How to get rid of a damp cough

How to get rid of a cough: how and what to cure quickly at home

A strong cough not only causes a person uncomfortable feelings, but also threatens his life.

Unfortunately, the characteristic cold symptoms, such as fever and rhinitis, are eliminated much easier than a cough in an adult who may not go through the twentieth day after the onset of the illness.

How quickly cure cough? Which method of therapy will be most effective: traditional or non-traditional?

And what therapeutic measures are better to conduct to remove productive and unproductive cough in adults?

Factors of cough

A strong cough is a defense of the body, resulting from a bacterial or chemical attack. Its main manifestations are inflammation of the respiratory system, when the mucous membrane swells, the temperature or mechanical irritation.

In the nasopharynx of each person there are special glands. Each day they secrete about 2-2.5 ml of a slippery substance, which is necessary for free breathing.

Due to the effects of any allergens or high temperature, these discharges become more dense. Streful sputum is not eliminated from the respiratory system completely, blocking the way, thereby inhibiting the natural respiratory process. As a result, a reflex is triggered - a cough, in which the body removes excess mucus from the bronchi.

The causes of this symptom are not always associated with the presence of colds. In addition to these diseases, such a reflex appears in such diseases:

  1. allergy;
  2. stagnation of blood in a small circle of blood circulation;
  3. failures in the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  4. CNS disease.

But how to get rid of a dry cough? First you need to understand its nature and only then go to the pharmacy and buy an effective medication. By the way, antitussive medicines are divided into 3 groups:

  • calming - lower its intensity;
  • mucolytics - dilute sputum;
  • expectorant drugs - increase cough.

Types of cough

Cough can be unproductive (without excreta) and productive (with sputum discharge). Often, bronchial asthma, pharyngitis and bronchitis accompanies a dry cough without excretion of mucus.

If the hoarse voice joins this symptom, it indicates the development of catarrhal tracheitis or laryngitis.

Unproductive cough must necessarily be translated into productive, due to which excess mucus exits the respiratory tract. In addition, it is important not to disregard the color and nature of the discharge.

So, with bronchial asthma, mucus that does not have color is excreted. For bronchopneumonia is characteristic - purulent sputum, heart failure - rusty, bacterial infection - green and yellow.


How to cure cough with medicines? The following are the best ones:

  1. Tusuprex;
  2. Sinecod;
  3. Glaucine;
  4. Libexin.
Still effective means are medicines based on thermopsis and pecacuana. To normalize the process of sputum excretion, you can dissolve the pills Doctor Mom and lollipops with sage. For cleansing the lungs, use Halixol, Bromhexine and Mukaltin.

Even a strong cough can be cured with herbal preparations. So, with inflammation of the bronchi, I recommended myself well "Breastfeeding No. 2". Among other things, it has moderate spasmolytic activity.

Treatment with folk remedies contributes to a speedy recovery, alleviating an irritated throat. Herbal decoctions and infusions should take a couple of a day for 0.5 cup.

In addition, in order to translate an unproductive cough from adult to productive, you need to take a drug - Libexin.

If a strong cough prevents sleep at night, and in the chest and throat there are sensations of "scratching then its It is necessary to treat with antitussive agents that normalize the process of sputum excretion and inhibit cough reflex. In addition, you can resolve lollipops with sage, take pills or drink syrup Broncholitin.

To obtain a more rapid result, medication should be supplemented with a plentiful drink. So, warm tea or herbal tea should be drunk after three hours every day.

How to get rid of cough at home if it is wet? In 250 ml of warm water it is necessary to dissolve 1 tbsp. l of sea salt. The resulting solution is digested three times a day.

To make the allocation less stringy, which will allow them to quickly withdraw from the body, you need to eliminate the causes of their occurrence. After all, in the process of withdrawing sputum from the bronchi and lungs, the products of decomposition of inflamed tissues are removed.

If you do not eliminate the factors of abundant sputum production, then such an unpleasant symptom as a cough in an adult will occur constantly. When the reasons are in the presence of ARD antibiotics to take is inexpedient, so enough therapy with antitussives.

But how to cure a cough with pneumonia or bronchitis? In this case, first of all it is necessary to drink antibiotics, since the main task of therapy is to eliminate pathogens. However, any antibacterial agent has a lot of side effects, so before using it is important to conduct a full examination.

How quickly cure cough with poorly secreted sputum? In this case, the doctor prescribes medicines that dilute the secretions:

  • Bromhexine;
  • Lazolvan;
  • Acetylcysteine;
  • Ambroxol.

After applying these medications, an adult cough takes place within an hour. Moreover, such drugs improve the functioning of the bronchi and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Treatment of an allergic cough

At the beginning of the development of the patient's illness, a common cold and a slight cough disturb, but later everything can develop into bronchial asthma. This disease, like allergic bronchitis, has an adverse effect on the quality of life of a person, which in some cases ends in a fatal outcome.

A severe cough with allergy occurs in cases when the mucosa becomes inflamed:

  • bronchi (bronchitis);
  • nasopharynx (pharyngitis);
  • trachea (tracheitis).
How to cure a cough that is allergic? On the 1st-5th day of therapy, nasal sprays are used to eliminate irritation in the glands.

In addition, the doctor prescribes an antihistamine. And as an antiallergic drug is most often appointed Bronchin.

However, the best way to get rid of allergies is to exclude all possible pathogens from the diet. At the same time before going to bed it is necessary to ventilate the room, and to sleep better in a cool room.

Moreover, it is important to constantly carry out a wet cleaning. And, if necessary, it is necessary to minimize contact with domestic animals if there is an allergy to wool.

Preferably a couple of times a day rinse your mouth and throat with warm water. This procedure is preferably carried out when returning from the street.

And for preventive purposes several times a day you need to wash your nose and nasopharynx.

Treatment of cough in the home

Althaeus is a unique plant that allows you to cure kalish from any person. It envelops and softens the bronchial mucosa, facilitates the sputum and removes irritation. This folk remedy can be used with a dry and moist cough.

In addition, eliminate perspiration in the throat with the help of oregano and thyme. These plants have antimicrobial and expectorant action.

In general, the treatment of folk remedies is very diverse. After all, today's non-traditional medicine offers a lot of recipes that allow you to quickly and painlessly eliminate most of the manifestations of colds.

How to cure a cough, using the advice of traditional medicine? To do this, you can use a recipe based on honey, lemon and glycerin. First, you should boil one lemon for at least 10 minutes on a small fire.

Then the citrus should be cut and squeezed out of it juice, to which should be added honey and glycerin (2 tbsp. spoon). With a moderate cough, you should drink for 1 hour. l. medication twice a day. And if it is intense, then the drug is taken for 1 hour. l. according to a certain scheme:

  1. fasting sutra;
  2. before dinner;
  3. After dinner;
  4. before bedtime.

In addition, a strong cough can be treated with radish. To do this, the vegetable needs to be crushed and then squeezed out the juice using gauze. In the resulting juice should be added honey and take 1-2 tablespoons. l. at night and before eating.

In addition, it is possible to prepare an antitussive drug based on onions. To this end, you need to grind the vegetable, and then mix it with sugar (400 g), pour in 1 000 ml of water and cook for an hour.

After the product should be allowed to cool and mix it with honey (50 g). Such a medicine should be stored in a closed glass bottle or jar. It is taken after eating up to 6 spoons a day.


Coughing with an adult can testify not only about the course of banal cold, pneumonia, bronchial asthma or bronchitis. Still this symptom can be shown at illnesses of heart and a central nervous system. Therefore, before treating it with folk remedies, you need to consult a doctor.

But it should be remembered that inhalation treatment for cough is prohibited in some cases. Such therapy is effective in ARVI, ARI and their complications:

  • bronchitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis.
In what cases are inhalations indicated for coughing? The most effective and fast method for non-productive coughing is inhalation treatment, which removes throat irritation.

For this, you can buy a nebulizer or a compressor inhaler in a pharmacy. The medicinal substance in such a facility is the smallest particles, not the steam that the patient breathes during home procedures. However, it should be noted that such inhalers are often used in the treatment of the lower respiratory tract.

If you need to warm the upper airways, then you can breathe a healing steam over the pan, covering yourself with a towel. Steam inhalations are most effective in ARI and other disorders in the functioning of the upper respiratory tract. However, this procedure is prohibited if the temperature is increased.

In the process of contact with warm and moist air, sputum is liquefied, its rheological characteristics are improved and cough is facilitated. But it should be noted that moistening the dried out sediments will lead to an increase in its quantity.

Consequently, steam inhalations can provoke obstruction of the respiratory system. It should be remembered that if there is no congestion of the mucus in the respiratory tract, then there is no need for such treatment.

How quickly to cure cough with inhalation and how to do it? Optimal water temperature - from 30 to 40 degrees, if it is higher, then it will burn painfully.

Lean over the container with the steam you need not lower than 20 cm, and steam should be inhaled by the mouth. The duration of the procedure is 5-10 minutes.

The number of procedures per day - no more than six times. After the inhalation, you can not go out into the fresh air for another 40 minutes, eat, drink and talk.

Before applying this method of treatment with folk remedies, it is important to make sure that there is no allergy. So, to remove irritation in the throat and bronchi, you need to take 5 parts of warm water (40 degrees) and dissolve a spoonful of honey in it. Healing vapors can be inhaled with the nose and mouth.

In 1000 ml of boiling water dissolve 2 tbsp. l. baking soda. This procedure does not cause allergic manifestations, it is most effective for bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

Two st. l. Sage herbs are poured into a glass of boiled water. Then everything is insisted 20 minutes in a closed container, after which you can proceed to the procedure.

For the next inhalation you need the following components:

  1. two hours. l. eucalyptus leaves;
  2. 1 tablet of validol;
  3. briquette of pine extract (1/4);
  4. garlic mush (1 h. l.).

All ingredients are poured into boiling water. Then you need to wait until the medicine is fed and you can carry out the procedure.

Oil or eucalyptus leaves are placed in a deep container. A horn is folded from the cardboard, the wide end of which tightly presses against the edges of the dishes, and through the narrow edge the patient should inhale the vapors for 15-20 minutes.


Compresses are a universal antitussive. There are many recipes for their preparation based on various ingredients. Cough drops are:

  • alcohol;
  • cold;
  • oil;
  • hot.

The simplest warm compress of a cough is made on the basis of water, apple cider vinegar and honey, in the ratio:. Further in the received solution the napkin which is applied to a throat and a breast is wetted.

On top of everything covered with polyethylene and wrapped in a warm blanket or scarf. Such a compress should be done at the first manifestations of a cough. The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes.

The video in this article will help to consolidate the information received and find out what are the recipes from the cough.

How to get rid of an attack of a damp cough by improvised methods? I'm already half a night sick, cough! (look inside)



Take salt in a linen bag and heat it in a microwave. Apply to the chest.

michael Pescatore

If there are grasses, everything is embroidered, but it is desirable to use an anti-inflammatory profile such as eucalyptus, chamomile, licorice in a deep cup, birch towel tying him on top of the nose and neck ends, you spread the loose side on the steam bath, alternately inhale with your nose and mouth or at once, the main thing is not to burn your throat or nose. seven minutes to breathe then in a warm mixture to squeeze the garlic tooth or two and a spoon or two honey and rinse the same solution a throat if there is a nebulizer that it is possible to them some times on an inspiration with the same solution hrenaknut and in a nose will be full compress.

How to get rid of a cough

Cough - accompanying almost any cold? Not always! What does he report and how to get rid of it?

When a bomb explodes in your chest and your throat is torn with barbed wire, you want to bury yourself in a warm blanket, curtain the windows and lie quietly, but a debilitating cough does not let you relax.

Coughing is a natural (albeit extremely unpleasant) reaction when something interferes with the passage of air into the throat and bronchi. Simply speaking, this is self-cleaning of the respiratory tract. By the way, it can cause a lot - smoke, dust and even some medications. But most of the time we associate a cough with a cold. It does not matter if it is caused by a virus, bacterium or fungus, inflammation in the throat, dryness or, on the contrary, painful humidity provokes a cough.

A variety of causes also causes a variety of species. By the type of cough, you can even determine whether the flu is bronchitis or ARVI. But in any case it is important to treat not the cough itself, but the ero cause. After all, he can not only report a cold, but also heart disease, pneumonia and even cancer. Therefore with a cough - to the doctor!

Let's try to distinguish

Bronchitis and pneumonia, as a rule, accompanies a barking cough, a silent cough that seems to be crushed, is observed in case of paralysis or severe damage to the vocal cords. The third type in the classification of cough is hoarse, most often it occurs because of a gray voice.

Dry cough doctors call unproductive, he is without phlegm. Usually occurs with allergies, due to smoke, dust or chemical odors.

But in case of respiratory infection it is bad: mucous membranes are hot, dry, cough is painful and does not bring relief. Therefore, in any way it is important to achieve that the cough becomes wet.

Wet cough doctors call productive. With it, sputum is excreted, which means that the bronchi are cleared of infection. As a rule, with the conversion of a dry cough to a moist one, recovery from a respiratory disease begins. Dense greenish or yellow sputum indicates strong bronchitis or even pneumonia. Treatment for the cause of this cough is not without antibiotics. Gradually, the phlegm becomes lighter and more easily clears throat. Do not hesitate to clear your throat and spit, no matter how awkward it may seem.

Cause for concern

On the one hand, a slight cough usually passes by itself. On the other hand, even a slight cough can be a sign of a serious illness. How to understand?

Be sure to consult a doctor if:

1. Cough on the background of high temperature lasts more than 3 days.

2. The cough lasts longer than 3 weeks.

3. Cough accompanied by suffocation, shortness of breath, chest pains, nausea.

4. Sputum is dark or bloody.

Light perspiration and a small cough against the background of a clear cold will go away with her, so again you need to treat the cause.

True Help

Today, pharmacies are represented by a variety of drugs that help with cough and cold. How do you navigate them?

The antitussive drugs suppress the very mechanism of coughing. They act either on the cough center in the brain, or on the receptors in the airways. With catarrhal diseases you can not use them! After all, in this situation, cough helps to clear bronchi and lungs, and, if suppressed, the entire infection will remain inside. In addition, there is a risk that sputum will accumulate and inflammation of the lungs will begin already because of it. They are only allowed for the night if the cough becomes unbearable.

Thinning sputum (mucolytic) drugs help to turn a dry cough into a wet one. They make the phlegm less dense, then it is easier to remove. Against the background of such drugs, one must drink plenty of fluids.

Expectorants improve the excretion of phlegm. However, they work only with a damp cough, otherwise the cough will only increase, and a thick mass still will not go anywhere. Modern drugs often combine mucolytic and expectorant components, they can be taken with any cough.

Drugs affecting the cause of cough. With bacterial infection, as a rule, it is antibiotics. When viral - bracing agents that help get rid of the disease. Sometimes in the treatment of viruses, homeopathic remedies give good effect, at the same time they facilitate coughing.

Cold at anything?

How to determine by external signs that the cough companion is not a cold.

Pertussis is at first similar to a cold, but after 2 weeks a spasmodic cough begins: several short strong coughs during one exhalation and a short wheezing. The attack is repeated up to 15 times, there is a vomiting, transparent viscous discharge.

Breathing allergy and bronchial asma - dry, painful cough, similar to choking. Can be chronic, often with seasonal exacerbations. Especially strongly manifested in contact with pollen of plants, animal hair, nuts, etc. Sometimes there are night seizures. Harbinger - itching in the area of ​​the chin, neck or chest.

Cough of a smoker - the mucous membrane of the trachea and bronchi does not cope with self-cleaning from tobacco smoke. A business card is a wet cough in the morning and frequent shallow coughs throughout the day.

Cardiac cough occurs with angina or chronic heart failure. When the heart can not cope with the pumped volume of blood and it stagnates in the organs. Including in the lungs, because of which the mucous membranes of the airways swell. There is a dry cough that increases in prone position, accompanied by shortness of breath and a sense of lack of air. Of course, we must heal the heart.

Medicinal cough can be a side effect of some drugs. For example, dry, debilitating coughing during the day when taking certain medicines for hypertension passes 3-7 days after drug withdrawal. Another reason for the drug cough is some drops from the cold: it's worth digging them in, like a couple of hours after it overcomes a cough.

Gastroesophageal cough occurs with gastroesophageal reflux disease. Symptom is heartburn caused by coughing. This happens after a plentiful meal, lying down, tilting forward, with loud laughter, singing, screaming.

Cough with ear infections accompanies the problems of the external ear canal, for example, sulfur plugs. In the ear a lot of cough receptors, the irritation of which causes a dry cough.

Cough from helminths. Some worms (ascarids, strongyloid, ankylostomids) penetrate into the lungs at certain stages of their development. You can identify them by dry cough with pains behind the sternum and shortness of breath. It can last up to 6 months. Watch out if this cough has appeared in the warm season, when there are few colds, and there are a lot of dirty fruits!

Prolonged cough (2 months or more), dry or wet, for obvious reasons, is an unequivocal and unconditional reason to do an x-ray and take care of your own health.

How quickly to cure a wet cough in a child?

A child can often experience a wet cough, he often begins to worry in the fall or winter, because it accompanies all diseases of the respiratory system that occur in ARI, viral infections. It is a reliable protection, it can be used to purify the respiratory system of sputum, to remove the pathogenic microflora. First, the child is characterized by a dry cough, it gradually grows wet.

It is necessary to immediately cure this kind of cough, while remembering to take into account individual characteristics, because he accompanies such diseases as tuberculosis, malignant tumors, allergic reactions, viral-respiratory infection.

Causes of a wet cough in a child

1. Because of tracheitis, laryngitis, obstructive bronchitis.

2. Especially dangerous is an allergic moist cough, it leads to bronchial asthma.

3. Because of the inflammatory process in the pulmonary system.

4. Wet cough is a consequence of inflammation in the nose, with it emits a lot of mucus from the nose.

5. With gastro-esophageal reflux.

6. In cases of congenital pathological processes - cystic fibrosis.

7. In newborns, a cough can be triggered by the fact that they have not yet developed musculature.

8. In children of one year, a wet cough appears due to the fact that the esophageal and gastric muscles are not developed, and it can also appear against the background of teething.

When is a damp cough dangerous for a child?

1. If it suddenly appears and lasts a long time.

2. When the temperature of the body rises during coughing, it lasts more than three days.

3. If you can hear wheezing.

4. Painful sensations in the chest.

5. The kid refuses to eat.

6. When there is pus and blood in the sputum.

How does a child develop a wet cough?

On the mucous membrane in the respiratory tract appear glandular cells, because of them there is a large amount of mucus, it can be serous, purulent and bloody. When the inflammatory process in the respiratory organs, mucus can increase, it is a strong irritant, so there is a cough.

Methods of cough cough with sputum

It is very important for a child to use pharmaceuticals, with the help of their sputum they will quickly leave and come out, such are mucolytics. Also the pediatrician often appoints such syrups for the child as "Pectusin "Doctor Mom "Bronchicum "Alteika they are of plant origin. But they must be treated with extreme caution, often because of them there are various allergic reactions. Synthetic drugs include "Ambroxol "Mukaltin "Lazolvan" they effectively cure a child.

Sputum can be diluted with acetylcysteine, carbocisteine, and also with dry cough medicine. Get rid of bronchial spasm can be with the help of bronchocin, salbutamol, papaverine.

Physiotherapeutic procedures for treating a wet cough in a child

1. With the help of inhalation it is possible to alleviate a painful cough, especially inhalation with the use of ethereal eucalyptus oil, pine oil. Help cure the inhalation cough, which are carried out by a nebulizer. Also recommend the use of herbal decoctions, mineral water Essentuki, ACTS.

Improve the blood circulation will help applications with paraffin, ozocerite, with the help of them you can stop the inflammatory process. When the body temperature does not increase more than 37 degrees, you can use the applique from the potato, mustard, with the help of their faster output of phlegm.

2. Treatment of moist cough with UHF, ultrasound, they act deeply on the respiratory system.

3. Excellent helps the child special gymnastics for respiratory organs, as well as massage in the form of vibration. All this can be done at home. Breathing exercises are best conducted in the form of a game, for example, to arrange a competition, who will more quickly inflate balloons. Also such a game is effective, take a cocktail tube and you need to rinse air through it into the glass. Massage vibration is easy to carry out if you know the nursery rhyme "Rails-rails".

Traditional methods of treating a wet cough in a child

1. As much as possible to use liquids - tea, dog rose broth, mors, compote.

2. To drink warm alkaline water - "Glade Kvasova "Essentuki".

3. Good warm milk with mineral water "Borjomi" helps.

4. To use broths with the color of elderberry, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, lime decoctions, perfectly sheds the herb of sage.

5. You can heal with this recipe, for this you need to cut one onion, add two tablespoons of honey, lemon juice, insist, drink the next day.

6. Excellent helps with a cologne-sugar syrup from a cough, his child will be happy to drink.

In no case can you use drugs in the event that the pulmonary and bronchial system can hear wheezing. So you can further damage the child, since a large number of bacteria can begin to develop in it, there may be a complication such as angina, respiratory failure, pulmonary abscess.

Prevention of wet cough in a child

1. The child should have a certain regime of the day, which he must adhere to.

2. Constantly walk in the street, in different weather.

3. Temper the child.

4. Teach your child to follow the rules of hygiene.

5. In the season of epidemics, you must constantly wash your nose with a solution of sea salt.

6. If there is a need to take vitamins, antiviral drugs.

7. Every day you should air a room, humidify the air in it.

8. When a child has a wet cough, you need to immediately consult a doctor who is treating you, you may need to pass urine and blood tests. It is mandatory to plant sputum on a bacterial microflora to check what level of sensitivity the child has for different antibacterial drugs. So the doctor will be able to prescribe an effective treatment.

Thus, a wet cough in a child requires mandatory examination and control of the doctor, in no case it can not be run.

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