Drinking from a dry or wet cough

Which child cough syrup is better to choose?

coughing at the child-the main find a good remedy

Parents often face the problem of choosing an antitussive syrup for children. It seems that the assortment of pharmacies can offer an option for any possibilities, but often you have to be confused when choosing the right syrup.

First of all, it should be clear to yourself that any miracle - a tool universally advertised, you can not buy without first consulting a doctor. Only an expert can determine the cause of the cough and its classification. If, with a dry, debilitating cough, give drugs that dilute sputum. In the best case, there will be no effect and the cough remains the same. A worse option is spasm of the bronchi and prolonged therapy of the consequences of such "treatment".

Any drug in the pharmacy is created specifically for the removal or treatment of a symptom, so if you or your child six months ago this particular remedy has helped, not the fact that it will help now.

How to apply breastfeeding cough syrup is indicated in this article.


baby cough syrup what better

There is no universal remedy, as has already been noted, and can not be. At the same time, such a drug group as antitussive syrups are extremely popular and are often used in the complex therapy of acute respiratory viral infections, bronchitis, and even inflammatory processes in the lungs.

Syrups can be classified according to the active ingredient into synthetic and conditionally natural (conditionally, because the chemical composition is still included, but in a small amount). The second, of course, is preferable, especially if it is a child. Synthetic syrups will be more available and in some cases will act faster than natural analogues, but often after This treatment requires an additional recovery course to remove possible complications after taking these preparations.

How to apply licorice syrup for children, you can learn from this article.

With natural composition

The most popular syrups with a natural composition:

  1. Gedelix.Gedelix-syrup from cough with natural composition
  2. Doctor Mom.
  3. Doctor Tice.
  4. Stoppussin fito.
  5. Propane.Propane-natural remedy

With a dry cough

The action of the drug in this case should be aimed at dilution of sputum and its safe excretion. By itself, one drug can not cope with this, in addition, there is also a true cause of the disease: a virus or infection, which "fight" the main drugs taken by the patient. To enhance the effect of the syrup, it is recommended to use a lot of warm liquid. In addition to traditional tea, it can be compotes and berry fruit. The temperature of the fluid is best kept low, colds are often accompanied by inflammation and swelling of the mucous throat, in which hot drinks can cause additional problems.

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Preparations for dry cough:

  1. Ambroghexal.Ambrohexal for dry baby cough
  2. Broncholitin.
  3. Omnitus.
  4. Sinecod.
  5. Terasil D.
  6. Erespal.Erespal with a dry cough in the child

A painful dry cough is often accompanied by quite severe pain, so first aid should be aimed at diluting sputum. When taking such drugs, great value has an abundant warm drink, because the mucosa needs constant moisturizing.

What is better to choose for children Gedelix drops or syrup, you can find out by reading this article.

Syrups diluting sputum in bronchi:

  • Ambrogen.Ambrogen for children
  • Ambroxol.
  • Bromhexine.
  • Bronhobos.
  • Herbion plantain.
  • Josette.
  • Lazolvan.
  • Libexin Muko.
  • Fluidite.
  • Haliksol.Haliksol for small children

After the cough has become sufficiently moist, there is usually no problem in withdrawing the accumulated sputum naturally. If this does not happen, the situation is fraught with possible complications and repeated infection of the body. To avoid this, you can help the pulmonary system with special medications. They are called "expectorants" by the principle of action. Most of these syrups are prescribed immediately at the beginning of treatment, but, as already mentioned above, with a sufficiently moist cough.

How to use Gedelix syrup for children is indicated in the description for this article.

For wet cough

Here the drug should be treated in two ways: first dilute sputum, and then safely remove it. Unlike antitussive syrups, this type of medication has an additional bronchosecretory effect.

What is the price of children's syrup from a cough, you can learn from the article.

Expectorants in the form of syrup:

  1. Syrup of Althea.Syringe Althea-expectorant for children
  2. Ambrogen.
  3. Ambroxol.
  4. Ascoril.
  5. Bronchipret.
  6. Bronhobos.
  7. Bromhexine.
  8. Bronchicum.
  9. Gedelix.
  10. Primula Herbionum.
  11. Doctor Mom.
  12. Doctor Tice.
  13. Josette.
  14. Coughshop (licorice / elderberry).
  15. Cough.
  16. Coldrex Bronho.
  17. Co -anol.
  18. Cook.
  19. Lazolvan.
  20. Linkas.
  21. Omnitus.
  22. Pertussin.
  23. Propane.
  24. Stoppussin Fito.
  25. Suprima Broncho.
  26. Syrup of licorice.
  27. Travisil.
  28. Tussamag.
  29. Eucabal.Eucabal for children

The above drugs are updated periodically with new ones, but the most tested ones remain. Of great importance is the composition of the syrup: if it is planned for children's treatment or for pregnant women, it is necessary to choose the least possible chemical. The natural components of plant syrup will help to recover with less loss and the probability of side effects.

How to use the syrup for Lazolvan inhalations, you can learn from this article.

Top 10 Most Popular

The expediency of such ratings is very controversial, because in any case you should not chase the fashion and take medicine depending on the degree of its popularity. On the other hand, such lists indicate a large number of recoveries, which was facilitated by these drugs.

How to apply syrups from a dry cough for children is indicated in the article.

Rating of popularity of children's syrups from cough:

  1. Проспан- a favorite of pediatricians and parents, because it can be used since infancy. It has practically no contraindications and is equally suitable for children, as well as for pregnant and lactating mothers. Good cough syrup for children.
  2. Gedelixalso has a high content of natural ingredients. In fact, he is a more accessible analog of Prospan, with minor changes in the composition. Taking Gedelix is ​​recommended from six months of age. It is considered one of the best syrups.
  3. Lazolvan: despite the synthetic composition, this syrup quickly and effectively will help to get rid of cough. The active substance - ambroxol, is often used in mukaltic drugs. Has a combined effect and is used to treat children from the age of two (earlier after the appointment of a pediatrician).
  4. Bronchiprethas proven itself for treating all types of cough. In some cases, there may be allergic reactions to active natural components of the drug. It is used for children from the age of three months.
  5. Eucabal- one more representative of natural preparations, it is possible to use children who have already turned six months old. It has good expectorant effects and quickly eliminates dry and wet cough.
  6. Syrup AlteI and its derivatives also enjoys well-deserved popularity due to the affordable cost and the absence of harmful chemical additives.
  7. Herbion, both of its kind: with plantain and primrose. It is well suited for complex treatment of all types of cough and is characterized by a good plant composition.
  8. Sinekodjudging by the reviews just a real godsend for parents. Strong active substances are able to effectively treat severe conditions and diseases. It differs in affordable cost and excellent pharmacological characteristics. One of the best and most effective means.
  9. Linkasalso confidently conquers the market and the gratitude of parents, because its effectiveness has shown itself well in the treatment of a variety of pulmonary diseases.
  10. Pertussincloses the top ten leaders, which means that this syrup has withstood the real test of time. Many still remember his characteristic taste, and most importantly - efficiency.

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The video tells you which child cough syrup is better:

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The above list can not serve as an instruction to buy, because even the same disease is purely individual. Of course, every specialist has his own "favorites", which doctors often recommend to their patients. If the pediatrician is confident in his effectiveness and has already been convinced of the excellent effect of the drug on the treatment of this disease, his recommendations should be heeded. In any case, the thoughtless purchase of any syrup you like can not be justified, because it is about the health and safety of your children.


Cough syrup Prospan - an inexpensive and effective drug

cough syrup for home use

In the arsenal of the first aid kit there are many drugs for all occasions. One of the most indispensable in the treatment of various types of cough is a special syrup "Prospan". The maximum natural ingredients and good efficacy long ago gained popularity among similar drugs. "Propane" is often recommended by pediatricians for the treatment of children of the first year of life, because he has no contraindications for age. More information about its medicinal properties, application and cost can be found from the information of our article.


Natural components of "Prospan" have a good mukaltic effect, help to thin the sputum and remove it naturally. Syrup can be taken with a dry and wet cough, children with birth and pregnant women, as well as during lactation. Here you can see what other cough syrups are for infants. By reference, you can see which syrups are taken from cough during pregnancy.

On the photo - cough syrup Prospan:

cough syrup

Composition of syrup:

  • Extract of ivy leaves, dry equivalent of 7 mg per 1 ml of syrup.Ivy Leaf Extract
  • Purified water.
  • Potassium sorbate.
  • Lemon acid.
  • Sorbitol solution 70% (sugar substitute).
  • The resin is xanthan.

In addition, the drug has an antimicrobial and antispasmodic effect. Although the syrup is sold without a prescription, it must be agreed with the attending physician. Usually taken in accordance with the instructions, focusing on the patient's age.

how much the temperature keeps at a tonsillitis at childrenHow much does the temperature of tonsillitis in children?

Reviews of bioparox with angina: http://prolor.ru/g/lechenie/bioparoks-pri-angine.html.

It describes the treatment of acute laryngitis in children.

Mode of application

instructions for the use of cough syrup
  • From birth to a year -, ml twice a day.
  • From 1 to 5 years:, ml three times a day.
  • From 5 to 10 years - three times a day for 5 ml.
  • Children from 10 years and adults: 5, ml three times a day.

The indication for the use of the syrup "Prospan" is a complex therapy in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and lungs. There are practically no contraindications to the drug, with the exception of individual intolerance to the components of the drug and allergic reactions to fructose.

Among the side effects, a temporary laxative effect and the aforementioned individual allergic reactions were noted. Due to the fact that the drug does not contain sugar, it is possible to use in diabetes. In the case of a triple excess of the recommended dose, symptomatic manifestations are observed: vomiting, diarrhea, which occur after the cause is eliminated.

Application features

acceptance of cough syrup
  • Reception before meals. Maximum absorption of active ingredients occurs on an empty stomach.
  • To children, the syrup is diluted with a small amount of warm boiled water until the year.
  • Before use, the vial is shaken a little.The preparation contains natural substances, which can give a slight turbidity and sediment.
  • The drug is stopped after two to three days after the disappearance of cough symptoms. If you cancel the medicine earlier, the disease can again progress.
  • The course of taking the drug - no more than a week. If at the end of this period there are no improvements, a second examination is needed to find out the possible causes of the symptoms.
  • Keep in a cool place for no more than a month when open.
  • Shelf life of the drug is 3 years.


syrup from cough is taken as a complex, and in conjunction with other medicines

For the price category, the product is in the middle category. How much is the drug? Relatively high cost in comparison with chemical mukaltichnymi drugs is largely due to the content of natural substances. In pharmacies, the syrup "Prospan" can be purchased approximately in the range from $, up to $. For one course of admission for an adult, two bottles may be needed.

Form of issue

"Prospan" is produced not only in the form of syrup, although it is this consistency that is most convenient in the treatment of children. There is:

  • "Spent" effervescent tablets (the patient's age is from 4 years), and alsoawning in tablets
  • ready-made solution in sticks recommended for children over 12 years and adults.

Relatively recently, the preparation "Prospan" appeared drops that can be used for inhalations and inwards for better effect in cough treatment in complex therapy.

A good expectorant for treating cough - syrup "Prospan" has already won a consistently positive reputation in the complex therapy of bronchitis and pneumonia.The medicine enjoys the confidence of pediatricians and parents, and most importantly - it really effectively cures cough, both dry and wet.A good analogue of chemicals, and thanks to its natural composition can be used from birth and not prohibited during pregnancy and lactation. Here you can read from which cough syrup helps Dr. Mom. Here it is described, at what cough to take StoDal syrup. Read also how to stop a strong cough in a child at night. Here you will find recipes for the treatment of laryngitis in children by a nebulizer.


  • Natalia, 53 years old:"Prospan bought a granddaughter with bronchitis. Folk remedies no longer helped and we were sent to the hospital. It's good that the doctor took responsibility, left us at home under his control. We took propanum together with antibiotics, it helped better than the previous remedies. The cough was gone almost a week later, we treated the residual effects ourselves. "
  • Nikolay, 43 years old: "We bought a daughter for the treatment of a severe cough, and even diagnosed bronchitis. The treatment was complicated by pregnancy, which she was already quite difficult to tolerate. Most drugs are contraindicated, but home methods have not worked. Thanks to "Prospan" bronchitis still did not prove to be true, but the cough was gone. "
  • Anna, 24 years old:"The first teeth of the child were cut according to all the rules of the" horror film ": high fever, runny nose, restless nights and just a nightmarish cough. Our district pediatrician advised the hospital, but we refused for a number of reasons and decided on home treatment. High temperature was brought down only by paracetamol suppositories, then the gum was smeared with a special anesthetic gel (I do not remember the name, we bought three of them until we found the optimal one), well, we helped with the cough "Prospan". We removed the symptoms relatively quickly, but the tooth waited another three days. I myself made a reminder, which means can be used further. Better, of course, that it does not come in handy, but just in case the emergency reserve has already been collected. "
  • Vladislav, 35 years old: "As an experienced mother of three children, I often go to a drugstore and almost became a pharmacist myself. With the eldest daughter we had to get up to the hospitals and try many medications, so I brought up the twins more consciously. Early hardening and walks in any weather helped to strengthen immunity, but, unfortunately, nobody is insured against troubles, that's why with sons we were also sick, although not so often. It was pleasantly surprised the appearance of a new, in comparison with the childhood of the eldest daughter, the preparation "Prospan". He perfectly helped us to cure bronchitis at the age of five months without antibiotics, and in two years to transfer pneumonia (yes, in the hospital, but with minimal losses). The absence of "strawberry, orange or raspberry" taste and aroma pleased, like the natural composition. Our pediatrician also said that "Prospan" is not addictive, so we only buy it. A good substitute for synthetic substances, and the cost is adequate. "
  • Katya, 28 years old:"During pregnancy, only" Prospan "was taken, a painful cough took place literally in a week, despite the fact that the term was already pretty, and even wanted to be put on hold. A wonderful remedy, pleases a small list of contraindications and the possibility of taking children to a year old. "


Cough syrup for children

cough syrup for children

A frequent symptom of colds in childhood is cough. Distinguish dry and wet cough, each of which has its own characteristics.

So, if children have a wet cough, then the treatment is aimed at removing accumulated sputum from the respiratory tract.

With a dry cough, it is necessary to calm the cough center, as its irritation over-tires the child. In this case, there are painful sensations in the muscles from straining, sleep disturbances and excessive irritation of the nasopharynx.

It is believed that it is easier for a child to bear a wet cough than dry. And it is safer, because with a dry cough the child may have attacks of suffocation.

It is necessary to distinguish which medicine will help the child from a damp cough, and what can be drunk with a dry cough for children.

What can I give a child from a wet cough?

Because in childhood, sputum is viscous enough, it can be difficult to retreat. A doctor may prescribe an expectorant or mucolytic cough medicine for children in the form of a syrup.

Pediatricians prefer the following syrups from a wet cough:

  1. Lazolvan.Syrup from a wet cough for children Lazolvan helps to remove viscous sputum in various diseases upper respiratory tract (bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma), reduce its adhesive properties and viscosity. In half an hour the child will feel relief. The therapeutic effect is maintained for at least six hours.
  2. Dry cough medicine for children.As a good expectorant is dry cough medicine for children, which allows to strengthen peristalsis of bronchioles, as a result of which there is a more successful excretion phlegm. The glycyrrhizic acid included in its composition has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Herbion syrup of primrose.The composition of the herbion from wet cough includes the roots of the primrose and the herb of thyme, which facilitate coughing and dilute thick viscous mucus. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. Propane.Propane is an absolutely safe medicine, as its composition includes plant components. It helps to withdraw phlegm from the bronchi, improve the blood supply to the lungs and restore the drainage function of the bronchi.
  5. Ascoril Expert.The syrup for the children of Ascoril has a bronchodilator effect, helping to relax the muscles of the bronchi and reduce the irritation of the mucous membrane of the throat. Included in its composition, guaifensin allows you to translate the cough from unproductive to productive.
  6. Bromhexine.A good mucolytic agent is bromhexine for children, which helps cope with difficult to separate sputum in such serious diseases as pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis. If a child has sputum accumulation in the bronchi as a result of a surgical procedure, then bromhexine is prescribed most often.

How to treat dry cough?

To treat this type of cough use drugs that depress the cough center.

The following syrups from dry cough most deserve the trust of doctors and are appointed in childhood:

  1. Libexin muko.Quite often pediatricians prescribe to the child a syrup from a dry cough libexin muco, which allows to eliminate spasm of the bronchi. However, it is contraindicated for children up to two years.
  2. Ambrogen. Syrup based on plantain ambroben allows to reduce the viscosity of phlegm. It can be given to a child from birth. However, if it is used incorrectly, stagnation in the bronchi is possible. Therefore, it must be used strictly under the supervision of a doctor.
  3. Doctor Theiss.Syrup with plantain Dr. Thiess is an effective mucolytic, anti-inflammatory agent that can cure dry cough in childhood. The child will not give up such a medicine, because it is characterized by a sweet taste due to the sucrose entering into its composition.
  4. Herbion syrup of plantain.In the herbion of dry cough, in addition to plantain also includes flowers of mallow. When it is used on the mucous membrane of the throat, a thin layer forms, which protects it from irritants. As a result, recovery is faster. Herbion helps to alleviate a child's unproductive cough.what can a child get from a cough
  5. Flavamed.A solution for oral administration of flavamed can be a safe drug, so it can be given even to a newborn baby. However, stasis may arise if it is used in parallel with other antitussive drugs that are designed to depress the cough center.

It should be remembered that in order to achieve the best therapeutic effect in the treatment of cough, one should take into account its type - wet it and silt dry. Properly selected medications in accordance with the type of cough will help the child to transfer the disease more easily and quickly recover.


What helps with dry cough?



Cough is a symptom of many colds and infectious diseases. Angina, acute respiratory disease, influenza, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis - this is an incomplete list of diseases during which people have a cough. How and why does a person develop a cough? Coughing is one of the protective mechanisms of our body, a consequence of the normal functioning of the immune system. Coughing is a reflex that occurs when the mucous membranes of the larynx and trachea are irritated.

In the upper respiratory tract of a person there are cough receptors, which irritate the signal to the central nervous system. She responds with a cough reflex - the lungs grab a larger, than usual, volume of air that is exhaled along with the foreign body irritating the mucous membrane. The rate of air release when coughing reaches nine hundred kilometers per hour! That's why when a person coughs, they feel the effect of "tearing" the chest.

There is an opinion that the cough will pass by itself and it can not be treated. It is fundamentally wrong. On the contrary, it is necessary to support the body during illness, to remove "unnecessary" substances and particles from the mucous membranes. Therefore, cough is stimulated with special medications.

Cough is dry and wet. Each type of cough should be treated differently. Dry cough is characterized by a lack of phlegm. The throat feels constant perspiration, the mucous membranes of the larynx become inflamed, you want to "cough" everything that prevents breathing. Usually such cough occurs at the very beginning of a cold. Doctors prescribe antitussives that help expectoration of mucus and relieve spasms. This is Libexin, Tusuprex, Stoptusin. Mild dry cough can be done with the help of folk remedies. During the cough, drink as much liquid as possible. It can be a decoction of raspberry leaves, dog rose, warm tea. Here is one of the recipes for dry cough.

It is good to wash a large black radish with a brush and cut the tail. Using a sharp knife, make a depression in the upper part of the root crop. Radish put in a cup so that its edges protrude beyond the cup. And in the deepening pour a tablespoon of honey. An hour later, juice, a mixture of honey and radish, flows into the cup, which you should drink several times a day.

Dry cough in 2-3 days should become wet, sputum should be removed without effort. Cough can last up to a week. If during this time it does not stop, you should consult a pulmonologist. Special sputum examinations, X-rays, bronchoscopy will help prevent the development of pneumonia, tuberculosis and other dangerous diseases.

A wet cough cleanses the bronchi and lungs of phlegm. However, a protracted process should also cause alarm. Such a cough can go to chronic. Doctors prescribe from a moist cough medications that reduce the viscosity of phlegm and contribute to its better expectoration. For example, Bromhexine works well. At its reception it is necessary to drink a lot of liquid. There are a lot of folk recipes to strengthen from walking sputum.

Cough Drink

Grind the figs, and fill one tablespoon with 300 ml. boiling water. Boil on low heat for 10 minutes. Then strain and drink half a cup 4 times a day after meals. In the drink, add a few drops of lemon juice.
Herbal Decoction

Take a tablespoon of herbs: chamomile, thyme and mother-and-stepmother. Pour the mixture 500 ml. boiled water and keep the broth for 20 minutes in a water bath. Then strain and take warm, a few sips before eating.
Decoction of licorice root

Based on licorice root, pharmacists make many medicines and other medicines. This plant has a good expectorant effect. You can use ready-made products, or you can prepare an infusion of herbs at home.
1 tablespoon of dry crushed licorice root pour, l boiled water, bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 10 minutes, insist 1-2 hours, strain and drink 1 / 4- 1/3 cup 4-5 times a day.

Tatiana Kuzmina

Herbion. She cured my daughter.

Mila Bessonova

We drank the syrup from the cough Prospan. Cured quite quickly. The child had a terrible dry cough. And after receiving Propan, he relented. On the second day I could clear my throat.

Gedelix drops

Gedelix drops

With a problem like coughing from time to time, everyone has to face. This misfortune spares neither children nor adults. There are a lot of drugs for treating cough today. One of the most popular means are Gedelix drops. This is a drop of vegetable origin, and therefore can be applied to almost everyone. Their main advantage is in naturalness. That is, they treat effectively, without harming the body.

What kind of cough can Gedelix be used for?

Drops Gedelix have a powerful anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect. The composition of the drug is an extract of ivy and anise oil. These components contribute to the early dissolution of sputum. Gedelix drops reduce inflammation and relieve spasm. Thanks to the unique properties of the drug, the patient's well-being is markedly improved, and sputum is more likely to clear his throat.

Gedelix drops are prescribed in the following cases:

  1. The remedy helps to cough with different catarrhal and viral diseases: bronchitis, pharyngitis, SARS, laryngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, asthma and others.
  2. Gedelix best cope with a dry cough. Dense sputum liquefies, and in this form leaves the bronchi much faster.
  3. Gedelix drops are prescribed and from a wet cough. The drug prevents the proliferation of harmful microorganisms, than quickly slows down the disease.

How to take Gedelix drops?

Although the drug is considered harmless, it is still recommended to consult a doctor before starting treatment (especially if it is a child's treatment). In general, drops are recommended to be taken three times a day. The average dose is calculated depending on the age of the patient. For example, children under 10 years are recommended to drink Gedelix for 21 drops at a time. For adults, however, the dosage increases and is 31 drops.

Cough drops of gedelix

To get rid of a cough with the help of drops Gedelix can, only adhering to the prescribed course of treatment. Continue to take the medicine you need even after the disappearance of a cough for a couple of days. The optimal duration of the treatment course is at least a week.

If for any reason you can not take Gedelix, you can choose a replacement for the drug. Like most drugs today, Gedelix has many analogues. The most popular and effective are the following:

  • Prospan;
  • tablets and syrup of Alteika;
  • syrup Gederin;
  • Broncho Theiss and others.


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