What is the usefulness of Kegel's gymnastics for women and how to perform it correctly?

Gymnastics for the intimate zone - for many modern women this sounds at least strange. But, despite the ignorance of our lovely ladies, we can confidently say that this is an excellent opportunity to return to the beautiful half of humanity the former beauty, youth, attractiveness, and most importantly - internal health.

With the help of special exercises for the intimate zone, women can recover much more quickly after birth, regain self-confidence and strengthen relationships with the opposite sex.

For certain there is no such woman who would not like to have good health, including gynecological.

Why do you need to do this gymnastics? Gynecologists strongly recommend doing special exercises as preventive measures for gynecological problems, for better preparation for future pregnancy and childbirth. And also for the fastest restoration of the muscle tone of the intimate zone after childbirth, to enhance sensuality during intimate proximity.

Why does it happen that many women after childbirth, suffered gynecological surgery, with chronic constipation and as a result of heavy physical labor do not feel satisfaction from having sex? And this, in turn, leads to various ailments and understatement between partners.

This is a simple explanation - weakened muscles in the pelvic region. In this case, a woman may have the following: during a cough or laughter involuntary urination, it is not possible to tolerate the toilet "in a small way" for a long time, dissatisfaction with the sexual act, vaginal discharge in the absence of infection in the genitourinary organs.

In order to avoid all of the above problems, you need to do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the intimate zone.

There are irrefutable historical facts that in ancient times for women from the upper class was a kind of ritual to do intimate exercise. Because they knew that for men during sex, a narrow and elastic vagina means much more than a beautiful chest or elastic buttocks.

Modern scientists came up with the name of this procedure - vumbilding.

If you think that an intimate exercise should be done only to satisfy your sexual partner, you are mistaken. First of all, such exercises are useful for the representatives of the weaker sex themselves.

Intimate muscles can be toned up by surgery. But, it is not necessary to do this at all. It is enough to give yourself a beautiful few minutes a day, developing intimate muscles with straightforward physical training.

There are several ways to strengthen the muscles of the intimate area. We will consider one of the options - Kegel exercises.

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  • What is it like?
  • Indications and contraindications
  • What results can be achieved with it?
  • General rules you need to know before you start classes
  • How to perform?
  • Reviews of women

What is it?

This complex of exercises is not only a therapeutic technique, but also effective prevention. The gym is completely painless and very effective .He opened the world exercises, which help to keep the muscles of "love" in the mind of the famous American gynecologist Arnold Kegel.

He managed to develop a whole complex of exercises for training the muscles of the perineum. At first this method was created exclusively for the beautiful half of humanity. Its main purpose is to strengthen the pelvic muscles after delivery and surgical intervention of .

Before you begin, you must first find these very intimate muscles and learn how to "manage" them. This gymnastics attracts women also by the fact that it can be done in any convenient place and at any time: at home, at work, in transport and even performing routine homework.

However, do not forget that in everything you need to observe the measure of .If the sphincter is developed excessively, it can cause difficult births. Do not train the muscles for days and nights, without interruption and rest, you need to regret yourself and give a break to the muscles of the vagina.

Remember, Kegel exercises should be performed by all women, even those who consider themselves fully healthy and do not set a goal - fast motherhood. Do not forget that this gymnastics is a long-term investment, a bright future and a healthy life.

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Indications and contraindications

Kegel gymnastics is indicated in the following cases:

  • insufficient development or weakness of the muscles of the intimate area and pelvic floor;
  • as preventive measures of soft tissue ruptures during labor;
  • as a preventive measure of urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse in older women;
  • dissatisfaction with sex and in case of inability to enjoy sexual intercourse;
  • with hemorrhoids and other diseases of the rectum;
  • in case of diagnosis - omission of the uterus;
  • after an operation to remove female organs as prevention of negative consequences;
  • to slow the aging process and minimize their impact on the body as a whole.

Exercises are contraindicated by :

  • if the pregnancy is in some way problematic( with early opening of the cervix, with a poor fetus position, with hypertension of the uterus and hemorrhoids, it is better to stop exercising for a while);
  • if the birth occurred naturally, exercise can be started no earlier than in 24 hours;
  • for the diagnosis of cancer, before you begin to train the muscles of the intimate zone, you need to consult your doctor.

What results can be achieved with it?

If a woman, will include in the morning exercises complex of exercises for the intimate zone, the muscles of her crotch will be constantly toned. Among the numerous positive effects that will be achieved as a result of training, the following should be noted:

  • improving blood supply to the pelvic organs and increasing the elasticity of its tissues;
  • treatment of urinary incontinence;
  • increased sexual activity;
  • the possibility of conscious control of orgasm;
  • rapid recovery of pelvic floor muscles in the postpartum period;
  • minimizing pain during childbirth.

It has long been beyond doubt that this gymnastics can achieve amazing results.

General rules you need to know before starting classes

In order for the effect to be maximum, you need to adhere to some rules:

  • You need to start training gradually, first master the basic techniques, only then do a much more complex set of exercises.
  • All approaches should be systemic in nature. First of all, do exercises for compression, then for shortening and, lastly, for pushing.
  • When reaching the maximum load, to maintain the tone is recommended to leave no more than 100 - 150 repetitions during the day.
Advice of specialists - during exercise it is necessary to strain only the pelvic musculature. In this case the abdominal wall, buttocks and hips should be in a relaxed state.

How to perform?

We have already understood that these exercises are necessary for the health of every woman. Now we go directly to the training, it should be divided into three groups: compression, contraction and displacement.

  • It is necessary to learn to squeeze and unclench muscles of the intimate zone consciously. This should be done for a few seconds, after that - relax.
  • The next exercise is more vigorous - a very fast muscle contraction. Stress and relaxation should be alternated with each other as often as possible.
  • And now we'll learn the process of pushing out. To do this, imagine that you have in the perineum is some foreign object and it must be pushed out from there. In this case, it is not necessary to strain, it is not the strength, but the process itself that is important. The muscles in this position should be kept as long as possible. Doing this exercise, it is very important not to overdo it.

With these three basic exercises, you can strengthen the muscles of the small pelvis.

Your actions can be monitored additionally, by increasing the sensitivity by inserting one or two fingers into the vagina.

If you are interested in the question of postures that need to be taken during intimate gymnastics, then they simply do not exist. As mentioned earlier, for this, you do not need to create any special conditions for yourself. The main thing is for you to do everything comfortably.

Each exercise is recommended to do at least 10 times( minimum of 5 approaches throughout the day). Gradually, you need to increase the number of exercises - the maximum should not exceed 30.After a while, you will feel that the muscles are already strong enough and then the amount of exercise can be reduced to 20.

When performing a set of exercises, you need to monitor the press, it should be relaxed, breathing should be calm and smooth.

Advice for newcomers - start classes from a position lying down, so you can better feel how intimate muscles work. Through time this can be done in any position: sitting, standing, on the move.

Do not forget - classes should be of a regular nature, otherwise you will not get results.

Practitioners have proven the effectiveness of such training.

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Reviews of women

  • I have two children. Both times there were swift deliveries. After the second birth, I was told that I had a uterine omission. At my age( 32 years) this is not a very comforting diagnosis. I did not know what to do. The gynecologist advised to try Kegel's exercises, said that it would not be worse. Six months later, I went to see a doctor at the reception, he was pleasantly surprised that there was no trace of the previous diagnosis. So I avoided the operation.
  • A year ago I had a beautiful boy. Now I can safely talk about this, but I was terribly afraid of the birth itself, I did not know how I would survive it. Went to special classes for future mothers and there we were taught to do gymnastics Kegel. They said that with the help of exercises for the muscles of the intimate zone, you can properly prepare for childbirth in order to avoid problems. I did not really believe in all this. But, now with confidence I tell all those who doubt the effectiveness of these exercises - experienced on myself, the result is!
  • I was very afraid of the first birth, was informed by ill-wishers that many women leave the maternity home with a sewn crotch. I really did not want to be among those who can not sit down after childbirth for a few more weeks, so from the first days of pregnancy she started doing Kegel's gymnastics. And here is the result, I gave birth to a boy of almost 4 kg and not a single break.

Lovely women, be patient and do kegel gymnastics daily, it will save you from many problems in the present and the future.

Exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles: