Causes of bleeding gums and treatment

Often while brushing your teeth, you can see the blood on the brush. This phenomenon can be caused by carelessness or evidence of the presence of pathologies in the oral cavity. Why does gum bleeding occur - causes and treatment? How to safely fix the problem during pregnancy or in young children?

  • Why bleeding gums
  • Why bleeding gums in pregnancy
  • Why does the baby bleed gums?
  • Causes of bleeding gums after tooth extraction
  • How to stop blood from the gums
  • The best toothpaste from gingival hemorrhage
  • What to do at home
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Why bleeding gums

If there is blood when cleaning teeth, this may be a consequence of pathologies and injuries of the oral cavity or diseases of a general nature.

Important! If the gums bleed constantly, you need to seek help from a specialist. You may need to consult not only the dentist, but also the therapist, hematologist.

Dental causes of bleeding gums:

  • inflammatory process in the gums - gingivitis;
  • inflammation in the tissues directly near the tooth - periodontitis;
  • pathological processes in the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, which are accompanied by the appearance of ulcers - stomatitis;
  • injury with an excessively stiff toothbrush, often bleeding appears when flossing, indicating that it is misused;
  • Thermal burns after consuming hot drinks or eating.

With dental problems, the gum reddens and swells, there is a severe pain when pressed, while eating, the plaque accumulates near the roots, which provokes the appearance of bad breath. When stomatitis begins a strong saliva.

Bleeding gums from smokers and alcohol drinkers bleed profusely - harmful habits lead to a deficiency of vitamins, the walls of small vessels become fragile. Provoke bleeding may imbalanced nutrition, diabetes, oncological diseases. Blood on a toothbrush can appear with viral, fungal, dermatological pathologies of the oral cavity - herpes, papilloma, candidiasis, lupus erythematosus.

Bleeding appears sometimes with prolonged use of certain medicines. Sore and bleeding gums with intolerance of materials that are used for sealing, in dentures, unpleasant symptoms may appear after poor-quality teeth whitening.

If unpleasant sensations in the mouth are accompanied by high fever, weakness, bruises on the body of incomprehensible origin, prolonged and abundant discharge during menstruation, nosebleeds - you need to visit a doctor urgently, undergo a comprehensive examination.

Why bleeding gums in pregnancy

Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, menopause, during adolescence often leads to the appearance of gingivitis. In pregnant women, the problem is aggravated by weakened immunity. Most often, the problem is solved by rinsing with antiseptic and herbal decoctions. Without proper treatment, the disease becomes chronic.

For treatment, you can use Rotokan tincture - dilute 5 ml of medicine in 200 ml of warm water, rinse the mouth 4-5 times a day. Of folk remedies, a mixture of 25 g of honey and 100 g of crushed salt fights well with bleeding. Mass should be rubbed gently in the gums twice a day.

As a preventive measure of inflammation of the gums, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after each meal, use dental floss. To clean teeth, it is better to use pastes that have anti-inflammatory ingredients. In the diet must be present fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, greens, citrus fruits, cereals.

Why does the baby bleed gums?

The main causes of the appearance of blood from the gums in children - gingivitis and stomatitis. Diseases develop against a background of accumulation of pathogenic microflora on the mucous membranes, lack of proper hygiene, unbalanced nutrition, deficiency of useful trace elements.

Important! Blood from the gums in children up to a year often occurs with an incorrect bite.

When blood appears on the toothbrush, inflammation and swelling of the baby's gums should be shown to the dentist. He uses ultrasound to remove the stones and plaque, he will put the seals. After that, prescribe drug therapy with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs - solutions of Chlorhexidine and Miramistin for rinsing, but these drugs can be used to treat children older than 3 years. Children aged 1-3 years, doctors recommend to apply gums and ointments on the gums - Holisal.

It is necessary to teach the child to properly brush his teeth, to begin the cleansing is necessary with the appearance of the first tooth. In the diet should be less sweets, more foods with calcium.

Causes of bleeding gums after tooth extraction

Bleeding from the gums after tooth extraction - should not cause fear, but only if it does not last long. To eliminate the problem, you need to attach a bandage of sterile gauze to the wound. It can be removed in 20-30 minutes - during this time a blood clot forms, it prevents penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into the open wound. Before the formation of a clot it is forbidden to eat, rinse your mouth.

Important! Do not use for a protective compress. Vata - villi can get into the wound, the inflammatory process will begin.

Prolonged bleeding can be caused by poor blood coagulability, the use of drugs based on acetylsalicylic acid. Strong and prolonged bleeding indicates damage to a large vessel - in this case, urgent help is required from a specialist.

To stop the blood, you can put a cold compress on the side of the cheek where the tooth was removed. To prevent bleeding, severe physical exertion needs to be limited within 24 hours after tooth extraction-they can trigger a pressure surge and increase the risk of rebleeding.

How to stop blood from the gums

To understand how to treat inflamed gums, you need to undergo a test, to reveal the true cause of the disease. Complex treatment of dental diseases begins with the removal of tartar and plaque, after which drug therapy is performed.

Treatment of gum disease:

  • antibacterial agents in the form of tablets, injections;
  • immunomodulators - tincture of echinacea, eleutherococcus;
  • painkillers;
  • Vitamin complexes - Vitrum, Alphabet, Belleks;
  • Ascorutin - helps improve the condition of blood vessels;
  • dental gels - Holisal, Solcoseryl. These drugs are applied twice a day after rinsing.

If bleeding gums, there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth - do not do without rinsing. Than to rinse a mouth at an inflammation mucous? Chlorheksidin solution, herbal decoctions based on chamomile, sage, calendula. The procedure should be performed at least twice a day, but it is better to rinse your mouth every 3-4 hours.

The best toothpaste from gingival hemorrhage

Toothpastes will not help cure inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, but will help to eliminate unpleasant symptoms if it bleeds between the teeth.

Which pastes help to get rid of bleeding gums:

  1. Paradontax. Pasta has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The composition contains extracts from sage, echinacea, mint, chamomile, ratania, myrrh. The product effectively eliminates fungi and viruses in the oral cavity, strengthens the gums, freshens breath.
  2. Forest balsam. The basis of the paste is mineral salts, which allows to accelerate the processes of metabolism in tissues, improve blood supply. The company produces funds based on various substances useful for the oral cavity - propolis, oak bark, cedar oil, medicinal herbs. This helps to choose a paste for solving various dental problems.
  3. Lakalut. Pasta refers to the therapeutic and prophylactic means, so it can not be used at all times. Lakalut helps to remove soft tartar, bad breath, pathological dryness of mucous membranes. Dentists recommend using the remedy for problems with gums, frequent caries. With bleeding, it is better to use Lakalut paste for sensitive enamel - it eliminates inflammatory processes and has an astringent effect.

Important! During the treatment of bleeding gums should use soft toothbrushes. Use them can be no more than 14 days - they are much worse than eliminating plaque.

What to do at home

Means against bleeding gums based on herbs help quickly eliminate unpleasant symptoms - inflammation, looseness of the gums, strengthen teeth and roots.

Oak bark contains a lot of tannins, which allows you to get rid of pathogenic microorganisms on the mucous membranes. Grind 30 grams of raw material, pour 1 liter of water, the mixture simmer over low heat for 30 minutes. Leave for 2 hours in a closed container, strain, rinse mouth with 4 times a day.

Sage - an effective painkiller and healing agent, which is used in the home treatment of many dental diseases. Quickly remove the severe inflammation will help fresh grass - it must be rubbed into the gruel, attach to the affected area. After a quarter of an hour the lotion can be removed, the puffiness will become much less.

What to do to avoid inflammation of the gums, the appearance of bad breath? For the prevention of dental diseases should be properly cleaned teeth at least twice a day, visit the dentist every 6 months. Do not forget to rinse your mouth with special means or warm water, bowl to eat solid fruits and vegetables to provide the body with vitamins, improve blood supply to the gums.

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