Cough from the child's throat

Throat cough: causes and methods of treatment

Coughing is a common symptom of many diseases of the respiratory system, and it can have a different character. Sometimes children and adults have a throat cough, which gives them a lot of unpleasant sensations. As a rule, it is dry, "barking it develops when the inflammatory process is formed in the larynx or on its back wall.

Causes of development of a throat cough

The reasons for the development of a throat cough are many, among the main of them can be identified such factors:

  1. Tobacco smoking.Absolutely healthy people who regularly use nicotine face a problem such as dry cough. Nicotine gums irritate the mucous throat, as well as receptors, which cause coughing attacks. In the summer, cough is rare among smokers, and in season-winter season there is a seasonal exacerbation.
  2. Colds.The occurrence of a laryngeal cough is often associated with the development of colds. With weakened immunity, the infection penetrates into the bronchi, as a result of which a person begins to worry about coughing attacks. Prolonged bronchitis, which is hard to treat, is accompanied by a constant dry cough.

    Wrong or ineffective treatment, in which it is not possible to get rid of this symptom, causes deformation of the bronchial walls. Such a process can lead to the development of asthma, pneumonia or lung abscess.

  3. Chronic pharyngitis.A persistent laryngeal cough with a sore throat is a sign of chronic pharyngitis.
  4. Pertussis and bronchial asthma.In the case when the cough reflex manifests itself only at night, and in the daytime it does not disturb the patient, whooping cough or bronchial asthma may develop.
  5. Allergy.A constant dry cough that does not respond to treatment and has a seasonal nature may be the cause of allergic reactions of the body.

This sign can also indicate the presence in the body of inflammatory processes known in medicine under such names as tracheitis or laryngitis.

When complaining of a laryngeal dry cough, it is necessary to undergo a thoracic cavity examination, since such a sign can be the cause of tumoral formations.

How to treat?

Applying for help to a specialist, you can find out how to cure dry throat cough, until it causes serious complications. First of all, the doctor must find the causative agent of such an organism reaction, it can be microorganisms of fungal, viral and bacterial origin. Based on the nature of the disease, drugs of antifungal, antiviral or antibacterial action are prescribed. Treatment of guttural cough in children and adults is significantly different, primarily in the provision of therapeutic procedures and the choice of medications.

Treatment of children

Dry coughing for children brings many more unpleasant sensations than adults. However, small patients are prescribed predominantly sparing drugs, and only in case of their inefficiency or neglect of the disease, the use of more powerful actions.

The optimal option will be the use of anti-inflammatory drugs in small doses, produced in the form of syrup, and having a plant-based origin. The most popular products are baby syrups and "Lazolvan" and "Doctor Mom" ​​suspensions. In the case of bacterial origin of the disease, Biseptol or its analogs are often prescribed.

When treating a throaty cough in a child, when it is painful, it becomes advisable to use Panadol or Nurofen. Antibiotics can be prescribed only by a pediatrician, he also determines the dosage and course of treatment. The popular children's preparations of antibacterial origin are Summamed and Cefodox. Simultaneously with antibiotics, it is necessary to take probiotics aimed at restoring the microflora of the infantile intestine:

  • Bifiform;
  • Linex;
  • Bifidumbacterin;
  • Lactovite.

To help the baby's organism to cope with infection more quickly, it is possible to regularly ventilate the room, making it a wet cleaning, to provide the child with an abundant warm drink.

Treatment of adults

Among antifungal drugs, adults usually administer Thermicon or Nystanine in the treatment of throat cough. In the case of the development of a viral infection that caused laryngeal cough, Azithromycin, Zatrolide, Summed. All these medicines are assigned to each patient individually, taking into account the peculiarities of his organism.

Treatment of a laryngeal cough is carried out by eliminating the causes of the development of the disease, as well as its symptoms. For this purpose, also used mucolytic and expectorant drugs - Flavamed, Bromhexin, Lazolvan, Mukaltin, ATSTS, Koreni alteja, they promote the formation of sputum and the removal of it on the surface of respiratory ways. Such actions facilitate the patient's condition and accelerate the process of recovery.

If the cause of dry cough is an allergic reaction of the body to a certain pathogen, then simultaneously these mucolytic drugs are prescribed antihistamines. Effective against allergies are Loratadine, Suprastin, Erius, Claritin, Zirtek.

To facilitate the state of both adults and children, such actions will help:
  • taking a hot steam shower;
  • drinking hot tea or milk;
  • carrying out of steam inhalations;
  • sucking sugar candies;
  • gargling with saline and decoctions of herbs.

Knowing how to help a patient and how to treat a throat cough can avoid the development of unpleasant consequences, which entails the disease.

Searing throat

Pershing is a symptom of a dry cough. In the throat pershit with acute respiratory diseases, when the mucosa is strongly irritated.

Cough sore throat badly

If you have a sore throat and have a perspiration, you do not need to start a course of expectorants. After all, these funds are used for a damp cough, which appears due to the death of microbes.

Coughing throat is treated with rinsing. Usually a solution of soda and sea salt is used, or a decoction of herbs. For an early recovery, it is important to drink a lot. As a drink, doctors recommend warm milk with honey, mineral water, decoction of herbs and crimson mors. You can also do steam inhalation with the addition of a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

Traditional medicine recommends using a mixture of natural fat with honey and lemon juice. To prepare the medicine, you need to take one piece of bearish or badger fat, one part of lemon juice and two parts of honey. The mixture is recommended to take one teaspoon every three hours, preferably on an empty stomach. The medicine helps with laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Everyone knows about the miraculous properties of black radish. To prepare the medicine, you need to take a radish, wash it and cut off the tip and tail. Vegetable should be put in a glass ponytail down, make a deepening in the radish and pour honey there. When honey mixes with radish juice, a good medicine will turn out.

Sadness in the throat may be due to the dry air in the room. In order to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, you need to buy an air humidifier - a device that is now sold in every electronics and home appliances store.

Sore throat with dry cough

Persecution in the throat arises most often due to viral infections, can be accompanied by cough, pain, runny nose and deterioration of the general condition.

The mucous membrane of the pharynx dries up due to the dry air and dust that is in it. The cause of coughing and perspiration can be irritation caused by cigarette smoke, paints and varnishes.

Many allergy sufferers in the spring begin to have a perspiration, which is caused by flower pollen. In addition to perspiration, sneezing, lacrimation, swelling of the nasopharynx and redness or rash appear.

Osiplost and pershenie can appear due to intense and prolonged voltage of the voice device, this happens in the operators of call centers, radio hosts and teachers. In order to restore the voice and get rid of the persecution, it is necessary to drink warm tea and for a while to be silent.

Pershing in the throat may be due to the pathology of the thyroid gland, stomach problems and neurological diseases.

If you have a sore throat with a dry cough, you need to rinse. Well cleanses and moisturizes the throat of a decoction of chamomile, plantain or sage. You can also use a solution of soda or sea salt. The procedure is carried out every three hours. The amount of rinses can depend on your own sensations. If pershit, you must rinse.

Doctors recommend a sparing diet. Food should not be strong hot, salty, rough or spicy. The diet should include soups and cereals.

Do not forget about the regular ventilation and humidification of the room. You can do a wet cleaning and put a special humidifier.

In order to lessen the pain, it is necessary to dress in accordance with the weather. When cold, a cold appears immediately.

If the cause of the persistent allergen has become, it is necessary to eliminate the irritant and begin the course of taking antihistamines.

The cause of a sore throat may become a pharyngeal neurosis. In this case, without the help of a good neurologist, it will not be possible to manage. Probably, it is necessary to pass or take place a course of a psychotherapy.

Sucks throat, what should I do?

In the treatment, the treatment is directed to the removal of inflammation and softening of the mucous membrane. The throat dries up due to colds or changes in weather conditions. Cold, dry and windy weather provokes the appearance of dryness in the throat. Also, the condition of the mucous membrane is affected by heating devices, which are included in the house, when it gets colder in the street.

Throat can tear because of coffee or alcoholic beverages, and also because of some medicines. Dust and smoke contribute to loss of fluid from the mucous membrane of the pharynx, which quickly dries up and signals that something is wrong.

Infections of the tonsils, tumors and abscesses cause swelling of the mucous membrane, as a result of which saliva does not enter the throat and dryness appears.

Sucks throat, what should I do? In order to exclude the presence of serious diseases, it is necessary to visit the therapist and the otolaryngologist.

An excellent remedy for dryness in the throat is apple cider vinegar. Prepare a rinse solution simply, you need to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water. This tool not only removes irritation, but also destroys the bacteria that settled in the throat.

Reduces irritation of fresh juicy fruits and candies, and it is not necessary to buy special candies at the pharmacy. In this situation simple candies "Barbaris" or "Duchess" will help.

Sometimes you have to resort to antibiotics and antiseptics, as well as to physiotherapeutic procedures that help regenerate tissues and improve blood supply.

Is throat thinner than cure?

Often a cough is preceded by a tickling in the throat. Since cough helps to release the respiratory tract from irritating and bacterial substances, it needs the body. The main task of treatment is to make dry cough wet. After all, only a productive cough is able to remove from the body viruses and bacteria from the environment.

Is throat thinner than cure? In order to get rid of cough, it is not enough to work on the cough center, you also need to treat the bronchial mucosa. Therefore, complex therapy involves the creation of special conditions: it is necessary that the room was clean, humid and cool, it is also of great importance to drink abundantly, without which not one treatment. Doctors recommend gargling and using aerosols, such as "Oracept" and "Ingalipt".

Cough sizzles baby's throat

Children can not always say what exactly bothers them and delays discomfort. They can restlessly drive themselves, be capricious, but do not indicate the cause of the ailment, because they do not understand what is happening to them. That is why it is better to immediately show the child to a pediatrician. If an adult feels well and understands his body, then the child can not do this. Self-medication in this situation can be dangerous.

The cough sores the child's throat. What can parents do before visiting a doctor? The task of moms and dads is to provide conditions favorable for the mucous membrane. It is necessary to constantly ventilate the room in which the child is located, carry out a wet cleaning and put a humidifier in the room. Also, you need to constantly give your child something warm, fit fruit, teas, herbal tea and milk. It is useful to eat foods that contain a large amount of fats, antioxidants, vitamins E and A. Such products envelop the sore throat, restore mucous membranes and facilitate breathing.

Spicy and spicy food should be excluded from the diet, since it can cause inflammation. But there is nothing to refuse from garlic and onions, because they contain a large amount of essential oils and phytoncides, which actively fight infection. Children rarely agree to eat onions and garlic, so these vegetables can be grated, laid out in a bowl and placed in all rooms.

Honey is an immunostimulant and a natural antiseptic. If the child does not have allergies, you can use it in treating the throat.

In order to lessen the pain, you need to eat right, play sports and temper the body. Many doctors recommend annual trips to the sea. Such trips are not affordable for everyone, so hardening is our everything.

Throat cough

Everyone understands how much trouble and discomfort is caused by a throat cough, which is always accompanied by such unpleasant sensations as pain, perspiration and itching. The most common cause of throat cough is a cold or contact with irritants (smoke or dust).

Dry throat cough

For the most part, the throat cough is dry. Naturally, he does not bring benefits, but only irritates the already sensitive mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. Most often, the cause of unproductive dry throat cough is viral diseases that occur against the background of inflammation of the pharynx (laryngitis) or the posterior wall of the larynx (pharyngitis).

Cough throat in a child

Each parent can not help but be disturbed by a dry, intrusive cough in the child. But with this kind of cough, everything just looks (and is heard) much worse than it really is. The reasons for manifesting such a cough are the same as in adults. For the most part, these are diseases such as laryngotracheitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis. The most dangerous disease is considered to be laryngotracheitis, it is an extremely contagious infection. With laryngotracheitis swelling and edema of the trachea and throat occur. But these organs are extremely narrow in their anatomical and physiological characteristics, so swelling can lead to unpleasant consequences. That's why, if your child has a dry throat cough, you should not postpone the trip to the doctor. Here the main thing is to start treatment.

Treatment of throat cough

In case you are worried about a paroxysmal dry cough, there are several folk ways that can stop it. These include: hot steam showers and steam inhalations. Also good help to calm the cough of hot tea (you can even use just hot water) with lots of honey and lemon, as well as lozenges and candies with eucalyptus or menthol. Do not forget about the rinsing of the throat with salt water.

You can also use medicines. The most commonly prescribed antitussive drugs, such as libexin, dextromethorphan and codeine. But there are cases when a dry cough is caused by an allergy, it is advisable to take antihistamines.

How to treat a throat cough in a child

Treatment, especially the child, must be prescribed by the attending physician. Most often recommend rinsings, steam inhalations using fir oil, in rare cases, drugs from a number of antibiotics. Many doctors recommend that you do inhalation with a drug such as Lazolvan to get rid of dry cough and always prescribe an antiseptic for the oral cavity (for example, lysobact). But it is worth taking into account one point, the taking of these drugs depends on the age of the child.

In addition, it is not necessary to use drugs during treatment. You can use the advice of traditional medicine. For example, you can get rid of a child's cough by rinsing with calendula infusion or chamomile. Also for the relief of throat cough, it is recommended to drink warm milk with one spoon of honey or tea with lime color and jam from raspberries. These drugs soften the throat and relieve swelling.

How to treat a sick throat in a child?

Before you start to treat a sore throat in a child, you need to find out the cause of its inflammation - colds, SARS, infectious, bacterial disease, treatment will depend on the type of disease. It is important immediately that the child was at rest, went to bed. If the throat is very red and it hurts, you must immediately call the therapist. When the symptomatology is aggravated, high body temperature rises, it is necessary to call for emergency help.

Treatment of the throat in a child on the first day of illness

Often the child refuses, when ill from eating, do not force him, on the contrary provide him sparing food, which will not irritate the mucous throat, it is worth to give up acidic, spicy, salty, spicy food. Do not eat hot and cold food.

The child is allowed to eat grated soup, mashed potatoes or fruit. Also helps to remove the inflammation of the porridge, cooked on milk, water. It is recommended to drink as much as possible - yogurt, kefir, warm milk is allowed. So you can quickly overcome the intoxication of the child's body, which develops against the background of the virus, with the help of liquid the body will quickly be cleaned of harmful substances.

Often painful sensations in the throat of a child are accompanied by a high body temperature, it leads to rapid breathing. It is necessary to drink fruit drinks with black currant, cranberries, nastitis on herbs, compote, warm boiled water, raspberry tea, add a small amount of honey, lemon. Carbonated water, lemonade is forbidden. With the help of warm drink it is possible to improve blood circulation in the throat, which is inflamed, at first it is pershot, it is sour, then it feels dry, at the end there is a cough.

It is impossible to give a sour drink to a child with a sore throat, it can even irritate the throat even more, honey should be added to the fruit juice with berries, sugar should be added to the tea, the lemon lies in a small amount.

Painful sensation in the throat removes:

1. Tea with chamomile, sugar is added and drunk in a warm form

2. Tea from a linden, to it it is possible to add lipu. In addition to having an antiseptic anti-inflammatory effect on the body, it is one of the best antipyretic, sweatshops.

3. It is recommended to use a decoction with raspberry leaves, currants, they relieve inflammation, knock down the heat of the body. You can not use raspberry sprigs with bronchial asthma, it contains a large number of salicylates.

4. Broth of dogrose not only reduces pain in a child, saturates the body with vitamin C, normalizes the immune system.

5. If, in addition to pain in the throat, disturbs a strong cough, you need to use broths based on herbs - thyme, St. John's wort, mother-and-stepmother.

6. Mint calms the pain and relaxes the throat muscles.

Gargle for baby

This is one of the most effective methods of treatment. These procedures are recommended after 3 years, at an early age children can not do this. If the child is not allergic, you can use calendula, sage, eucalyptus, rotokan, chlorophyllipt.

Effectively helps the soda solution, it takes 200 ml of water, it dissolves soda, a little iodine, you need to gargle as much as you can bowl up to 6 times a day, after eating nothing, do not drink until one hours.

Recommend rinsing furatsillinom, for this dissolves the tablet in warm water. For a child, one tablet will suffice. In the form of rinses you can use salt, you need to dilute it in a glass of water, it's best to use sea salt.

Sprays for watering the throat of a child

You can use rinsing with antiseptics. Recommend to use painkillers, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory drugs. It is popular Tantum Verde, with the help of it you can stop the inflammatory process, save the child from pain, destroy the pathogenic microflora. Use it as a spray for children from 3 years old. Some pediatricians prescribe it with half a year, remember that this is dangerous, there may be spasm of the larynx. You can not jump in the throat, and on the cheeks, the child himself will smear his tongue on the throat.

Miramistin is popular, it is sold in vials, the liquid has no taste, smell, relieves inflammation, actively fights against viruses. With the help of it you can cure various diseases of the oral cavity. Is safe for children, inject it with a syringe without a needle.

Since 3 years you can use anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial sprays - Hexoral, Ingalipt, Bioparox. Watch the reaction of the child to avoid a serious allergic reaction.

Treatment of a child's throat with solutions

If the pain is caused by a sore throat, you can often prescribe the treatment of the throat with the help of a solution of Chlorophyllipt, Lugol. This method is not always effective, it only brings psychological discomfort to the child. Why treat the throat, if you can spray the spray, the effect will be the same. The child often with this procedure begins to scream, break away, you can injure yawns, tonsils, because of this, the infection will worsen even more.

Inhalation for a child from sore throat

Pain provoked by redness, excessive dryness. Do not put the baby over a boiling pan, this procedure can lead to serious burns. It is better to use ultrasonic, steam inhalers, nebulizer. Applied for inhalation of various essential oils, mineral water, medicines, it all depends on the model of the inhaler. With this method, you can moisten the mucous membrane, the baby will breathe easier, especially inhalation if it is disturbed by a dry cough.

Treatment of sore throat in a child with the help of pastilles

Do not use for children who are under 5 years old. To have the effect you need to keep them for a long time in your mouth. Little children often choke on them. Also remember the composition, often in such seemingly harmless candies, add antiseptic components, antibiotics, they can only be used for the doctor's prescription. This group includes Tharyngept, Strepsils, Septepriye, Lizobakt.

So, in order to heal the pain in the throat, you first need to find out what disease it provoked, only then you can move on to the full course of therapy.

Sore throat and cough, how to treat?

Cough and sore throat are symptoms of various diseases. Cough in the human body plays an important role, with the help of it foreign bodies are derived from the body - a large amount of mucus accumulated in the respiratory tract, pus, substance after disintegration. He arises suddenly, with a sore throat. It is necessary to stop the inflammatory process in the throat region, only this way it will be possible to get rid of a cough.

Effective ancient methods of treating sore throat and cough

1. Take chamomile, sage, mother-and-stepmother, linden, eucalyptus. All pour water, insist, add a little balm "Star use in the form of inhalation up to three times a day.

2. Take a warm lean oil, rub your chest, then you need to wrap yourself in a warm towel, put a heating pad on top.

3. Wash the walnuts, chop them, then put them in a jar, add blackberry, honey, pour boiling water. Wrap the mixture. Insist 6 hours. Drink 100 ml each.

4. That sputum is easier to separate, it is necessary to use juice with cowberry, add honey.

5. Prepare tea with raspberries, viburnum, currants.

6. If, in addition, that the throat hurts, the cough disturbs, the genyantritis is necessary to use such agent. For the recipe, you need salt, warm water - 200 ml, mix everything, wait until the salt dissolves. You need to inhale the solution with your nose, if you cure the rhinitis in time, you can protect yourself from pneumonia, bronchitis.

7. Sore throat and cough in small children are treated with this recipe, it will need carrot juice with the addition of honey, lemon. Give the child before he goes to bed.

8. Breast babies can try this remedy, take acacia honey, add anise, a little salt, water. Give a child a teaspoon is not more. It is important in this situation to follow how your child reacted to the drug, if there is no side effect, you can continue to treat them.

9. Get rid of bronchitis with this recipe, you need 20 grams of aloe juice, 100 grams of smaltz, cow's butter, a little cocoa. Everything is thoroughly mixed, used warm, it is best to use goat's milk. The product perfectly strengthens the body.

Medication for sore throat and cough

With an unproductive dry cough, you need to use inhalation based on budesonide. The throat can ache with acute pharyngitis, because of this torment cough, you need to remove the swelling. Therefore, antibacterial preparations are used, as well as syrups based on oils that will help soften the mucous membrane. It is recommended to take medications that can depress the center of a cough, they contain a large number of such substances - paxeladin, tusuprex, dextromethorphan, oxeladin.

Remember, with acute pharyngitis, it is forbidden to take mucolytic drugs, which are used to make phlegm easier to withdraw. Because of a strong cough the throat is strongly irritated, therefore it is necessary to gargle as much as possible a throat with a soda-salt solution.

Drugs for dry throat cough

1. Opioid, they include Destrometorfan. With their help depresses the center of the cough in the brain. Do not be afraid to take them, they do not belong to the group of narcotic or hypnotic drugs. To such drugs is Alex Plus. Also, the drugs, which include Codeine, differ from the previous group in that they have a large number of side effects for the human body. Dependence may develop with time.

2. Antihistamines - Tavegil, Dimedrol, Diazolin. With the help of them you can get rid of the cough that tortures at night, are used only for allergic reactions.

Please note that cough medicines can be taken only when the cause of its occurrence is not clearly established or cough, sore throat reduces performance, because of this person is worried about insomnia, fainting, bronchospasm, urinary incontinence. Take care of those drugs that relieve the reflex - cough. If they are misused, you can harm your body. Often with acute respiratory viral infection, a person is first disturbed by a dry cough, then gradually it passes into a wet cough without additional medication.

Treatment of sore throat and wet cough

Because of bronchitis and pneumonia, a damp cough often appears, with a strong pain in the thoracic region. In this situation, you need to use mucolytic drugs, they have an expectorant effect. These include syrups based on althaea, licorice, other essential oils, when they begin to irritate the gastrointestinal tract, improves salivation in the bronchi.

They can prescribe medications that regulate sputum, the best remedy is Carbocysteine, with the help of it you can restore the elasticity, the viscosity of the mucus, as soon as possible to withdraw it. Also to this group of drugs is Bromhexine, Ambroxol.

In acute bronchitis, pneumonia, which are accompanied by high body temperature, green sputum, it is necessary to take antibiotics sulfanilamide group. In addition, brew mint, mother-and-stepmother, anise, oregano, thyme.

Recommendations for sore throat and cough

1. As much as possible to drink, so you can quickly dilute sputum.

2. Use in the treatment of steam inhalation with the addition of eucalyptus, menthol.

3. It is effective to lubricate the back with goat fat.

4. Brew broths based on pine buds, thyme, oregano, sage, nettle, anise, licorice.

5. In the room constantly moisturize the air, remember that dry air can greatly irritate the bronchi, lungs. Do not forget to clean the air humidifiers in time, they contain a large amount of mold, because of it, hypersensitivity to the fungus can occur, cough is further aggravated.

So, before treating the throat, cough, you need to find out the cause of the disease, determine the type of cough, then just start the course of therapy. First recommend to pay for folk home remedies, only in cases of its inefficiency you can proceed to the medicinal method of treatment.

Than you should treat a cough from a snot in a child

Than to treat a cough from a snot in a child? Parents are asked this question when their baby has neither temperature, nor ill health, but a cough has appeared. As a rule, children begin to cough after the manifestation of the common cold, especially if the mucus secreted is liquid. What is the reason for this, is it necessary to treat the disease with a cough medicine?

Where does the problem come from?

Coughing is a reflex reaction of the body to stimuli that have got into the respiratory tract. The anatomical shape of the nasopharynx has such a structure that sometimes with a cold the slime drips down its wall, gets on the ligaments, irritates them, resulting in a cough from the snot. Even if the child blew his nose - sputum still gets into the respiratory tract. It's mucus from the rhinitis that irritates the throat.

Therefore, it is necessary to fight not with a consequence, but with its cause - a runny nose. It is known that by coughing the body protects itself, so if there is a properly prescribed treatment of the nose, the problem will be eliminated, as such. If you do not pay attention to such a "trifle the runny nose can develop into serious enough complications: the appearance of sinusitis, rhinitis, cysts. And the wrong treatment for a cough can turn into chronic forms. It is necessary to show the child to the pediatrician and loru. The pediatrician will listen to the lungs for wheezing, and ENT will examine the condition of the nose.

When it turns out that the cough from the snot has appeared due to the defeat of the upper respiratory tract, this may indicate a developing laryngitis or tracheitis.

Symptoms of laryngitis: dry mouth, burning in the throat, periodic attacks of dry cough, swelling, inflammation of the throat. Treat the laryngitis by inhalation.

Tracheitis is characterized by inflammation of the larynx. Symptoms: a strong cough without coughing in a child manifests itself in the morning.So, you can not suppress the disease with cough medicine, because the deterioration of the condition is caused not by a virus, but by the appearance of a cold.

What should I do?

Discharge from the nose appears as a result of changes in the functioning of its internal membranes. The reasons can be very diverse: allergies, foreign objects, ARVI, other diseases and so on. The nature of the snot is divided into two types: dense and liquid. Most often, a cough occurs with liquid discharge, which easily falls on the back wall of the nasopharynx.

To treat this problem, it is better to use drops in children.

They act softer than sprays. Appoint an effective drug against the common cold can only a doctor. There are many different means of action for the corresponding age. Buy drops, prescribe dosage yourself is not necessary because parents do not know what caused the cold. Plus, the treatment should be comprehensive, since there is a runny nose with a cough. First you need to eliminate the snot, and then calm the irritated throat.

However, in spite of this, parents can take a number of measures that will facilitate the course of the illness in the baby. Treat with home remedies, too, you need to be careful. First of all, you need to remove the mucus from the nose in a timely manner, as well as the one that the child coughs, to make sure that there is no swallowing.

Do this with a soft napkin or a handkerchief so as not to create irritation around the nose. In addition, it is necessary to teach children to blow their nose, as the snot prevents them from breathing fully. Do not overheat or overcool the baby. Keep your feet warm.

The children's room must be kept clean, and the temperature in the room should not exceed 20 degrees. Before going to bed is useful airing. Humidification of air by special devices is allowed.

Walking in the open air is not prohibited if the baby does not have temperature, and the weather on the street is quite warm.

Aromatherapy will help ease the condition with a cold. It is enough to add a couple drops of eucalyptus or mint oil to the bathing bath. Healing couples are able to actively fight with microbes in the nose.

It is allowed to wash the nose with sterile sea water, especially with very abundant mucus discharge.


The use of a large amount of liquid also has a positive effect. Eliminate colds and runny nose will help lime tea, drunk at night warm milk with honey. It is worth remembering that honey should not be dissolved in a hot liquid, as it loses its healing properties.

During a cold, a child should consume enough vitamins. This will enhance the body's natural defense.

Massage of the wings of the nose helps to remove the snot. In addition, you can massage the nose bridge from top to bottom. Hold at least three times a day.

Conclusion on the topic

Cough and snot are interrelated. When a child feels normal, but suffers from a cough and a cold, then the cause lies in the mucus that has got into the respiratory tract.


In no case should parents heal the symptoms on their own, believing that the problem will pass by itself. If the medical help was appointed on time, it will relieve the child of painful discomfort, so do not neglect the visit to a specialist.

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