Geranium in the ear with otitis reviews

Is it true that geraniums are treated with pain in the ears?



Geranium (Geranium)
The aroma is soft, tart, cooling, fresh.
For the first time the geranium oil was distilled in 1819 by the French chemist Reclus. Geranium was very fond of ordinary people, especially artisans, because of its ability to purify the poisonous air of tinning and shoemakers, suck in fumes and damp. Modern studies of scientists have confirmed that the flower actually absorbs poisonous substances, radionuclides, copes well with microbes. Calms, improves mood, strengthens self-confidence and self-esteem. Helps cope with sudden mood swings, tension, tearfulness and depression. Promotes natural hormonal balance (favorable during menopause), relieves premenstrual syndrome. Stimulates blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, helps with viral infections. Has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, relieves headaches, migraines, attacks of hypertension. A proven insect repellent in residential areas.

Olga Svetlichnaya

and by the way it helps!

elena vyazova-grape

Leaflet twirl into a tube and put in the ear helps check


my grandfather walks with this greens in his ears!)))

Elena Alekseeva

True! Only not the usual geranium, but the fragrant form of the leaves is different and the smell is specific... And they are treated very simply, you need to stretch your fingers with a finger and put it in a sore ear. The pain soon subsides. Be healthy!

Elena Orlova

the perfect truth, only geranium fragrant is this with carved leaves, to use very simply take the sheet folded into a tube (if to small children that can be wrapped in a bandage so as not to burn the skin) and put in the ear helps if in the ears shoots or just hurts, after the leaf dries can be put other.


I know that you can kill a pot of geranium ...

Vera Vera

can and heals.. but my cat's ear hurts... and nothing helps her.. which we did not do ...

At how effective is the geranium from ear inflammation??? and how much time you need to keep in your ears.



very effective, tear off a leaf, rub it lightly in your fingers, so that the juice is allowed to go out a little, in your ear, for half an hour-hour

Sergey Evstafiev

better that it sprouted there... will help

Svetlana Hestanova

It is better to go to the doctor, well, if there is absolutely no possibility-to buy drops of otipax, they relieve the pain of inflammation.

Just Kseniya

Go better to the ENT, do not self-medicate, it can end badly!

Lyudmila Sahakyan

Oh, they killed you, but you have only geraniums on the windowsill or what other flowers are there? Go to the doctor! The faster the better.


Very effective. And, as fragrant, and blossoming (though, for my taste, fragrant is better). If you are not afraid, leave a leaflet for the night in the ear. In the morning you will get completely healthy. Less lengthy sessions also help well.


Geranium kills the germ, which was born with an ear inflammation!! !


uncountable. such self-treatment can oh how badly it will end.


OTIPAX is a drop in otitis (you can drip and babies). But if there is a temperature, then it is better to contact LOR.


And it is better to mix in equal parts tincture of propolis + olive oil. all the fleshy beats to whip the flagellum out of the cotton wool and put it in the ears, and put on a platochik and the balms. Do this until the recovery. Although 3-4 sessions are enough. I wish you health.

What does the ENT make if you have otitis?



prescribe antibiotics


will appoint a treatment. Probably clears the auditory passages. It does not hurt, you can tolerate.

Lyudmila Fatyanova

Do not do anything terrible, the ear will examine and prescribe the treatment: ear drops, physiotherapy, maybe (warming up).


pills and drops

Eduard Razbaum



ENT treats!!! And the otitis can be different (catarrhal, purulent, medium, external, chronic, acute, fungal, tubo-otitis... etc... ) In each case, treatment is different (you need an INSTITUTE !!!), so do not take it into your head and tomorrow to see a doctor! If it hurts very much, call the ambulance, they will take you to the ward of the ENT department, and they will prescribe the treatment today... You can take only an anesthetic drug, for example, Ketarol.. .
The main thing: do not wet your ear, do not heat (!!!), do not put anything there (and that is, fans put shit in the ear of geranium), do not climb into your ear with cotton wands ...


Exudative otitis is a disease in which fluid accumulates in the ear cavity.
Sometimes it passes without treatment, and in a number of difficult cases, it requires the installation of an ear
shunt for the exit of exudate (fluid or pus).
In a healthy person, the middle ear is filled with air and there are no secretions from the ear.

Alexander Heinonen

Otitis is a serious ear disease. So serious that many do not even imagine the possible consequences. The most important cause of otitis is the ingress of bacteria or viruses into the ear. Many believe that all these organisms get into the ear from the outside. In fact, in 95% of cases, otitis occurs due to ingestion of bacteria from the Eustachian tube. Only the doctor will be able to determine the type of otitis and to prescribe the right treatment. Even if you are an adherent of the traditional methods of treatment, without medication you can not do! Otitis is treated for about 10 days, or even longer. And this is subject to timely contact with a doctor. For the beginning the patient should provide complete rest, in order not to provoke the appearance of complications. Then follows the appointment of a specialized antibiotic for the purpose of operative control of pathogens of otitis media. Antibiotic can be as in tablets (for example, Flemoklava Solutab, Tsifran), and in drops (Sofraks, Otypaks), the latter must be at room temperature. But (!) Only a doctor should prescribe antibiotics!

Dilovar Yorov

When otitis middle ear is unacceptable something to dig in your ears! Some drugs have a toxic effect on the auditory receptors, and some are contraindicated in perforation (for example, alcohol drops). When treatment is recommended, we recommend that you do this only after consulting a specialist.

How to treat an ear otitis



How to treat an ear otitis?

Traditionally, the treatment of all types of otitis is accompanied by the appointment of antibiotics, less often - sulfanilamide preparations (ciprofloxacin), which are used for severe inflammation and elevated temperature.
With external otitis media, gauze turundas moistened with 70% alcohol are usually injected into the external auditory canal, warming compresses are made, physiotherapy procedures are performed, and vitamin therapy is prescribed. When an abscess is formed, its opening is shown. With diffuse inflammation, the ear canal is washed with disinfectant solutions (3% boric acid solution, furacillin solution).
With otitis media, bed rest is prescribed, antibiotics, sulfonamide preparations, antiseptics according to indications. At a high temperature, amidopyrine, acetylsalicylic acid. Locally apply warming compresses and physiotherapy. To reduce pain in the ear, digest in the warm form of 96% alcohol. With the appearance of suppuration, instillation is stopped in the ear. In the absence of the effect of conservative treatment, the dissection of the tympanic membrane is performed. After the appearance of suppuration from the external auditory canal, it is necessary to ensure its drainage. If, after cessation of purulent discharge from the ear and scarring of the tympanic membrane, the hearing remains low, a purge, pneumatic massage is prescribed.
When otitis inner ear (labyrinthite) apply conservative treatment (bed rest, dehydration and antibacterial therapy). With labyrinthitis with a fistulous symptom and a preserved function of the labyrinth, with ineffectiveness of antibacterial therapy, general cough trepanation is used. Absolute indications for the operation on the labyrinth, along with the operation on the middle ear, is the sequestration of the labyrinth or the purulent labyrinthitis with labyrinthogenic intracranial complications.


two proven means. the first is camphor alcohol. second geranium. an ordinary indoor flower. a couple drops in the ear. zhet a bit. but usually two times a day. for the night still to drop and salt to warm up and an ear to lay down. Captain and ear pack close your ear. the next day everything passes. but you wore a fleece for a couple of days, that would not inflate. and the geranium heals for a long time. Three, four. but also not bad.

When otitis, what drugs help, except for how, antibiotics and drops?


Sokolov Vitaly

Folk medicine for acute otitis media recommends.
Tincture LEAVES MINT. 2 tbsp. l. leaves on 200 ml of vodka. Infuse 7 days, drain. Bury in the patient's ear for 3-4 drops every 3 hours.
Infusion or tincture of the Sweet Paschen.
Infusion: 1 tbsp. l. for 1 cup of boiling water, to insist 1 hour, strain. Put into the ear of turunda, moistened with infusion, 2-3 times a day.
Tincture: 2 tbsp. l. leaves per 100 ml of vodka. Infuse 7 days, drain. Put into the ear of turundas, moistened with tincture, 2 times a day.
Tincture of DONNIK DRUG. Preparation and use, as in the previous recipe.
AT ACUTE OTITE successfully tap into the ear the pharmacy tincture of calendula, tincture of the pericarp of walnut (10%), tincture of Japanese Sophora or calendula flowers (10%).
AT ALL ACUTE OTITS necessarily dry heat (blue lamp, sollyks, UHF, compresses, etc.). The more you warm your ear, the faster the disease will pass.
In severe pain, tyurundums moistened with a mixture of glycerin and alcohol are injected into the ear:.
When ear aches apply COW OIL, which is obtained by insisting fresh flowers in olive or sunflower oil. In the ear is injected turunda, soaked in oil. Change every 3 hours (you can not pull out the turundas, just drip the oil on top of it in the amount of 10 drops).
ECHINATSEYA. Drops of Echinacea are injected into the ear in the form of a concentrate, extract or tincture every 2 hours.
GARLIC. Garlic is used to relieve earaches. It is injected into the ear canal in the form of several drops of garlic oil (for garlic oil a few cloves of garlic boil in olive or sunflower oil and insist for 7 days). You can gently wipe the ear canal with a piece of cotton wool soaked in garlic butter, or put a gauze turunda with garlic butter in your ear. It must be changed every 3 hours.
You can mix garlic paste with olive or sunflower oil and insist for 3-4 days. Strain. Apply 3-5 drops in a warm form.
In the treatment of chronic purulent otitis media, folk medicine uses the following medicines:
ALL PLANTS, which have an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. These include: celandine, string, St. John's wort, the root of elecampane, flowers of Japanese saphora, calendula flowers, etc.
The most effective are the SOD and the CLEANER TREATMENT.
FOR WASHING OF HEARING PASSING and granulations, it is useful to use infusions and tinctures of spray, chamomile, rose petals, etc.
VERY GOOD EFFECT gives an ear wash with chronic purulent middle otitis with usual warm vodka. Rinse do 3 days in the morning. In 60-70% of cases after such lavage, suppuration of the ear stops after 2-3 days.
NEED TO REMEMBER that before you treat your ears, you always need to cure your nose. These two organs are closely connected through the Eustachian tube and the treatment of one organ must entail the treatment of the other.
Remember, traditional medicine can not completely replace the methods of classical medicine!

Lubov Kuznetsova

ear candles are in the pharmacy. When our children were sick with ears, these candles (they were in short supply) helped. Still used a blue lamp with a reflector, but we must ask the same doctor, because they do not always recommend warming. Experienced at the same time I realized that the reason for frequent otitis in small (and not only) children - getting water in your ears during bathing. We must remember this and avoid this. Good luck and health!


My familiar man has been cured for many years by an antiparasitic program. even hearing was restored... and all that before tried from the pharmacy did not help and it lasted for him where it is 30-35 years.

Lyudmila Tashkinova

Take the beets... wring out the juice... let him stand for a couple of hours add as much vegetable oil... The farm is ready!! Bury often during the day for 2-3 drops in each nostril... juice does not deteriorate... Spolzuje all in the flow trail. days... excellent preventive maintenance !!!

"The Angel"

Correctly put a compress of alcohol. To do this, you need two small sheets of compress paper. Cut the holes in their ear first, you apply to your ear so as not to burn your skin and alcohol is not soaked, then the same size gauze (also with a cutout) moistened in heated alcohol, and then a second sheet paper. You will get a kind of sandwich. Then cover all this with a large piece of cotton wool and tie a handkerchief. Preferably downy. If not, then something warm. You can keep it day and night, of course, excluding going to the street. Previously, blue lamps were used. I use the compress more, it seems to me more convenient especially at night. In the morning it is already easy and you can use droplets. If the drops are not suitable, the therapeutic geranium can be used

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