How quickly to fall asleep for 1 minute if you can not sleep at night

This page will be of great benefit if someone sometimes can not sleep at night , who toss in bed from side to side and can not fall asleep. We'll talk about how as can quickly fall asleep for 1 minute , various ways to improve sleep for morning awakening in a great mood, full of energy and energy for the upcoming day.


Rules for a good healthy sleep

In order for your sleep to be full and strong, it is necessary to observe a number of certain rules and conditions.

  1. It is necessary to develop a habit of going to bed at a certain time, so that the body has a certain rhythm of changing sleep and wakefulness.
  2. It should be avoided before going to bed worrying conversations, stressful situations, exciting reading, exciting music, emotionally saturated television programs.
  3. Autogenous training contributes to the process of falling asleep, as well as air baths, dousing and wiping, evening walks, general massage.
  4. Observe a certain ritual of retirement to sleep. If you are accustomed to fall asleep with a book in your hand - do not give up this habit, if you always fall asleep under the thought account - continue it.
  5. The room in which you sleep must be necessarily ventilated before going to bed.
  6. Do not overeat at night, otherwise sleep will be restless and shallow. The bulk of calories should be taken in the morning and at lunch, dinner should be no later than 18 hours, and before going to bed you can drink a glass of kefir with a tablespoon of sunflower oil( it is especially important to observe this rule for the elderly).
  7. Do not go to bed with detective stories( telling children terrible stories), take tonic drinks( tea, coffee, chocolate), as all this excites the nervous system.
  8. Mental work is not desirable at night, as this can become a habit and eventually lead to the exhaustion of the nervous system and sleep disturbance.
  9. To speed up falling asleep, you can use tape recording of the surf noise, quiet lullaby music such as a lullaby, etc.
  10. Cold packs on your feet also help you to fall asleep more quickly. To do this, cotton socks moisten with cold water, squeeze out, put on your feet, and on top to pull woolen dry socks. Cover yourself with a blanket, after a while your legs will warm up and you will fall asleep.

If you can not sleep at night: how to quickly fall asleep

To improve sleep in folk medicine, aromatic substances have been used for a long time. For example, healers and healers recommended inhaling, before going to bed, the aroma of fresh chamomile.

If in the bedroom there will be a bunch of sequins, geranium, lavender, rosemary, sage or wormwood, this will improve the process of falling asleep. Also useful at home are the following folk remedies:

You can try during supper to consume a large amount of fresh onion .

It is recommended to take sit-down cool bath for 5-7 minutes just before bedtime.

Prepare valerian infusion : a tablespoon of chopped root should be poured into a glass of boiled water, boil over low heat in a sealed container for 10 minutes. Infuse 1 hour, strain. Take 2 tablespoons at night.

Lavender oil : before bedtime, oil with whiskey. Pour 3-5 drops on a piece of sugar, suck before bed.

Elder .1 tablespoon chopped root brew a glass of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes on low heat, insist 1 hour, strain. Decoction take 1-2 tablespoons before bedtime.

Hops .Powder from the crushed cones of hop can be easily taken at night as a soothing and hypnotic for 1 g( at the tip of the knife).It is good to stuff the pillow with fresh hop cones( or put them in a mattress) and store in a closet. When insomnia, sleep on this pillow or mattress.

Take 25 g cones of hops per 100 ml of alcohol to insist in the dark 7-10 days, shake periodically, and then take 1 teaspoonful before going to bed.

Seeds of dill .50 grams of seeds cook on low heat for 15 minutes in 0.5 l of Cagor type wine. Insist, wrapped, 1 hour. Take 50 ml at bedtime.

Drink a glass of hot sweet water for the night, or warm milk( but not tea), or a glass of hot valerian root infusion( a teaspoon of the root for a glass of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes, strain).

You can prepare the following collection - 1 :

  1. Valerian officinalis( root) - 20 g;
  2. Peppermint leaves - 30 g;
  3. Motherwort five-lobed( grass) - 30 g;
  4. Common cones( cones) - 20 g.

All mixed.1 tablespoon of the collection pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 1 hour, drain. Take half the glass of infusion with nervous excitement, insomnia, irritability.

Well helps such collection - 2 :

  1. Hawthorn blood red( flowers) - 50 g;
  2. Highlander bird( grass) - 30 g;
  3. Horsetail field( grass) - 20 g.

Prepare, as in the previous recipe. Drink one third of a glass an hour before bedtime with irritability and insomnia.

Also folk medicine recommends the following composition :

  1. Valerian officinalis( root) - 30 g;
  2. Three-leaf watch( leaves) - 40 g;
  3. Peppermint( leaves) - 30 g.

Preparation as in previous recipes. Drink half the glass 2 times a day with irritability, insomnia, nervous excitement.

If all the measures you have taken have proved ineffective, try another method : make the whole bed of the patient out of black material: sheets, pillowcases, blanket, nightgown. If possible, paint even the walls of his room in black. This gives amazing results: even people who suffer from insomnia for months are quietly falling asleep.

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Source:an introductory fragment of the book by GNNyegov "High Pressure / NNGorgov GN": Eksmo;Moscow;2015