A dry paroxysmal cough in a child

How to treat dry paroxysmal cough

Dry cough itself is worse than wet. It proceeds without excretion of phlegm, which in the meantime accumulates in the upper respiratory tract. And if this is not just a cough, but a prolonged seizure, then it's worth taking immediate action. This phenomenon can signal that the body has pathological processes that are fraught with serious complications. Paroxysmal cough may be accompanied by pain in the abdomen, vomiting, allergic suffocation and a decrease in appetite. Therefore, the earlier the cause of the event is revealed, the faster it will be possible to cure this ailment and avoid serious complications.

As evidenced by such signs

Cough eliminates excess sputum from the body, accumulates dust and releases it from harmful viruses. If it occurs periodically, rather than on an ongoing basis, then there is nothing to worry about. It is much more difficult to understand the nature of the paroxysmal booch. At once it is impossible to determine what is behind it.

Night Attacks

It often happens that a person feels great during the day, and then, going to bed, feels a sensation in the throat and it develops into a fit of coughing.

This overnight phenomenon requires prompt medical intervention. In adults, night cough is often associated with the following diseases:

  • it can occur as a result of gastric reflux. At the same time, the contents of the stomach are poured into the larynx and a reflex attack occurs, which occurs at any time;
  • The asthmatic variant is characterized by wheezing, accompanied by shortness of breath and pains in the chest. Asthma affects not only adults, but also children;
  • during a heart failure cough goes in parallel with the shortness of breath and rapid heart rate. It arises from the disturbed work of the heart and is eliminated after the treatment of this organ, no antitussive drugs in this case will not help;
  • sinusitis.It is quite common disease, as a result of which the intake of air through the nose is blocked, and in a dream a person can not constantly breathe through the mouth, as a result - a fit of coughing;
  • the cause of a night attack may be a cold disease;
  • deficiency in the body of the diseased gland. This element maintains a normal level of hemoglobin, and when it decreases, the body becomes weakened and susceptible to various diseases.

Here you can read how to stop a fit of coughing at night with an adult.

The video tells about a dry paroxysmal cough:

At children attacks of a night tussis can occur as a result:

  • bronchial asthma. It is accompanied by swelling of the respiratory tract and bronchial spasms. Often accompanied by hypoxia;
  • croup disease. He is dangerous by his suddenness. If this happens at night, the child may be frightened. During the attack, it will be hard for him to breathe, and he will not be able to inhale the necessary amount of air. The kid can panic and the attack of suffocation becomes stronger, besides he will be accompanied by a rough cough. The face of the child will acquire a reddish hue, and the lips and nails will turn blue. This disease can be a manifestation of a viral infection in the body or become the result of an allergic reaction;
  • some pathological disease;
  • allergic reaction to surrounding objects. For example, on natural fluff in pillows. If this is revealed, then the thing - the pathogen should be removed away from the child;
  • uncomfortable position of the child during sleep. Especially if the mattress is not tight enough;
  • dry or cold air in the child's room.

The video describes the treatment of dry paroxysmal cough:


It occurs much less frequently than the night. As a rule, its main cause is the initial stage of the cold.Provoke it can heartburn, resulting from gastric reflux, which occurs both at night and during the day.The patient can have a heavily stuffy nose and he has to breathe through the mouth, and this action causes dryness in the throat and leads to a cough. Also, bronchial asthma can provoke booze at any time of the day or night. It can be a protective reaction to tobacco smoke, aerosol or household dust.

In any case, for whatever reasons this cough has occurred, it should be immediately consulted with a doctor. Undergo appropriate tests so that the doctor can correctly diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

How do I wash my nose with saline until a year?

Here you can get acquainted with the instruction to the tablets from the cough Bromhexin.

Reviews about the use of badger's fat from coughing for children: http://prolor.ru/g/lechenie/barsuchij-zhir-primenenie-pri-kashle.html.

How to treat

Its paroxysmal appearance can lead a person even to a fainting condition, but this is not the most dangerous consequence. If you do not get treatment in time, then you can wait for the development of emphysema, leading to pulmonary hemorrhage. Therefore, with the elimination of such a cough can not be delayed.

Treatment in adults

With prolonged attacks, they tend to suppress the cough reflex first. Therefore, prescribe drugs, the principle of which is based on its elimination. Such medicines are divided into two groups:

  • central medicine. They should be taken only according to the appointment of a specialist, as they can reduce breathing, and with an overdose in general, block it. They suppress cough at the brain level. These include: Oxeladine, Glaucine and Ethylmorphine;
  • medicines, which suppress the attack of cough at the level of the receptors of the respiratory system. They are Falimint, Codeine, Terpincod and Bronhicum.

On the video - treatment of dry paroxysmal cough in an adult:

At the very beginning of the disease, dry cough can be soothed with soda - oil inhalations, compresses from solutions, mustard plasters or warming foot baths.

Complex treatment should be aimed at mitigating cough, eliminating its causes, stimulating it to transition from a dry species into a productive one. Usually this happens two to three days after the administration of the prescribed drugs.

Also very effective in the treatment of dry cough are physiotherapy procedures.They help to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery and strengthen the immune system of the sick.Effective are:

  • electrophoresis;
  • acupuncture;
  • chest massage;
  • UHF;
  • inhalation with a nebulizer;
  • warming up.

Do not neglect the proven folk remedies for treating dry cough in adults. If you are expecting a baby, then read how to treat dry cough during pregnancy.


Depending on the reasons for the occurrence of cough, appropriate medications and actions to eliminate them are prescribed. The most important of them is the ventilation of the child's room, especially before bed.The influx of fresh air can remove spasms and nourish the exhausted body with the necessary oxygen.From the first days you should often give your child a warm drink to warm up the neck.

Various inhalations for cleaning the respiratory tract will be relevant. But do not get involved in essential oils, it is better to perform steam procedures with ordinary baking soda. Can remove the spasm of foot and hand baths. On the link you can read how to relieve night cough in a child.

Cough can stop healing syrups, such as:

  • Herbion (for dry cough)
  • Alteika,
  • Lazolvan.

Perhaps the pediatrician will allow them to be replaced by vegetable decoctions from mother - and - stepmother, licorice and thermopsis, if the child does not have allergies on them. In parallel, people's means can be used. For example, give ch. a spoonful of buckwheat honey, so that the baby sucks it or make him a tea with raspberry jam. As for very young children, read how to treat a dry cough in an infant.

To judge the effectiveness of prescribed medications can be as of the state of cough. The starting point to a speedy recovery will be the transition of its dry variety into wet one. But it's better not to get sick at all than to be treated successfully. Therefore, do not neglect preventive measures. For adults and children regular walks in the fresh air, daily airing of habitation, correct and healthy food and absence of allergens are recommended. Here it is described what to do if a dry cough is accompanied by a sore throat.


Night cough in children. Night paroxysmal cough in a child

Many parents face such a problem as a night cough in children. And you really need to have steel nerves in order to withstand such a relatively calm. Yes, and children coughing attacks at night does not give pleasure. If you began to notice a night cough in a child, treatment should begin immediately.

Coughing is not a disease

Every parent must firmly remember that one should not try to cure a child independently of a cough. You can not, relying only on your own experience, try to determine the causes of a night cough in a child. But almost everyone seems to have enough knowledge and stop the attack of cough - this is not such a big problem.

To suppress the attack in the middle of the night is really not so difficult. But to eliminate the root cause of coughing is sometimes even problematic. First of all, because without a qualified medical examination it is impossible to say for sure what the true reason for nocturnal seizures is.

Causes of a child's night cough

The most common reasons that there is a night cough in children, we can consider the following:

  • presence of a viral infection in the child;
  • an allergic reaction to anything;
  • various respiratory diseases;
  • wrong position of the body during sleep;
  • too dry or cold air in the children's room.
  • gastric reflux (or simply heartburn).

Dry cough

Night dry cough in the child appears, as a rule, due to nasal congestion. In this case, the child is forced to breathe through the mouth. And this, in turn, causes dryness of the larynx. At local receptors, there is an excessive effect that irritates them. To eliminate this discomfort, the body tries with a dry cough. It can also be a consequence of an allergic reaction.

A night attack of a child's cough may be caused by heartburn or other stomach problems. This is because in the horizontal position, some amount of gastric juice can enter the larynx, thus causing irritation. The organism reacts to it by the only way known to him - a cough.

Moist cough

The reason that there is a nocturnal wet cough in a child is the slowdown of all processes in the human body at night. Blood circulation in the lungs is not very active, as is the absorption of mucus in the nasopharynx. Due to the horizontal position of the body, its normal isolation is impossible.

Caution! False groats

The main distinguishing sign of false croup is its suddenness. During the day, nothing bodes ill, the child seems to be merry and healthy. But in the middle of the night there is an attack of acute dry cough.

The danger of this disease is precisely the suddenness, such a condition can lead to a fit of suffocation. The child may be frightened because he is not able to breathe deeper. His breathing quickens and can reach 60 times a minute. The cough gradually intensifies and becomes more rough, the child's face turns red, and the lips and nails become bluish.

In order not to aggravate the situation, try to reassure the child. Because panic can make breathing more difficult and cause new spasms. Try to explain to the kid that while you are around, nothing bad can happen to him.

To remove an attack of false croup, it is necessary to ensure the influx of fresh air into the room and contribute to the removal of spasm. In addition, you can take the following measures to eliminate cough:

  1. Give the child a warm drink. It can be a warm tea with honey and milk with soda. This is necessary in order to warm the larynx and relieve spasm.
  2. You can also do inhalation to clean the upper respiratory tract. Excellent procedure with soda. To do this, you need to dilute in a saucepan solution in the proportion: (one teaspoon of soda for one glass of boiling water).
  3. For the outflow of blood from the larynx to the extremities it is recommended to make hot baths for hands and feet. This will help to relieve the spasm a little.
  4. We welcome the use of funds that remove puffiness. However in this case also it is not necessary to be engaged in a selftreatment. Take only those drugs that your doctor prescribed. Otherwise, instead of helping the child, you can only do him harm.
  5. Do your best to humidify the air indoors.

At the first alarming symptoms, parents need to show the child to the doctor, since a false cereal is not a pathology by itself. This is, rather, a symptom of various viral or allergic diseases.

Caution! Bronchial asthma

In the event that the treatment that was prescribed by the doctor does not help to the proper degree and the nighttime paroxysmal cough in the child does not go away, it can be considered a symptom of bronchial asthma.

Bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammation of the allergic nature, in which compression of the bronchi and the appearance of edema of the upper respiratory tract are observed. This pathology leads to difficulty breathing and other concomitant complications. Asthmatic children are more likely than others to have infectious diseases.

In addition, as a result of increased edema in these children, hypoxia is observed - a lack of oxygen in the body. This, in turn, adversely affects the operation of all systems and organs.

The danger of bronchial asthma is that you need to treat it before the first symptoms appear. When the patency of the bronchi decreases by less than 20%, it is impossible to detect any measurements. Only if the patency falls - there is a deterioration in well-being. Including begins and night cough in a child, whose treatment is better to begin immediately.

Treatment of cough

Trying to cure a cough without proper medical examination, you risk harming your own child, because incorrectly selected methods and drugs will not be effective enough. It is also very important to correctly diagnose a disease from which it actually needs to be treated. Do not forget that the causes of a child's night cough are upper respiratory tract diseases.

It should be noted that the best cure for cough is its prevention. Regular outdoor outdoor games, exercise, proper nutrition and lack of allergens in the reach of the child are the main precautions.

Among the most common allergens are: dust, chemicals, some food, as well as animal fur or bird fluff from pillows.

Helpful Tips

Before you cram a child with various cough syrups or apply folk methods, remember if there is anything new in the child's environment. Perhaps a night cough in children can be a reaction to a new washing powder, clothes or objects that have recently appeared in the nursery.

Make sure that the air in the room is warm enough and damp. If for some reason you do not have the opportunity to constantly ventilate the room, now there is a huge amount of air humidifiers on sale. They are good for children who suffer from chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Because such guys need special conditions. And humidifiers can set a regime that will be optimal for your child.

Help the baby to develop the chest. It is not necessary to wrap it in quilted blankets and not to let on the street just because it has asthma. On the contrary, provide him with access to fresh air and active sports. The only way you can help him cope with this ailment. Many of the Olympic champions were asthmatics, but this did not stop them from achieving such great success in sports.

Remember, a night cough in children is not an independent disease, but only a symptom. It is necessary to treat the root cause of disease, only then you can achieve a positive result and save from exhausting night attacks, which not only disturb sleep, but also negatively affect the overall state of health.


The son has a very strong dry, paroxysmal cough, especially at night.



Pertussis is definitely not. There is a severe symptomatology with a very severe seizure. This is out of the question.
For 3 weeks cough should slow down and become less aggressive, especially after antibiotics. You need to take a picture and take the blood with a formula, check the general condition of the baby ROE, white blood cells, etc. To see whether there is an inflammatory process in the body, but it can be the upper respiratory tract. It is a pity not to write age. If a child is an adult at night you can give an antitussive drug - kofeks, very well removes a cough and the child will sleep peacefully, if the younger no-shpa with euphilin, relieves spasm, but it all depends on the age and dosage itself, God save no initiative and on inhalation you would be good to be like, very well help with such affairs, at home you will not do it, because there is a fine-dispersed hydration, it will not work at home, but in addition there may be a doctor who would prescribe any physical procedures, electrophoresis or UHF. In any case, it is necessary to the doctor. Judging by the fact that the cough is still dry and strong, there does not yet remain a residual phenomenon, while the disease itself, which needs to be treated, still prevails. Good luck and do not be ill.

ira mak

Create an allergic test


go to the hospital, maybe laryngitis.

Salaam Aleikum

with whooping cough at the end of the attack, vomiting, so it's not him, but just laryngitis or bronchitis.
1. Inhalations. Their goal is to warm, moisten and facilitate the departure of phlegm. It helps with coughing and loss of voice. The main therapeutic effect is provided by the steam itself! But to enhance the effect of inhalation make with brewed chamomile, mint, mother-and-stepmother or thyme-thyme (known to many housewives as seasoning). Infusion is prepared as follows: 2 tablespoons of herbs pour 2 cups of boiling water, make inhalation, then insist one hour under the lid and filter. Take inside half a cup four times a day.
For a stronger effect of inhalation, you need to dissolve 10 tablets of Validol or a little Golden Sprout in hot water, but you can not drink it later.
HOW TO INDUCE INHALATION. You can use a special inhaler or fold a funnel from a thick paper, cover the pan or kettle with a wide end, and inhale steam through a narrow gleam. Many people prefer to breathe steam over a bowl, covering their heads with a towel. This is also not forbidden, but be careful not to overturn accidentally a pot of hot water. And note that with increased blood pressure, this method is contraindicated.
It is strictly forbidden to breathe above water, which continues to boil on fire!
It is more convenient for a child to use inhalation from a kettle or coffee pot. Fill it with water for one third. On the spout, put a pacifier with a cut end or a rubber tube through which the baby will breathe. It is recommended to administer inhalation to children from 2 to 3 years of age and under the supervision of an adult.
The duration of any inhalation is 5 - 10 - 15 minutes, for children - up to 5 minutes. Do it 1 - 2. a day.
Babies need a nebulizer. He is good older, but not obligatory.
2. To cure for cough can help and folk remedies.
For example, drink the infusion of althea, thyme or coltsfoot, left over from inhalation.
Stir the grated black radish with honey and leave for a few hours - as a result you get a healing drink that perfectly copes with a dry cough.
Folk recipe from Brazil: wipe a couple of overripe bananas through a sieve, stir with a glass of warm water or milk, add a spoonful of honey.
2-3 fig fruit, you can drizzle a glass of milk and cook over low heat until the milk is brown. Drink milk and eat cooked in it figs 2-3 times a day in between meals for 10-15 days.
Cook in a liter of milk of medium size onion and add a spoonful of honey. Use this mixture for the night. Milk is made delicious, the onions do not smell at all, and even children drink it easily. Dry cough after it becomes softer and faster passes.
2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tbsp. l. cognac, 2 tbsp. l drink lemon juice for the night of the day 3 and cough as it never happened.
Gogol-mogol (egg yolks, whipped with sugar and rum) also greatly helps from cough, if it is on an empty stomach.
3. To get rid of a cough during a cold, you can rub your chest with any (even pork) fat and wrap up warmer. Bearish, badger and other exotic lard has no advantages! Proof of this: the Ukrainian folk remedy: pork lard from coughing From a prolonged nursing cough should be wiped off the chest with a towel, then rub into dry interior lard or fumed oil.
Another option - one pepper plaster on the chest and two under the shoulder blades, keep the day (with a strong burning, take off!).

claudia slinky

IF you value the health of the child, then consult a doctor if you are coughing for 3 weeks. YOU MUST MAKE A PICTURE OF LUNGS AND TAKE A BLOOD FROM A FINGER for analysis, I wish you successful treatment and recovery

Dima beavers

And what ANTIBIOTICS (syrup or nyxes) and expectorant you gave the child? How much to him? and did you give him antibiotics earlier?

Elena Bogatyrev

for 3 weeks your pediatrician. I look. I did not offer much to diagnose. but what about the temperature? Do allergotests and try to give a normal pertussin. it does not hurt. but will calm a dry cough. be surveyed. good luck...


Dry cough is with polyps in the nose (see Fig. section "Breathing through the mouth") and the habit of sucking a finger when the child breathes mainly through the mouth. At night, the cough intensifies, because the air going through the mouth is not filtered and moistened, irritating the mucous membrane of the trachea. Pertussis: it begins with a usual cough as if it's a cold, then it intensifies, despite usual anti-catarrhal measures (mustard, soda inhalation, etc.), becomes convulsive, "winding". Coughing attacks, usually at night, occur for 6 weeks or more. In vaccinated children whooping cough and paracocephalus proceed in an erased form, accompanied by a dry cough, lasting for a long time. In such cases for the child the disease is not dangerous, but it can infect other children who are not vaccinated. Cough with pulmonary chlamydia - dry, paroxysmal, prolonged, resistant to traditional treatment. Cough with ascariasis - observed in the phase of pulmonary migration of ascarid larvae. Cough with pulmonary migration of ascaris dry, intensified at night. Be examined necessarily. Get well!

Lilya Mennanova

tell me please my child 2 years 5 months already more than three weeks strongly coughs went to the pediatrician listened to the lungs and bronchi, they do not have pure noises and cough does not passes or takes place also syrups gave also antibiotics and inhalations at home did not pass or take place, and sopli transparent flow do not grow green What is it can be on Tuesday are written down to the doctor and meanwhile I should do

Why there is a dry paroxysmal cough and how to treat it

A dry paroxysmal cough is a symptom of some inflammatory processes and allergic reactions of the respiratory system. With a dry cough, air is expelled from the lungs with force, while sputum is not excreted and mucus is not expectorated. Because of the irritation of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract, there is a paroxysmal cough, that is, frequent, painful, debilitating. Spasms of the respiratory tract can lead a person to vomiting, provoke ruptures of small blood vessels and damage to the mucosa. What diseases can cause a dry cough?

External causes of cough

Allergy to pollen of plants, household dust, suspension of particles of irritant in the air causes a cough. Due to the displacement of air, the allergen is removed from the respiratory tract. Who is at risk for an allergic cough?

  • people with diagnosed allergy to flowering, dust mites, animal hair or other substance;
  • patients with bronchial asthma;
  • patients in the family history of which allergy sufferers appear.

In some cases, an allergic reaction can change the place of its manifestation. Therefore, the respiratory system of people with skin allergies is very sensitive to the effects of toxic and irritating substances. In order to specify the list of allergens and eliminate cough, you need to take a blood test or skin tests for allergies.

Treatment will include the removal of major unpleasant symptoms due to antihistamines, and then the prevention of relapse.

When a clear list of stimuli is known, it is easier to avoid contact with them. Allergic cough is an alarming symptom. If a respiratory system is connected to an acute reaction to a substance, the laryngeal mucosa may develop at some point. To exclude the probability of such an outcome, it is necessary to find out the allergen. Chronic dry cough often manifests itself as a response to the constant inhalation of harmful substances. At builders, workers of industrial shops and factories, at the professional cleaners dealing with volatile compounds of chlorine, often there is thinning of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory ways. When a person is young, the body's resources are enough to compensate for poisoning, but with age these opportunities become insufficient. There is a chronic tracheitis or bronchitis, which is sometimes accompanied by a sparse discharge of phlegm. Dystrophic changes in the mucosa reduce local immunity, and impaired excretory function makes a person vulnerable to infections that affect the respiratory system.

For the treatment of chronic diseases requires more time than to eliminate acute. If there is a painful cough that continues from day to day, you need to find out the reason by contacting an otolaryngologist or a therapist. If the cause lies in the professional activity associated with the inhalation of irritants, it is worth taking care of protective measures (masks, respirators). If this is not possible, change the work, because the pathological changes in the mucosal state are able to progress. To ease the condition, you can use any means that suppress the respiratory spasm, for example, syrups with codeine. Before use, consult your doctor. Without eliminating the external cause, a cough caused by allergy or poisoning does not go away.


In most cases, dry paroxysmal cough manifests itself as an early symptom of colds caused by a bacterial or viral infection. The most common diseases that are accompanied by a cough:
  • laryngitis, that is, an inflammatory process localized in the larynx;
  • tracheitis, the focus of infection is located in the upper respiratory tract;
  • bronchitis, first of all the bronchi are affected, then the infection spreads to other respiratory organs;
  • inflammation of the lungs, the infection can affect both the central and peripheral parts of the lung, as well as the pleura.

For bronchitis and pneumonia, dry cough is characteristic at the onset of the disease, then sputum appears. Sputum may contain pus or blood if blood vessels are damaged. The color of the sputum varies from pale to bright green, can be rusty or brown. To make the correct diagnosis, you need to seek medical help and take the appropriate tests. You can not be treated by popular methods, which often lead to negative results.

Cough and Complications

Timely contact with a doctor is the key to a quick and successful recovery. Running forms of colds, especially pneumonia, can lead to serious consequences. Without proper treatment, the colony of pathogenic microorganisms increases, the infection enters lymphatic and circulatory system and begins to migrate through the body, forming local foci in other place.

The failure of the lungs, heart and brain contributes to a fatal outcome. It is especially important to take care of newborns and elderly people.

In severe cases, this process is a threat to human life, can cause sepsis, meningitis, pericarditis.

Dry cough may indicate the onset of pneumonia, which in some cases occurs without fever and other specific symptoms. There are cases when in infants and elderly people the dynamics of the disease was such that a person died within two days from the sudden development of inflammation in the lungs. At home, it is impossible to unambiguously exclude pneumonia. If you suspect a pneumonia, you need to urgently clarify the diagnosis in a medical facility. A belated address to a doctor can lead to the transition of the disease from acute to chronic. Especially often this process occurs in smokers.

Mucous larynx and airways in people with a long history of smoking is weakened compared to a healthy person. Therefore, any catarrhal disease can easily be transformed into a slow inflammatory process, which can last for years. There are chronic forms of bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, which are extremely difficult to cure. Any remedy for cough relief is intended, first of all, to eliminate the unpleasant manifestations of the disease. Symptomatic treatment can be applied in an integrated approach, and not as a single measure. To eliminate the main inflammatory process may require the use of antibiotics or other medication.

In rare cases, to dry cough in adults can lead to processes that are not related to the respiratory system:
  • tumors of the medulla oblongata;
  • irritation or entrapment of local nerve endings;
  • disorders in the work of the heart and blood vessels;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In order to take timely measures to eliminate these causes, you need to visit a therapist or an otolaryngologist, and then get a referral to a narrower specialist.

Cough for no reason

If, as a result of all medical research, the cause of the paroxysmal cough, should consider a variant of psychosomatic reaction to a stressful situation in the past or in the present time. At the beginning of psychotherapy in any technique, some patients experience deterioration of existing somatic diseases or the appearance of new somatic reactions of unknown origin. Idiopathic cough should be treated in the same way as any psychosomatic disease and prescribe a comprehensive treatment to alleviate a person's condition. As far as resolution of acute conflict situations a tense cough either passes or decreases itself. To relieve spasm, you can use:

  • respiratory gymnastics;
  • inspiratory delay;
  • singing.

Breathing exercises help relax the muscles of the throat and increase blood supply to the lungs, so that the spasm passes, and a person can breathe freely.


The baby has a cough without temperature, what should I do? How to treat?

Often children develop a cough without fever. He can appear for various reasons, most often colds, then with the help of a cough the child gets rid of the microbes that have accumulated in the throat, thoracic region. When influenza, cold cough is accompanied by fever, it says that the body with all the strength is protected from the disease. If a child has a sudden and dry cough, while the body temperature is not increased, it can talk about other serious diseases.

Causes of cough without temperature

If a child has an infectious, catarrhal disease that affects the trachea, bronchi, lungs, there is a cough of the cold, high fever, the child is weakened. When the disease begins to heal, the symptoms go away. The cough can remain for another two weeks, then disappears.

If a child has a sudden paroxysmal cough without a cold, temperatures and it is impossible to heal, you need to carefully examine the child, this is the first symptom of a serious illness.

Most often such a cough can be a symptom of bronchial asthma, it worsens at night, after a hard day. In this situation, it is important to pay attention to how often asthma attacks the child, how many times a day, a month.

Cough without fever in a child can be triggered by an allergic reaction to pollen of different plant species, house dust mites, products nutrition, cosmetics, household chemistry, because of this irritated bronchi, become hypersensitive, so children are disturbed by a strong dry cough. Allergy can be removed with the help of antihistamines, other drugs will be ineffective.

Sometimes, a cough that is not accompanied by fever can talk about an infectious disease - cytomegalovirus, chlamydia, whooping cough, fungi, paracoids also often leads to irritation bronchi. In some children, the state of health may be exacerbated by tuberculosis, but this disease most often occurs with increased body temperature. In order to know exactly about the disease, the child must necessarily pass all the laboratory tests, based on them will be selected effective treatment.

Note that if your child begins to cough badly after a stressful situation, then he has a cough appears due to psychogenic causes, it occurs in the form of seizures, can last a minute, and sometimes whole day.

Dangerous is a cough without fever, which is characteristic of laryngitis, the child suffers suffocation, it is necessary to consult a therapist. In infancy, cough is physiological in nature, with the help of its children cleanse the respiratory tract from dust, food that enters the respiratory tract. Sometimes a cough can appear when the child has his first teeth.

In cases when the cough is prolonged, it is not moistened, thus there is no runny nose, temperature, It is necessary to undergo a full course of examination, so that the disease does not develop into a chronic one with different complications.

Treatment of cough in a child without fever

1. Give the child as much warm water as possible, preferably alkaline. Also, if your child does not have allergies, you can give milk with the addition of soda, it is also good to add honey, butter.

2. If the cough is severe, while the temperature does not rise, you can conduct steam inhalations - recommend breathing nal potatoes, which is cooked, you can use different types of herbs - chamomile, sage, eucalyptus.

3. Compresses are an effective remedy. So the sputum will be formed faster and blood circulation will improve in the chest area, you can use honey, boiled potatoes, vegetable oil. It should be applied to the baby's chest, it should be able to withstand it for at least two hours, it is best that she sleeps, wrap it, it should get warm well.

4. Watch the air in the room, it should be moist, give up various types of irritants - smells of perfume, tobacco, various cosmetic products, household chemicals. Do a wet cleaning, wipe off the dust.

5. Abundant drink for the child. It should be varied, compote, if it's winter, you can use frozen, dried fruits. In a season it is good to prepare compotes with fresh fruits, they contain a large amount of vitamins, which will help the child, quickly recover. Prepare broths for cough, you can use mother-and-stepmother, thyme, nettle, thermopsis, oregano. Pay attention, children of allergic people are not allowed to take various herbs, this will only further aggravate the disease and lead to bronchospasm, Quinck's swelling, anaphylactic shock. Cough can be cured with tea with honey and lemon.

Medication for cough without temperature

Drugs can be prescribed for dry cough, which will help make it productive, moist. Effectively treated with Delsim, Tusupreksa, Libexin. Pay attention, these drugs can not be taken into account, they can lead to serious consequences.

If the child has a wet cough without temperature, you need to reduce the sputum, this is suitable for treatment of ATSTS, Bromheksinom, Ambroxol, Mukaltin. This group of drugs also leads to side effects on the child's body, may be impaired work of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, in children often after taking these funds, there is nausea, vomiting.

When a child is often sick, you need to think about strengthening his immune system, so accustom him to the sport, he should move as much as possible, exercise, it is important that the food is balanced and rich in vitamins.

So, cough without fever is most often due to an allergic reaction, bronchial asthma, less laryngitis, so do not run it, it is necessary to immediately treat, until it has developed into a chronic form, before this it is necessary to undergo a full course of examination for confirmation diagnosis.


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