Syrup from damp cough to adults

Expectorants for wet cough: syrups for adults, list

Drugs for cough should be chosen based on the nature of the cough.

If the disease is accompanied by a dry, debilitating cough, expectorants should be prescribed.

Over the years, cough syrups for adults are popular.

Such a drug is pleasant to the taste, it is easy to dose, with proper application, the syrup can help to cough, as a manifestation:

  • ARI,
  • bronchitis,
  • tracheitis.

Preparations for cough: particular application

With a wet cough, there is one feature - it can not be blocked. This type of cough is called productive. Treatment of a wet cough is aimed at the effective dilution of sputum. For this purpose, pills, candles, syrups and folk remedies are used that are aimed at:

  1. improving the production of bronchial mucus (secreto-drug),
  2. sputum evacuation and its dilution (mucolytic or secretolitic drugs),
cough syrupsIf there are thick and viscous secretions, then mucolytic agents are shown to dilute sputum, since the liquid secret must be removed from the body. It is undesirable at the same time to use expectorant and mucolytic types of drugs, it is dangerous, especially for children under one year.
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Nowadays modern combined preparations are available. As a rule, their use is prescribed by a doctor within the framework of therapy. However, combined medicines can not be combined with antitussives.

Expectorant types of syrup are divided into preparations:

  • direct resorptive actions that irritate the bronchial mucosa in order to enhance the secretion of mucus,
  • reflex action - excite vomit and cough centers to enhance the production of mucus in the bronchi.

Medications of reflex action

Such expectorants stimulate the functioning of the emetic center. In this case, the very vomiting does not occur, if there is no overdose.

Preparations of reflex action have active substances, which strengthen the peristalsis of the epithelium. In this group are syrups, which contain essential oils or extracts of such plants:

  1. plantain,
  2. oregano,
  3. mother and stepmother,
  4. licorice,
  5. elecampane,
  6. thermopsis,
  7. althea.
cough syrupsThe most popular syrups of this group include herbal medicines with an extract of althea medicinal. Such remedies are good stimulators of the motor functions of the human respiratory tract.

Natural components in the preparation guarantee the presence of a minimum number of contraindications. One of them is an individual intolerance.

Such remedies should be used with caution by people who are prone or suffer from diabetes mellitus.

As part of the drugs there is alcohol, which also introduces certain restrictions in the intake of these syrups.

Syrups of resorptive direct action

Preparations of this group have their own task: the withdrawal of accumulated viscous sputum from the bronchi. Medicines resorptive direct action have in its composition:

  • substances containing sulfur: carbocysteine, acetylcysteine,
  • enzymes with sputum liquefaction properties: trypsin, ribonuclease,
  • synthetic derivatives of natural vizicin: ambroxol, bromhexine.

This group of agents is represented by the following known drugs:

  1. Gedelix,
  2. Bromhexine,
  3. Abboxol.

All of these drugs have expectorant, as well as mucolytic effects.

When choosing a drug, you should consult with your doctor. Otherwise, the advertised drug from the assistant will turn into a provocateur of serious complications for the systems and organs of the body.

Modern pharmaceuticals in recent decades increasingly refers to natural components and substances. Most of the cough syrups are created on the basis of various medicinal herbs.

Many syrups, tablets and drops from cough are presented in several concentrations. However, the syrup has a lot of advantages over other types of medicines, for example, such a medicine:

  • convenient to use,
  • has a fast suction speed,
  • has the ease of dosage.

The most popular cough syrups for adults

Althaea officinalis

Syrup of althaea medicinal is a dense brownish phytopreparation with a specific smell and pleasant taste. In pharmacies the product is sold in vials of dark glass.

A syrup is taken one large spoon up to 5 times a day after a meal. It must first be diluted with a small amount of warm water, especially with a wet cough. Remedies are recommended by ENT when wet cough with viscous sputum with poor separation.

Syrup with licorice thermopsis

cough syrups with licoriceThe main difference between licorice syrup and thermopsis is a combined action and plant origin. As the name implies, the drug has two active substances: thermopsis and licorice.

In addition to these constituents, the preparation contains sodium benzoate, ammonium bromide and potassium bromide. Expectorant type of syrup should be diluted with water before taking. An important contraindication to use is peptic ulcer and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, the syrup can not be used by pregnant women and people with alcoholism. As part of the means there is sugar, which can negatively affect the condition of people with diabetes.

Elixir Codelac Broncho

The drug is a composition of glycyrrhizic acid and ambroxol, which gives a bright positive effect with a wet cough with difficulty in separating the sputum.

Elixir Codelac Broncho can treat children older than 12 years and adults. The syrup has an anti-inflammatory and mucolytic effect.

If the expectorant type of syrup is taken 2 or 3 weeks, then the state of the bronchi begins to improve. Adults need to drink the drug 3-4 times a day for two tablespoons.

The drug is contraindicated in pregnant women, during lactation. It is forbidden to take the drug for children under one year. It is also not used for stomach ulcers.

Coldrex Bronho

The drug with a secretory effect, the taste of licorice and the smell of anise. From natural ingredients it contains tincture of red pepper, anise oil, levomenthol and camphor.

The active substances are:

  • sodium cyclamate,
  • benzoate,
  • dextrose.

The drug should be taken every 3 hours for two tablespoons. Syrup softens sputum, effective for wet and dry cough.


PertussinThe well-known preparation of Pertussin perfectly suits people of any age. It is a mucolytic and expectorant, in the composition of which is an extract of thyme.

Pertussin reduces the viscosity of sputum and positively affects the activity of the cilia of the ciliated epithelium of the bronchi. Thus, sputum moves faster to the exit, potassium bromide is designed to suppress the cough reflex, which is important for a damp cough.

During the lactation period, during pregnancy and children up to one year, you can not take the drug. Another contraindication is heart failure. The daily dose of the drug for an adult is 30-45 ml, which is divided into three doses.


Herbal medicine with thyme, which is part of the group of expectorants and bronchodilators, bronchodilators. Tussamag is produced in two forms: without sugar and with a sweetener. For adults it should be taken 2-3 tablespoons 3 times a day.


The basis of this phytopreparation is the root of licorice. The drug has an expectorant effect. The composition of the agent is glycyrrhizin, which acts as a catalyst. This substance stimulates secretion in the mucosa of the respiratory tract.


A syrup with extracts of thyme, psyllium, senegi and primrose has a double action. First, it softens the dry, debilitating cough, and second, it stimulates sputum expectoration.


The syrup contains extracts of thyme and plantain. The agent has expectorant and secretolytic effects. It is necessary to use Eucabal with symptomatic therapy of cough of different origin. The drug dilutes sputum, it is effective for wet and dry cough.

Preparations for children

Syrup is the most common form of release of expectorant drugs for children. Most people prefer to use variants of natural origin.

It is important to note that some varieties of syrups for children can not be given to a child for up to a year. Especially this prohibition concerns mucolytic drugs. Such treatment threatens the development of the child various complications, due to side effects. Therefore, prescription drugs for children under one year should only be performed by a doctor on the basis of diagnosis.

Dry cough syrup is inexpensive and effective for adults

Cough is the most characteristic symptom of ARVI in patients of any age. But it is not a complication of the disease - it is a kind of protective reaction of the body.

So the immune system is struggling with a progressive infection.

During the cold, the cough reflex expels germs and harmful sputum from the respiratory tract.

The process of breathing thereby becomes easier. From the above, it follows that you do not need to get rid of cough, but you should make it productive.

To choose an effective and inexpensive drug the patient needs to focus on the nature of the cough.

With a dry cough, it is preferable to use syrups that will dilute sputum or suppress cough reflex. For the treatment of moist cough in adults, a variety of inexpensive but very effective expectorants are used.

The medicine for dry cough is the optimal remedy, which has a lot of advantages: it is convenient for dosage, it has a pleasant taste and provides a good therapeutic effect. Antitussive syrups are of three types:

  1. mucolytic;
  2. expectorant;
  3. suppressive cough reflex.

Mucolytic (thinning) syrups are prescribed with a productive cough, but with hardly detachable thick sputum.

Expectorants are also indicated with a productive cough, but with liquid detachable.

Syrup from dry cough suppressing cough reflex and combination drugs is best used in an unproductive dry cough that takes the patient's appetite and sleep.

Suppressive and mucolytic drugs can not be taken at the same time, but there are combined effective drugs that immediately exert both expectorant and antitussive effects.

The mechanism of action of expectorating syrups for adults

expectorant syrups for adultsAs already mentioned above, mucolytic drugs dilute sputum and help the patient clear his throat. But many doctors claim that it is best to use more water to dilute sputum.

The list of mucolytic agents is quite extensive, but a very effective cough drug is one that contains Guaifenesin, a component that helps liquefy and remove sputum. Eventually, the cough leaves the body.

However, mucolytic drugs (usually cheap) have side effects: nausea, vomiting. Therefore, these medicines are not suitable for all people. In extreme cases, you can always take a lime-colored color from a cough, an effective enough folk remedy.

What kind of cough syrup is better?

Many doctors make up their list of inexpensive and effective cough drugs at the same time. This is due to the fact that these drugs have proven themselves as well as possible and are in great demand among patients.

Among these drugs can be identified:

  • Ambrogen.
  • Syrup of Althea.
  • Ascoril.
  • Ambroxol.
  • Pertussin.
  • Herbion.
  • Sinecod.
  • Glycodine.
  • Broncholitin.
  • Kodelak neo.

It is impossible to judge the effectiveness of a given drug from this list, since they all have different composition and quite differently affect the organisms of adults, stopping coughing.

The most popular cough syrups

Cough syrup Dr. Mom is assigned to pregnant women for the treatment of dry cough accompanying bronchitis.

Dense and difficult to separate sputum begins to thin and expectorate, the inflammatory process gradually fades, the cough passes.

The composition of the syrup Dr. Mom does not include substances that can harm a developing in the womb of the mother fruit. The components that make up the medicine are of exclusively natural origin:

  1. turmeric;
  2. ginger;
  3. basil;
  4. licorice;
  5. elecampane;
  6. aloe.

A natural and high-quality drug is Gedelix, which provides the body with a quick and effective effect. The syrup does not include sugar and ethyl alcohol, which makes it affordable for people with diabetes. There are practically no contraindications to this drug.

example of expectorating syrups for adultsSyrup Gedelix is ​​prescribed with a dry cough, facilitates the patient's condition and helps to secrete the contents of the bronchi. The extract of ivy, which is a part of the syrup, provides an anti-inflammatory effect, which is observed already in the first three days of use.

The spasmolytic effect of the syrup is another undoubted advantage. The medicine eliminates the excessive stress of the walls of the bronchi and leads their muscles to a normal state. This quality of the syrup manifests itself in the first 10 hours from the beginning of treatment.

Continues the list of syrups that cure cough, the drug Eraspel. Its effect is due to the effect on the smooth muscles of the bronchi and the blocking of the nerve receptors. It is known that cough occurs as a result of the formation in the body of substances leading to spasms of bronchi. Potion Eraspel eliminates discomfort, facilitates breathing and removes phlegm from the bronchi. Apply this medicine for the treatment of wet and dry cough.

Cough in adults can be treated with Stoptopsin. This drug is so effective that even a very dry and violent cough, it can in a matter of days turn into a wet and expectorant. The action of the antitussive drug is aimed at dilution of sputum and its further excretion.

If the patient's airways are clogged with phlegm, after receiving this syrup, it will be much easier for a person to clear his throat.

Syrup Dr. Theiss contains the following components:

  • extract of plantain;
  • melissa;
  • chamomile;
  • thyme;
  • peppermint oil;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • sugar syrup;
  • water;
  • potassium sorbate.

The preparation has a viscous consistency and characteristic odor. Syrup has anti-inflammatory and expectorant qualities. Because of its sedative effect, the drug is suitable for use before bedtime.

In syrup Sinekord active substance is butamirate. The medicine is prescribed for a painful, continuous dry cough reflex (cough pertussis type). The drug Sinekord provides a powerful suppressive effect, so it is indicated to take it when the sputum goes away and no more than seven days.

Further treatment of adult patients can be carried out by expectorants. Pregnant and lactating women are not prescribed Sinecord, which is due to the lack of clinical studies in this group of patients.

Licorice root liquorLicorice root licorice is a fairly old and proven way to cure a cough. The drug has a mild effect, but its capabilities are often not enough to effectively resist the disease. Therefore, as a monopreparation, the licorice root is practically not used.

Often, doctors appoint their patients with a dry cough Lazolvan. Active ingredient in this syrup is Ambroxol - a very effective and very popular product. Since Lazolvan does not contain alcohol and sugar, it is prescribed for diabetes and allergies. The drug has small contraindications: it can not be taken by pregnant women in the first trimester and with individual intolerance of the components.

Syrup Prospan liquefies sputum, soothes a cough reflex and quickly removes mucus from the bronchi. Active substance is an extract of ivy. In addition to the main component, the medicine consists of auxiliary substances:

  1. acid lemon anhydrous;
  2. potassium sorbate;
  3. xanthan gum;
  4. solution of sorbitol 70% (crystal);
  5. cherry flavoring;
  6. purified water.

To fix and improve the therapeutic effect, which provides antitussive syrups, the patient should consume as much liquid as possible. You can learn more about this from the video in this article.

Treatment of a damp cough in an adult: how and how to treat a wet cough

A strong wet cough is a protective mechanism that arises from the damage to the bronchial mucosa, trachea and larynx. The main task of this reflex is the resumption of airway patency.

Wet cough is accompanied by sputum discharge. In medicine, it is called "productive."

It is worth noting that the wet type of cough in an adult is not a disease, but one of its manifestations. To cure this symptom it is important to understand the causes of its occurrence, which will eliminate the causative agent of the disease.

Factors of occurrence

In an adult, cough syndrome with sputum production may appear for the following reasons:

  1. bronchial asthma;
  2. after SARS, colds, parainfluenza and influenza;
  3. neoplasms in the lungs;
  4. complication of airway inflammation;
  5. infection is chronic (syphilis, tuberculosis).
causes of wet coughIt is worth noting that if a strong wet cough arose from a cold, but it does not stop for 14 days, then urgent medical attention is needed.

Chronic disease can be present for a long time in the body in a "dormant" regime and manifest only when favorable conditions occur.

Therefore, a strong wet cough may indicate that a period of exacerbation has come.


Thanks to the survey, you can find out the reasons for the non-productive cough. Diagnosis consists of such activities as:

  • X-ray or fluorography;
  • examination of the patient with listening to the chest;
  • sometimes percussion is done;
  • general analysis of urine and blood.

In addition, you may need additional diagnosis - a smear from the larynx, bacterial sputum culture and so on.

Treatment of a damp cough is carried out only after the formation of a clinical picture and description of the disease.

Medication Therapy

With a damp cough in an adult, antitussive drugs that suppress the protective reflex of the respiratory tract can not be used. In this case, the sputum released will accumulate in the lungs, thereby forming favorable conditions for the inflammatory process and the progression of the infection.

Propane.To get rid of a wet cough that has a viral or bacterial nature, use drugs that expectorate and dilute sputum. So, a moist cough can be cured if you take syrups.

However, it is best to purchase such medications after a medical consultation, when the cause of this unpleasant symptom will be revealed.

It is desirable that the composition of the drug contain substances that dilute sputum and stimulate immune processes:

  1. polysaccharides;
  2. glycosides;
  3. saponins;
  4. tannins;
  5. organic acids and so on.

In addition, tablets and other preparations from wet cough based on plant substances (seneg, thyme, plantain, primrose) deserve special attention. Many positive reviews have such drugs as Bromgeksin, Pectoral, Herbion, Prospan.

Such funds are intended for the treatment of all types of cough. Therefore, when buying them, you should clarify that you need a syrup that helps cure the wet cough.

In addition, a wet cough can be cured by dissolving expectorants and mucolytic (dilute and excrete sputum) tablets. Mucolytic cough medicines with sputum are:

  • Flumitsil (solution for inhalations and injections);
  • ATSTS (tablets);
  • Mucosol (tablets);
  • Mukobene (tablets);
  • Ambrolan (tablets);
  • Ambrobe (syrup);
  • Lazolvan (syrup).

Expectorants are:

  1. Sodium bicarbonate (powder, solution);
  2. Amtersol (syrup);
  3. Stoptussin (syrup, tablets);
  4. Mucaltin (tablets);
  5. Doctor MOM (syrup, ointment);
  6. Bronchicum (syrup);
  7. Travisil (tablets).

Moreover, adults with a damp cough can use homeopathic ointments. Such a drug quickly penetrates the body through the skin. This is the best medicine for warming the airways.

Even at home, you can do various inhalations when coughing. Thus, the inhalation of a therapeutic vapor contributes to the release and subsequent dilution of sputum and stimulation of expectoration.

To get rid of wet cough at home, you can make a mixture of saline and mineral water, and to enhance the effect there should also add 2-3 drops of coniferous aroma oil.

Today, you can quickly cure a wet cough at home using a nebulizer. This device is the best tool for inhalation treatment. It allows you to direct the vapor flow into the respiratory tract. The duration of the procedure can be unlimited, that is, the patient must regulate it at his own discretion.

Nebulizers are:

  • Compressor. These devices are universal, which allows the use of various medications.
  • Steam. It is possible to apply only aromamasla.
  • Ultrasound. Apply if you need to cure bronchitis. You can use salt solutions and herbal solutions.

How to treat a moist cough with folk remedies

How to treat a moist cough with folk remediesTreatment of wet cough at home can be quite effective if you use medicinal herbs and other useful products. So, to cure a wet cough in an adult person, you can prepare an infusion of flax seeds.

To this end, 2 hours. l. flaxseed poured 250 ml of water and cook for 10 minutes. The resulting broth is drunk warm with honey throughout the day.

In addition, antitussive drugs can be replaced with the following folk remedy, prepared at home: 1 tbsp. l. Dry sage pour 250 ml of boiling water and insist 25 minutes.

The resulting infusion is filtered and mixed with milk. The medicine is taken warm at least 4 times a day.

In addition, a strong and moist cough can be eliminated with the help of ordinary garlic and onions. To this end, you need to cut the vegetable in half, and then inhale the healing couples.

Moreover, with productive cough, the best remedy is that which is made on the basis of medicinal herbs. So, a glass of lime blossom should be mixed with 0.5 cups of birch buds. Next, you should pour 250 ml of water and cook for 5 minutes.

The medicine is filtered and cooled. It must be drunk within 4 days. Before use in the remedy you need to add a little honey and 0.5 h. l. juice of aloe.

Even at home, you can prepare a remedy for a wet cough and temperature based on black radish. To do this, the root crop must be cleaned, chopped, put on a plate and pour with honey. Through time from the radish will be allocated juice, which should be drunk for 1 hour. l. at a time.

Moreover, an effective natural remedy replacing immunostimulating drugs is regular ginger tea, which can be easily prepared at home. So, a glass of water should be added no more than 1 hour. l. crushed root.

Another effective remedy to cure a wet cough is milk with garlic. To do this, five garlic cloves pour 250 ml of boiled milk and insist 25 minutes. The medicine is drunk warm 2-3 times a day, and details about the treatment can be found in the video in this article.

Cough for adults

Cough for adultsWhen choosing a cough medicine, one should not only know all the pros and cons of a particular drug, but also understand for which age category it is more preferable. This article is devoted to cough medicines for adults.

Drug for dry coughing for adults

With a dry cough in his life dealt with almost every person. For today in drugstores it is possible to find the big choice of the preparations effective enough at treatment of a dry cough, both at children, and at adults.

The main cure for dry cough for adults is the translation of the so-called unproductive cough into a productive cough, in other words from dry to wet. The process of sputum removal from the lungs means the beginning of recovery, as this means the beginning of the withdrawal of the infection. For this reason, often the patient is prescribed drugs that cause expectoration - thus, artificial expansion of the bronchi occurs.

Also, when dry cough helps mineral water, for example, "Borjomi". It contains in its composition substances that promote the withdrawal of sputum from the lungs. It is important that the mineral water is really good, preferably from pharmacies.

Drug for wet coughing for adults

The means for treating wet cough substantially differ from the means for treating a dry cough, and the treatment means used differ depending on whether they are shown to adults or to children. Any means passes its coordination with the doctor, due to the presence of individual specificity: whether synthetic components, plant or essential oils predominate. In addition, one should not take the same medicine for a long time due to the addiction of the organism to it, since then there is no reaction to the medicine.

The medicine for wet coughing adults is shown by both folk and generally accepted medications. Means of traditional medicine are directed, as a rule, to dilution of sputum. For these purposes, hot tea is suitable, combined with lemon and raspberries, cowberry syrup, honey and warmed milk. It is required to maintain the humidity of the air in the room at the proper level, to use household humidifiers if necessary. When an acute need is allowed to hang in the room wet sheets or spray indoor air with a special tool. The remedies shown with a damp cough have a tendency to intensify the expectoration, in addition they contribute to the liquefaction of sputum. According to the principle of action, they are divided into two main groups. Resorptive preparations are made using a base in the form of iodides and sodium, reflexes are produced from substances of plant origin, they act for 3-4 hours. When using the above drugs, stimulation of the gastric receptors involved in coughing occurs, so dosage should be done carefully, in order to avoid emetic pushes.

Good (effective) cough for adults

Cough itself does not represent any significant threat to health, but its presence indicates that the body has undergone a certain external pathogenic effect. By exhaling air, repeated with a certain periodicity, self-regulation of the organism is carried out by removing microorganisms, mucus and sputum accumulated in the lungs. Cough by its appearance may contribute to a certain irritation or swelling of the mucous membrane of the throat, adversely affect the area of ​​the trachea and bronchi. You may need additional cough medicine, in the case when the painful condition leads to a deterioration in the overall picture.

A good cough for an adult can be very different. When it comes to a group of medications for cough, it is usually sprays, pills, drops, inhalers, syrups. The unit for tablets is of various types: some help to suppress cough, others allow expectoration of sputum.

Drugs that contribute to suppression, differ in the central and peripheral action. The use of them is allowed only after reaching the age of 14, and it is necessary to strictly maintain the dosage calculated for one day. Preparations of peripheral action inhibit cough, facilitate breathing and favor the work of the brain. Drugs that act centrally do not have an effect on the respiratory system, they contribute to the dilution of sputum and their subsequent withdrawal.

Good (effective) cough for adults

Best Cough Tablets for Adults

The best medicines have always been those that, at first, help normalize the pressure, and then provide suppression of the cough reflex.

  • if the cough is not very strong, medicinal candies containing peppermint, eucalyptus, sage are not bad enough.
  • very reliable and verified Bronholitin, Libexin.
  • when cough accompanied by abundant phlegm, subsequently poorly separable, adequate drugs can become Lazolvan, Bromhexin, ACTS, Acetylcysteine. They not only provide protection against inflammation, but also contribute to the narrowing of the bronchi.
  • Among the drugs that suppress and reduce the cough center are Stoptusin, Sinekod, Tusuprex.

Home remedies for coughing adults

A very effective remedy for coughing at home is a cocktail of milk with soda and honey. Milk needs to be warmed up, slightly not bringing it to a boil, and stir in it half a teaspoon of soda with a couple of teaspoons of honey. The resulting broth should be drunk instantly.

A good medicine for coughing has shown itself a composition that includes milk with honey and fat, as well as a decoction of mint, dog rose, and chamomile.

In the absence of temperature and cough, which lasted for a long enough period, together with medicinal agents and heated broths, it is necessary to steam out the legs, to rub the body with goose fat or Balm Star.

It is useful to carry out inhalations for a couple, which in a short time can even a very cold man with a strong cough lead into working condition.

Honey cake for cough

It is executed in several variants:

  • Mix honey with flour to form a test of the required viscosity. Used two teaspoons of honey.
  • All the same, but instead of flour used powder from mustard. In order to obtain the necessary viscosity, a little vodka or oil is added.
  • 2-3 small boiled potatoes must be cleaned and chopped, so as to gradually mix them in honey.
  • The salt is mixed with honey, a bit of sunflower oil is added.
  • Regardless of the version used, the resultant mass is laid on gauze or bandage, folded several times. Honey cake is applied to the center of the chest.

Herbion from dry and wet cough - how to take?

Coughing is an unconditioned reflex, a protective reaction of the body from irritating agents in the respiratory tract - pus, mucus, sputum or foreign body. With various diseases - from common cold to severe pneumonia, cough is a symptom indicating on the occurrence of a viral, infectious or oncological disease of the respiratory system, mediastinum.

To facilitate the dry cough and to transfer it to the wet, as well as for faster cleaning of the bronchi from sputum with a damp cough - for today, two types of syrups from the cough of the Herbion series are widely used. In this article, we will describe in detail how to use Herbion from dry cough and Herbion from a damp cough for both children and adults.

Types of syrups, which one when to apply?

Herbion syrup syrup - syrup, which is most often used to treat children, as this is a natural remedy for dry unproductive cough, in contrast to the antitussive and expectorants with a dry cough, it does not have a central effect. It can also be taken by an adult if there is no allergy to the components of the drug. When using the drug from a dry cough, the feedback from most people taking this remedy is positive.

Herbion syrup primrose - expectorant with a damp cough with hard to separate viscous sputum. It helps to improve sputum discharge. Also, for most people taking this drug, it helps to recover faster with various diseases accompanied by a damp cough.

Syrup Herbion with plantain

Syrup Herbion with primrose

Effect of syrup Syrup Herbion Plantain improves the condition with an unproductive dry cough, has an anti-inflammatory effect Herbion Primula makes it easier to excrete sputum with a damp cough
At what cough and disease it is necessary to appoint or nominate? With dry cough smokers, with a dry cough for colds and other inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract With flu, colds, inflammation of the respiratory tract with the release of thick mucus, with spastic cough in ARVI
Who can I take? Adults:
  • As a substitute for synthetic drugs of antitussive central action, such as Sinekod, Libexin, etc.
  • Persons who prefer natural herbal preparations.
  • Persons with a chronic cough.
  • Persons receiving complex treatment, since the drug does not interact with other drugs.

For children:

  • Children from 2 years of age as a safe cough suppressant
  • For often ill children, since Gerbion syrups for children have an immunomodulatory property, protect the epithelium of the respiratory tract from damage, increase the body's resistance.

The fact that these preparations of plant origin does not mean that they can be used without prescribing a doctor, especially children. Use any medication should only be under the control of the treating therapist or pediatrician.

Herbion from dry cough

Herbion from dry coughComposition:5 ml. - 1 measuring spoon syrup contains:

  • Vitamin C
  • Herbs of plantain water extract 1: 5
  • Melvky flowers water extract 1: 5

Farmgroup:In the instructions to Gerbion from dry cough with psyllium it is indicated that this is a combined phytopreparation having an anti-inflammatory and expectorant property.
Pharmachologic effect:

  • Plantain grass contains in its composition iridoid glycosides -aubicin, due to which the water extract of plantain renders mitigating effect in inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, as well as bacteriostatic action. The presence of slime in the extract of grass has a wrapping effect with a dry, unproductive cough, protecting it from irritants that cause perspiration in the throat and cough.
  • The mallow flowers also contain mucus, anthocyanin glycoside of malvin and tannins, they possess a local enveloping property, soothe a cough caused by irritation of the mucosa.
  • Vitamin C - increases the immune response to pathogens that cause inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, accelerates the renewal, the restoration of tissues and cells.

During the use of the drug, the cough can be worse - this is normal, while sputum is diluted and quickly removed from the respiratory tract, rather, recovery occurs. The drug prevents stagnation of sputum in the bronchi and reduces the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
Indications for use:Herbion syrup plantain is used for dry cough associated with upper respiratory tract infections, with viral, colds and dry cough smokers.

Action on the fetus:During pregnancy and feeding, plantain syrup can be taken, however, there is insufficient research, data on the effect of the drug on the fetus and on the infant during the treatment of the nursing mother.


  • Hypersensitivity to syrup components
  • Allergies to herbs, in particular to plantain and mallow flowers
  • Intolerance to fructose
  • Children under 2 years.

Dosage:Herbion syrup of plantain is applied inside:

  • Children 2-7 years - 3 r / day for 1 scoop
  • Children 7-14 years - 3 r / day for 1-2 scoops
  • Adults and children after 14 years - 3-5 r / day for 2 measuring spoons

The drug should be washed down with enough water, warm drinks, tea, after eating. The course of treatment is usually 10-20 days.
Side effect:Allergic reactions, such as a rash, swelling, itching, dermatitis, as well as vomiting or nausea, are possible, and its use should be discarded.
Interaction with other drugs:Syrup from dry cough Herbion with psyllium should not be used simultaneously with antitussive medicinal means that reduce the formation of sputum, as this makes it difficult to withdraw and cough thinners sputum.
Other information:Because in 1 measuring spoon 5 ml. contains 4 g of sucrose, this should be taken into account for people with diabetes.
Price:Herbion syrup from dry cough on average in pharmacies costs - 200-230 rubles.

Syrb Herbion with a damp cough

Composition:Herbion from wet cough5 ml of the preparation syrup from wet cough contains:

  • Menthol
  • Root of primrose water extract 1: ,
  • Herbs thyme water extract 1: ,

Pharmachologic effect:In the instructions to Gerbion from a wet cough, it is indicated that this is the primrose syrup, which is a combined expectorant of plant origin.

  • Primrose extract - contains a large number of saponins, which have a pronounced expectorant effect.
  • Menthol, its analgesic and antiseptic action is often used in the treatment of sinusitis and bronchitis.
  • Thyme extract - which includes thyme essential oil, is a bronchospasmolytic that relaxes the smooth muscles of the respiratory tract, and also has expectorant properties. Oil at reception is allocated basically through lungs, promoting allocation of slime and simplification of expectoration. Timol, which is a constituent of essential oil, has a pronounced antiseptic effect.

Herbion with primrose - has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antimicrobial effect, dilutes sputum, contributing to its better separation.
Indications for use: used as an expectorant in the complex therapy with:

  • ARVI, flu, cold with spastic cough
  • Bronchitis, tracheobronchitis, tracheitis - inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, when a thick, difficultly separated sputum is formed.

Action on the fetus:To date, there are no data on the safety of the drug with primrose during pregnancy and lactation, especially it is not recommended to use the primrose syrup in the first trimester of pregnancy.

  • Do not take syrup primrose, if there have already been allergic reactions to any components of the drug.
  • With fructose intolerance and diabetes mellitus.
  • With galactose - a syndrome of impaired glucose absorption or isomaltase - congenital insufficiency of saccharase.
  • Children under 2 years old, and also if there was previously obstructive laryngitis in a child (false croup).


  • Children 2-7 years - 3 r / day for 1 scoop
  • Children 7-14 years - 3 r / day for 1-2 scoops
  • Adults and children over 14 years - 3-4 r / day for 2 measuring spoons

The drug is washed down with a sufficient amount of liquid after eating.
Side effects:When taking large doses of herbal preparations that contain saponins, some disturbances in the digestive system occur - diarrhea, vomiting, nausea. If allergic reactions or vomiting, diarrhea occur, you should stop using it and inform your doctor about it.
Other information:in 5 ml. syrup, that is, in 1 measuring spoon contains 3.2 grams. sucrose.
Price:Herbion syrup from wet cough on average in pharmacies costs - 200-230 rubles.

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