The best orthopedic mattresses


  • 1the best orthopedic mattresses by user reviews
    • 1.1Orthopedic mattress of what company to buy
    • 1.2Ascona
    • 1.3Afalina
    • 1.4DreamLine
    • 1.5LONAX
    • 1.6Plitex
    • 1.7the best orthopedic mattresses
    • 1.8The best children's orthopedic mattress
    • 1.9Ormatek Kids Comfort
    • 1.10The best cushioned orthopedic mattress
    • 1.11Ormatek Softy Plus
    • 1.12The best standard orthopedic mattresses
    • 1.13Ascona Victory
    • 1.14Ascona Fitness Arena
    • 1.15Ascona Balance Status
    • 1.16Which orthopedic mattress to choose
  • 2Which mattress is best to choose - useful advice
    • 2.1Characteristics of mattresses
    • 2.2Spring models
    • 2.3Springless mattresses
    • 2.4Fillers
    • 2.5Pouch
    • 2.6Features of choice
    • 2.7Popular manufacturers
  • 321 the best orthopedic mattress
    • 3.1Manufacturers overview
    • 3.2Which orthopedic mattresses are best avoided?
    • 3.3Which orthopedic mattress is better to buy?
  • 4Choosing the best mattress - orthopedic, spring or springless
    • 4.1What are mattresses for beds?
    • 4.2Types of orthopedic mattresses
    • 4.3Stamps of mattresses for beds
    • 4.4Which mattress to choose - spring or springless
    • 4.5What rigidity should be a mattress
    • 4.6The best mattresses for sleeping
    • 4.7How to choose a mattress for a double bed
    • 4.8How to choose an orthopedic mattress
    • 4.9Which firm to choose a mattress
    • 4.10Price for mattresses
    • 4.11: how to choose a mattress

the best orthopedic mattresses by user reviews

Many of us suffer from incorrect posture. In some cases, it even hinders sleep, since we can not get comfortable in bed. To fix the situation in this case is only able to purchase an orthopedic mattress.

Do not lie on it with comfort unreal. And similar products are recommended to children, so that in the future they definitely did not have problems with posture. Although this does not negate the fact that children need to be taught to sit properly at a desk and desk.

Orthopedic mattress of what company to buy


It is "Ascona" that produces the largest number of mattresses in Russia.

In its assortment there is a lot of ordinary products, but the most popular now use orthopedic mattresses, although they are much more expensive.

The company delivers not only finished products, but also offers to assemble the mattress on its own - in the manner of the designer. For this purpose, there is a special service on the official website.

Then it remains only to wait a few days and receive the goods. This allows you to choose a mattress of ideal height, dimensions, as well as the stiffness and variety of the spring unit you need.


As you already knew, mattresses under this brand are produced in Russia. This trademark was created in 2003. A distinctive feature of the products of "Afaline" is their destination for the youngest. The company produces only children's mattresses.

And it's not as easy as it seems - products must be given maximum hypoallergenic. All mattresses are made from environmentally friendly and modern materials.

As a result, buyers of such products are satisfied - it is almost impossible to find negative feedback on the mattresses of "Afalin".


Another Russian company engaged in the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses. In its assortment there are absolutely different products.

They differ in rigidity, the presence or absence of memory effect and many other parameters.

The company offers to purchase not only adults, but also children's, as well as sofa mattresses.


The company LONAX produces not only mattresses, but also various bedding.

For example, a buyer can purchase a complete set for sleeping in a new or renovated apartment - a bed, a mattress, a mattress pad, pillows, a blanket and even a bedside table! Will only buy bedding - his company LONAX has not yet produced. And the buyer has the opportunity to order the creation of a custom-sized mattress.


For the production of Plitex mattresses, not only environmentally friendly, but also very reliable materials are used. The buyer even receives a three-year warranty - so the company is confident in the durability of its products.

It should be noted that the company mainly produces mattresses for very young children. She has been doing this for more than ten years. Now all suppliers of fillers for mattresses certify their products according to the Eco-Tex standard.

This suggests that there are no harmful substances inside Plitex products that could be hazardous to health.

the best orthopedic mattresses

In today's rating, based on feedback from users, the following factors are taken into account:

  • Variety of the base;
  • Type of filler;
  • Width and length;
  • Stiffness of both sides;
  • The effect of memory;
  • Presence or absence of the "Winter-Summer" effect;
  • Product height;
  • The form;
  • Other features of the mattress;
  • Complaints of the owners;
  • Cost in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The best children's orthopedic mattress

Ormatek Kids Comfort

If you want your child to sleep perfectly and not suffer from allergies, then you need to consider purchasing Ormatek Kids Comfort.

This product has a width of 60 to 120 cm, as well as a length of 120 to 200 cm. This allows you to pick up a similar mattress, not only for the child, but for the mother.

Although primarily designed for children.


  • The basis is based on independent springs;
  • Combined filler;
  • Different rigidity at the top and bottom sides;
  • More than 500 springs in place;
  • A hedge bag in the kit;
  • Traditional rectangular shape;
  • Not the highest price.


Comments on Ormatek Kids Comfort indicate that this is the best mattress for a child. The children of buyers sleep on this product with pleasure, without knowing any problems. Is not that what the parents want?

The best cushioned orthopedic mattress

Ormatek Softy Plus

An excellent specimen, which almost does not increase the visual dimensions of the sofa. This is explained by the minimum height of the mattress, which is only 6 cm. In this case, the product withstands a load of up to 90 kg in place - an excellent indicator!


  • Average rigidity on both sides;
  • Springless base;
  • Filler made of polyurethane foam;
  • A cover from a coarse calico in the complete set;
  • Habitual rectangular shape;
  • Quite low cost;
  • Excellent smoothes the joints of the corner sofa;
  • Has been in shape for many years.


  • Not the biggest choice of length of a mattress.

Comments on Ormatek Softy Plus show that people are happy with their purchase. Many of them write that they now can not go to sleep without using such a mattress, on a bare sofa. So be careful, orthopedic mattresses are addictive!

The best standard orthopedic mattresses

Ascona Victory

An excellent mattress for a bed that has an optimal price tag. The product is created on the basis of independent springs, so that the load from the body is evenly distributed over the underlying mattress. This is facilitated by the number of springs, exceeding 500 pieces per seat.


  • Is able to withstand any load;
  • System of independent springs;
  • 550 springs in place;
  • Presence of impregnation;
  • Large range of width and length;
  • The traditional form is rectangular;
  • Can serve at least a decade.


  • For some buyers it seems tough;
  • There are specimens that are quickly pushed through.

The main advantage of this mattress is that it can sleep even 110-kilogram person - the product must return its form in the morning.

However, the responses to Ascona Victory make one wonder whether it is worth risking your money.

The fact is that some mattresses from this series begin to behave inadequately after a year.

Ascona Fitness Arena

Expensive, but very high quality mattress. It can be guaranteed to serve for decades, no matter how hard you test it. The secret of such a long service life lies in the mattress filler, which is coconut coir.


  • Independent springs;
  • Rectangular shape;
  • Can withstand up to 140 kg per seat;
  • The effect of "Winter-Summer
  • Filler in the form of coconut coir;
  • 550 springs in place;
  • Rigidity is slightly above average;
  • Wide ranges of length and width.


This mattress is able to withstand even heavier people. Strictly speaking, the reviews on the Ascona Fitness Arena testify just to the fact that this product will seem to be quite tough because it was not created for them.

Anyway, a mattress costs every ruble spent on it. A special manufacturing technology has been applied here. A lot of springs contributes to the competent distribution of the load. In a word, you have a perfect dream.

Ascona Balance Status

It so happened that the products of "Ascona" are the easiest to find in any city in Russia.

That is why in our today's selection most of all orthopedic mattresses of this company.

But if the previous product was very high price tag, then Ascona Balance Status belongs to the middle price segment.


  • Virtually any size;
  • A habitual form;
  • Not the greatest height (19 cm);
  • Independent springs inside;
  • A combined filler is used;
  • Rigidity is above average;
  • Very long service life.


  • The price is still not the lowest.

Reviews for Ascona Balance Status indicate the long life of this mattress.

At many buyers it is used already within two-three years - for this time it was not pinched and in general looks as new.

Because of the small height of the mattress, one can think of its poor moisture resistance. However, in fact, he is not afraid of water at all, just like very heavy people.

Which orthopedic mattress to choose

The problem of any mattress is that the buyer quickly forgets the name of the purchased product. In this regard, a rare man guesses to write a review on his mattress. That is why many very good orthopedic products were left out of our collection.

1. If you are going to buy a mattress, you first need to find out its purpose. Want to change the surface of the sofa? Then for you created sofa mattresses, the main feature of which is the minimum height. The best choice in this case will be Ormatek Softy Plus.

2. Well, if you are interested in a children's mattress, then pay attention to Ormatek Kids Comfort. This product is created on the basis of independent springs, and it perfectly copes with a small load.

3. Among the traditional mattresses, the perfect options are Ascona Balance Status and Ascona Fitness Arena.

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The first one is cheaper, but from it you will not get the maximum of impressions.

The second mattress has an improved technology of creation, thanks to which it can serve almost forever. The best choice for those who want to make the bedroom ideal!

23 July 2016


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Which mattress is best to choose - useful advice

The importance of a full night's rest is difficult to overestimate. One of its conditions - quality bedding, in particular a mattress.

Today, many modern models are produced, differing in type, filler, purpose.

We'll figure out which mattress is better to choose, reviews of experts and opinions of buyers will help in this.

Characteristics of mattresses

Before we find out which mattress is better to choose, consider their varieties. There are two types of "bedding" for the bed - springless and spring.

Spring models

In spring mattresses, the support of the human body is provided by metal spirals of varying degrees of elasticity. Products are divided into two types - with a dependent spring unit and independent.

The dependent unit (Bonnel system)- a grid consisting of a large number of twisted biconical four- or five-turn springs, which are fastened together by a rigid frame. On 1 m2 of linen there are 100-150 large spirals.


  • simplicity of manufacture;
  • low price;
  • adaptability to significant loads.


  • fragility;
  • hard edges;
  • low resistance to corrosion of metal;
  • accumulation in the dust and reproduction of insect parasites;
  • sagging of individual parts of the canvas;
  • absence of orthopedic;
  • fluctuations in the entire mattress and creaking when the body turns.

Independent block (Pocket Spring system or its other modifications)is composed of a set of springs, each of which is packed in a separate fabric case.

The spirals are thinner in diameter than in the dependent block. Each of them has from 6 to 9 turns. In 1 m2 of cloth there are 220-260 springs.

In different areas of the mattress, elements with unequal rigidity are used to provide the most correct support for the body.


  • The springs do not rub against each other and do not creak;
  • there is no wave effect - only those spirals that are under pressure are compressed;
  • durability;
  • orthopedic effect;
  • long form preservation.


  • risk of damaging the structure if you jump or walk on the bed;
  • possible corrosion of metal and accumulation of dust inside;
  • relatively high price.

Springless mattresses

Springless mattresses do not contain metal elements. They are made from one (monoblock) or several types of materials, laid in layers or sections.

Fillers have such characteristics as elasticity, elasticity and air permeability.

The most commonly used are latex, coconut coir, polyurethane foam, horsehair, dried seaweed and so on.


  • comfort;
  • uniform support of the body;
  • there is no wave effect;
  • low allergenicity (in most cases);
  • withstand weight up to 140 kg (weight limitation depends on the material);
  • noiselessness;
  • durability;
  • do not accumulate static electricity.


  • The degree of elasticity is lower, and the rigidity is higher than that of spring models;
  • specific odor;
  • high price;
  • there may be depressions in the shape of the body.

Springless mattress filled with latex and coconut coir


Finding out what rigidity it is better to choose a mattress, it is worth remembering that this indicator depends much on the filler.

In spring products it is placed between the metal block and the upholstery, in springless it is the main material.

Filler functions - redistribution of loads, moisture absorption, providing a certain degree of hardness and thermal conductivity.

Main types:

  • Felt - layers of cotton, joined by latex. Pros - longevity, environmental friendliness. Cons - high price for quality material. The thermo-pressed felt falls off quickly.
  • Batting - non-woven fabric of synthetic and natural fibers. Pros - eco-friendliness, low price. Cons - fragility (sticks to lumps).
  • Horse hair from the tails and mane. Usually it is impregnated with latex. Pros - air permeability, elasticity, durability. Cons - high allergenicity.
  • Cotton - loosened cotton fibers. Pros - air permeability, hygroscopicity, thermal conductivity, hypoallergenicity. Cons - can get lost in lumps.
  • Wool of sheep or camel. Pros - keeping heat, air permeability, medicinal properties. Cons - high allergenicity.
  • Seaweed, dried and woven into the net. Pros - the effect of relaxation, iodine vapor, medium hardness level. Cons - high price, a specific flavor.
  • Coconut coir - the fibers of the outer part of the coconut. Pros - longevity, low allergenicity, resistance to moisture (quickly dries). Cons - high price, stiffness.
  • Latex natural - foamed juice of hevea (rubber tree). Pros - elasticity, elasticity, anatomy, resistance to heavy loads, shape retention, durability. Cons - high price.
  • Latex is artificial - foamed polymers. The advantages are the same as the natural counterpart, as well as the low price. Minus is a specific smell.
  • Polyurethane foam is a porous synthetic nonwoven material. Advantages - low allergenicity, medium hardness, durability, resistance to moisture, affordable price. Cons - short life with low quality material.
  • Memoryfoam is a kind of polyurethane foam with a "memory effect". The filler takes the form of a human body, "remembers" it and stores it in the future. Pros - prevents the occurrence of pressure sores, ensures normal blood microcirculation, relieves muscle tension. Cons - high price, you need to get used to the mattress.
  • Struttoiber is a modern analog of foam rubber. The cloth is a combination of three layers - a carrier and two reinforcing. Pros - low cost, elasticity, heat retention. Cons - short-lived (quickly deformed).

The best consumer properties are combinations of fillers, for example, latex + coir. In addition, the "winter - summer" options are convenient, when the "warm" layer (wool) is located on one side, and "cold" (cotton) on the other.


In search of an answer to the question of which mattress is better to choose and how to do it, judging by the opinions of specialists, one should pay attention not only to the type of construction and the filler, but also to the material of the cover. Its task is to protect the inside of the product from moisture and contaminants.

Covers can be removable and not removable. The first is closer to the filler, the latter is easier to clean. They are made from natural (cotton, linen, wool) and synthetic fabrics.

Natural materials have high thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity, but it is more difficult to care for them than for artificial ones.


Best of all, when the product combines natural and synthetic fibers (synthetics should be less).


Covers are additionally impregnated with special substances that repel dust, moisture and increase strength. According to experts, the best upholstery fabric for mattresses is jacquard.

Features of choice

Reflecting on which orthopedic mattress is best to choose, one should understand the essence of this concept.

The orthopedic product provides support for the spine in a physiological (flat) position.

The mattress repeats the contours of the body and does not allow the spine to sag or bend. As a result, all the vertebrae, muscles and ligaments are unloaded.

Solving the problem of how to choose the right orthopedic mattress, one should take into account the height, weight, age, preferences and condition of the musculoskeletal system of the future owner.

Key recommendations:

  • People with a high weight fit mattresses with reinforced independent springs or springless with a thick interlayer coir.
  • Thin men and women should give preference to mattresses made of latex or soft spring models without interlayers, increasing stiffness.
  • With a medium build, it is better to choose models with independent springs or a combination of coir and latex.
  • At a young age, the most springless options are preferred. Infants fit bed with coconut filler, which are well ventilated. Older children and teenagers need models of medium hardness made of artificial or natural latex.
  • Elderly people are recommended mattresses of low and medium hardness.
  • Manufacturers of mattresses indicate to which maximum mass they are calculated. It is worth taking the product with a margin by weight.

In case of problems with the musculoskeletal system, the following nuances should be considered:

  • If the loin hurts, the models that take the shape of the body are more suitable;
  • in diseases of the thoracic spine, hard mattresses are preferable;
  • the maximum orthopedic effect, which is necessary for osteochondrosis and other ailments of the spine, are articles with independent springs and springless latex with a thickness of at least 17 cm;
  • Do not choose too hard mattress without doctor's recommendation, it does not provide natural the position of the spine and exerts pressure on individual zones, disrupting the circulation in the soft tissues.

When choosing a mattress in a store, you should always lie on itto assess its rigidity, elasticity and comfort.

In addition, you need to measure the bed with a tape measure, so as not to lose with the size. The sleeper should be a maximum of 2-3 cm more than the mattress.

The length of the mattress should exceed the height of a person by 15 cm.

Popular manufacturers

When deciding which firm the mattress is best to choose, it is necessary to pay attention to the reputation. It is not necessary to save on buying, because bed beds are purchased for a long time and directly affect well-being.

The most popular Russian and international brands:

  • "Ascona" (Russia). It produces universal models, as well as unique developments. Askona Silver - a mattress with three zones of spring blocks, ions of silver and silk proteins. Askona Mediflex - bedding for people who need rehabilitation in connection with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Ormatek (Russia). The most famous series of mattresses Season - bilateral beds with different degrees of rigidity. In addition, the popularity of latex mattresses, sold at a relatively low price.
  • "Consul" (Russia). Produces different types of mattresses. The most popular models are created on the basis of independent springs, as a filler they use latex and coir.
  • Primavera (Italy). Produces quality orthopedic mattresses with various fillers. Warranty for the products is 12 years.
  • Studio-Moderna (Slovenia). It is the manufacturer of widely advertised springless mattresses Dormeo. At their creation inexpensive high-tech synthetic fillers are used.

If there was a question, which firm to choose a mattress, reviews show that the most durable and quality products are produced by the brands "Ascona "Ormatec "Consul Primavera, Atmosphere, Sleepeezee, Vegas.

Choosing a mattress is a difficult task. When solving it, it is necessary to take into account not only the opinions of specialists and consumers.

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It is important to check the comfort of the product on yourself, and also take into account the parameters of the body. If there are problems with the musculoskeletal system, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

He will be able to advise the optimum degree of stiffness of the mattress.

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21 the best orthopedic mattress

The variety of orthopedic mattresses and their manufacturers opens up so wide possibilities for a choice that potential buyers often need the opinion of specialists or users who have already "experienced" interested in a copy.

Manufacturers overview

The most famous manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses in Russia are five companies:Askona,Consul,Dreamline, Ormatek and Toris.

Askona- the largest Russian plant. In its squares are produced famous brands: Serta, IKEA, King Koil and others. The cost of their products is higher than that of most competitors.

Ormatek- is the second largest production. Prices for running models are always slightly lower than those of competitors.

In general, the company sells products at the most reasonable prices.

Dreamlinespecializes in the production of bedroom furniture and orthopedic mattresses at a very affordable price.

TorisandConsul- also quite large and well-known factories. Mattresses fromConsulmore expensive than similar models on average by 30%.Torisoffers the most modest choice of mattresses, but at an adequate price.

Among foreign companies are in the leadSealy, Serta(in Russia, orthopedic mattresses under this brand are manufactured by the factoryAskona) and the FrenchSimmons, known to us asSleepeezee.

Which orthopedic mattresses are best avoided?

  • Products from unknown manufacturers. This is an important point, since small companies do not have the necessary production capacities and resort to a manual way of assembling. A quality mattress can not be manufactured in this way.
  • Orthopedic mattresses without viewing lightning, which makes it possible to check the filling. Often, unscrupulous manufacturers instead of the declared felt or coconut lay a usual foam rubber, and instead of five or six-spring springs, use four-turn. No relation to mattresses intended for the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such products do not have.
  • Persistent chemical odor. In the production of mattresses, low-quality glue can be used. Naturally, there can be no question of a "sweet dream" on such a mattress.


Mattress Ascona Balance Smart (Balance Smart) 90 x 200 cmAverage Price: 2505 RPluses:One of the most affordable orthopedic spring mattresses is made on the basis of "Bonnel which supports the spine and prevents its deformation. The softness of the springs and the elasticity of the sleeping surface ensure a comfortable rest. Noises and friction in the mattress are excluded, the coils of the springs do not touch each other under load due to their biconical shape. The softness of the mattress is given to the plates made of polyurethane foam, protected from the spring unit by a sponboard - strong, non-toxic, well-permeable air and environmentally friendly material. Polyurethane foam does not exert a back pressure on the muscles and does not interfere with free circulation of blood. The maximum load capacity is 90 kg.Disadvantages:Slippery cover, it is better to use sheets with elastic bands.Reviews:"I got it on the advice of a doctor, after surgery on the spine I can not sleep on ordinary mattresses, normal support is necessary, otherwise I can not get out of bed. But on it I sleep well, very comfortable, take it for prophylaxis. " "The cheap does not always mean bad. The mattress showed itself perfectly during operation. "
2. Spring mattress DreamLine Kombi-3 Bonnel 80 x 200 cmThe average price: 5400 Perfect model with good anatomical indicators. Made with different hardness of the sides: medium and soft. On the one hand, polyurethane foam, and with the other latex coconut coir and PPU.
3. Mattress Toris Collection 90 x 200 cmThe average price: 6064 Rodin of the best bilateral orthopedic mattresses soft and high rigidity, suitable for the whole family.


Mattress Ormatek Optima Light Bonnel 80 x 200 cm Average price: 3690 RPluses:A mattress of economy class with an excellent reputation, not inferior either in quality or in terms of operation to expensive orthopedic mattresses. This model is in constant demand among buyers. The reliable and high-quality elasticity of the mattress and its high orthopedic characteristics are guaranteed by a single spring Bonnel unit. As a filler, hypoallergenic Orto-foam (artificial latex) is used. The material effectively copes with the distribution of the person's weight on the sleeping surface, excluding the back load on the muscles and ensuring the normal circulation of blood. The combination of "Bonnel" and modern high-quality filler provides a quiet healthy sleep, regardless of the position of the body of the sleeper. The maximum weight per bed is 110 kg.disadvantages: Slight discrepancy of the declared rigidity.Reviews:"... acquired recently. The mattress, for such a price, is simply excellent, the springs are not felt, the bed is very comfortable, the back has stopped bother. At first it seemed - yes, softly, but after a month of use, I can say for sure that this is 100% medium hardness. I want to emphasize, for this price, an excellent mattress... sleeping on your stomach is very convenient. "
2. Ormatek Mattress Bonnel Series Eco Series 80 x 190 cmThe average price: 3013 Rnazhny, durable and very comfortable mattress with thermal insulation, has excellent orthopedic properties.
3. Mattress Askona Balance Smart (Balance Smart) 80 x 200 cmThe average price: 3047 The most affordable model on a high-quality "Bonnel" with a comfortable flooring from polyurethane foam, separated from the spring unit by a sponboard, perfectly copes with support of the spine in anatomically correct position.


Mattress DreamLine Eco Strong Bonnel 90 x 200 cmThe average price: 6202 RPluses:From one name of the Strong line it is clear that these are "strong" mattresses. So it really is. In this model, special inserts are provided between the springs of the Bonnel unit, which strengthens the structure itself. The orthopedic mattress can withstand up to 150 kg of weight per bed and the difference in weight of those sleeping above 25 kg, and this means that it is perfect for couples with a big difference in weight, everyone will feel comfortable. Managers often joke that this model is ideal for newlyweds during active operation. An artificial latex is laid on both sides of the mattress, and the cover is made of jacquard, quilted on the withers.Disadvantages:Low level of anatomy. Observation lightning is not present, it is necessary to specify at the order.Reviews:"The weight of the spouse is decent, for 100 kg off scale! I chose this mattress. Previous survived only two years. When I communicated with the manager, there were doubts, but still decided to take a chance. More than a year has passed since the purchase, there are no deformations, no creaks, no obvious changes. Excellent model for overweight people. And yet, it's good that you can order a cover at your discretion. "
2. Mattress Askona Balance Palma (Palm Balance) 120 x 200 cmThe average price: 6054 ROLASSICAL rigid orthopedic mattress with a block "Bonnel" and natural coconut plate.
3. Mattress DreamLine Dream 1 Bonnell 90 x 200 cmThe average price: 6314 Rodin from the most qualitative and affordable for the price of mattresses for lovers of an elastic-hard bed with excellent orthopedic indicators.


Mattress Askona Compact Effect Low 90 x 200 cm Average price: 4251 RPluses:The mattress is made on the basis of the unique orthopedic support system MULTIZONE - a monolithic block of artificial latex of various densities. The surface of the mattress consists of three anatomical zones, corresponding to the usual load on certain parts of the body. At a relatively moderate price, the mattress has: • excellent orthopedic qualities; • durability; • wear resistance; • Resistant to changing climatic conditions. The cover is unpretentious in the care, dense highly elastic fabric Buona, and the sponboard saves from the abrasion the inner layers of the mattress. The maximum load is up to 90 kg. Supplied in a twisted form in a vacuum package.Disadvantages:Sheathing is not very high quality.Reviews:"I bought this mattress 6 months ago. Great impression. For such money - very high quality and cozy. A good mattress... My mother is delighted (she has problems with the lumbar spine), we have been operating for more than two months... ".
2. Mattress Consul Classic Filon 70 x 195 cmThe average price: 5012 A high-quality orthopedic mattress filled with polyurethane foam, durable and comfortable.
3. Consul Mattress Consul Classic Pegasus 90 x 190 cmAverage Price: 10569 RMMy double-sided orthopedic mattress: one the side is made of polyurethane foam, the other is made of natural latex, which explains the relatively high price products.


Mattress Ormatech Eco-Flex Eko series 90 x 200 cmAverage Price: 3536 RPluses:Comfortable, practical, affordable and durable mattress, made of monolithic polyurethane foam - modern hypoallergenic material that preserves the orthopedic properties of the mattress for the whole period operation. Ideal for use in the country, or as an extra bed. Material for the cover is a quilted synthetic jacquard with filling. The maximum permissible load is up to 90 kg. Delivered in a roll.Disadvantages:At first, a characteristic smell can be felt.Reviews:"A mattress is a miracle! I have not slept so sweetly for a long time, I advise everyone. " "I bought my daughter in the hostel, complained that my back hurts and I can not sleep at all. Now he falls asleep, which affects his studies. "
2. Mattress Ascona Compact Favorite 90 x 200 cm, springless in vacuum packingThe average price: 5411 A very fine orthopedic mattress for adherents of the "golden mean". Filling: • latex, • spunbond, • 3-zone polyurethane foam.
3. Mattress Toris Legante Country series 80 x 200 cmThe average price: 7202 RMatras based on high-tech fillers with excellent anatomical properties. Comfortable and durable.


Mattress Ormatek Flex Standard 80 x 195 cmThe average price: 4748 Rodna is one of the most popular models of the Flex line. Thanks to the artificial latex Orto-foam, which serves as a monolithic filler, your spine will be provided with a reliable support, the waist will relax, a healthy sleep will relieve the stiffness of the muscles. In the morning you will feel like a truly rested person. The maximum load is up to 120 kg.Disadvantages:Not yet detected.Reviews:"An excellent mattress and many thanks to manufacturers! I'll buy three more at the dacha, so that guests can comfortably rest! " "I use it recently, I like it. I will not trade even for the most expensive mattress! "
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2. Mattress Ormatek Orma Flex 80 x 200 cmAverage Price: 3345 RENAIN springless orthopedic mattress filled with polyurethane foam and wavy coconut.
3. Mattress Toris MagicSleep Kontrast Fusion series 80 x 200 cmThe average price: 7101 PC is more expensive, but the difference is The price is explained by the use of latex coconut fiber and a seven-zone block of polyurethane foam Ergopharm. High-quality orthopedic mattress.


Soft springless mattress DreamLine Soft 80 x 200 cmThe average price: 14932 RPluses:This mattress is created for lovers of a comfortable and soft bed. Recommended for beds with the option of a variable headboard. The filler is a natural perforated latex, which has the highest anatomical properties. Despite the softness, the mattress creates elastic support for the spine. Latex is known as an environmentally friendly and hygienic material. Due to the perforation, the air freely penetrates into the plate, and the absorbed moisture evaporates easily from the latex surface. The case is the Elit model - jacquard fabric on a cotton basis.Disadvantages:Not detected.
2. Mattress Toris Contour 16 series Foam 80 x 200 cm springless latex Average price: 15249 A high quality comfortable and durable orthopedic mattress made of molded latex foam.
3. Mattress Consul Classic Cornelium 80 x 200 cm Average price: 10686 Soft mattress made of natural latex: • elastic, • durable, • has high supporting properties.

Which orthopedic mattress is better to buy?

We offered the most popular, high-quality and affordable orthopedic mattresses.

But do not forget that we all have different anatomical features, and our needs for rest are also different.

To choose your mattress is better to take care, relying on the advice of experts, their feelings and, of course, a purse.

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Choosing the best mattress - orthopedic, spring or springless

Before you choose a mattress, you need to determine its stiffness, the size of the bed (children's, double, single), to find feedback on the manufacturer.

It is important to consider other selection criteria: filler, type of construction, health of the buyer.

A quality comfortable mattress will ensure the comfort of your sleep, excellent well-being and high spirits for the whole subsequent day.

What are mattresses for beds?

In many stores quality mattresses are presented in abundance. Do not get confused and buy the right product will help you know the differences between these products. All types of mattresses for a bed differ according to the following classification criteria:

  • spring and springless;
  • by filling material: latex, coconut, wool, horse hair;
  • bilateral, one-sided;
  • orthopedic, anatomical.

Learn how to choose the right mattress for a double bed can be, focusing on the height of the highest of the couple, leaving up to 15 cm of stock.

The maximum length of a double seat is 190-200 cm, width 160-200 cm, and the thickness depends on the filling.

Modern double products come with blocks of dependent and independent springs, they should be chosen, given the body weight of the spouses. There are mattresses without springs, filled with horsehair, latex or coir.

Striped cotton mattresses of the Soviet era have been left in the past, today high-quality mattresses with a natural layer are considered.

An excellent option - combined models, with coconut fiber inside and a latex layer on top. The stiffness of mattresses are of three types: soft, medium, hard. The latter are useful for children, people, with pains in the spine.

Soft types of mattresses for beds are suitable for older people, medium-hard - a universal option.

Upholstery should well ventilate the air, absorb and evaporate moisture.

For this purpose, jacquard is often used, which has a beautiful appearance, provides excellent ventilation due to perforation.

The models with double-sided upholstery are in great demand, it provides heat during sleep in the winter season and a comfortable rest during the summer heat.

Types of orthopedic mattresses

All types of orthopedic mattresses are divided into spring and springless.

The best are models with a block of springs that do not depend on each other, where each of them is placed in Individual cover, compressed separately from others, which provides the product with exceptional orthopedic properties.

Thanks to this quality, the product takes the form of a sleeper's body. Models in which the springs are absent have high orthopedic properties due to high-quality bedding: coir and latex.

Stamps of mattresses for beds

Study the best brands of bed mattresses before making a purchase to choose a model with a favorable ratio of quality to price. Brands, among the manufacturers of such products are the following companies:

  • Ascona;
  • Ormatec;
  • Dormeo;
  • Dreamline;
  • Donson.

In online stores of leading manufacturers you will find an overview of the offered products, information about their cost, sales, discounts, you can see how the product looks, get advice and advice from a specialist, order the delivery of goods by mail. Often in these stores are held shares, during which you can buy a mattress at a price slightly higher than the cost of purchase.

Specialty stores have a huge selection of products for the bed, so it can be difficult to understand, for example, which mattress to buy.

Based on the opinions of experts in this field, user feedback and to simplify the choice of the buyer, the rating of the best mattresses was compiled.

The first five included the following models:

  • Ascona Victory;
  • Ascona Fitness Arena;
  • Ascona Balans Smart;
  • Ormatek Optima Light Bonnel;
  • Dreamline Eco Strong.

Which mattress to choose - spring or springless

Help choose a spring or springless mattress can compare the characteristics of such products among themselves:

  1. In products of a spring type dust accumulates, dust mites appear. In models without springs filled with coconut fiber, latex they do not live.
  2. Upholstery of springless models - perforated, the moisture from the mattress evaporates. Springs in other products rust over time with moisture.
  3. The period of use of spring products - up to 10 years, springless - up to 15 years.

What rigidity should be a mattress

Knowing the basic characteristics of mattresses, you can easily choose for yourself an inexpensive suitable model. One of the important factors when buying such a product is the rigidity index.

How to choose a mattress, starting from this criterion? The main thing that you should rely on is your weight, age and the presence of problems with the spine.

Children and teenagers under the age of 18 are better off choosing a rigid, springless mattress, filled with coconut fiber.


People with a large body weight or pain in the cervical vertebrae, too, should pay attention to products with increased rigidity.


Buyers with pain in the thoracic spine and those who are in the average weight range (60-90 kg) should prefer medium-hardness models.

Older and leaner people are more suitable for soft mattresses.

The best mattresses for sleeping

It is believed that the best mattresses for sleep are orthopedic.

High quality in this category is characterized by springless models that have inside the hair filler (horsehair), coir, latex, wool or cotton.

The plus of such products is also the lack of metal structures, which become inadequate over the years, they are often chosen for a baby bed.

Anatomic products are almost no different from orthopedic products. They repeat the contours of the human body, help maintain the correct position of the spine.

The only difference between them is the degree of rigidity, the anatomical beds are softer, more comfortable.

Their best representative is a water mattress whose service life may be short, because it is easy to pierce.

How to choose a mattress for a double bed

The correct choice of a mattress for a bed will provide a full, comfortable sleep.

The most common model of such products is called "Bonnel it happens with dependent and independent blocks of springs.

The first type of construction involves joining the springs together, which makes the product durable and durable. Yes, and they are relatively cheap.

The only negative - they do not fit people whose weight is very different. The heavier spouse will tilt the product, and the one that will be easier to roll down to the middle.


How to choose a mattress for such a family? They can advise products with independent springs, when one will get up or turn over, the second will not feel anything.


They are expensive, but they will last for many years and provide a comfortable sleep.

How to choose an orthopedic mattress

The correct choice of an orthopedic mattress will depend on the physique, health and age of the buyer. Thin and elderly people should pay attention to soft mattress models that can easily repeat the bends of the body.

For people with average weight and pain in the lumbar region, models with independent springs and combined filler are more suitable.

Owners of heavy weight, people under 25 years and those who suffer pain in the spine, it is better to buy products with high rigidity, a block of springs independent of each other.

Which firm to choose a mattress

When deciding which firm to choose a mattress, be based not only on the ranking of famous brands. Study the company's reviews, prices and warranty periods for the offered goods, read the information on materials, production technology.

Keep in mind that companies that manufacture baby cots provide a larger range of products in this range.

Having determined your needs and wishes, you narrow the range of potential firms, and you can easily determine which mattress is better to buy.

Price for mattresses

The final price for mattresses is formed depending on the size, internal filling, upholstery material, quality of materials used in production, type of construction. Affects the cost of the product and the region of sales, so the price in St. Petersburg and, for example, Lipetsk, may differ. In Moscow, the price of mattresses for beds is this:

Product name


Ascona Balans Smart

from 3479 rubles

Ascona Victory

from 6991 rubles

Dreamline Eco Strong

from 6285 rubles

Ormatek Optima Light Bonnel

from 5190 rubles

Ascona Fitness Arena

from 13725 rubles

: how to choose a mattress

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