

Fresh potato juice can be treated after hH-metry, which will determine the composition of the gastric juice. With zero and reduced acidity, potato juice can worsen the condition.

Potato juice is contraindicated in patients who have:

  • severe forms of diabetes,
  • intestinal fermentation processes,
  • obesity,
  • low acidity of gastric juice.

Before preparing the juice, you must carefully inspect the potato tubers. The sprouts that appeared from March to July and the green spots on the potatoes contain poisonous solonine, which irritates the gastric mucosa and provokes nausea and vomiting. During this period, he has much less vitamins and nutrients in his body, so you can get severe poisoning instead of treatment.

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How to make and take juice?

Duration of reception of potato juice depends on manifestations of gastritis and general condition, but does not exceed 10 days.

To prepare juice, it is necessary to rinse the potato tubers with a brush, wipe and pass through the juicer. Many publications of folk recipes recommend the use of an electric appliance to reduce the time of contact of juice with air. After 10 minutes, the effectiveness of fresh juice in the air decreases.

When treating erosive gastritis, you do not need to clean potatoes, they can only be thoroughly cleaned with a sponge or brush.

The most effective treatment is at a time when the maximum amount of essential substances in maturation has accumulated in the potato. It usually falls on the autumn period.

Juice is prepared right before consumption and taken 40 minutes before meals three times a day. Starting with one tablespoon, the volume is gradually adjusted to 100 milliliters. Having drunk juice, it is recommended to lie down for half an hour. Almost all natural medicines have a disgusting taste. Potato juice also does not resemble magic syrup. But this problem is easy to solve:
  • To improve the taste of the juice of potatoes for sweet tooth can be a spoonful of honey.
  • lovers of sour will appreciate the taste of potato juice, mixed with cranberry.
  • In gastritis with high acidity, a mixture of potato, beet, cabbage and carrot juices is effective.
  • For constipation and headaches, a mixture of potato juice with carrot and beetroot will help.

These simple and useful products will significantly improve the taste of the drink and multiply its medicinal properties.

Reviews about the national tool

To make a decision about the use of fresh potato juice for the treatment of gastritis, I want to know the testimonials of people who have experienced this drug.

They happily share their amazing stories of recovery: potato juice helped someone get rid of gastritis, others got rid of the severity and pains in the stomach, the third returned to the appetite. From the use of potato juice, not only gastritis, but also other ailments was cured.

Victor, 44: "The doctor said that because of the increased acidity, I developed an ulcer. I had to take medicine for a long time, and after treatment I thought that the result should be fixed and began to take potato juice half a cup before meals. I drank three weeks - I felt great for three months. Started again to bother the stomach - again began to drink the juice. I think that I can manage without doctors and I feel good. "

Marina, 47 years old: "A girlfriend found out about my heartburn and taught her to drink juice of raw potatoes, which should be drunk on an empty stomach. Heartburn does not happen, even when I eat hot or fried.

Vera, 32 years old: "No Maalox helped me from constant heartburn. I set a goal to be cured of it with potato juice. To disgusting taste you start to get used in some days. On the second day of treatment, a feeling of bursting was lost in the abdomen, and heartburn disappeared that same evening. Compliance with the diet, the exclusion of meat and fat, too, of course, played a role in the treatment. But now you do not need to observe a split food, because I feel great. "

So, potato juice is effective in the treatment of gastritis, ulcers of digestive organs and to reduce the acidity of gastric juice.

Juice reduces pain in peptic ulcers, relieves headaches and lowers blood pressure, helps maintain good health in diabetes, reduces blood sugar, and works well for pancreas.

Before starting treatment with fresh potato juice, consult a doctor. He will prescribe a test and make an accurate diagnosis.