Baby cough medicine

Effective children's cough medicine

Children's effective medicinesChildhood illness is always fear and anxiety for parents. It would seem that yesterday your little one was running or crawling cheerfully, and in the morning woke up hot and capricious. The main problems in this case are faced by mothers, whose kids do not yet know how to talk. After all, complaining of a headache or a tickling in the throat of a baby can not yet. But if the child has a cough, then, of course, it can be seen right away. This childish symptom can not be confused with anything, and, in most cases, must be treated. How good and effective the treatment turns out depends on how well the children's medicines were selected.

Drugs for cough for children: in which cases can you do without special means

Children's cough medicineNewborn children often suffer from runny nose in the first months of life. This happens for various reasons. Some of them cleanse the airways after the mother's womb, someone has a congenital narrow nasal Passages that eventually become standard size (about six to seven months).

In this case, cough medicine for children is not required, because this symptom arises because the baby can not blow his nose off himself and does not give his mother a good nose cleaning from mucus. As a result, the secret from the nasal sinuses partially falls into the pharynx, thus irritating the cough receptors. Children's breathing becomes whistling, wheezing and bubbling, which frightens inexperienced moms. They begin to feel that the child's cough is accompanied by wheezing from the lungs.

Effective good children's cough medicine for up to a year

The most difficult test for mom is a baby's disease for up to a year. Firstly, because she is very worried about the health and well-being of the crumbs, and secondly, because in pharmacies to her great surprise there is no suitable medicine. Specialists in the field of medicine recommend treating cough in children under one year with antiviral or antibiotic drugs. Assign them to a specialist only after taking the tests and identifying the cause of the appearance of this symptom.

If you still decide to give the children medicines for coughing dry, get in the pharmacy "Tantum Verde". This spray can not be given to children under three years of age, but some pediatricians allow it to be used for infants, reducing the minimum dose several times. Of course, you will not be able to accurately measure the required amount of the drug, therefore, a small amount of medicine can be splashed into a pacifier and given to her baby.

If you are looking for a cure for a child from a damp cough, use the drops "Gedelix." Before using them, you should also consult your doctor. Not bad in this case, also helps antiseptic "Miramistin", as well as chamomile tea with a small number of dried leaves of plantain.

Effective medicine for a child from one to three years

Children's cough medicineIf the child is more than a year, Lazolvan, Ambroxol or Ambrobene can be used for his treatment. If the baby's cough is wet, these funds will help thin the sputum and remove it from the lungs or bronchi.

It is extremely important in this case not to engage in self-medication, but to visit or call a pediatrician at home. An experienced specialist will diagnose, in a diagnostic and laboratory way, which disease caused this symptom and prescribe the right treatment. Thus, with bronchitis or pneumonia, which develops very quickly in children with improper treatment, in addition to antitussive expectorants, antibiotics are also indicated.

Good children's cough medicine - nebulas for inhalation. This is Pulmecort and Berodual. For such a procedure, you need a special device - a nebulizer. Inhalations with these medicines can be done on saline or alkaline mineral water. If you do not have an inhaler, then you can hang a baby's neck around your neck with juniper oil, eucalyptus or tea tree.

Effective pediatric medicines for dry unproductive symptoms in this case are also practically absent. Among them, we can distinguish "Sinekod", which suppresses coughing urges.

The best and best children's medicines after three years

Babies at the age of three, as well as adolescents, find it much easier to find good medications that help cope with this symptom. Most drugs according to the instructions can be taken from this age.

With a wet cough, you can give your baby expectorants, such as Broncholitin, Suprima-Broncho, and Herbion and Doctor MOM. With three years of crumbs, you can also take mucolytics, actively diluting sputum, and removing it from the lungs. This syrup "Lazolvan", "Ambroxol", as well as tablets "Mukoltin" and "Bromgeksin."

With a dry, unproductive childhood symptom, "Sinekod" and "Kodellak NEO" are prescribed.

What children's cough medicine is recommended by Komarovsky

Children's effective cough medicineThe pediatrician Komarovsky, known to many on transfers and online videos, has his own opinion about the effectiveness of one or another method of treating a child's cough. He believes that the excessive intake of drugs at such an early age is not only inappropriate, but also dangerous, because it can seriously undermine the immunity of the baby, the restoration of which will later take a lot of time, effort and money.

Dr. Komarovsky recommends treating a child's cough with the help of herbal remedies. In pharmacies, they are sold everywhere, but are in most cases a lot. Meanwhile, components of these miraculous medicines from childhood ailments grow practically on the whole territory of our country, therefore, it is advisable to purchase them in dried form. It's about violet, sage. And also pine buds and plantain. With the help of these ingredients, you can independently make medicines that will help cope with a child's cough.

Dr. Komarovsky also draws parents' attention to the fact that there is no remedy for this child's symptom. And there are various diseases that accompany dry or wet children's cough. Therefore, before you look for effective medicines in your pharmacy, you must visit a doctor. After all, children's cough is not always associated with respiratory diseases. It can indicate problems with the brain or central nervous system. Medicines for coughing in these cases are meaningless, since they either do not help or alleviate the condition for a while. At the same time, the children's organism can react unexpectedly and contradictorily to the senseless reception of these funds.

Baby cough medicine: which one to choose?

Entering the pharmacy and looking at the window, you can see a huge number of all sorts of medicines - drops, tablets, syrups, herbal preparations. Packages - for every taste and color. Many people ignore going to the doctor and go to buy it in the pharmacy. Baby cough medicine - which one to choose for the most effective treatment?

Child cough - features of the problem

The respiratory ways of a person, both sick and healthy, constantly produce mucus (phlegm). The so-called "mucous membranes of the bronchi" form a particularly large number. Excess sputum is removed with a cough. Cough can also cause and all kinds of irritation of the internal surface of the bronchi, trachea and larynx. Cough can also appear when the cough center is broken in the brain (central nervous system disease).

Baby cough medicine allows you to work on phlegm and cough center. Therefore, you do not need to cough yourself, but the reason for its appearance.

Baby cough medicine: which one to choose?

There are many drugs that reduce the viscosity of phlegm and improve the function of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. Such cough medicines are called expectorants. Children's cough medicines are released in the form of drops, syrups, tablets and taken inside. There are also medicinal suppositories, preparations for inhalations. In severe forms of disease, there are intramuscular and intravenous drugs. All expectorants can be divided into two groups:

1. natural preparations (based on medicinal plants);

2. chemical children's cough medicine (cheap and expensive);

3. combined preparations (include both groups).

Natural baby cough medicine: which one to choose?

Children's cough medicine based on plant origin has expectorant properties. These include the roots of licorice, althaea, the grass of violets, oregano, plantain leaves, thyme, mother - and - stepmother. And also pine buds, fruits of anise, roots of elecampane, shoots of ledum and many others. Also there are preparations "Gedelix", "Evkabal", "Doctor Mom. All of them are made on a plant basis. And another list of drugs is cheaper, but effective: ammonium chloride, potassium bromide, potassium and sodium iodide, sodium benzoate, sodium hydrogen carbonate and others.

You need to consult a doctor, despite the large selection of children's cough medicine. Do not self-medicate. It is not safe!

Children's dry cough

When a person breathes, a large number of harmful particles settle in its mucous membranes, which are in the air. Bacteria, dust, viruses and much more get into the respiratory organs together with the inhaled air. There is a cough, that is, a protective reaction of the body, in which the respiratory organs try to purify themselves from what is hindering them.

Treatment of children's dry cough

Children's dry coughIf sensitive receptors of the larynx, trachea, pleura and bronchi are irritated, cough begins. Cough reflex is a good phenomenon that helps to clear the airways of something harmful. So before you get rid of a cough, you need to think about it, but is it worth it?

People are not used to going to doctors because of such minor illnesses as a cough or runny nose. Temperature - this is an excuse to go to the doctor, because you need to get a list of incapacity for work. Although this is fundamentally wrong. Incorrectly treated cough and runny nose can lead to quite serious consequences.

There are many reasons for coughing, so it is treated differently. First, the cough arises as a reaction to dust. If a person is constantly in a dirty room and breathes dust, then no drugs will help him. It is necessary to analyze at which moments the cough begins. From dust, you can protect yourself with a special mask. If the mask does not help and airing the room, then you should try not to visit places where there is always a lot of dust.

Cough may appear due to irritant substances, such as tobacco smoke or chemicals. Here, too, drugs will not help, you just have to eliminate the irritating source and cough will pass.

Still there is an allergic cough. Antihistamines can help, but first you need to identify and eliminate the source of allergies.

Cough that began due to infection is treated with medications. However, you should not choose them yourself, only the doctor can prescribe a cough medicine, depending on where the infection is localized and how long the illness lasts. Even doctors make mistakes and prescribe medications that do not help and even worsen the situation. Therefore, people without medical education clearly should not take this responsibility.

The person coughs with chronic and acute laryngitis, acute respiratory viral infection, chronic tonsillitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, bronchial asthma and other diseases. Diseases that are accompanied by cough a lot, they are treated differently, it is impossible to independently understand the variety of symptoms without medical education.

Children often cough, because they do not have enough strong immunity, and they constantly catch different infections from each other. Dry cough lasts from two weeks and more. Most often it begins in the off-season, when sharp temperature fluctuations do not allow the body to quickly rebuild.

Treatment of a child's dry cough should start with observation. Cough is always dry at first, so it takes a couple of days to do nothing, but just to see how it will develop further. You also need to examine the skin and mucous membranes, pay attention to the appetite and sleep of the child.

A normal phenomenon is a physiological cough. Breast breathing coughs when milk enters the trachea. This happens regularly, so there is no need to fear such a cough. Also, crumbs coughing attract the attention of an adult. If after the baby coughs, the mother runs to him headlong and throws all the cases, the baby begins to actively use it. After all, what can be more pleasant than mother's touches and affection?

The physiological cough is short-lived. However, it is not accompanied by other symptoms of the disease. Such a cough the child does not notice.

If the child coughs because something choked. You need to open his mouth and take everything that could get stuck. Then you should put the baby on his lap, face down and knock slightly, but jerky to him between the shoulder blades. If you can not do anything, you can pick it up with your feet upside down and shake it up sharply.

A prolonged cough requires the attention of an otolaryngologist or pulmonologist. But you still have to start with a pediatrician.

How to get rid of a cough?

The patient should be in a cozy and quiet environment, creating favorable conditions is the first step towards recovery. Abundant drink and proper nutrition, in which the child eats a lot of vegetables and fruits, is also of great importance. Drinking increases the amount of sputum and prevents dehydration. Water-salt balance can be maintained by mineral water.

In order to get rid of cough, you need to eliminate the cause of its occurrence. Understand what cough, dry or wet? It is required to make a cough productive. Elimination of cough to recovery does not result. Coughing is just a protective reaction of the body, which tries to push out what has got into the respiratory system.

In no case should you take expectorant and antitussive drugs at the same time. At home you can cure only a sharp cough. The chronic course of the disease should be controlled by the doctor.

Many people in the treatment of cough use herbal infusions. Doing oil inhalations is not recommended, because oily solutions can damage the ciliated epithelium. Inhalations with iodine dilute sputum, but they need to be done with great caution, since iodine can cause an allergic reaction. Young children should not be inhaled, as they can cause a spasm of the respiratory tract.

Dry cough is treated with drugs that depress the cough center. These drugs can appoint a doctor. Self-treatment with a dry cough is unacceptable.

Wet cough is also called productive. In order for it to end more quickly, it is necessary to provide the patient with an abundant drink, as well as to give anti-inflammatory, expectorant and enveloping drugs. You can do the inhalation of steam.

After the usual cold cough is over, psychogenic can begin. If the child did not go to school during illness, while he was surrounded by the attention of adults, he can start using cough, as an opportunity not to go to school and hold his loved ones near him. If the survey showed that the baby is absolutely healthy and just needs attention of adults, you need to give him this attention, regardless of whether he goes to school or a kindergarten or not. The child needs hugs and kisses no less than cleanliness in the apartment, food and sleep. That's why parents should try to keep up. It is clear that the whole evening can not sit next to the child, do not wait. But you can prioritize, and try to plan your day so that the child also has time left.

Baby cough medicine

When choosing a medicine, you must first pay attention to the symptoms of the disease. When dry cough, it is necessary to give drugs that dilute sputum or suppress cough reflex. Wet cough is treated with different expectorants.

"Sinekod" is an antitussive drug that contains butamirate. This drug is available as a solution or syrup. A solution can be given to a two-month-old baby, but the syrup is only from the age of three. "Sinecod" is prescribed in whooping cough, when a dry cough exhausts the child, does not allow him to eat and sleep. You can give him no more than a week, and then continue treatment with expectorant drugs. Together, antitussive and expectorant drugs can not be given.

Children's medicines for dry cough can be listed endlessly. Good is the syrup "Gerbion", which exerts an expectorant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. This medicine contains an extract of flowers of mallow and leaves of plantain. "Herbion" is prescribed in complex therapy, when the patient suffers from a dry debilitating cough. People who are hypersensitive to fructose should not take this syrup, since it can cause an allergic reaction.

Active substance in "Lazolvan" is ambroxol. Syrup can be used to treat babies and adults. There is no sugar and alcohol in it, so Lazolvan is suitable for diabetics and allergies.

In Germany, the well-known cough drug Gedelix is ​​produced. This expectorant contains an extract of ivy. It can be used since infancy, since the drug does not contain alcohol, sugar, dyes, flavors, that is all that can cause allergies. In a couple of days viscous sputum will begin to actively go out and the result will be visible.

"Dr. Theiss" is also produced in Germany. The basis of this drug is the plantain extract. The medicine is not suitable for children up to a year, nursing and pregnant women.

No matter how safe and publicized the medicine is, you can buy it only after the doctor has appointed. After all, there are a lot of diseases, even more medicines, and in order to navigate in all this diversity, one must learn a lot and know a lot. The medicine can have side effects, as they say: one to treat, and the other to maim.

If the cough lasts a long time and the drug therapy does not give results, it is necessary to give phlegm to the analysis. Undergo a full examination and competent treatment.

It is impermissible to treat children on their own. A growing organism can cope with any problems, but the immunity of the child is still formed. This can be seen if you analyze the number of diseases per year for all members of the family. Who is sick more often? Children.

Even more important is the qualification of the doctor. It is advisable to go to one doctor, from the moment of birth. This first doctor must be competently chosen. To make the right choice easily, young mothers constantly walk along the street with strollers, discuss the subtleties of upbringing and caring for the baby. Here at such meetings, useful information is gathered: which diapers are better, which doctor helped, to which one it is better not to go and so on.

Pediatric medicine for cough dry

Drugs for coughing a lot. Syrups, aerosols, potions, solutions, tablets, ointments - which just do not.

Children's cough syrup dry called "ACTS" has been helping children around the world for more than a year. Children from two to five years can give "ACTS" two or three times a day for a bag. From six to fourteen years, the dose is slightly increased, "ACTS" give twice a day two packets or three times a day for one packet. Even children under the age of two can take "ACTS", but only on the advice of a doctor.

Treatment of children's dry cough

Children's medicine for dry cough

In order to start treating a child from any disease, you must first go to the doctor. There are many diseases in the world, even more symptoms that are intertwined with each other and do not immediately give an accurate diagnosis. Even doctors can not at once check one by one just to see what's wrong with a person. It is necessary to take tests and pass some examinations.

Children's medicine from a dry cough is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. However, you should not buy it yourself, at first you need to show the child to the doctor, having previously observed the development of the disease within two days. Because at the reception the doctor can ask about when the cough becomes stronger, ask to describe the nature of the cough and so on.

Children's syrup from a dry cough

There is no need to cure cough, the main thing is to relieve the patient's condition. In order for the suffocating dry cough to become more productive, one must try to dilute sputum.

Gedelix is ​​a children's syrup from a dry cough for babies up to a year. This syrup dilutes sputum and has an antispasmodic effect. In this preparation there is an extract of ivy, which has been used for a long time in the treatment of cough. Also, syrup "Prospan" is suitable for babies. It is not cheap, but the result will not take long.

Children from two to three years are well helped syrup with psyllium, which have a liquefying and expectorant effect. The best among such syrups is the "Gerbion".

Since three years you can start giving "Lazolvan" and "Ambrobene". Moreover, these drugs are sold not only in the form of syrups, but also in the form of solutions for inhalation. Ambroxol, which is contained in these drugs, relieves inflammation and strengthens the immune system.

About children's cough medicine



A good, tasty and cheap cough medicine - Pertussin, the child will drink with pleasure.

Mature Shark

Stood did not try. Us (daughter of 3 years) helps Linkas and Dr. Theiss. Here for 3 years I tried a lot, and the method of "selection" identified these 2 drugs, a cat. help really.

There is a cough dry, and there is a damp. If dry cough is given by expectorants, then Cough will be stronger,
since there is still nothing to cough up, With a dry cough it is necessary to give an alkaline drink (milk with honey, mineral water,
inhalation alkaline). And when the cough becomes wet, then antitussive drugs are added to the treatment, including
number and stoat, contributing to the sputum discharge.

What is the best cough medicine for a child , years old (paroxysmal, light clean)? It is very necessary. Very necessary


Tatiana Lagunova

Any remedy that you are recommended here on the Internet, still need to be coordinated in the pharmacy with a pharmacist!! ! Because you have a very small child!! !
My recommendations:
1. "Alteika" is the root of the althea. Is in drugstores.
2. Herbs: Mother-and-stepmother. Licorice. Or "Breast gathering". Is in drugstores.
3. "Lazolvan" - IF THE DOCTOR SOLVES!! !
4. Warm paraffin cakes on the chest and back.
5. Compress from potatoes with vodka. Cook the potatoes in the MUNDER. Mind with the uniform, put it on the hl / boom. cloth, sprinkle lightly with vodka. Apply a compress on the body in the chest and back. ATTENTION: DO NOT ON THE HEART!!!! Top with cellophane and wrap it with a warm kerchief. Half an hour - an hour. Sit NEAR - keep your child NOT BAD from the heat!!! !
Get well!


Syrup podorozhnika us quickly helped)))

Ilgiz Shaikhutdinov

Good afternoon! In order to cough up phlegm, use alkaline liquids: Alka-Mine coral water and Microhydrin, which have a powerful alkaline effect!


lincos. on herbs, not expensive and most importantly effective!

[email protected]

The best remedy for kalya is a compress and rubbing for the night, a warm plentiful drink and the simplest dry cough mixture that is sold in a steklovannoy bottle. It is the most harmless and effective

Igor Chervyakov

Expectorants to children (if there is no cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, etc.) are not prescribed. To soften the cough use warm drink and inhalation of moistened air.

Marina Lipkina

Children's dry cough medicine - it's called that. sold in small bags, single dose. Dilute with water (it is sweet) and give a spoon or a small bottle. She does not hurt exactly - she's on herbs. A very good thing, cough treats best.


Try the recipe from the "village": cow's milk is heated, there is a spoonful of honey and a drop (with a match head) of iodine, is drunk warm, closer to the hot, then put the child in bed, he sweats, and then must quickly change into dry clothes. A couple of times, you'll see the effect. Use only if the child does not have allergies to ingredients. Get well.
And yet, as I understand it, the child has a dry cough, a special syrup for dry cough is sold in pharmacies, ask, there you will be prompted)) ) And my child is also helped by cough, ACC, a child's dose, the drug is very tasty, easy to drink and helps children)))

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