How to cure bronchitis with folk remedies

Treatment of bronchitis in the home: acute, chronic, folk remedies

Bronchitis often begins in the program of influenza or ARVI or as their complication, when dry and debilitating or wet joints to the cold and reddened throat cough and if in time to help your body, quickly transfer dry cough to wet, then bronchitis can be cured faster than 10 days.

However, if untimely therapy, violation of a calm semi-fasting regime, or worse - go to work for patients, acute bronchitis easily turns into chronic. More details about symptoms, signs of bronchitis in adults, read in our article. On how to treat bronchitis at home, so that it does not become protracted or chronic, we'll tell in this article.

Any treatment should be comprehensive:

  • Active control of the virus and infection
  • Improve patency of the bronchi, dilution of sputum and the fastest removal of sputum
  • Elimination of provoking factors

The regime with bronchitis

At the very beginning of the illness, you just need to have a bed rest for 2-3 days, then you can have a half-fast mode for 3-4 more days, when it's easier, the temperature will be normal, you can go out and make small walks in the fresh air, better in the park, and not along the motorway.

It is necessary to observe a predominantly vegetable - cereal, milk diet, during the illness the body especially needs vitamins, it is better if it is natural vitamins - fruits and vegetables.

If a person smokes, smoking cessation should occur as if by itself, because smoking so increases and provokes a dry cough, and delays the day of recovery, which is not even worth talking about. Very many inveterate smokers who think about their health quit smoking after acute bronchitis, pneumonia or obstructive bronchitis!

One of the options for rapid recovery with bronchitis is the prompt dissolution of sputum and its excretion from the body, and this is very simply achieved by abundant warm drinking. This is a commonplace advice, but the most correct and correct, the more fluid the patient drinks with bronchitis, the faster the sputum is produced, which means the bronchial discharge.

Also, inflammation during intoxication produces a mass of harmful toxic substances that poison the body, and a plentiful drink of up to 2-3 liters a day is the way to clearing toxins and recovering as quickly as possible.

You can drink any drinks, it's best if they are fortified with natural vitamins - a decoction of dogrose, raspberries, limes, mint, chamomile tea, milk-mineral honey cocktails (mineral water without gases Borjomi, Narzan + milk + honey). And from strong tea and coffee should refrain, because caffeine dehydrates the body, which is not desirable for any disease.

In dry air, cough is much stronger, so try to moisten the air in the room where the patient is. It is best to use an air cleaner and humidifier for this purpose. It is also desirable to carry out a daily wet cleaning of the patient's room, to purify the air.

Do you need antibiotics for bronchitis?

There are cases of very severe bronchitis with obstructive syndrome and respiratory failure, in such a situation, hospitalization in the pulmonology department is indicated. With a mild form of bronchitis, uncomplicated other pathology, after consulting a doctor, you can treat acute bronchitis at home, using various medications or traditional medicine.

Treatment of bronchitis in the home

Usually, to apply antibiotics for bronchitis is not advisable, if it is caused by the flu virus, the common cold. Strong immunity perfectly copes with inflammation of the bronchi. Antimicrobial agents in the absence of appropriate changes in blood and in the absence of purulent sputum, can not be used for bronchitis, since they not only do not have anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect, but also increase allergization, can provoke broncho-obstructive syndrome. But in case if:

  • long lasts a high fever, with coughing purulent sputum
  • or after an acute period of the disease after 4-5 days suddenly the condition worsens, a new high temperature jump, when coughing purulent sputum (yellow or green) is released, the general condition of the patient worsens

should once again see a doctor who will examine, listen to patients, send for tests and X-rays, after which is recommended by the course of antibiotics directed at the destruction of the attached bacterial infection. You should never start taking antibiotics without a doctor's recommendation. 11 rules - how to take antibiotics correctly.

How to quickly cure bronchitis at home

Antiviral drugs

If bronchitis occurs against the background of the flu, then for therapy you can connect antiviral drugs. You can use interferon preparations intranasally, that is, instillation into the nose of both children and adults, the use of other antiviral drugs for acute respiratory infections and flu for today The day is widely advertised and recommended, however, there is no convincing research and evidence of their effect and safety, therefore the decision to use them is a private matter for everyone.


To improve sputum removal, the doctor prescribes expectorant, mucolytic drugs, there are many of them in the pharmacy network - the most popular and effective among them: Lazolvan, Ambrohexol, Bromhexin, Herbion, herbal piles (which can be used in the absence of allergies to medicinal herbs). With prolonged cough and bronchial obstruction, Ascoril (Josette, Cachnol) is prescribed, containing salbutamol.

At the very beginning of bronchitis, the patient usually has a prolonged dry, unproductive cough. Therefore, to facilitate the condition, you should take funds such as Glaucine, Libexin, Tusuprex, Levopron, suppressing dry cough, and expectorants are taken later, when the cough goes into the wet. Also it is possible to use and the combined preparations, such as Sinekod - the instruction, Bronhikum, Bronholitin. For the treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies, with dry cough they use thermopsis, licorice, mother-and-stepmother.

After 4 days, as a rule, sputum begins to depart, so the suppressant cough supplements should be canceled, and take the medications diluting sputum:

  • Mucolytics - these include acetylcysteine ​​- ATSTS, Mukoneks, Fluimutsil, as well as carbocysteine ​​- Fluviert.
  • Ekspectorants - means that improve the expectoration of phlegm, that is, the reflex effect, they are treated by all a famous plantain (Herbion), ivy leaves (Prospan), marshmallow, thyme, aniseed drops, as well as Breastfeeding.
  • Mukokinetics are agents that facilitate the promotion of sputum, for example, Bromhexine. Such popular medicinal products as Lazolvan (in Ambroxol tablets), Ambrobe, in addition, have the property of diluting sputum, making it not so viscous, it is easily removed from the body.


It is very effective to treat bronchitis with the help of various inhalations. If you want to quickly cure bronchitis, you should definitely do inhalation. Just first make sure that there is no heat and no palpitations.

Recipes for steam inhalations in bronchitis are many - it's salt and soda solutions, and essential oils of eucalyptus, pines, soaps, herbal preparations, inhaling phytoncids, which are rich in essential oils of garlic, rosemary - reduce coughing tremors and facilitate the coughing process. However, it is not uncommon for the essential oils and medicinal herbs to develop allergic reactions and therefore prone to allergy to people (pollinosis) it is better not to take risks and avoid using different herbs and essential oils.

Also for those who have a home inhaler, you can perform inhalation in bronchitis with a nebulizer with Lazolvan, Ambrobene, etc. Special medicinal solutions designed to improve the release of bronchi from sputum.

In the case of obstructive bronchitis in children or adults, the effective bronchodilator is Berodual, special solutions are available for inhalations.

Massage, breathing exercises

Always effectively and quickly helps to cope with almost all diseases - massage, with bronchitis it can be done only in case of normalization body temperature, you can do it yourself, with the help of various massagers, Kuznetsov's applicator, or a vibrating massage. To date, there are many different types of massagers, so you can buy any of them.

After the acute period of inflammation ends and there are only residual effects in the form of a rare cough, you can begin to do therapeutic respiratory gymnastics, for example, according to Strelnikova. Women can try to perform simple exercises from breathing exercises Bodyflex, which strengthens not only the respiratory system, but also normalizes metabolism and promotes weight loss.

On the recommendation of a doctor, you can also take a course of physiotherapy.

Oddly enough, old proven tools are forgotten by modern people, and methods such as cans, mustard plasters, warming compresses are rarely used by people. But these are safe and very effective procedures.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis with folk remedies

In each family there are grandmothers, great-grandmothers, who used to treat all diseases, exclusively with folk remedies. Among all the methods of treating chronic bronchitis with folk remedies, we will talk about the simplest and most accessible to everyone:

Radish, honey

A very ancient and effective recipe is a radish, in it a small indentation is made, in which is laid a teaspoon of honey. After a while, the radish gives juice and you can eat it 3 times a day. This is a good way to relieve cough, if there is no allergy to honey.

Chamomile, St. John's wort, sage, calendula, calamus

Such medicinal herbs as chamomile, St. John's wort, sage, calamus, calendula possess anti-inflammatory properties and in the absence of allergies you can make infusions - 1 st. spoons on a glass of boiling water, insist for one hour and drink 3 r / day.

Garlic, dill, butter

Sandwiches with garlic, dill and butter - to prepare this sandwich, take 5 cloves of garlic, squeeze through garlic, mix with butter 100 gr., you can add finely chopped dill or parsley. Eating a sandwich 3 times a day.

Medicinal Herbs

  • Plantain has always been valued by folk healers for its excellent expectorant properties. Therefore, to treat bronchitis, you can buy leaves of plantain, 4 tbsp. Spoon the leaves with chop, pour half a glass of boiling water, allow to stand for 4 hours, drain and drink this amount during the day.
  • Such medicinal plants as thyme, eucalyptus, pine buds, cumin, St. John's wort, fennel have an expectorant effect, so they can also make infusions and inhalations.
  • To increase immunity in chronic bronchitis, such medicinal plants as decoctions of plantain, yarrow, violets, althea roots, mother-and-mahihi help.
  • The intake of natural mummy, tincture of echinacea, licorice root syrup also helps to increase immunity.
  • Decoctions of parsley, juniper, horsetail, birch, cowberry leaves. These remedies are not direct methods of treating acute bronchitis at home, but they help a lot to strengthen the body and speedy recovery.


To remove symptoms of intoxication in viral and infectious diseases, in order to quickly remove toxins from the body, you can use and pharmacy agents sorbents - Polysorb, Enterosgel, Filtrim STI, Polyphepan, etc., but they should be taken in between gaps medicines and food, best once a day at night, 2 hours after the last meal and medication and a short course.

Psychological attitude

It is possible that many will seem strange and unacceptable, but psychological, emotional, positive the mood for recovery is always very important, especially for chronic diseases. Faith in healing - gives the brain a very strong push to strengthen the struggle of the body with the disease. Daily reading of positive attitudes, which you can think up for yourself, pronouncing affirmations, self-hypnosis, meditation - can help more than some medications. The main thing is to believe that it works, to believe in the strength of your body and the illness will go away.


Sokoterapiya has long been considered the most powerful way of healing the whole body. Especially useful are vegetable juices:

  • Beet juice is considered to be the most highly effective juice for cleansing the blood of toxins, it helps to normalize the blood composition, especially increases the platelets, the only the condition for its reception is that you can not drink freshly squeezed juice, first the raw beetroot rubbed on the grater, squeezed the juice, and then put in the fridge, after 3-4 hours it can be drunk.
  • Carrot juice - a lot of beet juice is not recommended to drink, not more than 100 ml., It is better to dilute it with a useful carrot freshly squeezed juice. It's tasty, and extremely useful.
  • Cowberry juice - very good for sputum.
  • Cabbage juice is fresh, it's not very pleasant to drink, but if you add a little sugar, then as an expectorant it is very effective. In addition, cabbage juice helps and with diseases of the stomach.

Cure chronic bronchitis forever - is it real?

how to cure chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis is an inflammatory process in the bronchi, which worsens every 2-3 months for at least 2 years. Even if cough (the main symptom of any type of bronchitis) is present for a month, then disappears on a couple of weeks and resumes with a new force, unconditionally diagnose chronic bronchitis can not. First, a constant cough may be in smokers, and secondly, this symptom may be associated with special / harmful working conditions.

Types of chronic cough

treatment of symptoms of chronic bronchitisIn medicine, there are several principles for the classification of chronic cough:
  1. By degree of injury:distal and proximal. In the first case, the inflammatory process affects small bronchi, in the second - large.
  2. By the presence of bronchospastic seizures:obstructive and non-obstructive.
  3. By qualitative changes:catarrhal, purulent, fibrous.

In addition, chronic bronchitis may be in remission and / or exacerbation - this also applies to classification and must be indicated in the patient's medical / outpatient card.

Causes / factors of development

Chronic bronchitis can develop for two reasons:

  • the patient constantly, for a long time, inhales chemical substances, toxic fumes, fine dust - this is typical for some specialties. For example, wood dust after grinding works not only "hangs" in the air, but also gets into the bronchi, settling on their walls. In this case, the mechanism of bronchial function is reconstructed, the structure of the walls varies;
  • Earlier acute bronchitis was diagnosed, his treatment was not complete. Alternatively, the patient developed the acute form of the inflammatory disease in question too often.

Factors that can exacerbate chronic bronchitis are:

  • attachment of the virus - for example, the development of an acute viral respiratory disease or common cold;
  • infections - angina, influenza, laryngitis (tantum verde spray with laryngitis), tracheitis and any respiratory tract diseases;
  • regular hypothermia.

Signs and symptoms of a chronic nature

treatment of chronic bronchitis in adults

Cough - the main sign of chronic bronchitis

The only common sign for all types and forms of chronic bronchitis is cough- this is the main symptom of bronchitis, it is necessarily present, but it can manifest itself in different ways.

For the catarrhal form is characterized by a moist cough, uncritical fever, signs of general intoxication. The frequency of exacerbations of this type of chronic bronchitis is no more than 4 times a year.

When the obstructive form of the inflammatory process under consideration in the bronchi is observed:

  • paroxysmal cough;
  • difficulty in getting a sputum;
  • Attacks of suffocation and bronchospasm.

Pay attention: hyperthermia (fever) with obstructive bronchitis of chronic form may not be noted.

treatment of chronic bronchitis in adults drugsNon-obstructive type of disease - sputum purulent-serous character is allocated constantly, with every fit of coughing.The daily norm of excretions is maximum 150 ml, but this figure corresponds only to the period of remission.At an exacerbation to pristanopojnomu to tussis are added:
  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • a slight increase in temperature;
  • signs of intoxication, characteristic of all inflammatory processes (weakness, drowsiness, loss of appetite, headaches).

Important: with prolonged flow of obstructive chronic bronchitis may appear thickening in the area of ​​finger phalanges, the patient notes increased sweating.

Diagnostic measures

Can you cure chronic bronchitis?

The doctor needs to not only diagnose, but also to identify the cause of the development of bronchitis

Diagnosis of chronic bronchitis should be carried out only in a medical institution by an ENT doctor. It is necessary not only to put the diagnosis itself, but also to identify the cause of the development of the inflammatory process under consideration. This will determine the purpose of medicines, the feasibility of using folk remedies.

When examining the patient, the ENT doctor will notice a too long exhalation, wheezing / wheezing sounds in the lungs, wet "sobs".To confirm the diagnosis and clarify the required accuracy (what kind of chronic bronchitis is present, what is the degree of its development, and more) the doctor directs the patient to radiography, and if necessary, and carried out radiation diagnosis (eliminated emphysema, tuberculosis and oncology).

what can be from a cold in breastfeedingWhat can you do with a cold in breastfeeding is indicated in this article.

After the common cold, the sense of smell is gone, what can you do, you can understand reading the article.

What good and inexpensive remedy for the common cold is used most often, is indicated here:

Sputum for laboratory testing is mandatory - the causative agents of the disease are identified (microbiological analysis), the structure of secretions (serous-purulent, purulent) is determined, and its viscosity is important.

An effective method of diagnosis is computed tomography, but more often the study is performed using a bronchoscope, which allows to determine the degree of pathological changes in the walls of the bronchi.

Methods of therapy: can I be cured forever?

Chronic bronchitis can not be cured forever - every patient of an ENT doctor will receive such an answer. It is believed that literate appointments can only increase the period of remission, but exacerbations will be necessary. In fact, chronic bronchitis in mild development can be completely cured. For this, it is not absolutely necessary to be registered for inpatient treatment, although with serious exacerbations such a step is mandatory.

At home

To permanently get rid of chronic bronchitis, you must follow the following treatment regimen:

  1. Reception of medicines.The appointment should be done only by the attending physician - echronic bronchitis symptoms and treatment in adultsit is not discussed. First, doctors will find out which virus / pathogenic microorganism has caused the development of the inflammation in question
    process. Secondly, some medicines can provoke the development of the strongest allergic
    reaction. Thirdly, it is necessary to conduct a dynamic observation of the treatment process.
  2. The use of medicinal drink.It can be herbal decoctions / teas - for example, lime blossom, raspberry, chamomile or thyme.
  3. Diet.Remove from the diet fat, spicy, smoked or pickled - anything that can serve as an irritant for the bronchi.

At home, it is most appropriate to use medicines prepared with "your own hands". These include

folk treatment of chronic bronchitis
  1. Take in equal amounts of plantain juice and honey, warm in a water bath for 20 minutes and cool. Take the medicine should be 1 teaspoon twice a day.
  2. Brew a teaspoon of Icelandic moss in a glass of boiling water, like ordinary tea. Drink the medication for the night in full.Note: Iceland moss gives a lot of bitterness, so in the "tea" you can add a little honey to improve the taste.
  3. Prepare a medicinal mixture: 1 egg yolk of a chicken egg, 1 teaspoon of honey, as much butter and flour. Mix thoroughly and take half a teaspoon at least 4 times a day.Please note: this mixture must be dissolved in the mouth an hour before meals.
  4. From the lower leaves of the aloe plant make juice and mix it with honey - per 100 ml of juice 20 grams. Stir and take a tablespoon twice a day. How to use aloe in case of nasal congestion in a child is indicated in this article.

Pay attention: the listed means need to be used not up to that time, as symptoms will disappear, and before complete cure. Up to this point, it can take a long time - up to 3-5 months.

Do not forget about the compresses - warming the upper sections of the breast will help to withdraw sputum from the bronchi and speed up the process of treatment. As fillers for compresses, you can use:

  • 2 parts of aloe juice + 1 part honey + 3 parts vodka or alcohol - the mixture needs to be heated to 40 degrees;
  • 1 part honey + 1 part melted animal fat (the most effective is goat fat).

You can actively practice the treatment of bronchitis with honey:

  • propolis- for inhalation (pour a teaspoon of 100 ml of boiling water and inhalate);
  • pollen- to strengthen immunity (mix 5 grams of pollen with a teaspoon of honey and eat 15 grams 2-3 times a day).


treatment of chronic bronchitis in adults drugsImportant: only a doctor should prescribe medicines!The composition of therapy for chronic bronchitis may include the following drugs:

  • mucolytic- help get rid of phlegm;
  • antispasmodic- relieve pain in the chest and ribs (it appears from a constant cough);
  • antibacterial- Antibiotics for chronic bronchitis are prescribed when an infectious etiology of the disease is identified;
  • antiviral.

The above medicines can be used as tablets / capsules or intravenous / intramuscular injections - which is optimal, will be determined by the attending physician.

Possible complications

treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis in adults

If no treatment is carried out, then the bronchitis is aggravated by bronchial obstruction, pulmonary emphysema and respiratory insufficiency

Chronic bronchitis can for years run almost asymptomatically - the patient from time to time worries cough, but there are no powerful exacerbations. But if no treatment is carried out, then the inflammatory disease under consideration is aggravated by bronchial obstruction, pulmonary emphysema and respiratory failure.

To permanently get rid of chronic bronchitis, it is necessary to carry out exclusively complex therapy - you need to take prescribed medications and funds from the category "traditional medicine" at the same time.Necessarily it is necessary to strengthen immunity and undergo a course of physiotherapeutic procedures.


All about the correct treatment of chronic bronchitis - in this video:

Prolonged, long-lasting and often exacerbated chronic bronchitis can not be cured forever. But using all of the above methods of therapy can achieve long-term remission.

How to cure a child of bronchitis with folk remedies?


Anna Dmitrieva

Here are the recipes.
When my 4-year-old daughter contracted bronchitis, I was advised to treat her with vegetable oil. I made her a compress. She took a piece of gauze, folded it in several layers, moistened it with hot vegetable oil and put it on the baby's chest. Well wrapped a blanket. They held the compress for an hour and a half, while the oil was still warm. For 3-4 days passed the most severe cough, in this I was convinced. "
If you get pneumonia or bronchitis, take 100g. butter, interior fat, honey, sugar, cocoa, aloe juice and 10 yolks. Mix everything until a thick, uniform mass is obtained. Take this mixture for 3 hours. l. 3p. a day, washed down with warm milk.
1 We treat advanced bronchitis.
This recipe was given to me by paramedics, already at an age and with experience working with medications.
Buy in the pharmacy such herbs: the color of linden, mother-and-stepmother and plantain.
Each herb take a pinch and throw in an empty pan, pour three liters of water (boiling water) and put on fire, let it boil for one minute. Then let it brew for 6 hours, covering the infusion with a large pillow. After filter and drink in a warm state for 3-4 days. Infusion of herbs to keep in the refrigerator or in a cold place. When you drink, then just warm up, and do not boil. Doing everything with great faith in this recipe, only then will help.
Buy all the herbs in the pharmacy - this is the key to success. Drink this infusion 3-4 times a day, on a cup (after eating). You can like tea, but not on an empty stomach. May God help you. L. A. Yakimenko, 14000, Chernigov Str. Gorky, 12, Apt. 17.
3 With a cold or bronchitis, the breast is ground with a mixture of 1 tbsp. l. turpentine and 2 tbsp. l. castor oil. First castor oil is heated, after which turpentine is added. The mixture is lightly rubbed, then the breast is warmly covered.
With mild diseases, rubbing is done at night, and in more severe cases - three times a day.
Vladimir Dobrovolsky, 04205, Kiev, Obolonsky, 16th, apt. 87
Chronic bronchitis, in which I constantly sang, wheezed and gurgled in my throat, cured I mixed in equal proportions with honey and apple cider vinegar. Every day, before going to bed and after sleep, I drank half a glass of warm water in which I stirred for 1 hour. l. this "medicine". In addition, every time I drank tea, I added 1 hour to it. l. its own mixture. Sometimes I drank this teaspoon without diluting. So even more useful, although you can choke. I was treated for four weeks, and the illness was gone. After a while for the prevention of taking honey with vinegar, I still for a while repeated. Ivan Alexandrovich Golovnya, 43023, Lutsk, Konyakina Str. 10, Apt. 44

Andrey Gorshkov

A child with folk remedies is better not to be cured. Go to the doctor.

Zelentsova Elena

Is the diagnosis accurate, Ira?
We just got sick ourselves. The child is 5 years old. They were treated with an inhaler (4-5 times a day for 15 minutes) and washing the nose. (a tablet of furacilin, sea salt on the tip of the knife. dial into the syringe and into each nasal passage. rinse times 5-6 per day helped us. Get well..


Of course you need to see a doctor, but as a supplement, a cabbage leaf, honey with flour (1k1), and on the chest, wrap it.
Another aromalamp with cedar, pine, sage 4-5 to. For 15-20 minutes several times a day,


Bronchitis is very well treated with a massage, consult your physiotherapist (after passing the required number of massages you will forget about br.)

Arsen Kanamatov

Fir resin. It should be chewed like a cud (I call it, fir gum))). I cured chronic bronchitis in my time. By the way, you get used to this cud and start to appreciate with time the taste. It helps a lot from what. In pharmacies, by the way, different preparations based on fir or pine resin are sold.
It is better to look for resin in the Caucasus. If there are acquaintances, then ask around. It is usually collected closer to the fall and harvested. Very rarely for sale, mostly for myself.

Galina Grechina

she herself had bronchitis as a child. Than only not lichili. It was good when they heated the salt (in a bag of it) and put it on the chest - it heats well. You can also take the interior fat (mesh looks) to melt and rub your chest and back and it can still be in milk (a spoonful of tea for a glass of milk + h. spoon of honey) to drink.

Vasilisa the Beautiful

Buy a black radish, cut off the top. Make a small hole and add 1-2 h. l of honey. Cover with a cut top and let it brew. A few hours later the radish will give juice. Give the baby one hour. l 2-3 times a day.


folk remedies in particular phytotherapy can be used in the stage of recovery plus exercise therapy, massage and very good respiratory gymnastics


We cured our daughter by the method of Tolkachev BS. Search in the Internet.
The method is based on strengthening immunity: running, drainage exercises, massage and dousing with cold water.... Several times a day!!! !
If you are stupid and you can not do it every day (strictly according to the scheme !!!!), then wait for the child to turn 12 years old and drive him to SERAGEM (or buy home).
Be sure to study inhalers: weak and strong, hormonal and no.... time of action and dose.... Do not listen to idiots! !
Good luck! Alexander.


Znahar's remedy for bronchitis and cough in children.
Cut REDUCE in small pieces, put in a pan (not burnt not enameled) and sprinkle with sugar. Bake in the oven for an hour on a low heat. Strain, discard pieces of radish, and drain the liquid into a bottle.
Dose: 2 teaspoons 3-4 times a day before meals and at night before bedtime.
And so the child will be happy to drink sweet this water.


advice on radish is good, but we were treated with suspected fat (1d. spoon x 3 times a day for 20 minutes before meals, for 3 months) and cranberries in all kinds (jelly, mors, just with sugar), and the compresses with Dimexid are effective.
Do not be ill !


Here are the folk remedies for the treatment of bronchitis:
* Mother and stepmother, leaves - 5 gr.; black elderberry, flowers - 5 gr.; sporish, grass - 5 gr. This mixture brew 1 tbsp. boiling water. Insist wrapped 1 hour, strain. Drink 3 times a day for pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy.
* Clean birch tar is taken inside with diseases of the throat and lungs (asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, etc.) ) 5-10 drops per 1/3 cup of warm boiled water 3-4 times a day before meals.
* Mother and stepmother, leaves - 2 parts; oregano, herb - 1 part; Chamomile Pharmacy - 2 parts. 2 tablespoons of the ground mixture at 5 oo gr. steep boiling water. Insist wrapped in 5-6 hours, strain. Take 1/2 cup three times daily before meals in a warm form. It is used for dry and chronic bronchitis.
* Ledum herb - 4 parts; birch buds - 1 part; oregano herb - 2 parts; nettle, nettle leaves, 1 part. All grind, mix well. 2 tablespoons of the mixture for 500 gr. steep boiling water. Boil 10 minutes, insist wrapped 30 minutes, drain. Take 1/3 cup 3 times daily after meals. It is used for chronic bronchitis.
* Budry leaves are ivy - 20 g, black elder flowers - 20 g, poplar buds - 10 g.
Infusion: the entire collection is insisted 2 hours in 3 tbsp. boiling water and drink 2/3 cup of warm infusion 3-4 times a day before meals with respiratory diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.).
* Ephedra, grass - 40 gr.; Chamomile Pharmacy - 200 g.; birch buds - 60 gr.; Ledum, grass - 200 gr. All grind and mix well. 2 tablespoons of the mixture for 500 gr. boiling water. Insist wrapped 5 hours, strain. Apply 1/2 cup 3 times daily before meals in a warm form. It is used for asthmatic bronchitis.
* Balm: Stoletnik - 250 g.; Cagor vintage - , liters.; honey not candied - 350 gr. Stonewool should not be watered for 2 weeks before plucking the leaves. Leaves of the century-old wipe from dust (do not wash), finely cut, put in a glass jar. Pour Cahors and honey. Mix well. Insist 9-14 days in a cool place. Then strain, squeeze. Take the first two days for 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, and then 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. It is used for all kinds of pulmonary diseases to strengthen the lungs.
* Grass grass, a leaf of mother-and-stepmother, flowers of elderberry black (on a teaspoonful). Brew a glass of boiling water, insist 25-30 minutes. Drink 1/4 cup 4 times a day for 30 minutes before meals with bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy.
* The roots and grass of the Stonecrop or Stonecrop lupus in the form of infusion are taken inside with bronchitis, inflammation, pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia and cough.
Infusion: Art. A spoonful of raw material is insisted 4 hours in a glass of boiled water and take (with honey to taste) 1/2 cup warm infusion 3-4 times a day before meals.
* With bronchitis, pneumonia, hypertension in combination with other drugs recommended decoction of raisins. Preparation: 100 g raisins to grind (you can pass through a meat grinder), pour a glass of water and simmer for 10 minutes, strain and squeeze through gauze. Take several times a day.

[email protected]

If your child is sick with such a disease, then it is not in order to protect them. Check the aura in the center of valeology. Do not be surprised if it is torn. Now many children and young people have a problem with this. You will need an address - write.

Folk remedies for cough, bronchitis and tracheitis

With the onset of the first colds, the number of people suffering from colds increases. Frequent companions of acute respiratory infections are inflammations of the upper respiratory tract causing a debilitating cough, which will be very difficult to cope with. There is a whole arsenal of medicines designed to fight the common cold. However, their use is not always possible. Then people's remedies for cough, bronchitis and tracheitis come to the rescue. The most popular are herbal decoctions, honey and inhalations. They help to cope with the disease, without harming the body.

Advantages of folk methods of treatment

A girl cures coughing folk remedies

Traditional medicine during its existence contained a huge number of methods of treatment. Each of them, before reaching us, was tested not on one generation. The effectiveness of using folk remedies for cough, bronchitis and tracheitis is confirmed by the recognition of official medicine. Herbal preparations are prescribed as part of complex therapy in parallel with antibiotics, and sometimes they are also used as an independent remedy for the treatment of ailment. This is explained by the presence of the advantages of folk methods over medicines, among them:

  • Environmental Safety.
  • Mild effects on the body as a whole.
  • Long-term effectiveness check.
  • The ability to combine several treatments.
  • The minimum number of contraindications.
  • Lack of addiction.
  • Minimal chance of side effects.
  • Vitaminization of the body and strengthening of immunity.

The most effective folk remedies for coughing

How to get rid of a cough? There is a huge arsenal of folk remedies that help to defeat the disease. An important condition for the effectiveness of their use is to determine the characteristics of the disease. Cough can be morning, night, dry, with phlegm, constant or intermittent. In addition, when choosing a remedy, it is necessary to take into account the age of the patient. Particular attention needs an approach to the treatment of infants. Let's consider, effective folk remedies for a strong cough, bronchitis and tracheitis:

For adults

How fast can an adult be cured? Folk remedies for cough, acute bronchitis and tracheitis in adults include decoctions, infusions from plant raw materials, applications and inhalations. Chronic bronchitis treatment with folk remedies:

  • Goose fat for oral administration. Helps cure dry, rending cough. The main effect of goose fat is to dilute sputum, removing it from the lungs. For the manufacture of the drug, use the interior fat of the bird, which is heated by over-frying. To cure a prolonged cough, drink in the morning one tablespoon of fat on an empty stomach. Relief comes on the second day. Completely get rid of a prolonged cough is obtained within 7 days of fat treatment.
Folk remedies for cough
  • Milk, honey, onion and garlic. The broth, prepared with the help of these ingredients, helps with a strong wet cough, relieves wheezes. To get the drug, take a half-liter of milk, boil in it for 10 minutes, three pre-chopped bulbs, the head of garlic. After that, allow to cool slightly and pour all the contents into the blender, where it is ground to the state of gruel. Then add a couple tablespoons of honey, better than lime. Drink this cough drug at least 5 times a day, pre-heating a little. Relief of the condition comes after the first admission.
  • Bogorodskaya herb (thyme). This fragrant plant helps from chronic dry cough, including the smoker's cough. Very good expectorant folk remedy. The broth is made from 250 ml of water and one tablespoon of dry herb. The grass is added to cold water, brought to a boil and tinned for 5 minutes. The broth must be filtered. Adults drink a remedy in a warm form instead of tea. Children are given 1/3 cup morning and evening. Receiving a decoction from a cough will dilute sputum, which helps to clear the lungs, even from tobacco products. You need to drink medicine for at least two weeks.
  • Potatoes. With the help of this vegetable, an effective application is made, helping to cope with a chronic cough. To do this, take 2-3 potatoes, peel and boil. Without letting to cool, the ready potatoes are mashed, put in a plastic bag. On the back of the patient put a cotton napkin, on top of which a bag of mashed potatoes is applied. It is necessary to check if the hot compress is not too hot before applying. Top cover with a blanket. The application from the cough is kept until the potatoes cool down.

For children

Children's cough is cured more difficult, if only because it is more difficult to clear the respiratory tract from sputum. But there are a number of folk remedies that cure even a protracted cough for a child. Dr. Komarovsky suggests easing it by diluting sputum. To this end, the doctor recommends the use of cough treatment in children by folk remedies. Among them, the following methods are distinguished by their efficiency and ease of use:

  • Eggs, milk, honey. With the help of these ingredients, a sweet potion is prepared which will quickly cure a slight cough. To prepare the preparation, take a glass of boiled milk, add 30 g of honey and butter. Separately, we'll take out the egg yolk, put it in milk. To drink such a medicine is better at night.
Syrup from onions and sugar for cough
  • Onion, sugar. A sweet syrup made from these ingredients weakens a strong cough. For him, you need 2 bulbs, a liter of water and a glass of sugar. The washed bulbs are dipped in boiling water with sugar dissolved in it and are pressed for about an hour. Then the syrup is drained. Children are given one tablespoon of warm medication every three to four hours.
  • Honey, cabbage. These products make the application of a cough to the chest. The remedy is very effective, relief comes the day after the first procedure. To prepare, you need one cabbage leaf and a couple of spoons of honey. Sheet smeared with honey, put to the chest. The coughing application is kept all night. In the morning they remove the sluggish leaf of cabbage. Honey is completely absorbed into the patient's skin. Before using folk remedies for cough, bronchitis and tracheitis, it is necessary to measure the temperature, if it is above 37.5 degrees, then it is better to postpone the procedure.

Recipes for treatment of bronchitis at home

Bronchitis is a serious disease that begins as a simple cold, which results in inflammation of the bronchi. Accompanying the ailment with hard breathing, first a dry cough, then wet, sometimes almost squelching. In patients, the temperature rises and there is pain in the chest with a cough. Chronic bronchitis symptoms are diagnosed only by a doctor. The presence of this form of disease is indicated by thickening of the walls of the bronchi. It is more difficult to treat the disease and you can not do without folk remedies. The causes of bronchitis are normal seasonal infections.

If the child is sick, then how to treat bronchitis in children? In this case, you need to get a doctor's consultation. Signs of bronchitis in the child do not manifest immediately. From the moment of the disease can take about a week. In such cases, excretion of sputum becomes very important. Otherwise, complications in the form of bronchopneumonia, the treatment of which is made only in a hospital. We offer the most effective, easy ways to treat bronchitis:

Folk remedy for bronchitis
  • Black radish. The juice of this root will help to cope with acute bronchitis. To do this, you need a couple of vegetables that are thoroughly washed. In each root crop, using a knife, cut off the cap and take out the pulp in the form of a funnel. In the lower part, only a small puncture is made. Take a tea cup, put a radish in it. Put a teaspoon of honey into the resulting funnel. Bottom of the puncture after 30 minutes begins to drip sweet juice. Give it on a tablespoon 5 times a day. Apply this syrup with a dry cough. Relief of bronchitis symptoms comes on the third day.
  • Ginger. This miracle root has antiseptic, expectorant, bactericidal action, cures a severe cough, relieves bronchospasm. Can be used as a prophylaxis for pneumonia, bronchitis. To prepare the drug you will need one teaspoon of lemon juice, ginger and honey, 0.5 cups of boiling water. Juices are mixed, honey is added. Give the mixture to stand and pour boiling water. Cover the container with something warm and let it stand for 10 minutes. Drinking a drug from bronchitis should be one hour. l. every 30 minutes.
  • Badger fat. Strong means of atrophic and obstructive bronchitis. They drink fat from cough in undiluted form on one tablespoon in the morning. The agent helps to restore the epithelium of the bronchi. You can drink not only at the time of exacerbation of the disease, but also for prevention in the autumn-winter period. Children are not recommended to give this medication for bronchitis: it can provoke a strong allergic reaction.

How to treat tracheitis with folk remedies

Tracheitis is a catarrhal disease that often takes on a chronic form. Accompanies SARS, sinusitis, bronchitis. They are often affected by women and children. Characterized by perspiration in the throat, dry "barking" cough, change in voice for the time of illness. Than to treat a tracheitis? Traditional medicine offers a lot of easy ways, eliminating this problem. The most effective are the following:

Birch tar for the treatment of tracheitis
  • Birch tar. This ingredient is used to make a strong cough remedy. To do this, take 1 spoonful of tar and dilute it with 8 tablespoons of boiled water. Stir and insist for two days. Then remove the film from the surface of the liquid, pour it into another dish and put in the refrigerator. Drink this drug you need one spoon at night. In the morning, tar should be rinsed with tar water. To cure a severe cough, three procedures are enough.
  • Cacao butter. This product helps cure tracheitis, dry, hard cough and bronchitis. Chocolate aroma of oil allows you to use the medicine in the treatment of children. To do this, mix the butter with hot milk in the proportions of : 0 and drink. At a time, take no more than 100 ml of the drug. It is allowed to eat 3 times a day.

Video: inhalations that cushion cough

How to cure a cough? For colds accompanied by a runny nose and cough, inhalation is used. This procedure helps reduce the viscosity of phlegm and mucus in the nasopharynx and removes them from the body. For her, you need an inhaler, decoctions of herbs (sage, marigold, eucalyptus, chamomile), soda, iodine, Borjomi mineral water, fresh onion juice and garlic. In some cases, with a strong cough, combinations of these ingredients are used. In order for the procedure to work, follow certain rules about which you will learn from the following video:

Feedback on results after treatment

Alisa, 34 years old: I'm a teacher, and I, like many teachers, have weak vocal cords. In addition to the peaks of the spread of infection, when all the children get sick, I get infected from them and I suffer from tracheitis for a long time. The only salvation for me was inhalation with mineral water. They soften the throat, relieve dryness and help quickly get rid of cough with phlegm. In addition to inhalations, I do a castor compress for the night, which helps me cope with the disease without the sick.

Oksana, 24 years old: I have a little son. He's 2 years old. He is very often sick. Cope with a cough helps a cake of honey, mustard and flour. I take all the ingredients in equal proportions and mix. In order not to get irritated, I lubricate the skin with baby cream. I put a flat cake on the back, I put a diaper on top and wrap it around. I hold three or four hours and shoot. Cough completely passes for a week.

Victor, 48 years old: I have chronic bronchitis. But I have not remembered it for years because of badger fat. I drink this folk remedy in the autumn every year on a teaspoon before breakfast. On the course I use a half liter jar. Very tasteless medicine with a peculiar smell, but it always saved me from coughing. When absolutely unbearable, I add honey. This means is not suitable for everyone. My wife has a sick liver, she can not drink it.

How to cure chronic bronchitis. folk remedies


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What nonsense about family problems. My mother-in-law had a family life just a gift from God. Everything is quiet. For all my life I have never quarreled with my husband. My husband is also calm. Did not drink did not walk. So the soul lived in the soul all his life. But her bronchitis tortured her. Once an old grandfather came to her on the street. He heard how she coughed with an anguish. He came up and said --- Molodka, I hear you cough. You have these bronchial tubes. Take in the pharmacy plantain. Brew as napar. And drink as soon as you want to drink. Drink a long time. Until all the dirt goes. You'll see how this happens. Plantain is not harmful. It is useful for the whole body. Do not be afraid, drink. ---And left. She began to do everything as he advised. My mother-in-law is a stubborn woman. I'll drink it for a week and leave it. And she drank 6 months. Once she started washing in the bathroom. Half washed clothes and suddenly she began to cough heavily. She leaned over the bathroom and a big clump fell out of her chest. She told me that it reminded me of how jellyfish floating in the sea are liquid. This is something that came out of the bronchi. Since then and now she has not been ill for 85 years. If you do not believe you can write in a personal I will give a phone and she will confirm to you. Plantain she took in briquettes == Then this was sold in pharmacies. Did napar, just do not boil. In a small pot put a little plantain, pour boiling water --- wrap it up than you want. And let it infuse. Drink as you please. That's the story my mother-in-law had.

Irina Kovaleva

Folk remedies for bronchitis

* 500 g of crushed bulbs, 400 g of sugar, 50 g of honey mixed and added 1 liter of water. Cook the mixture on low heat for 3 hours, cool, filter and pour into a bottle. Take 1 tablespoon 4-6 times a day.
* 10 grams of dried and chopped mandarin peel pour 100 ml of boiling water, insist, strain. Take 1 tablespoon 5 times daily before meals. It is used as an expectorant for bronchitis and tracheitis.
* 1 cup of rubbed onion pour 1/4 cup of vinegar, rub through 4 layers of gauze, add 1 cup of honey, mix thoroughly until smooth. Drink 1 teaspoon every 30 minutes. The drug is used to treat bronchitis, laryngitis, with a strong cough.
* Licorice naked (root) - 30 g, plantain (leaves) - 30 g, violet trichrome (grass) - 20 g, mother-and-stepmother (leaves) - 20 g. Two tablespoons of the mixture is poured into a glass of boiling water, heated in a water bath for 15 minutes, cooled, filtered and adjusted to a volume of 200 ml. Drink 1 / 4-1 / 3 cup 3 times a day for tracheitis.
* A tablespoon of the dry crushed rhizome of spring primrose is poured with a glass of boiling water, heated for 30 minutes in a boiling water bath, stirring occasionally. Cool at room temperature for 30 minutes and filter. Take 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day before meals. The drug is especially effective in the chronic form of bronchitis.
* Thyme (grass) - 5 g, fennel (fruit) - 5 g, mint (leaves) - 5 g, medunica (grass) - 20 g, coltsfoot (leaves) - 20 g, sweet clover (grass) - 5 g, plantain (leaves) - 10 g, althaea (root) - 10 g, licorice naked (root) - 10 g. A tablespoon of the mixture is brewed with 2 cups of boiling water. Drink 1/2 cup 4 times a day.
* 10 grams of thyme pour a glass of boiling water, heated in a water bath for 15 minutes, cool 45 minutes, filter, squeeze and bring the volume to 200 ml. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.
* In bronchitis, especially acute, it is recommended to drink 4 times a day tincture (30 g per 100 ml of alcohol or glass vodka) for 40-50 drops or juice of fresh grass yarrow ordinary 2 tablespoons 4 times a day.
* Ledum herb - 4 parts, birch buds - 1 part, oregano grass - 2 parts, nettle leaves - dioecious - 1 part. Two tablespoons of the ground mixture pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes. Infuse, wrapped, for 30 minutes, then strain. Drink 1/3 cup a day after meals.
* Tablespoon chopped grass horsetail field brew 2 cups of boiling water, insist 2-3 hours. Take 1 tablespoon 5-6 times a day.
* Devyasil (root) - 10 g, primrose (root) - 10 g, mother-and-stepmother (leaves) - 10 g. Two teaspoons of mixture pour a glass of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. After 15 minutes, cool. Drink infusion should be with bronchitis in small sips in 3 divided doses during the day.
* 2 tablespoons chopped turnip pour 1 cup boiling water. Infuse, wrapped, 1-2 hours. Take 1/4 cup 4-5 times a day. Juice and infusion from turnip apply for a sharp cold cough, hoarseness of voice, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma.
* Tea made from 40 g of buckwheat flowers per 1 liter of boiling water facilitates dry cough.
* Bronchitis is well treated with pork "healthy", that is, the internal lard from the intestines, which has the appearance of a grid. This greasy mesh is put in a bowl and placed in a warm but not hot oven or on a very light fire, so that the liqueurs are drained off the mesh. The melted fat is drained and placed in a cold place. 1 dessert spoon to dilute a glass of hot milk and drink in small sips. For external rubbing in the chest, it is necessary to mix this fat with turpentine and rub it into the chest to dryness.
* Chive the garlic and 1 teaspoon of flower honey thoroughly chew until completely chopped 3 times a day.
Treatment of chronic bronchitis with the help of folk remedies

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Hovhannes Martirosyan

Folk remedies for bronchitis [link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]


In metaphysics, bronchitis occurs when problems arise in the family. Experience, anger. There may be a desire to break off relations, but they are resolved because of feelings of guilt.
Treat life more joyfully and simply There are no families where absolute tranquility. The views of members of your family can be different. This is completely normal. Do not take everything so close to heart, do not yield to the influence of other people, even they are your close ones. do not despair but resist without the slightest feeling of guilt. By respecting the rights of others.

Natalia Eksatova

I personally helped infusion of herbs BAGULNIK.


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Natalia Yugova

tortured bronchitis that I do not drink nothing helps.... What else can be cured of bronchitis coughing is not what is not coughing up inside everything is croaking

Tracheitis and bronchitis: symptoms and folk methods of treatment

If sinusitis, SARS, sinusitis, influenza or other viral diseases are not cured, bronchitis and tracheitis may develop. These inflammatory diseases occur with severe symptoms, and in neglected cases are fraught with atrophic changes in the bronchi and trachea. Folk remedies for bronchitis and tracheitis can help alleviate the condition of the sick person and will serve as a good prophylaxis for other inflammatory ailments.

Symptoms of acute and chronic tracheitis and bronchitis

If you do not know how to distinguish tracheitis from bronchitis, compare the main signs of these diseases, and you will be able to establish a preliminary diagnosis yourself. But this does not mean that you just need to start self-treatment without consulting a doctor. Symptoms of bronchitis and tracheitis are similar in many respects, and only a specialist can advise correct therapy.

Tracheitis- an inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the trachea.

Tracheitis can be acute and chronic, as well as allergic.

Symptoms of acute tracheitis:dry, painful, suffocating cough, breathing is difficult, coughing attacks sharpen at night and by morning, a small amount of viscous sputum, dullness and pain behind the sternum, in case of laryngitis, the voice becomes hoarse, the body temperature rises to 37.5 ° C. Most often, acute tracheitis is accompanied by acute laryngitis, rhinitis (runny nose) or bronchitis.

The cause of tracheitis may be untreated rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, influenza, SARS, bacterial infections, inhalation of vapors of some chemical reagents, irritating the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract, exposure to cold and dry air, a cold.

In the absence of treatment, the inflammatory process from the trachea passes to the bronchi and lungs.

When the inflammatory process passes to the bronchi, tracheobronchitis develops:high body temperature, painful and persistent cough.

Without proper treatment, the acute tracheitis passes into a chronic form.

Symptoms of chronic tracheitis:often there are bouts of excruciating coughing, intensifying at night and in the morning; cough dry or with mucous membrane or purulent sputum; often associated with rhinitis, there are atrophic or hypertrophic changes in the trachea.

Still there is an allergic tracheitis, which occurs in response to the allergen (pollen of plants, vapors of some chemicals, etc.).

BronchitisIs an inflammatory disease of the bronchi. Bronchitis can be acute and chronic.

Acute bronchitis appears, as a rule, in the damp season (autumn or spring).The onset of the disease is acute:there is general malaise, cough, sadness behind the sternum, a slight increase in temperature, often a runny nose; at The first days of sputum go away with difficulty, then the cough becomes less painful and sputum goes away more easily, with purulent spitting.

With frequent acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis can develop. It is characteristic of him that even outside the exacerbation of the disease there is a small cough, especially in the morning, and often there are exacerbations (several times a year).

Treatment of bronchitis at home: diet and regimen

When treating tracheitis and bronchitis at home in the diet of patients necessarily include products that favorably affect the respiratory system. In this case spices (cinnamon, pepper, rosemary, bay leaf, cloves, ginger, cardamom, etc.), spicy aromatic herbs (dill, mint, lemon balm, anise, fennel, garlic, onion, hyssop) will help. Also, patients need to eat cabbage, horseradish, potatoes, carrots, beets, radishes, apples. Irreplaceable will be the fruits of dog rose and viburnum, lemon, raspberry, cowberry, black currant, cranberry, figs, honey and sea buckthorn oil. It is useful to take a multivitamin.

During treatment of tracheitis and bronchitis, folk remedies must be followed by bed rest and as much sleep as possible. With a wet cough, you need to exclude dairy products and move more.

If you discover symptoms of any of these diseases, immediately consult a doctor who will put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a treatment.

In addition to the appointments of the attending physician, you can use folk recipes to treat tracheitis and bronchitis, which you can read on this page. If the prescription does not indicate the duration of the course of therapy, then it is necessary to be treated before recovery.

How to treat bronchitis and tracheitis with folk remedies: the best recipes

Here you will learn the best recipes, how to treat tracheitis and bronchitis with folk remedies at home.
  • As an expectorant for bronchitis and tracheitis, the juice from the leaves of plantain is good: take 1 h. l. juice of plantain, add 1 h. l. honey, mix and drink. Take 3 - 4 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.
  • When treating tracheitis and bronchitis with folk remedies, if the disease occurs in the spring, it is useful to drink a mixture of birch sap and milk (1: 1) several times a day.
  • At the first signs of bronchitis or tracheitis, you need to take vodka tincture of garlic. A few drops of tincture to drip under the tongue and smear it all over the mouth. To cure bronchitis and tracheitis with this folk remedy, the procedure should be performed 3 to 4 times a day for 2 to 3 days.
  • Means for treatment of bronchitis:take 0.5 cups of oat grains, pour 2 liters of milk, put in the oven, simmer at a not very high temperature , -2 hours, drain. Take 1 tbsp. l. before bedtime.
  • With a strong cough, bronchitis, tracheitis and pneumonia, the following remedy helps: take 2 tbsp. l. grains of oats and raisins, pour 1.5 liters of cold water, put on fire, bring to a boil, cook on low heat until half of the liquid is evaporated, then cool, strain and wring out, add 1 tbsp. l. honey. Take 1 tbsp. l. mixture every hour. You can give children from 1 hour. l. up to 1 tbsp. l. mixture (depending on age). When using this folk method of treatment of bronchitis and tracheitis, it is necessary to store the remedy in the refrigerator.

Treatment of tracheitis and bronchitis by folk methods

  • Cure a cold, bronchitis and pneumonia is helped by the following remedy: take 3 lemons, wash well and, together with the skin (but without seeds), pass through a meat grinder, add 20 crushed walnut kernels, 300 ml of aloe vera juice and "Kagor" type wine, 500 g unsalted butter and honey, mix. Take 1 tbsp. l. mixture 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator.
  • Means for treating bronchitis and colds:take 50 ml of juice grated horseradish root, add juice 3 lemons, mix. Take 1 hour. l. mixture every hour, without washing down with anything.
  • Another popular way to treat tracheitis and bronchitis: take 1 lemon, pour water, cook over low heat for 10 minutes, then cut it in half, squeeze juice, add 1 tbsp. l. honey and glycerin, mix. Take 1 hour. l. mixture every hour. Shake before use. Keep the remedy in the refrigerator.
  • With chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma, the following remedy helps: take 1 tbsp. l. crushed dried herb alfalfa, add 1 h. l. seeds of carrots, pour 1 glass of water, put on a boiling water bath, cook for 10 minutes, drain. Take 0.5 cup of broth 3 - 4 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.
  • As an expectorant it is useful to take cowberry syrup with honey (1: 1). Drink 1 to 2 tablespoons. l. syrup 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.

How can you cure bronchitis and tracheitis with folk remedies?

If you do not know how to cure bronchitis folk remedies, try the following recipes.
  • Means for treatment of bronchitis:take 5 lemons, wash well and pass through the meat grinder along with the peel (without seeds), add 4 heads of chopped garlic, mix, pour 1 liter of boiled water, close tightly and insist in a dark cool place for 1 week, shaking regularly. Take 1 tbsp. l. mixture 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. This tool is used to prevent influenza during epidemics. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator.
  • Tincture of eucalyptus is successfully used to treat bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, pleurisy and pneumonia. Take 10-15 drops of tincture per 50 ml of water 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. This tincture can be added a few drops in the water for inhalation.
  • For the treatment of chronic bronchitis and tracheobronchitis it is useful to take tincture from herbs with aloe. Drink 1 tbsp. l. tincture 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.
  • As an expectorant for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, it is useful to take tincture from plantain large for 1-2 hours. l. 2 - 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.
  • An effective tool for the treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia is a tincture from royal jelly bees with flower pollen and aloe, Take 1 to 2 hours. l. tincture 2 times a day for 15 - 20 minutes before meals for 2 - 3 weeks. This tincture is contraindicated in acute infectious diseases and adrenal diseases.
  • With bronchitis, tincture from the red root helps well. Take 1 hour. l. tincture on 50 ml of water 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals.

We treat bronchitis at home

treatment of bronchitis at homeIn the cold season, our body is subjected to a constant attack of viruses and bacteria, and immunity weakens due to lack of vitamins and constant cold, and now you are tormented by a persistent cough, stuffy nose and chest pain. In the autumn-winter period, treatment of bronchitis at home becomes one of the most pressing problems. The application of traditional medicine recipes and symptomatic treatment can quickly put a patient on their feet without antibiotics and injections.

Most often acute bronchitis develops against the background of a viral infection: the body temperature rises, appears nasal congestion, sore throat and headache, then dry cough and chest pain join.

How to quickly and easily cure bronchitis at home

At the first signs of bronchitis or ARVI, you need:

  1. Adhere to bed rest - with an increase in body temperature above 38.0 C in order to rule out complications better spend the whole day in bed, and then gradually expand the regime, avoiding hypothermia and overwork.
  2. Provide the patient with fresh air - a patient with bronchitis fresh air is simply necessary, even in the coldest days you need to ventilate the room for at least 2 times a day for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Give the patient as much warm alkaline drink as possible - this will help to soften the throat, calm the cough and avoid dehydration. For the treatment of bronchitis, warm milk with honey, broths of dogrose and cowberry, herbal teas, juices, fruit drinks, compotes or alkaline mineral water without gas are excellent.
  4. Humidify the air in the patient's room and try to protect it from any irritating factors - you can use this humidifier or just hang in the room a few wet sheets, changing them as they dry up. Tobacco smoke, fragrances, air fresheners or any sharp and strong smells provoke irritation of the bronchial mucosa and strengthen the cough. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid such things in the house of the patient with bronchitis.

Reception of antipyretics for bronchitis

Take antipyretics, if the body temperature is above 38.5 degrees, the patient suffers from a headache and symptoms of intoxication of the body. Do not take the pill at the first sign of a fever - high temperature kills bacteria and viruses and helps fight infection and inflammation.

A plentiful warm drink, a cold compress on the forehead - can easily alleviate the condition of the patient, without knocking down the temperature inside the body. And, if necessary, it is better to restrict oneself to such drugs as paracetamol, ibuprofen, or Efferalgan.

Expectorants and antitussives for acute bronchitis

The main goal of therapy for bronchitis is to get rid of a cough or make its attacks less painful. But coughing is a protective reaction of the body, with the help of which it releases the lungs from accumulated mucus and microorganisms, so taking antitussive drugs that suppress the center of cough in the brain only complicates and delays treatment.

The intake of such drugs as codeine and its derivatives, libexin, glaucin and the like, is justified only when strong painful coughing attacks without separation of sputum and should be done only as directed by the doctor.

The use of expectorants in the treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis is the basis of pathogenetic therapy, which makes it possible to make the cough more efficient and improve the patient's condition. Mucolytics help to thin phlegm, expectorant drugs make it easier to remove and purify the bronchi.

For the treatment of acute bronchitis use: ATSTS, licorice root preparations, bromhexine, prospen, bronchipret and other similar herbal and chemical preparations.

Reception of antibiotics and antiviral drugs

Antiviral drugs can be very effective, but only if they are used in the first days of the disease - interferon, anaferon, viferon - all this means it is worth starting to use at the first signs of a malaise or as a prevention of cold and flu. If more than 3-4 days have passed since the onset of the disease, it is already pointless to start taking them.

Antibiotics for bronchitis are needed only in case of complications - almost all bronchitis occur against a background of viral infections that are not sensitive to the effects antibacterial drugs, therefore, to take antibiotics are recommended in some cases with chronic bronchitis or purulent complications of acute.

If, in spite of the treatment, the body temperature keeps on high figures, the symptoms of intoxication grow, purulent white or green sputum - all this is an occasion to consult a doctor and start taking antibiotics. Usually, in the treatment of bronchitis use drugs penicillin series, cefazolines 2-3 generations or macrolides. When taking antibiotics, one should not forget about the possibility of developing dysbacteriosis and about the need to take such drugs as linex, hilak-forte or fital.

Treatment of bronchitis with folk remedies

Home home treatment of bronchitisTreatment of bronchitis with the help of traditional medicine at home is still popular in our time, such methods give a good result, unlike drug therapy, does not affect other organs and systems and does not have side effects. But, daring to try this or that remedy for bronchitis, it is better to consult your attending physician, and only after his approval to take those or other measures of traditional medicine.

The most popular cough remedies:

  1. Inhalation with propolis - bring the water in a saucepan to a boil, add 3-5 ml of alcohol tincture with propolis and breathe over steam for 5-15 minutes. You can make inhalation with a pure propolis - for this you need to heat the water in large capacity, lower it there metal dishes with carefully ground propolis - a small piece, gram 50 and breathe over the steam.
  2. Inhalations with decoction of medicinal herbs - inhalation with bronchitis - one of the most popular and effective remedies, they soften irritated mucous membrane, soothe cough, kill microbes and act directly in the depth of the respiratory tract. Inhalation can be carried out with the decoction of any herb with anti-inflammatory properties - chamomile, sage, oregano, mother and stepmother, with finely chopped onions or garlic.
  3. Compresses with honey and propolis - honey and propolis have antiseptic, warming, immunomodulating effect, with absence of allergic reactions, it is recommended to use honey with propolis inside, do inhalations and compresses. Compress with honey or propolis is very easy - warm honey or propolis spread on the back and chest, excluding the area heart, apply a compress from cotton wool and cellophane film, leave the night or until the skin begins to burn.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis, in contrast to acute bronchitis, develops gradually, most often it occurs in adults people on the background of smoking, working with harmful substances or living next to the highway. Chronic bronchitis exacerbated several times a year and then the patient is suffering from attacks of a severe painful cough with separation of sputum. With chronic bronchitis, the bronchial mucosa gradually becomes atrophic, so treatment with folk remedies at home is not always effective. Treatment of chronic bronchitis requires a lot of time and the use of other medicines.

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