How to put the can on the back?


  • 1How to put the banks correctly on the back, how much, how often and why
    • 1.1Why put banks
    • 1.2When you cough
    • 1.3With bronchitis
    • 1.4With osteochondrosis
    • 1.5With pneumonia
    • 1.6When you can not put
    • 1.7How to put cans on your back
    • 1.8How often to put and how much to keep
    • 1.9about medical banks
    • 1.10From what age can
    • 1.11Baby massage to the baby
  • 2How to put cans on your back and how much to hold, the benefits and harm of cans
    • 2.1In what cases do banks put on their backs?
    • 2.2Operating principle
    • 2.3Efficiency and rules for setting cans on the back
    • 2.4What parts of the body can not be put on cans?
    • 2.5Indications
    • 2.6Contraindications
    • 2.7The design of medical vacuum cans with a balloon
    • 2.8Banks on the back: good or bad?
  • 3All about treatment with cans and how to put cans on your back with bronchitis
    • 3.1«Banking» secrets
    • 3.2How to put banks, a competent choice
    • 3.3When banks benefit
    • 3.4Who is prohibited by banks
    • 3.5How to put cans on the back
    • 3.6Why put the jars on your back with a massage
    • 3.7Massage: how to put cans on the back of a child
    • 3.8How to properly put the banks on your back will be shown in the video
  • 4How to put the banks on the back: the technology of the procedure
  • 5How to put cans on your back with a cough
    • 5.1In which cases will health banks benefit?
    • 5.2Contraindications
    • 5.3The method of installing medical cans on the back area
    • 5.4Polymer banks and devices with cylinders, their features
    • 5.5The effect of cans - how quickly appears?
    • 5.6Zones for setting cans for cough and other pathologies
    • 5.7Features of vacuum massage by banks
    • 5.8Patient Reviews

How to put the banks correctly on the back, how much, how often and why

A few decades ago, this method of treating colds was just as popular as mustard greens.

To treat inflamed respiratory organs in this way are solved by few, and only because they do not know how to put the banks on their backs, so as not to harm the weakened organism.

Indeed, this method has contraindications, but with the right approach, the effect is worth it: the cold will quickly recede and the patient will recover.

Why put banks

Biologically active substances help to improve metabolic processes in the body. To provoke an organism to a powerful release, it is necessary to accelerate microcirculation, and in this case the banks help with colds.

To the area of ​​the skin where you put the jar, will begin to pour in the blood, because the shape of the glass vessel with thickened edges creates a vacuum.

Methods of Chinese medicine, where this method of treatment came from, still provide for the use of glass products in bronchitis, back pain, lower back and joints.

Before mobilizing the forces of the immune system, wishing to use medical cans, it is useful to learn about the types of vessels used.

They differ in appearance, used for fabricating the material, methods that help to correctly place the cans on the back when coughing.

If there are no contraindications (high fever, purulent processes, oncology, tuberculosis, allergy, asthma), then it will remain to choose the appropriate instrument for treatment:

  • Glass or traditional cans create a vacuum by burning out air, so you have to use an open source of fire. Before you put such banks on the back, you should carefully read the step-by-step instruction.
  • Vacuum vessels are a polymeric flask with a rubber balloon, which, when in contact with the skin, helps to squeeze out air. Such medical banks are considered safer, since there is no need to use fire.

In addition to treatment for colds of the respiratory system, when inflammation and high the temperature is over, medical banks are successfully used in the treatment of some other diseases.

How can I put jars on my back and why is it useful? These special vacuum vessels are effective in inflammatory diseases of muscles, nerves, myositis, radiculitis, intercostal neuralgia.

Physiotherapy with their use helps to cope with a headache or when you need to raise blood pressure.

When you cough

An actual method of treatment, but only on condition that the sputum discharge stage has come.

Dry cough, which is characterized by the initial stage of the cold, is a contraindication for the use of medical cans as an auxiliary treatment.

When wet, several procedures performed can significantly improve the positive dynamics of the course of the disease and accelerate recovery. They put them on a back cough for at least five pieces at a time, and repeat the procedure every other day.

With bronchitis

With caution and only after consultation with the attending physician, medical banks should be used for those to whom such a diagnosis is made.

Only later, when the disease passes the acute phase, the use of cans along with antibiotic therapy is allowed.

Knowing how to put cans in bronchitis, it is easy to conduct this stage of treatment at the right time and noticeably improve the condition:

  • The positive effect of their use in bronchitis is aimed at diluting the mucus, which causes bouts of painful cough.
  • Correctly put cans will remove painful sensations, expand vessels, activate energy processes, while also having a distracting effect.

With osteochondrosis

They are used as an additional remedy, which helps to reduce the degree of manifestation of the symptoms of the disease. Medical banks relieve muscle spasms by activating the metabolism of cells.

Another useful property of this method in the treatment of osteochondrosis is a relaxing effect.

Improving blood circulation, these medical instruments of treatment will remove toxins, increase the elasticity of muscles, accelerate the process of cell regeneration.

With pneumonia

Inflammation is a complex and dangerous disease. Localization, foci, pathogens - all affect the picture of the course of pneumonia, for which antibiotics are necessarily used.

Banks can only be used as aids, often doctors prohibit their use, so as not to aggravate the course of a serious ailment.

The independent decision on the use of cans threatens irreversible processes up to gangrene or rupture of lung tissue, therefore, obligatory consultation with a doctor is required.

When you can not put

With all its useful properties, medical banks remain a controversial method of treatment with a number of contraindications.

The effectiveness of adaptations that help to create a vacuum, excellently manifests itself in the treatment of certain types of diseases, while in others it is an unacceptable method of treatment.

Among the contraindications, when the use of cans is considered impractical, the following are encountered:

  • tuberculosis,
  • skin diseases,
  • fever, fever,
  • exhaustion,
  • oncological diseases,
  • thrombosis of blood vessels,
  • heart failure,
  • pregnancy,
  • age up to 3 years.

How to put cans on your back

A step-by-step instruction that prescribes how to put the banks on a cold on the back involves a series of sequential actions.

To avoid injury, check the integrity of the glass vessels, refrain from using kerosene, gasoline, acetone or other volatile explosive substances.

How to properly put the banks on your back, you will learn thanks to the following detailed recommendations:

  1. Prepare in advance 5-6 well washed with warm water and dry wiped out medical jars, alcohol, matches, tweezers or metal spoke, cotton wool, fat cream (Vaseline).
  2. The patient must provide a comfortable environment, put on his stomach, lubricate his back with cream or petroleum jelly.
  3. The edge of the tweezers or knitting needles should be wrapped in cotton wool, dipped in alcohol, slightly wringing off excess fuel.
  4. Then set fire to a match, put the burning torch inside the glass vessel for a couple of seconds.
  5. After that, take out the source of fire, quickly put the jar on your back, and do the same with the rest of the vessels.
  6. You do not need to set fire to a tweezers or a spoke if you put vacuum vessels with a rubber cylinder. In this case, you just need to place them correctly, avoiding the area of ​​the spine and not close to each other.
  7. In order for the procedure to benefit the patient, cover the back with the cans installed with a warm cloth, leave for a quarter of an hour or slightly more.
  8. The final stage will be detaching the vessel with a vacuum. To make it it will turn out simple reception: slightly to lift from one party, admitting air.

How often to put and how much to keep

Place the glass vessels on the intact skin area, maintaining the first time about five minutes. General recommendations prescribe a course of up to four sessions, while the duration can be increased to 20 minutes.

It is not recommended to keep special vessels for the treatment of colds or some other diseases longer than this time, because a dark spot can form.

This is clear evidence that the skin is injured, so between the procedures should take at least 24 hours, banks can not be put twice on the same place.

about medical banks

The most simple visual aid, as on the back put banks with bronchitis, colds, other inflammations, is video.

The question is how to put the banks on the back, people are asked who, in addition to the drug treatment, are ready to usefully use additional methods to recover sooner. The video format can replace even the detailed instructions.

Together with the demonstration of all stages of the procedure, recommendations are given simultaneously on other important points: which vessels are best used, how long should they be kept or removed?

From what age can

Age restrictions are included in the list of contraindications, when setting banks for colds or for treating certain other diseases is impractical.

Is it acceptable to put cans on coughing for young children? Look at the video to get an exhaustive answer regarding the age at which doctors allow the use of medical cans.

Baby massage to the baby

There is only one way to increase the useful properties of a massage that is performed by a child: application special vessels are justified with certain types of treatment, because it helps to speed up the healing process baby.

Learn about the features of an effective method, the conditions when the application of can massage is not harmful, but useful for the baby.

Adults do not have to think about the hospital, because they can help the child cope with a cold at home, using this method.

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How to put cans on your back and how much to hold, the benefits and harm of cans

Banks in medical practice have long been used. They were first used in China: it was the Chinese who believed that banks would increase resistance to a variety of harmful influences, will normalize the blood flow, stimulate the influx of energy and improve the state of human organism.

How effective are they in the treatment of these or other diseases? Is it possible to harm health using banks? How to put the can on the back? What are the banks? To these questions you can get exhaustive answers.

In what cases do banks put on their backs?

Medical banks are referred to as non-medicinal methods of treatment.

They are considered specialists as a means of nonspecific therapy, the main purpose of which is to increase the effectiveness of the drug treatment course.

They increase the natural defenses of the body, improve blood circulation of organs and tissues located under the skin, enhance metabolic processes in them, accelerate the resorption of inflammation.

Setting cans is possible only after consulting a doctor, who will diagnose and be able to determine exactly whether a person has contraindications to this therapy. Supporters of such treatment do not doubt a drop that this method helps in the fight against a variety of diseases.

Operating principle

After installation in banksthere is a vacuum. The skin beneath them is slightly retracted with further increase and deformation of the lumens of the vessels.

Thus, the blood volumes that circulate in the depth of the tissues increase. The body will begin to work hard to supply these places with a lot of oxygen and nutrients.

Insignificant superficial damage will accelerate the process of metabolism.

When a person has a tumor, the canal therapy will help to change the localization of the tumor, which will lead to a relief treatment or simplified surgical intervention - the tumor can be easily removed from organs that are not vital important.

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Strengthening the flow of blood to individual parts of the body will relieve the inflammatory processes, pain, spasms. There will be a gradual regeneration of the cells of the body.

Efficiency and rules for setting cans on the back

So, if there are no contraindications, you can start setting up the cans.

To do this it is necessary, following some simple rules:

  • Skin - only healthy and without damage, because after them bruises (bruises) are formed. Do not forget that the hands before the procedure should be thoroughly washed with soap.
  • That the banks could be more firmly adhered to the body, put on your back a thin layer of petroleum jelly or cream (preferably child).
  • Inside the jar you need to defuse the air, only so she can stick to her back. To do this, make a small torch. Take a stick about 10 cm long, wrap it with cotton and soak with alcohol or cologne. Kindle and enter into the jar.
  • Quickly remove and attach the jar to the body, directly to the skin area indicated by the doctor.
  • Most often they are placed in the back, chest, waist and sides.
  • Try to quickly put the jar, otherwise the air will enter it and it will not stick to the patient's body.
  • To extinguish a wick it is necessary in the bank filled with water.
  • Recently shipped can be covered with a diaperto keep the heat and to cover the patient.
  • After all the banks are removed, remove from the skin the remains of vaseline oil, using a small amount of dry cotton wool or cotton wool with alcohol.
  • A person is recommended to lie down after a procedure for at least half an hour in a comfortable position.
  • Wash the jars and wipe dry after use.

What parts of the body can not be put on cans?

Categorically it is not recommended to put banks:

  • In a zone of kidneys and heart.
  • Women are too close to the mammary glands.
  • Along the line of the spine.

Depending on the age of the patient,At the same time, 6 to 14 cans can be used.The first procedure should take only a few minutes, gradually this time increasesup to 10-15 minutes.During the procedure a person should feel warmth.

When there are sharp pains, you do not have to force to endure, immediately remove the jar.

This is done without much effort: lightly press your fingers on the skin near the jar, let the air in. Then she herself will fall away.

Carefully, make sure that the cans are well sucked - after all, the benefits resulting from the procedure depend on it.

If there was a need to repeat the production, remember that you can not put jars every day! You need to make a break for at least a day, you can and 2-3. It is not recommended to put them in the same places.


  • Take care when setting up the cans, so as not to burn the patient when the wick melts.
  • Do not use as a combustible substance, it is an explosive substance.
  • If the time of exposure to cans is increased for one reason or another, this may result in the appearance of bubbles, inside which will be a serous fluid. They need to be carefully cut using a sterile scissors, then apply 5% potassium permanganate solution to the skin.
  • As a substitute for petrolatum, vaseline oil will suit you,any fat cream or oil (technical mixtures can not be used).
  • The wick rod must be necessarily metallic- this will help prevent fire.
  • A jar of water must be kept in sight- so you can quickly put out the wick.


The specialists formed two diametrically opposed opinions on the vacuum therapy.

In the environment of modern specialists it is considered that the regulation of cans does not have a significant effect on the body and only medical preparations contribute to complete recovery.

But nevertheless, it is necessary to say a few words about the expediency of using cans.

They, along with mustard plasters and other physiotherapy procedures, are prescribed only at the stage of resolution of respiratory tract diseases.


At the initial stages (with a dry cough, high body temperature) they are not prescribed!Applied only when sputum begins to depart on coughing, the body temperature does not increase.


In particular, the banks put on their backs when:

  • Inflammatory diseases of the bronchi, pleura or lungs.
  • Stagnant phenomena in the lungs (at normal body temperature).
  • Inflammations in muscles and trunks of nerves.
  • Frequent headaches.
  • Intercostal neuralgia, radiculitis, acute and chronic myositis.
  • Moderate increases in blood pressure.

With pneumonia, banks are dangerous to use for treatment - it can turn into pneumothorax (rupture of lung tissue). This fact does not mean that this can happen to anyone. But experts say: if such a disappointing outcome occurs at least from one patient out of a hundred, you can not risk human life.


Banks can not be considered a universal means of treatment.

You can not put them when:

  1. Hypersensitivity of the skin, inflammation of the skin.
  2. A state of general exhaustion of the body.
  3. Tuberculosis of any form.
  4. Neoplasms in the thorax.
  5. Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  6. Defects of the heart.
  7. Body temperature exceeding 38 degrees.
  8. Thrombosis or vascular sclerosis.
  9. Acute infections.
  10. Pneumonia.
  11. The state of mental excitement.

Do not self-medicate.

Before using cans, consult with your doctor and make sure that there are no contraindications.

It can be used to treat children who have reached the age of 3. It is not recommended to apply if the patient's age exceeds 60 years.

The design of medical vacuum cans with a balloon

Vacuum cans with a balloon continue to be used to improve the body (massage).

It has been scientifically proven that a unique therapeutic effect can be achieved byimproved blood flow.

The dynamics of processes are influenced by the pressure that is achieved artificially, arising between the vacuum and the external environment.

In this way:

  • Stagnant phenomena are eliminated.
  • The metabolic processes are increasing.
  • The skin breathing of the massaged areas multiplies many times.

It is noted that such procedures significantly increase the resistance of the skin to mechanical and even chemical effects. Mechanisms for restoring skin and adjacent organs are being launched.

The influx of blood leads to an increase in metabolismdepending on the place of application, the productive work of the lungs and bronchi, more complete circulation of the liver, increasing the functional absorption of fluid by the kidneys, nerve impulses begin to give signals with normal speed. The presence of a small pump accompanies an increase in the difference between the pressure from the outside and inside of the can, which leads to increased exposure to subcutaneous tissue.

The air from the cans is removed using a special pump with a negative pressure of 6 MPa, providing 10 full cycles of pressing.

The vacuum effect created by banks at the time of evacuation of air masses,has a positive effect on cells, normalizes blood circulation.

In the inner part of the can, you can put a magnetic nozzle so that a weak magnetic field influences the body.

It penetrates deep into the cells by about 7-9 centimeters.

Increases the level of oxygen in the blood and in the heart muscle, the brain, which increases the protective and recovery properties in the body.

Massage banks with a balloon are used for various ailments, in particular:

  • Osteochondrosis.
  • Plecherelopathic periarthritis.
  • Lumbago.
  • Cervical spondylosis.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Impotence.
  • Prostatitis.

There are a number of contraindications:

  • The procedure for pregnant women should be controlled by a doctor.
  • Patients using an electrocardiostimulator should not be treated with this therapy.
  • Hemophilia and thrombocytopenic purpura.
  • The surface of the open wounds should melt.
  • Use with sensitive skin.

Banks on the back: good or bad?

What is the effect of treatment by banks? How widely do they continue to apply to us? Are they really capable of damaging our organism or is it just an assumption of the Americans?On the territory of our country, banks have never been banned, they can be used freely.

It is important to know that:

  • Banks were used in ancient China.
  • They accompany the increase in the flow of blood, which positively affects life.
  • They are used as non-traditional therapy for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
  • With frequent colds and rheumatic fever can ease a person's condition.

May damage:

  • When staging is performed with pneumonia.
  • You can not put cans if the patient's body temperature exceeds 3 degrees.
  • Do not use them for skin diseases, because after them there are spots.

Thus, banks can only be used when the diagnosis is accurately diagnosed and there are no contraindications.

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All about treatment with cans and how to put cans on your back with bronchitis

Which of us did not put the banks in childhood? This procedure has long been proven effective in the treatment of many respiratory diseases.

In modern medicine, such therapy is gradually losing ground, but still it is worth remembering the old method and implementing it in practice.

Is it possible to put cans with a dry cough and how to carry out the procedure correctly? Let's deal with it.

«Banking» secrets

The essence of the procedure is based onthe action of the heated air. In the process of cooling in a container, superimposed on the body, a vacuum is created. The rarefied air medium "draws" the skin,a healing effect.

Treatment with banksbrings the following effects:

  • accelerates metabolism due to increased blood flow;
  • from the bronchial organs, sputum begins to flow away faster (liquefaction occurs);
  • there is an accelerated absorption of oxygen and nutrients by the tissues of the body, which accelerates the arrest of the inflammatory process in this area of ​​the body.

How to put banks, a competent choice

To conduct an effective procedure, it is better to choosemodern glass vessels. They do not require dangerous manipulations with open fire (the vacuum in them is created thanks to special rubber nozzles).

But they have andone minus: Some patients note unpleasant sensations during the procedure. And the glass is not very strong. What to do?

Try and other types of equipment for warming massage -Silicone Vessels. They are more affordable, much easier and safer to use.

But be prepared for the fact that many of the creams used before the procedure can be absorbed into the silicone and irretrievably spoil the jar.

What diameter is preferred. Massage banks are available in different diameters. For the procedure to be successful, select a container of large size (7-8 cm in diameter). For children, the best banks are 5-6 cm in circumference.

Important. The number of cans required for one procedure varies. For adult patients, enough 10-16 pieces, but the baby can be prepared 5-7 vessels.

When banks benefit

It is recommended thattreatment of the following pathological conditions:

Cough. With cough syndrome, well-established canning procedures are well established. Experts recommend that before the start of the event (to enhance the heating effect), lubricate the back of the patient with oil fir, pine, juniper or cedar.

Banks for bronchitis of various forms.

With the development of inflammatory processes in the bronchi, the banks help dilute hard-to-remove mucus and promote its rapid elimination.

At the same time, suppression of inflammatory processes occurs. Reduces cough, painfulness is removed by coughing.

Osteochondrosis. With degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs, therapeutic cans have a powerful healing effect.


Such procedures, improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of affected areas, relieve puffiness, inflammation of the affected areas.


Accelerate cellular regeneration of damaged discs.

Pneumonia. Medical banks in the treatment of pneumonia should only be carried out as additional measures to prescribed medication.

In this case, canal procedures become effective only in the case of absence of suppuration in the respiratory system.

It is impossible to carry out such treatment if pneumonia is caused by viruses.

Important. Carry out the canned procedures only after consulting a doctor. Light-minded self-medication can lead to the development of dangerous complications.

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Do not forget that after canal therapy (especially if it is illiterate), hematomas and even microfractures of the lung tissue may appear. Consider strict contraindications for such activities.

Who is prohibited by banks

Can not be manipulatedexpose people in the following cases:

  • oncology;
  • tuberculosis;
  • viral pneumonia;
  • with a deficit in the weight of the patient;
  • infectious skin diseases;
  • when the temperature rises from + 37⁰ С;
  • If the diseases of the respiratory tract are accompanied by hemoptysis.

With extreme caution, one should approach canned procedures if a person has hypertension, bronchial asthma and problems in cardiac activity.

And what about the disease of the child, can children put banks? Such procedures are allowed to be carried out in childhood, but when the baby reaches 5-6 years of age.

How to put cans on the back

Often asked if it is possible to put cans on the spine? Tell about this:

How to properly put the banks for colds. Vessels can be placed on the entire back area of ​​the patient, without affecting the heart area, spine and large birthmarks.

The installation procedure itself is simple. Let's study it.

How to put bankson the back (glass jars of the old sample):

  1. The patient lies on his stomach.
  2. The area of ​​the body subjected to the procedure is smeared with vaseline, fat cream or oil solution.
  3. Wrap the glass wool on cotton wool, dip it in alcohol and set it on fire.
  4. Burning stick to bring to the opening of the vessel for 2-3 seconds.
  5. Sharply remove the burning wand and immediately attach the container to the skin area.
  6. After installing all the vessels, cover the patient's back with a blanket. How long does it take to keep the cans on my back? Not for long, only 10-15 minutes.
  7. To remove the jar, it should be slightly tilted to the side, and to press a finger on the skin area adjacent to the vessel. The bank will easily depart.

After the procedure, the patient must warmly dress and lie in bed for 30-40 minutes.How often can banks be placed? Such procedures can be performed every 2-3 days throughout the treatment.

Unlike the old "canning techniques modern containers do not require the use of fire and alcohol. How correctly to put vacuum cans? Silicone and rubber vessels are simply applied to the site of the back (pre-compressed them).

Here you need to know only one rule: the stronger the squeeze the jar before putting it on your back, the better it will hold and a greater effect will bring.

Why put the jars on your back with a massage

With healing banks you can arrange and original canned massage procedures. The therapeutic effect organizes the same vacuum that is created in the process of applying the vessel to the body.

A special benefit thatcarries a can of massage, is as follows:

  • immunity increases;
  • the volume of circulating blood increases;
  • tone and elasticity of muscle tissue improves;
  • actively bioactive points of the body are stimulated;
  • the level of blood and lymph circulation of tissues increases;
  • the process of renewal of the hematopoietic cells is activated;
  • The pathological reflexes peculiar to diseases are cut off;
  • reduces swelling and inflammation of tissues and joints;
  • the human body receives an increased number of nerve impulses with a positive charge;
  • improve respiratory functions (there is a transition of dry cough to wet, with abundant sputum discharge);
  • cleanses the body's glands (sebaceous / sweat), this improves the removal of harmful compounds from the body (urea, salts, toxins).

Such procedures are best organized using modern cans (silicone or rubber), where fire is not required. They can be combined with the use of other techniques (folk remedies for the production of sputum: inhalation, compresses, mustard).

Important. A can of massage is especially recommended for children. This procedure warms up the child's body well and promotes the child's recovery as soon as possible.

Massage: how to put cans on the back of a child

Using a plastic container. Preliminary the child's body warms up. For this, classical massage is used. It can be carried out independently with the use of rubbing, stroking and kneading movements.

Massage is performed until the appearance of redness of the skin (it should be uniform). Then go todirect procedure:

  1. Spin the child abundantly lubricate with baby cream or oil. It must be actively rubbed into the baby's skin.
  2. Plastic container tightly squeeze in the middle and set the neck on the skin area. Then the jar is released sharply. The formed vacuum draws in the skin area.
  3. With this jar, gently carry on the back of the child (not allowing air to enter inside). Movement can be different: spiral, circular, longitudinal.

How to put medical jars out of rubber. To install the rubber vessel on the skin, use the index finger.

It is placed inside the container, the vessel itself is placed on the back area.

Then press on the upper area of ​​the rubber container, and the index finger is simultaneously sharply cleaned. Now it's the massage movements.

After massage banks(rubber, plastic) should be left in the areas of the back responsible for breathing (lungs, bronchi) for 8-10 minutes. Then the vessels are cleaned. The baby's calf is wiped off with a napkin, andfinish the procedure with usual stroking hands.

Get well!

How to properly put the banks on your back will be shown in the video

The video will tell about the history of treatment by banks and show how to put banks correctly.

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How to put the banks on the back: the technology of the procedure

The fact that banks are a simple and reliable way to treat many diseases known for a long time. They were prescribed for colds, radiculitis, neuralgia.

Then this method was undeservedly forgotten. But now it is becoming popular again. Now in the pharmacies appeared medical banks, made of modern materials.

The technology of their production differs from the traditional one.

About why it is necessary and how to correctly place the banks on your back, how long to keep them, and also the indications and contra-indications of this procedure, you will learn after reading this article.


Really, why put on the banks on the back? The therapeutic effect of their use is achieved through a vacuum.

A small container is sucked to the patient's skin, it improves blood circulation and lymph flow in the nearby tissues and organs.

Normal nutrition of tissues, there is an analgesic effect, immunity increases. Inflammatory processes are cured much faster.

Massage in a similar way, which is widely used for medical and health purposes, improves muscle tone, relieves pain, improves the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

At present, there are several types of medical cans in pharmacies:

  1. Traditional glass. These are small vessels made of thick tempered glass. The volume of such a can is about 70 ml. The edges are thickened so as not to damage the patient's skin. They are installed by means of open fire. Together with them a long medical tweezers are used, on which wool soaked with alcohol is wound. The way to install them requires attention and caution, as you can accidentally burn yourself;
  2. Polymer. Made of a material similar to a very dense rubber. To install them, you do not need any additional items. No need for fire to heat. Such vessels are easily put by compression and applying to the right place. Very often used for canning;
  3. Glass with a rubber ballon. They are small glass vessels with compacted edges, equipped with a rubber cylinder. Installed in the same way as fully polymer. The balloon is compressed by hand, and the vessel is applied to the installation site.

Regardless of the type of cans, the principle of their action is the same. As well as indications and contraindications for use.

Banks, like all other physiotherapy procedures, are appointed only at the stage of resolving inflammatory processes. Therefore, in no case should they be placed at an elevated temperature.

Indications for the use of this method are the following diseases and conditions of the body:

  1. inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system: bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, at the stage of resolution;
  2. stagnation in the lungs, not burdened by high fever and acute inflammatory process;
  3. inflammatory diseases of nerve trunks and muscles;
  4. pain and spasms of the back muscles, headache;
  5. intercostal neuralgia, radiculitis, myositis;
  6. diseases of the nervous system.

It should be noted that banks can be placed not on all areas of the body.

Places for their installation are:

  • back at thoracic and waist level;
  • the front part of the chest, the area near the clavicles;
  • lateral surface of the chest.

You can not put them on the following places:

  • spine;
  • heart area;
  • kidney area;
  • female breast.

One of the reasons for the negative attitude of official medicine to healing with the help of vacuum is self-medication. Many refer to banks as a harmless procedure that everyone can do.

However, this method of therapy has a number of serious contraindications.

Before you start treatment with the help of a vacuum technique, you need to know not only what is the use of it, but also how it can cause harm.

Vessels can not be used if the patient has:

  1. heat;
  2. inflammatory diseases in acute stage;
  3. pulmonary tuberculosis;
  4. oncological diseases;
  5. internal bleeding;
  6. general exhaustion of the body;
  7. inflammatory processes and skin lesions;
  8. a large number of moles, pigment spots, warts on the site of the installation of blood vessels.

To all of the above contraindications should be taken with full seriousness. The presence of at least one of them is the reason for the abolition of therapy with a vacuum.

The back of the patient is the most frequent place of installation of cans. Why put cans in the back? They are used for catarrhal diseases, for a long time without coughing, muscle spasms, radiculitis, as a massage procedure.

The technology of installing glass medical cans is the most difficult, so consider it as an example.

For the procedure, you need:

  1. cleanly washed, without chips and cracks, glass medical containers;
  2. tweezers or clamp with long handles;
  3. cotton wool;
  4. alcohol;
  5. petrolatum;
  6. medical burner and matches;
  7. towel.

The patient is placed on a hard bed or a couch face down. For convenience, he is given a small pillow, which he clasps hands. The back of the patient is lubricated with Vaseline or a massage cream.

On the clamp or tweezers wind the cotton wool, making an improvised wick. The wick is wetted with alcohol. Then it must be set on fire. Do it more conveniently with an alcohol burner. So you do not burn your hands, and you can easily re-ignite cotton wool if it goes out.

The resulting burning wick is placed in a vessel. It is thus kept a hole down. Then it is immediately put on the back of the patient. When properly installed, the patient's skin is drawn inward and becomes dark red.


After the desired number of cans is placed on the patient's back, he is covered with a warm blanket. Usually, an even number of 6-8 is used, sometimes 10-12 cans. They are kept on their back for no more than 15 minutes. If the procedure is used for the first time, then the container can not be held for more than 5-8 minutes.


At the end of the procedure, the jars are neatly removed. For this, they are slightly inclined and pressed onto the skin at the edge. The back of the patient is wiped with a towel. Then the patient is warmly wrapped and left to rest for at least an hour.

With a persistent, not passing cough, the jars are placed several times until the patient's condition improves.

Treatment procedures with the use of vacuum are widely used both traditional and non-traditional medicine.

This method of treatment is simple enough and effective. However, it is worth remembering that treatment by banks in the field of the back can bring not only benefits but also harm.

  1. use this procedure in the presence of the above contraindications;
  2. to put jars to small children and elderly people with weakened immunity and heart diseases;
  3. use capacitance cracks and chips;
  4. use as a combustible substance acetone, gasoline and other flammable liquids;
  5. carry out the procedure for more than 20 minutes.
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To install them, you do not need a fire and, therefore, a burner and a wick. It is easy to put cans with a simple cylinder compression. The strength of blood suction in these cans is less than that of glass.

Therefore, red spots on the back will be noticeable much less. They are very convenient for carrying out can massage and installation not only on the back, but also other parts of the body.

Now you know why and how to put the banks on your back. However, before you start treatment, assess the patient's condition, remember that for a good result therapy it is necessary to carry out not less than 4 procedures, and traces from setting of cans completely disappear through 2 of the week. = xSJ3yXQ7rLI

Therefore, if in your plans visiting a beach or a swimming pool, it is better to give preference to other methods of treatment.

Until next time!

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How to put cans on your back with a cough

Currently, cough treatment by banks has become a thing of the past, and probably in many families this method has long been forgotten. Why did banks treat catarrhal diseases, bronchitis, neuralgia earlier, and the hives receded, so this treatment worked?

The place where the skin is drawn into the jar begins to be heavily supplied with oxygen and other nutrients. Thanks to such biochemical reactions, the metabolic processes are accelerated, as a result of which the immune defense resumes.

If banks perform vacuum massage, then you can achieve a normal skin elasticity and elasticity, as well as increase the tone of the muscular system.

In the pharmacy chain, banks made of modern materials began to appear not so long ago. You can buy glass jars from quality tempered glass, with a volume of 30-70 ml. The production of such cans is mandatory with the use of fire.

Also on sale there are also polymer cans, which are installed without improvised means by compression and applying to the desired zone.

There are also glass jars with a rubber bottle. The principle of their operation is identical with polymer banks.


Whichever banks the patient has purchased in the pharmacy, the main thing is to know when the vacuum method will be useful, and in which it can cause harm.


Many patients have the opinion that the banks are placed on their backs only when coughing, but this is not so.

Before proceeding to the question of the very method of conducting canonical therapy, let's take a look at the indications and contraindications to the setting of cans.

In which cases will health banks benefit?

There are a number of diseases and individual symptoms in which setting cans will speed recovery, they are the following:

  • bronchopneumonia;
  • bronchitis;
  • tracheobronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • pleurisy;
  • cough with various pathologies of the respiratory system;
  • radiculitis;
  • myositis;
  • neuralgia;
  • others.


It is necessary to place cans with cough, like mustard plasters, with care, observing the allowed zones. You can not distribute the banks along the spine, in the heart and chest (in women), the kidney area.

Categorically banks do not establish with such pathologies and symptoms:

  • high body temperature;
  • in the acute period of the disease;
  • oncoprocesses;
  • IHD;
  • thrombosis;
  • heart disease;
  • tubinfection;
  • heart failure;
  • blood pathology;
  • tendency to bleeding;
  • hypertension;
  • excessive formation of moles;
  • immunodeficiency states.

Unfavorable areas for the installation of cans are considered to be traumatized areas of the skin, its changes in the form of warts, weners, ateroids and other pathologies.

If the patient does not tolerate the procedure, for example, the patient becomes ill, hot, the pulse becomes faster, the head turns, sickness, there is a mental overexcitation, then in this case the vacuum treatment can be attributed to an individual intolerance. Contraindications also include the duration of the procedure for more than 30 minutes (banks put a maximum of 20 minutes).

Often the question arises: "Is it possible to put cans for young children with a cough that does not last long?"For toddlers, elderly people, pregnant women and lactating women, this procedure is considered a contraindication.


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Due to its unique, and most importantly 100% natural composition, the drug has an extremely high effectiveness in the treatment of angina, colds and immunity.

Read about the methodology Malysheva ...

The method of installing medical cans on the back area

Can I put cans on my chest when I cough? There is no need for this, because the back area is the most acceptable area. The most difficult to put glass jars, tk.

their production requires special skills. Let's take a closer look at the technology of supplying glass jars.

So, preliminary it is necessary to prepare the following improvised means:

  • banks of thick glass;
  • tweezers;
  • alcohol;
  • a burner for medical purposes;
  • cotton wool;
  • petroleum jelly or other fat;
  • sheets;
  • towel;
  • pillow.

The patient is placed on a bed or a couch, covered with a sheet. The patient's position should be head down, i.e. on the abdomen. For convenience, to 20 minutes it was convenient to lie, you can wrap your pillow with your hands.

Next, we prepare the procedure zone to properly install the cans, which will certainly help with a dry and moist cough during inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

The back of the patient is generously lubricated with fat (Vaseline, cream, or special means for massage). Then install the burner to protect your hands from burns. The tweezers are wound on cotton wool, moistened with alcohol, and ignited.


When the fire flares up, quickly move the wick inside the jar, which is tipped with the hole down. After that, immediately set the jar on your back.


Performing this procedure should check the installation quality by eye.

Visually, you can see how the skin becomes purple and drawn into the jar.

If there is no such effect, the bank should be reinstalled, since In a few minutes, it is likely to disappear. When all the banks take their places on the back, the patient is covered with a clean sheet, and the top is covered with a woolen blanket.

On average, this procedure takes from 8 to 12 cans, depending on the size of the back.The procedure lasts 15 minutes.

The patient should lie quietly, without making unnecessary movements.

The first time procedure is no more than 10 minutes, if the patient is comfortable, then the duration of the vacuum therapy is gradually increased to 20 minutes.

When the therapy time comes to an end, you need to carefully remove the cans. For this, the bank is slightly withdrawn to the side, i.e. slightly incline, with the fingers pressing the skin at the very edge of the contact of the back and the glass vessel. When all the banks are removed the patient's skin is wiped with a towel.

When coughing, the banks are placed until the sputum almost completely leaves the tracheobronchial tree, whether there is an effect, the second or third procedure will show.

How to put cans on your back with bronchitis

Polymer banks and devices with cylinders, their features

To these types of cans, there are special instructions, and special preparation is not necessary before use. It should be noted that the therapeutic effect of these devices is weaker, and the skin is not so tightened into the space of the devices in question.

After removing the polymer cans, there are no such distinct traces as when using conventional glass jars with the use of fire.

The popularity of polymer cans and their analogs with bottles lies in the wide application of these funds not only for the treatment of respiratory organs, but also for other purposes. They are often put on various areas of the human body, of course, only on the advice of a doctor.

At whatever disease, or just when coughing, the banks are not installed, always follow the instructions for use exactly.

The effect of cans - how quickly appears?

Undoubtedly, even a doctor will not answer this question. It all depends on the disease with which we had to face.

If, for example, we are dealing with tracheobronchitis, the patient has a cough, the temperature is about 3 degrees, then vacuum treatment can give effect literally from the first procedures.


When doctors have to face a clear bacterial infection - the patient has acute bronchitis or pneumonia, then banks generally go into the background, waiting for their hour (the period of remission), when their appointment will be safe.


At the time of recovery, banks can be used only in complex therapy, because bacterial flora can not be overcome by improving blood circulation. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antihistamines and other drugs necessarily come into this treatment.

Zones for setting cans for cough and other pathologies

With all types of cough, despite being wet or dry, setting cans is done only on the back area. In rare cases, more often in men, use the right side of the chest.

In other pathologies, those areas where the vacuum method will bring the maximum effect without harm to health are selected. So, let's define these zones with a projection on the symptoms of diseases:

  • calf part of leg - lean menstrual flow;
  • nape - migraine, dizziness, fainting;
  • thigh (back part) - purulent inflammatory processes of the gluteal region;
  • neck - convulsive manifestations;
  • heel area - gout, menstrual cycle disorder;
  • chin part of the face - dental and ENT diseases;
  • navel - pain during menstruation;
  • thigh (inner part) - hemorrhoidal nodes, hernia, gout;
  • area between the shoulder blades - head, neck, shoulder pain;
  • zone under the knee - pain in the knee cap;
  • thigh (external part) - neurological problems.

In the presented zones, a vacuum massage is mainly carried out. banks do not "suck" for a certain time, but perform their massage movements.

Features of vacuum massage by banks

Vacuum massage is used both for coughing and other diseases. The first procedure is performed for 5 minutes.

Then the duration of the procedure is gradually increased, bringing the duration of the treatment session to 15 minutes. The average course of treatment is from 5 to 15 procedures.

To get better acquainted with this technique, it's better to watch a video course that will allow you to learn this technique at home.

After a vacuum procedure, immediately carry out a classical manual massage for five minutes. Then the patient rests for at least one hour. Setting cans or massage should be done only when a person is completely relaxed, then the effect of treatment will be maximum.

How to perform vacuum massage

Patient Reviews



The better to be treated with cans or mustard plasters


To apply or reject cough treatment by banks is a personal matter. Of course, it is much easier to swallow pills, and hope for the help of chemicals.

Setting cans is a time-consuming task, and you need an assistant, you can not do it yourself. The only unquestionable argument in defense of cans is a test of time, because

The vacuum method has passed the test on the backs of more than one generation.

Ask your grandmothers and moms whether it is worth spending time on treatment with banks? We think the answer will be unambiguous - of course, yes! Do not be ill!

And a little bit about secrets ...


If you or your child often get sick and are treated with antibiotics alone, know that you are treating only the effect, not the cause.


So you just "drain" money to pharmacies and farm companies and get sick with it more often.

STOP! enough to feed someone I do not understand! You just need to raise your immunity and you'll forget what it's like to be sick!

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